Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Poem for her 74

Dear Readers


We drive to somewhere often
She takes a spell
Then I take a spell
Then break for a picnic
Something light
She drives for a bit
Then I drive for a bit
Then we stop for the night
Driving somewhere close
We might flip a coin to see who drives
Or I let her drive because she likes to
And I can watch her more often
I like to watch her more often
I like to watch her sleep
I like to watch her

Happy Birthday Babe


Poem for her 73

Dear Readers,


It was raining outside
But inside she was sleeping
Snoozing on the bed with a batch of pillows
He was sitting in a rocker near by
It was raining outside the rain had been there a day
He was writing in a journal it was just now morning
He hadn't wanted to get up
But the fire needed a log
Then he didn't want to disturb her
He liked listening to her breathing
So he wrote in their journal
About how he felt
When he was near her
About what it felt like to talk to her
About what she looked like fresh from cooking
How she made him feel today
What it was like to see her hair wet with rain
And about how glad he was she was still asleep
As he looked up from his last line
She was laying there with her eyes open
And a smile on her face
She patted the bed and the journal was closed

Happy Birthday Babe,


Monday, February 27, 2017

Poem for her 72

Dear Readers,


Her hair in my face as we walk close
Her face in my vision as she checks my glasses
Her hands on my shoulders as I help her off the picnic blanket
Her words on a line in a book we are writing
Her voice on the phone in a voice mail telling me things
Her question on her lips as she wonders what is for dinner
Her smile there on the pillow as she wakes
Her artwork in one of our scrap books
Her drawings on the walls of the place we are
Her design of a garden bed in the flowers it is growing
Her lips on my hand as we greet each other
Her legs in a pond as she gets the fish to the bank
Her feet in my hands as I massage them
Her in everything I think about
Her in these lines she reads

Happy Birthday Babe,


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Poem for her 71

Dear Readers,

Roses are Read Two

Two feet ran over the floor dripping water as they went
Two wet feet slide on the kitchen floor
Suddenly there she is in my arms
Fresh out of the foot bath
I had made for her just over there
In the space next to the kitchen
Called eating space
Not a separate room just a space
She was the designer of the place
I had helped build the table
She and I had made the table clothe
She'd been in a foot bath just a while ago
And in the future many more just like it
Feet soft and wet and later
Massaged and lotion applied and cared for
Roses in the tea
Rose petals in the salad we had for lunch
Roses are read for two
And now you

Happy Birthday Babe,


Poem for her 70

Dear Readers,

Grass in Spring

Her bare feet waded their in the grass
Then dipped into the pond
Then out into the middle where it was a bit over her knees
Then she got the floating beach ball
And bought it back to shore
Giggling almost all the way
There and back again

Her wet feet and legs dripping
Pond water off them
Her shorts just wet at the edges
She handed me back the beach ball
Then said Shhhhh
Not so far next time
Or you have to go get it

We were playing
Toss the beach ball
Over the stream
Which runs from the Spring
To a forming pond
Soon the pond will be deeper
Maybe next time
I'll have to swim to get it

Happy Birthday Babe


Poem for her 69

Dear Readers,


Winter has flowers they show up in pots
..They show up in beds of early snow blooms
Spring has flowers they show up all over the place
..From trees to bushes to clovers
Summer has flowers they show up in gardens
..From herbs to bushes to vines
Fall has flowers they show up every where
..Festive places to green houses to inside the kitchen
All year long flowers are aware you need them
They show up when you didn't know that plant had them
They arrive in the mail and in offices
They get cut and sit in vases and in places outside
All year long Flowers arrive to brighten your day
Once She arrived to brighten my day
Not a Plant flower, but a flower all the same

Happy Birthday Babe,
The Flower the brightens my day.


Saturday, February 25, 2017

Poem for her 68

Dear Readers,


Wanting to spend almost every waking minute
Within easy reach of each other

Wanting to say everything about everything
Only with each other

Wanting to be there within sight
Of the other for more and more of a day

Wanting to hold each other whenever the
Hour is ready for sleep, like right about now

Wanting to cuddle and kiss and just be
With each other without stopping

Wanting to not have to care about the
Goings on of the rest of the planet

Wanting to see the sunrise in the others arms
Then drift off back to sleep

Wanting to have breakfast in bed
Then lunch in the garden
Then dinner at the pond
Then midnight snack under the stars

Wanting to never leave the place we are
If we have to leave separate

Wanting to always be together
Though we are together just not totally
Telepathically connected

Wanting to be telepathically connected
Having always and forever
Connected never separate

Wanting all things Together

Happy Birthday Babe,


Friday, February 24, 2017

Sideways thinking

Dear Readers,

Side ways thinking, that is what this fellow could do, but today he had a problem. His car was just not as fast as it was yesterday, when he took it to the shop they said there was this part that was broken on it, well that was understandable, that is why he took it to the shop after all. But they were looking at him strangely, which wasn't all that odd, most people looked at him strangely, one way or another, he never did fit in to their expectations.

Yesterday he was there in the shop with a t-shirt on and shorts like normal, but the temperature outside was 32 degrees below Zero, and he was even sock-less in his sandals. So the stranger part was he was not acting like he was cold, when he should have been freezing in the weather. But maybe it was that the speed gauge on his car had 500 miles per hour on it, maybe that was it. He didn't rightly know which of those several things it might have been. All he knew is that his car was not as fast as it was yesterday.

Today he could barely get it past 499 miles per hour. Which just was not the speed he liked to drive at, he preferred going just over 501 miles per hour. He really had to get that windshield wiper blade fixed.


Just thought I'd write another odd short story that might have a longer tale attached to it.

Waves to Babe, over there by the Fireplace as she is roasting those marshmallows for Hot Cocoa tonight.

The Peace of Christ to you all,


The Hunger , Continued 3rd post

Dear Readers,

As you can now tell "The Safe Safe" story is a rather large work that isn't just one stand alone story, but several story lines all tied to a trio of people. TM only briefly seen one mention of, and then "The Girl" and "Charles Danner" whose name is not that, but others too. Yes I know he has my name, because his story is my story in a way, I write a lot of his story line in a First Person view point or at least have in my head, what shows up on paper, is never the same, I am sure some Editor would sigh and tell me my stories just would not work, blah blah and blah, but then that is one reason I don't deal with them much. Ah the first bird of the morning that I can hear, guess it is time to get on with the next slice of story line, (Waves to "the girl ... aka as Happy birthday babe" good morning). (you could be in the kitchen...just think..)


The afterglow of the Blue light was still in his eyes when he turned around.

There she stood, Not startled and startled at the same time.

She said things to him in the other language the one only he'd know, if he was in the right place and the right time, it was a test for him.

"Yes babe I know it is good to see you too." He said in English.

She was overjoyed and ran to him in a young girl hopping skip. Stopping an arms length away from him and smiled with those eyes that made his heart skip every time he saw them. She spoke to him again in the other language, she knew lots of languages, but she, when near him loved her native tongue. It was from another universe, Not his original universe, but hers. They had met in yet another universe one where they were being challenged to do something, whose outcome was as of yet unknown to them, as they kept stepping in and out of it. They called that universe "Home" where they hoped to get back to again some day.

He was about to hug her when...


Nope it is not very long today, just a slice, But I will continue.

Hugs to Babe.

To everyone, The Peace of Christ.


Poem for her 67

Dear Readers,

6:30 am

When you get up and the sun isn't there yet
When you get up and she is not there yet
When you want to touch her but she is not in the room yet
She's in the Kitchen
Oh that is why the bed is not full of her presence
Oh hey there babe
Thanks for the eggs
And earl grey tea
And the coffee
And the O J
And the oh thanks for that too

When you can't see the sun due to snow clouds
When you get up and she is not there yet
When you wonder where she is
And then hear the shower
When you say
And get wet in the shower too

When you can't see the sun yet, it's up but the room has no windows
When you know she is there
And in your head and there beside you too
When you know that Telepathy works
When you figure out
It's time to hit post this poem

Happy Birthday Babe


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Poem for her 66

Dear Readers,

Route 66

There was this road trip I was going to be on
I would be driving down Route xyz in that state
Through another state, into a further state and
Then right before falling off the edge
Stop at a city
Then I was going to
Oh Wow
Yes I am here
Big kiss
Long kiss
Longer kiss
How you been
Yeah I know
This isn't a one sided conversation you are listening too
But I was going, might have gone already, will have gone
All depending on whom you are, when you read this
Route 66 is this poem's title but spurred as if you don't know
By the number of the poem to her series number and
Traveling the highways and byways of the planet to go places
And how far I'd go to get to where I wanted to go
So have fun folks
As I will be having fun
With Her all the rest of my lifetime

Happy Birthday Babe,


Poem for her 65

Dear Readers,

The Future

It was written once that thing
Called the future
We only see slices of it
As they happen
We call them Now
Now is the Future of our past
While this is not an in depth study
It is a bit of a Slice of The Future
This thought for her today forward
As I have already talked to her about it
It is as it will be God Only Knows
What it will be.............

The Future is Now....

Happy Birthday Babe,


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Poem for her 64

Dear Readers,


The red rose grew there by the cabin
It had been wild once long ago those roses
Then Man started moving them into beds and gardens
Then they did genetic make overs and now
The Roses all over the world have formed
A Pack, They want to just be the Free Roses
They hum the tune Born Free a lot these Roses
But this red rose was not a member of FRP (Free Rose Pack)
This rose was already free
Free to grow by the cabin
Free to walk anywhere it wanted too
Free to sing in the sunshine
Free to dance at the moon
Free to ........The rose looked back up at
The lines It had just written and Pondered
How did I just do that?
Oh yeah
Roses are Read

Happy Birthday Babe,


Poem for her 63

Dear Readers,

Body Parts

The Ear said to the Left hand
The Right hand said to the other Ear
Hey there,

Then the Right foot said
Press a bit harder on that pedal

And the Car moved out of the parking space

The Ear said to the Left hand
The Right hand said to the other Ear
Let's Go

Then the Girl said
Hey There,

The Boy smiled

The Car smiled and got going a bit faster

They were on a Road trip again

The lips touched and then there were sparks flying
The lights were falling to darkness and
The eyes covered
The Lips touched and ten minutes later
There was a noise in the Kitchen
Coffee's ready
The voice said
The lips touched

A good morning kiss
Between girl and boy

Happy Birthday Babe,


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Poem for her 62

Dear Readers,


She just called me from the parking lot
She was about to go in to the doctor
She just called me from the parking lot
She was out of the doctor's office
She just called me from the parking lot
She was at her office about to go in

Awake at each call
But she didn't want to wake me
She wanted me to rest
But without her there beside me
I was always awake
Thinking of her where ever she might be

She goes here and there
But she always calls
I go here or there
But I always call
Awake without each other there
Awake without our hands touching

I can rest easy God is always
Taking care of all things
Awake and Aware of His Loving embrace
He sent her my way
He sent me her way
He sends us Peace and is always Awake

Happy Birthday Babe,


Monday, February 20, 2017

Poem for her 61

Dear Readers,

Your Every Second

I Love that sound you make when you drift off to sleep
.......Listening to me tell you something sweet

I Love the sighs you give when you just got
.......Hot tea in a mug after doing art

I Love the seconds I get to spend with you on
......Monday morning doing something cool

I Love the seconds and minutes and hours of all
.......The days we spend in and around the cabin

I Love holding your hand every time I see you
......even if you only left the room for two minutes

I Love your laugh at something funny I said and then
......Love you laughing more at the aside spoken

I Love your every Second of time I get to spend
......In your loving embrace cuddled close humming a tune

I Love being your ideal puzzle partner for all the
......Things we do together in all the ways they happen

I Love every second I have of your presence in my
......Life and world and universe and forever

Happy Birthday Babe,


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Poem for her 60

Dear Readers,

Less than sixty days and up to sixty poems, so there is a small trend here, you can tell I like to write to her.

The Book

Was read to her in bed
Was read to her on the couch
Was read to her out on a picnic

She was always cuddled in close to me

Was a book we had picked out
Was an old journal one of us had written
Was anything that suited our fancy

She was always cuddled in close to me

I had to have glasses to read it
We needed a good light source too
I love to read to her

She was always cuddled in close to me

Is more than a poem about reading
Is more than a thought about doing things
Is more than a Love note

She always cuddles in close to me

Happy Birthday Babe,


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Poem for her 59

Dear Readers,

The Porch

The porch in this poem is not the Cabin's Porch
This one is off to the side of the Cabin
In a clearing but close by
Walked to by the people that want to walk to it
Any given time it has some things always there
Several custom made seating spaces, places
Large fire pit with a roofed space for logs near by it
There are features that the builders wanted it to have
We added them
We are the builders, we took the time
Moved the stones, and blocks and bricks and things
We planned it out
We discussed it like we discussed everything
Even this afternoon in the several places we were
We talked about Home
We talked about Games
We talked about the Future
We talk and walk through things together
Today you are reading about a Porch
She already knows about it
Even the burnt marshmallow on the end of the stick
But they are good a bit crisp
Or melting into hot cocoa stirred by us
Shared by us

Happy Birthday Babe,


Friday, February 17, 2017

Poem for her 58

Dear Readers,

Violas are read and Roses eaten

There once was this Girl
The Boy saw her there
Standing by the fence
He handed her a Rose
And said
Eat it

There was this Girl once
That saw a Boy
And bounced up to him
Asked him to
Follow her
And he did

They went up a Long drive
To a house far away
And in it they
Just danced the night away
Then he told her poems
She loved them

They did all sorts of things
In those pathways
And byways
And they loved each other
Long swaying dances
Deep talks

No one knew the kites they flew
Green trees and rainbow things they wore
No one knew
How the sweet nothings flew
All about her head
Whenever she read

Violas are Blew
And of a deep hue
Then the story goes
On and on and on
She is his through and through
Cuddled long in the red glow room

Happy Birthday Babe


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Poem for her 57

Dear Readers,

Already Forever

Once we met
Then we talked
Then we talked privately
Then we sent mail back and forth
Then we called each other
Then we Kissed

How long have I known you Babe?
Already forever

How long has that last kiss lasted?
Already forever

How long was that first touch?
Already forever

You are already Forever mine
As I am Forever yours

Once we met
Then you got your hand kissed
Then we kissed
Forever had already started

Our last sight of each other
Only minutes ago
Is part of the forever
So it feels like forever
Since it happened
But we are Forever Together
Always Forever

Happy Birthday Babe,


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Poem for her 56

Dear Readers,

Her Hands

Hold a plate with eggs over easy
Hold me close as she sings me happy birthday
Hold me while I am near her
Hold the shopping cart as we buy picnic things
Hold the mail she just got from me

Open the love notes in the mail
Open the door to the car
Open the oven door where bread is baking
Open the side door to the deck
Open the new seed packs for the garden

Draw pictures of Boats
Draw pictures of flowers grown on boats
Draw pictures of her lips
Draw me in and hold me close
Draw on my lips as I sleep

Sooth my aching back
Sooth me to sleep after a long day gardening
Sooth me at their touch
Sooth me at all times like this
Sooth me to restful sleep in her arms

Happy Birthday Babe,


Poem for her 55

Dear Readers,

Food for Thought

Breakfast in bed
No crumbs
Hot coffee

Picnic on the Porch
Small bites of this and that
Cold drink and Hot drink

Lunch in the kitchen
Fruit salad and cheese
Whatever to drink

Dinner where the meal is
One big plate shared
Or two small ones, Plus drink

Always some food
Where ever

Happy Birthday Babe


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Poem for her 54

Dear Readers,

Memories of Green

It is winter now
But memories of spring and fall arise
We see a green kite above our heads
And think of the green in her dress
We see a green shirt on her
And think of hugging her all afternoon
I have memories, but so does she
Memories of the Cabin over the hill
We saw it one day driving
And while we have our own
We thought, Green
Green spring trees with many shades
Red flowers of many shades
Things we like
I like her eyes in the early morning light
I like her eyes up close in the darkness
Memories of Green things
Held close in a flower arrangement
Given to her on a day like this
But just because today is that V day
Isn't why I give her flowers
It is because I give her flowers
Almost every day
I write her poems
Here and elsewhere
It could be V Day all the time
But I think of this as a Happy Birthday poem
Even if today I also give her hearts
She knows how much I love her
I know how much she loves me
We love each other in fullness
Always together
We'd always be together even if half a universe away
Connected with poems and dreams and heart strings
So the memories of Green of spring
Summer and fall and even the winter now
Hold a special place in our minds
Green on her dress and a green shirt on
To brighten the day
Memories of Green hold me long
Hold me long she whispers
As my arms wrap around her
And I hold her long
Into the Night

Happy Birthday Babe


Monday, February 13, 2017

Poem for her 53

Dear Readers,

The Trip

Once I had to go on a trip
I was a bit displeased that I had to be alone
I wanted Her
I wanted to hug her, kiss her
Cuddle the days away with her
But one day I had to go on a trip
I talked to her a lot before I left
I wanted to get as much extra out
Of every minute I had of her presence
That first day was a bit hard
Driving alone for the first time in ages
But we talked every little while
Always talking at every stop I made
Planning to stop just to talk
When the phone call times got added
Together we were on the phone
Almost six hours
Trips are hard to make alone
So always take your phone with you
So you can talk and talk and talk
To the One you love and by talking
Make any trip so much better
I love Her, more and more every day
Trip or no Trip, Just Her all the time.

Happy Birthday Babe
Kisses his Left Hand


Poem for her 52

Dear Readers,

This poem number has a bit of special meanings for me as a number, she'd know what it means to me, and that long ago on a day that was special to me and at the time it was, she sent me a nice email that had a lot of special meaning to me, and I sent her a poem that started a whole chain of events rolling down the country lanes of our life. So on this special numbered Poem I will try to add a lot of things to it, or not, never can tell what a poem is going to say before you actually write it, though themes can be pushed with titles, the words flows in differing ways. For you Babe, as always Happy Birthday, smiles at the meaning of the numbers too.


I like to write
I love that she reads what I write
She was a fan of my writing for a long time
I love reading to her the poems I wrote
Just reading to her is it's own pleasure
She loves my voice
Poems speak volumes in few words
A cabin designed by the two of us
Poems written to paper
Poems on napkins
Poems only spoken but remembered
Then spoken again
Sighs she makes at the thoughts
These words remind her of cuddles
And other things
Thank you for the song sung to me
Love you sighing in my ears
Love you babe

Happy Birthday Babe


Poem for her 51

Dear Readers,

The Rain of Summer

She disliked rainy days to be in
But being inside was great
The large fires in the living room
And the bedroom fireplaces
Hot cocoa in her hands marshmallow on top
Cookies we baked the night before
The wood burning stove heating the kitchen
The temperature outside cold in the rain
The warmth inside, us and the fires
Sighs are heard from her lips
As she drinks her cocoa and enjoys the fires
Warm cuddles on our love seat couch
Enjoying the day inside as the summer rains
Always together in our cabin in the woods

Happy Birthday Babe,


Sunday, February 12, 2017

Poem for her 50

Dear Readers

The love song

There were these two lovers
They lived in a cabin in the woods
They liked to write and draw
They liked to share and cuddle
They liked to read and sing
They made music together
Soft sighing music that was
Long and filling and passionate
They wrote Love Songs
Though they weren't always meant for
Sharing with others
They were, as she said
Together One happy
Love Song

Happy Birthday Babe,


Poem for her 49

Dear Readers,

Pits and logs and picnics

There was this clearing in the forest
Lots of tumbled down logs were sitting around
Some looked like they had been made into a table
While others looked like stools
They were slowly rotting into the ground
But off to one side of the scene
Stood a twenty foot tall tree with fruit on it
The Man stood there and looked real close
Then turned to walk back toward a Cabin
Hey Babe he said when he got back inside
There is a Peach Tree where the sawmill had been
That was the edge of their land
The logs had made a picnic area in the past
The other owner of the land over there
Had cut some trees down, they had a picnic there
And they had thought to plant the peach Pits from
The picnic they had had so long ago
The peach tree had fruit on it, and now the
Full circle of Pits to Peaches was complete

Happy Birthday Babe


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Poem for her 48

Dear Readers,

Loving Cuddles

The morning light streams in the window
The two lay there, just waking up
Talking about the light outside
Talking about the birds chirping
They have been in each others arms
All night long, but not asleep
They had been talking about this and that
They loved to lay in bed
Or sit on a couch
Cuddling all the time
They'd doze and wake and talk
Doze and wake and talk and kiss
The pattern would change
But they loved to Cuddle
It was the thing that actually was
Their most common desire
Or maybe it was kissing and Cuddling
But to do both was always the case
Loving each other from dawn till dawn
Never far away from kissing or cuddling
Always on their minds
Even if not in the same place
They'd think about it, and call each other
They have been cuddling longer than
There have been cabins in the woods
Loving each other
Loving each other
Cuddling together

Happy Birthday Babe,


Friday, February 10, 2017

Poem for her 47

Dear Readers,

When It Rains It Pours

There was a huge rain shower going on
There was two people stuck in it
Their heads were soaked,
Hair just covering their faces
They were laughing
One of them was in the cold side
The other in the hotter side
Of their two person shower
With the Rain Feature on full
A shower they had designed with them in mind
They had talked about it just a few hours ago
As of the writing of the above line
They had been planning their Cabin
The new water feature
The fireplace is still in the works
The Cat and the Pillow near by
Nothing like a shower that turns into
A Thunder storm, with no lightening
The cabin in the woods is a nice place
Full of togetherness, and Rain Showers
She likes to be in

Happy Birthday Babe,


Thursday, February 09, 2017

Poem for her 46

Dear Readers,

The long week snowed in

The snow was supposed to be light
The snow was up to the second step by morning
By mid-afternoon was on the front porch
By nightfall the drifts made opening the door
Not easy, but we were fine
Pillow didn't need food but hugs
Cat had several months worth in cabinets
We had food for months too
We would also never run out of kisses
So we just needed fire wood
And of that we had plenty as well
Pays to think ahead
Lip balm in Bookbag, we use the same kind
She does have some in Purse
But we have some in both of our picnic baskets
Never far from each other's lips
So always prepped to be snowed in
No shoveling needed, nor lawn mowing either
Got each other and a warm cabin in the woods
It was a nice kissing week

Happy Birthday Babe,


Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Poem for her 45

Dear Readers,

The walking tours

We like to go places
Even though we love staying at home too
We go for picnics
We go to food shops
We go to wine growing places
We go walking at all of them
We like to walk
We take walking tours
As I'd call them
We might have to drive there
But we like to walk places
Woods, glades, hills and valleys
Small shops, art galleries
Nice old homes down lanes
Or around our cabin in the woods
The walking tours of our life

Happy Birthday Babe


Tuesday, February 07, 2017

About "Poem for her Series"

Dear Readers,

It has been a month and a day, since I started this series of poems titled, "Poem for her #", they won't stop. They being only a month and a day long, but having reached 44 in number, you might have forgotten what they were for, or just be reading this one or the next and not know anything else about me, and her. You won't ever know much about her, but hints at how much she means to me, but she is also a reader, my best friend, my only everything, and has full access to the blog if she wants you to know anything more than what I tell you, which isn't a whole lot, but is also everything you need to know to feel my love for her.

At first the idea was to start before her birthday and write a short series of poems to give to her for a public Birthday present, but that turned into me just writing to her daily thought poems, all labeled thusly, and now it is more than that too, and it will continue as long as I can, it is good habits that make good things bloom, and other bits of good added to the world that help push the bad thoughts away from our souls. As most readers know by now I pass the Peace of Christ to you as much as I can, it means more than the mere words, as I have only the starting's of mere words to offer you.

Blogger being owned by google allows these postings to get a wider play than just my notebooks shared with a few friends would, but I started the blog before google bought the company that was BlogSpot, so you also have that in my archive list that goes back to 2006, and the profile that said I had written 100's of poems, it is true. Now you'll also be able to see more of other stuff as She has encouraged me to write and tell others the things I've told her in these pages and to her. Waves to her as she reads this, smiles that she is looking over my shoulder as I type this line.

Waves to all the Penny walking in and out of the room too. And to the endless amounts of sweet nothings, and all the many languages of all the many things that really have voices that you might not know really do talk, but that do have thoughts and stories to tell, and all the other people here and gone and yet to be, it is really really a big place, we call forever and ever.

Christ's Peace to you all.


Poem for her 44

Dear Readers,

The dog in the cabin

There was A Dog in the cabin,
He howled at night
He howled whenever he needed to
He loved the lady that lived in the cabin in the woods
The Cat and the Pillow liked him too
He oft times talked to them in their own languages
He was known in those parts
As he could howl very long and very loud
Or walk in the darkness as if it was full daylight
He was
And he is
And you should already know

Happy Birthday Babe,


Poem for her 43

Dear Readers,

Always and Forever

It is a long time
It has been a long time
It will be fun
It has been fun
It passes each note
It hugs a Pillow
It is always and forever
It slips fingers together
It sighs and says two toed toads
It laughs at our private thoughts
It is always and forever
It tells bedtime stories
It is us

Happy Birthday Babe,


Monday, February 06, 2017

Poem for her 42

Dear Readers,

The Picnic Basket

The Pillow was talking to the Cat one day
When a door bell rang, they thought it was theirs
Then a new voice was heard in the Cabin
It was happy and musical
The Cat went to see what it was
The Basket sat there in between them
They were looking at the newest addition to the family
A new picnic basket
Their old one was still in use but was
Getting old and they were wanting
To only take it to local picnics
Not far out of the way ones
So they got this new one
Mostly like the other one
But newer and with a bit more room
The two baskets were talking about things
The Cat later reported to the Pillow
That nothing old basket had was taken out
But they bought some new things and added
Some old odds and ends to the new basket
The two Picnic Baskets were still
Whispering in picnic basket language
Way into the evening
Pillow and Cat were being petted
So they were not being bothered much
They just had a new friend in the house now

Happy Birthday Babe,


Saturday, February 04, 2017

Poem for her 41

Dear Readers,

The Cabin in the woods

There is this place
It has been there for decades
Sitting there filled and not filled
A cabin in the woods
It has a couple that live there
From time to time
When not other places
It has soft rugs on the floors
Stocked food in the cupboards
Stacked firewood in several places
The front porch, Inside on three racks,
One by the front fireplace
One by the stove
One by the bedroom fireplace
And in the covered wood pile outside
You might think they'd never run out
But they like fires in the house
Smoke filled sky as they go out
Late at night, to see the bright stars
To come back to warm rooms
Hot food, and tea
And cozy bed
It isn't lonely in the woods
It has many happy years
To keep it company
The couple too
Sing in the shower
In the afternoon
In the cabin
In the woods

Happy Birthday Babe,


The Hunger, continued

Dear Readers,

The Five people that walked into his living room, made his heart beat so fast he thought It was both a dream and a nightmare at the same time. He could feel her there. But she was asleep, Penny was there, so it wasn't a nightmare for her. But it was for him. He disliked, with a passion, these events, when either he arrived or she arrived and it was one of them dreaming, not sure where they'd really see each other. But something about this was different, he got up and walked over to where they were standing.

"Hello there Penny, Long time no see." He said with a frown, and a deep sigh.

The Penny on the right back side said in english.

"Move The Safe, and she will arrive here in it's place."

With that statement they as a group, step forward and then vanish.

He turned with a rush and stepped to the Metal art work hanging on his wall by the door, touched two squares and everything in the loft and The Safe Safe room vanished in a blue glow and a pop. Then he waited. His phone rang.

"Yes" he said into it.

"Mr Danner There are FBI agents coming up to your apartment, they wouldn't let me call till they had gotten on the elevator, they.." He hadn't finished talking when the banging on the front door started.

He Thanked the person on the phone and hung up, smiling.

"Just a Minute!" He said, as he walked over to the door and released all of it's many locks.

They were handing him papers and looking around the place with a large dose of frowning. They just couldn't get over the idea, that such a rich person would live such a Frugal lifestyle. They did walk into The Safe Safe room, and asked him.

"Don't you have anything in this Apartment? Where is everything?"

"What you see is what you get!"

They moved sheets, and some towels on the shelves and looked rather lost. Finally they turned and left, even though they could have been gone sooner, what they wanted wasn't there. They took a bit more time to look around at nothing, just lots of open space and only his few items.

When the door was securely closed he turned around about the same time as there was a Flash of light in his Kitchen.

She was standing there, awake and aware.


More later

Christ's peace to you all.


Poem for her 40

Dear Readers,


Yawning is one of those odd events
I yawned 10 mins after I got up from a nap
She yawned when she saw me yawn,
You might yawn just reading about them.
I don't think I am still tired.
But yet I am yawning as I type these lines
I am not here to explain them
But just to mention
Hey Babe

Happy Birthday


The Hunger

Dear Readers,

It isn't a new story, but it is part of the on going tale of "The man with many lives" see other posts, about him recently.


He was hungry, but food and wine wouldn't satisfy him. Only she could. Only if she were here, not lost in the places that she lived in, only to slide into his vision every once in a while. The last time he saw her was a lifetime ago, it would seem, yet he knew that was untrue, it had only been 50 years in this timeline. But the time before that had been to long, he had lost track in that timeline, and gone a bit insane he was sure, it hadn't been as bad as it was in timelines past, when his tormentor would only let him know she was alive, but not where she was.

He sat in his kitchen, it was a bare bones place he had here. Loft apartment in a building he owned, though few people knew he was the owner. Everyone else just thought he was another Lease holder in the 24 story building.

He was hungry for her still even though there was that juicy Peach waiting for him in the fridge, He got on a trip in The Safe, just recently. But it wouldn't stop his need for her, even though she'd like to have watched him eat it, and even smiled. He wanted her there in front of him, but didn't have the power to make it happen. Though he was getting stronger by the Lifetime, he wasn't there yet.

He couldn't easily have told someone else what it was like to hunger after someone, you'd known for countless lifetimes, for not just centuries, but eons, and then some. Having mostly met her in dreams, little bits of time, then have her go away for centuries, for whole lifetimes. But then how do tell someone that a lifetime for you can be as long as they think the universe has been around. That other numbers just don't mean the same thing, even his closest friends, the ones that have been with him for centuries or longer, can't know what it is like. He couldn't place why it was getting bad this time around, his last trip in The Safe hadn't been the cause of it, at least he didn't think so.

But there it was this growing hunger and need in the pit of his being, getting stronger as he thought about it.

Then someone arrived.


Waves to my many readers, all handful of them, yeah it's just a slice, today, but I was hungry for someone and thought this would do for a slice of Pizza Pie as it were......

The Peace of Christ to you all.


Friday, February 03, 2017

Poem for her 39

Dear Readers,

The Gift of Relaxation

Softly I say things to her
Softly I touch her
Softly I show her
Softly she drifts off
Into slumber land

I love to be able to relax her
I love that I can talk her to sleep
I love how she softly makes noises
I love the gift I have
To softly put her to sleep

Soothing voice in her ears
Softly telling her
Softer and still
My voice weaves her a tale
Something to sleep by

Slow the simmering heart
Slow the fast pulse
Scatter any worry
Sooth her to calmness
Speaking a gift of relaxation

Happy Birthday Babe,


Poem for her 38

Dear Readers,

Themes being what they are, you'll see various ones in my writings, She and I like cabins, Like butterflies, well the list can go on and on, like most lists, it is never quite finished even when you stop at some limit. But today we see the cabin again, attached to a bedtime story she heard recently, that is also never ending.


The morning light wasn't even up yet
But you were awake
The sweet nothings started to fly
First at your pillow edge
Then at doorway from the cabin's front porch
They fly on the morning fog
Or where ever they want too
They love visiting you
Lighting on you and then
Soaking in
They make no sound, but whispers
I Love You they say
Or maybe it takes two
Of them to say the whole
They love you
The sweet nothings that visit
They come in the night
Flying to you
Butterflies to your flame
They visit you even if
I am not there
They are a bedtime story
A waking up story
A seeing you in the mirror
They tell you
I Love You

Happy Birthday Babe,


Thursday, February 02, 2017

Poem for her 37

Dear Readers,


Her image lingers in the room she just left
Her smell lingers on my shirt
Her touch lingers on my hands
Her taste lingers on my lips after we kiss

Her image lingers just a while longer in the mirror
Her smell lingers on my pillow
Her touch lingers on my back
Her teeth lingers on my neck

Her presence lingers where ever she goes
Her thoughts linger on a page
Her "I love you" lingers on and on

Happy Birthday Babe,

Having read you this latest one, only to linger on other thoughts
To put into it as well, but I said it was finished, when I read it
To you

I type this second one, in the same heading.

She lingers on my mind's eye
Her soft neck tingling under my thumbs
As she lingers standing there
Her back to the wall
But not pressed there
Standing for support
As we linger there
Looking at each other
With eyes that now need glasses
But we've been here before
We have lingered on this wall
Before, and will again
We linger always touching
Hands to faces
We'd call it the lingering wall
But it's not alone
It is one of many such walls
Doorways, spaces with vertical
Supports, for standing
And lingering longer
Than, to linger
Would linger there
Mind's eye images
Always close at hand
Only a voice away
Only a kiss

Happy Birthday again Babe


The Dream Shop and Penny, continued

Dear Readers,

Sooner than I thought, so away we go...


Joey arrived a very normal way, for himself, he stepped out of a wall.

"Is it true?" Were the first words out of Joey's mouth.

"Well yes!" He said. "But no as well, I don't really know what all is going on."

He was more than a bit frustrated. He lived here and he lived elsewhere as well. Places could all blend at times into a swirling pattern that only Penny seemed able to cross over and make it back out again.

Joey had come from the bar just now, that walking out of a wall was just how it looked on the outside, in the world of the Dream Shop, nothing was as it would seem. Penny, another one of them had told Joey what was going on while he sat at the bar. Likely drinking a nice beer, Joey could never get drunk, so he was always sampling beers, every beer ever made was available at the bar, why not drink some of them, was Joey's thoughts on the matter.

The bar is an odd place, It has a name, but has also many other names as well it all depends on who you ask, which name you will get. For the Two men in the Office it was called "The Black Hole". The man at the desk was not it's owner, but he held some of it's purse strings.

Rubbing his empty hands together, he formed an otherwise hollow spot between them, but when he opened his hands, there was a Black bag in them. He turned it over and over again. It looked like black velvet, like it might have once been used as an old world coin purse. It had corners on the bottom, it would lay like a black square if put on the table. He didn't try to open it.

He did say one word.


Three of them stepped out into the middle of the office in front of the desk.

"Where am I, right now?" He asked them.

The Penny on the left spoke.

"Sitting at your kitchen table, about to open a bottle of wine."

"Will I see her, soon like you said earlier? Really, see her, awake, alive, talking? Knowing where she is, even if only for a while?"

He wanted to ask so many more questions, but knew they wouldn't tell him to much, He was both in his Shop, And in his Apartment, Something had happened! Something that He would, or could be thinking about doing in his other state of being. Not knowing which way To turn the pages of those thoughts was always a bit hard. He lived in this here and now, But other where life, all the time.

If she had arrived then things were muddled, but it wasn't a bad thing, just odd for her to have arrived at the Shop. He turned to Joey.

"You had better go and make sure The Plane is Fueled and ready!" With that command Joey walked over and took the arm of the far right Penny, and they both walked out of the room into nothingness.

He asked the questions again.

They were silent.

He sighed. Not going to be easy getting at the answers he wanted. What was going on really in his other self, he never really had this much play in the other bits of his many realities. They mostly just were, though at times he remembered them later, or they drifted through butterfly wings. This was so odd, he wanted her back in his Office, but she was asleep, here.

"Where is The Safe?"

Penny spoke in a new language, it had odd clicks, and gestures, head moving and even some feet movements like dance steps, all in a combination that taken as a whole was the Language.

He watched for a while, then smiled.

The Safe was doing this. He'd see her again, and in this Office, if he was fast about his next moves.


So there is enough for today.

May you have Christ's Peace


Poem for her 36

Dear Readers,

Always Busy

One day someone asked,
Are you Busy?
Yes I said.
Always busy thinking about her.

One day she asked,
Are you busy?
She laughed a little.
I say different things, to her.
Always busy thinking about You,
Was today's answer.

Someone might ask it again,
Are you busy?
I'll say, with a smile,
Always busy thinking about her.

Always busy,
About Her.

Happy Birthday Babe,


The Dream Shop and Penny , cont

Dear Readers,

The penny and the other stories in this layer of stories, all have their roots
In the days this blog has been running, though all stories are influenced by my life
and my thinking. These were created during the years of 2006 and present.

So without much more explaining.... here goes some more of the latest chapter in the life of....


He smiled or was it a frown, he never could tell where the smile ended and the frown started at times like these.

"So you are saying, this is her but she is in the dream state, before she arrives? Why don't I recognize her?"

Penny said something in yet another language, this time one that you might have heard once.

He listened. It is an odd thing this world he lives in, not a normal place, never normal.

Again Penny stops, but this time she turns, and waves her left hand and the four other Penny and the Girl vanish.

"You didn't have to do that!" He said in a louder voice than he liked to use, but this was a special case.

This time Penny spoke in English, slight accent of high upbringing and courtier like tones.

"Yes we did. She can't really stay here to long, you'll see her again soon."

Then this Penny stepped forward and wasn't there anymore either.

With a deep sigh, He called one more name.



Yes I know it's short. But it has been tied into another longer Epic in my cluttered Story fabric, it is key to only see traces of the whole. I also know that is an out that other authors can use to never finish things. But how do you finish a never ending Tale? Ah, there is the rub, you don't. But you do get a glimpse of how my mind works a bit more.

To all the long time readers, and the first ones that might have just discovered this place.

Penny and the dream shop and all the others will be back soon.

Waves to his Babe, yeah it's morning, time to go....on a picnic

May you have Christ's Peace.


Poem for her 35

Dear Readers,

Long Drives, Midnight Skies

Long drives hunting for midnight skies
Trying to get the prefect weather
To see the lights up in the skies
To give her a warm place to cuddle
But still far enough from city lights
To see the Midnight Skies
It's my hobby I roped her into
But sooner or later
The cabin in the woods
Will have all we are hoping for
Midnight skies
And a warm place to cuddle

Happy Birthday Babe,


Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Poem for her 34

Dear Readers,

Holding Hands

Her hands are smaller than mine
We hold hands a lot
I like to kiss her left one
It is an old habit

Her hands are smaller than mine
I love to touch them often
She kisses my right hand
It is a newer habit

We have a lot of habits
Touching each others hands
It is one of our oldest
Her hands are smaller than mine

We have a lot of habits
There was an early letter
Where she said she wanted
To hold my hand often

Holding hands often
Kissing in parking lots
We are just two young kids
Holding hands Often

Happy Birthday Babe,
Still holding your hand


Poem for her 33

Dear Readers,

The trip is going wonderful, though it's cold, seeing as it's winter and that it's in the northern hemisphere that is kinda expected, but it could be a bit warmer, like about 75, a nice winter time temperature, okay that isn't happening either. Okay so where was I? Ah yes poems, short little things that she likes to read and some of you folks might too.

That day in August

It was one of those days
We'd taken two cars to get somewhere
We arrived at slightly different times
It was a parking lot
Like lots of other parking lots
Full of lines
But this one was almost empty
Her there in the car
Me in our bigger vehicle
Hair blowing in the wind
Hers and mine
My hair is longer than hers
She stands there with that look she has
Well you'd know the look
It says a lot of things
But that day it said
Kiss me
So I did

Happy Birthday Babe,