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This is a direct link to a picture of somewhere I have lived at in the past. The blue roofed building in the lower right area that is shaped like a U, was once a 7th thru 12th grade Highschool on The Naval Air Station that was at this site. Icelandair had offices there where they landed their planes from international flights. I lived in an apartment complex pictured in the upper left hand corner of the picture. There are two pairs of buildings one pink, on blue, I think the first set (lowerest set) and the Blue Roof was the one we lived in.

I could not find the house we lived in Off-base, the town that we lived in has grown up to much and all the streets have changed. It looks like the town has grown by 3 fold since I lived there in 1974.

Iceland and living there is one of my fondest memories. I have told people that I wanted to retire there, I don't know if that dream is even possible right now. I do know that they have a culture that I do admire, and it has been fairly stable for a while now.

Best wishes all.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Rainy July, Burnt Toast August

Well the numbers are finally in, July was the wettest month on record for Arkansas in my backyard, for past July's that is. The Arkansas river going through Murrey Lock and Dam had estimated 200,000 Cubic Feet per Second of water. When the normal amount is 34,000 CFpS. It was up every month from April through July. National Drought maps show us not to be in a drought, yet!

But it is the 10th of August and not a drop of rain has hit the parched soils of my backyard yet this month.

Hope your backyard is pleasantly wet and humid and full of August flowers.