Saturday, February 04, 2017

Poem for her 41

Dear Readers,

The Cabin in the woods

There is this place
It has been there for decades
Sitting there filled and not filled
A cabin in the woods
It has a couple that live there
From time to time
When not other places
It has soft rugs on the floors
Stocked food in the cupboards
Stacked firewood in several places
The front porch, Inside on three racks,
One by the front fireplace
One by the stove
One by the bedroom fireplace
And in the covered wood pile outside
You might think they'd never run out
But they like fires in the house
Smoke filled sky as they go out
Late at night, to see the bright stars
To come back to warm rooms
Hot food, and tea
And cozy bed
It isn't lonely in the woods
It has many happy years
To keep it company
The couple too
Sing in the shower
In the afternoon
In the cabin
In the woods

Happy Birthday Babe,



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