Thursday, April 30, 2015

The safe safe and the Janitor on the road again with dog and trashiibags

Dear readers,

It's been like a few universes passed this way since I wa last here.

Yeah I know I am missing out of the letters

codes not locked in yet,

The safe safe is the story that is reality

The janitor it is the relity in a story wrapped in a diaper in a box

the road the living breathing road



with caution alert 5

stand of

staond off,, this is a hot zones


stand down


locks off

locks allways off, the doors wide open

the system is live





Don't forget to resort as you leave, but leave in a protexted piles and

go where you may
why you may

the wearth is not

even created fully yet, if

you know
you do

then you do






Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ice cube and the safe safe home for the summer

Dear readers,

Ice and safe are home for the summer, chilled, wine in hand, dancing the marriage feast, and doing thier thing!

See you on the flip side in a few days a week or some tuesday in the future when I get time to say Hi there, Did you miss Us?

Charles and best of bestest best friends off to cooking and things.

YOUR brother in Christ.

Richie Ryan the Source of the Last Highlander movie

Dear Readers,

Think on this clue for a while, A long along along time ago wrote a movie magic book of the first Imortal.. the one from whom all of them came.. the one that was not in the bible, the event that wasn't there, that known no ones about when the boy was born, secret there wsa this guy that had this sculputored sounlal source, his name was meth thus ly a... like it or not he died, but his blood was the whole earth and they were corrupted, so he asked for help and the flood came, but his notes were't the be added to the bible till after the John of the Bible.

then part two of 3 of sub set kkkkk k 777777777 code locks 32 ans 21 sna 76a hd


line noters


a,shopand yen ald almdow m a

Oh sorry was just reading my liner ntes notes code to see where I was in my onw story line and what I was supposed to betelling you abodut here local space time on earth.

tiss locally + or - 5 years from sorta locally area fuzzy borders andoff chart cataracts and sub ley lines that you all can't see even if you knew hey wre there.

It can rain 40 days and forty night in any general location on earth, just park the Gaint Grand crayon GREAT canyon of the big baddies of theearly killers out therand theycould harness thewinds and spins and the tropical climes of the middle of the med region that is currently a bitmore washed out and dried all these years long time ago the middle east is sink hole of the Death valley and the Dea Sea and the Great salt lakes and the Greater lakes and the deep jungles and the mean weather time temp of pretty good spring not to hot summmer andmilld to bit harsh cold winters and about 650 plus or - elevation of sea level.

Now think on this one for a while, all the dry land on earth can go below water level at curreny sea level and thencome back up again lvl dropping and rising without you feeling it, if you are on a rocking boat in a rocking harbor in some of the gyres onearth and in some of the places the headwall waves can mean about 30 to 60 foot breakers or a Tsunomi------ washing japan to california..... So here ishow theday was, cold wet and damp in the low lands, but the sea was the




nimoy is dead







>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>** -- azure this is shadow i got your 20 over and out

Saturday, April 25, 2015

the janitor on the borg cubed

Dear readers this is the

story liner notes. only sourced me here you there, readers

kids in the university were always amazed if they knew whom that odd ball professor was, I have several oddball professors out there, in the reality line time frame in the local super cluster this time zone hard locked to me , hte this poster here..

There was the storms of yesterday wipping the rivers clean ad the the sys admin on my home front pasger's bitcoin access network,, said to me, damn charles, did you make the rain hard there, note, to self,, only toalk to chicken when in face to face, or then again, you cn here my chicken all the way out to the street,

but it was raining cats dogs, burps and toads and frogs flew by only to landers near me glare and leave

Then I was out int he real world, they came out in sdrove

the anonymouses callers were hackling me yesterdy and today and the sys register on my down link local here, every once in a swhile

Said system's codes errrors,, heh heh heh heh,, got that... noted, taken

nas no naw, nash nasch then

no no no on on on the n on htne on no n hyes and h yoyuk,

hehe ,, the jantitooors,, filled intot he same space the sclosetest same space I was in then he and me said, hey yall

hheheheheheheheheh not what you thinkishly thoughtyouare really here, of courcese.

But if your head has 4 borg Cubes swirling around your head ,, singing and sinnnnnnnningesd

then you are out aind about in the real world, just like me.

might have the smokerings, flashing lights to you,


Friday, April 24, 2015

1313 at the 13th dimension's hard out icecubes

Dear Readers,

Those (int he) known universe, headlined 13th di men sions diamond'ed out the liner, they have to had been given special locked box clearance from the Janitor. To even get there from there no W Here-hera-heard one they had the coded lock and out the boxed, back door. two the three to twist lock, I know knot, that you understand the sys admin coded to you. bUt the guy in wild geese goose fur coat mentioned it to the dude in the yello mell0-own(by father figure) man c o... hoaitor..

But the slug was de leveled tot he blue caps lock box his tame table penny box.

yesterday got the post it note on fhte taf . father got he noted, hens

note to self arewa this slug first season of the slugger, soc her ball found,

note to other self in this di a men., mansion,, here local 108

8:01 to odds

hard to code this, backwards.

the B2 was lost... they said it was a fire' d off lock,, they claim, no knowns

program prop gan da.

MH 370 it go deep dark blue, blown blow the seals,

they sunk it deeper than the indian oceans TOD mapppers knew was goners, for the B2 crew chiefs

he he he he he he he heh Hawk could that in his sicsoc DS9 foice, voices in my head said,

the chip set was the liner filed off the fired dia mond in teh roughted roudsf

aregh ists,

the ssiiissy's log c abin said huh that is noth eht


arghs , there ia locked box, in head .ajfla

arghs, bubbbles

blows the stacks,


twin kill hte twins,, gilklwk
gile filwen filled ther lfuler,


dead head,, died, mc load the highlander died, the actor died, then they did, then see it, in is The Dan ur books,, fur future tech looks the lokecd box then out starkvile city limits, gone offl lintw,

lints fires

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Safe Safe Staged not that line sir.

Dear Readers,

Of a staged story line introduced to you here in the first installment, the story was the title " The Business Card " It ran a long listing of threads in my head wall, high top board room for the firends I was talking once only fone, they no 'puter there in their homes, it was pre http, it was lined at the dem ark like line of the text bia and nary Share Ware era and the First MO office masxses was, the ntoed knot not knot noted from The janitor threads were alsto also to be linked, there are all me in my head stories, so they are all linkaged brain pan flash burns.

I falsk the flask burns int he lab, at school both me and bro go, me 81 me 88 he ,, we 7 years, exactly time linkage, spin orbitlal nots, e notes noted, his was I there at his 1 billionth second birthday party I was an efforting, Hey dude run that backward masked them me, was tarred and fether, the three red heads, of course she was there, tht was halved the oftened fun, okay never linked the lankages, I just face wall the the wall my room is the sink sinhdge the code is the moores law is the there is 99.99999999999999% free space int eh atom space there is no volume in the sisssters reg file, where the heck did he go,

They asked me to task this safe open, they toooold me if it did not ai would not, so I told them oaky

Then the white house fireo wall hit hte shops, the skitnds the skits hit the same darn timer, furiuos 7 is the 1 billtion th first of the set ot hit the $$$$$ bitocins, 007 the,, linkage, is, wild wild wst, chrels west the klinad

I got he the note janitor, the hit wall helled off, then safe dipped off the radar the guy Charles Danner ran and then the guy was back where he was before you say you saw the story on here, was it the 1st time the epi logue or the biling, bling, got West, Charles, botton cell call list makng biowebscape's business card reality time check,, cash and carry..

I hot boxed him in to a commissionaly relationship, I mentor him mentor I am he is ai I am ,, we are, relataed to time links here, local

There is the fictions of my dia a com di didhe dit dash sadskh dash i got the call one day and then I dash dash dash.... not half the not even the 3rd of sos,, but the call log would have read

Unknown # no known number ,, private caller,,, or this as it was then thusly, and still is some times a noted

an o o tated, I have several,, several annoo tated tomes that I have't been able to source therie there the locations, are marked off, some where in here the black bag guy told me to tell you hi ya'll penny is here too

Pennyt he guy saide and all hell broke loose the hades of the sys adim men said, walk thre, go the door way, cal cutta black hole of calcutta,, you go thre, is old wive's tail, the guys would ask, you want it, go to indioa Calcutta, get whater ever you ever wanted, someisne is sourseces inthe source of the pan geee A spins the seldns they are all right and let left overs spoil who cares, I am head liner Hard line linked to code wall I hard code old COBOL hard links in the the sys adim fost ware code, I still link to old sys adim sutff at board meetings.

They call me a Poly Math, manic back up driver set,

I go there, they acll the
janitor ilans iland in land island univeraals, uni at edge of muds duse raraha ,

I got linkege the danny danner is Highlander can't kill me off, P. K Dick is the blade runner,,, if I am the blade is in my hand I have three spinding blades, the heli, got shoot, off the other 3, the 6 blaed, Jane's noted, help help helo,, old AIR FORCE mags, are int e white room I got the Old JANE's sourced,,,, hello hero, to 99er five this is a code six, the safe left he buuilding, then all hades broke loose, go t the head the wally world elmer elmir pick link,, no he still out that way, de mark this is up slipped cali time, me centrack time glabaole cegeeekis is the greek delta fly the penny wall.

Yours in the Risen Christ Heaven is yours, be there at 5 now, gone off

Bye now

Secoters, sfhegc jantiros they got you back to brisket is the noted to potluck sunday church,, my liner notes told me to tell you too.

Monday, April 20, 2015

BioWebScape Update

Dear Readers,

Experimenting with planting Hard Red wheat in an old bed of Strawberries, gave me a stand of wheat about 100 or so stalks, I spread them over to straw and my chicken went in hunting for things to eat till finally I had to put a hardware cloth cover over the bed to keep her out. I am going to let the wheat mature then likely only cut the heads off and let the rest dry in place over the summer months for a while then get into the mass below the cover. See what there is to see. The space is only about 3.5 feet on a side, so it's less than 12 square feet. Won't get more than a meal out of it if I were to make a bread, but if I had a soup or other use of the wheat I might get more out of it. Just a thought test. I had wanted a bigger space but the Chicken has a mind about tilling that most garden tillers by those fancy companies don't seem to have just yet.

Lots of Chick weed for her to nibble on, and the flyway that the yard has become is doing gang busters, never a moment that thier isn't some bird besides Chicken in there getting at something that is planted or left over.

Spring and early summer, though the nights are still chilled and the Black Walnut has just afew buds out. As do the Pecans, which had produced a bit more nuts last year than I had expected.

The Mulberries are just loaded full, I might have enough for a pie or something besides a nibble this year. I trimmed them so that they have few score branches all in globe on each tree. Though the trees have different main trunk configurations.

I have a Black Cherry growing in the side of the Wheat/strawberry bed, which I plan to prune to about 10 feet tall at max and see if I can get a crop of black cherry from it in a few years. They aren't that big of afruit, but they are cool as a small bird bringing tree, and sweet treat while the fruit last.

I haven't tried getting more of the Mullen out of the last seed stalks and into the stirred up ground yet, and have to go through all my old seeds again and see which ones still germinate before seeing which new ones to get. So still some things to do yet. To many sick days this year.

Well off to enjoy the late late of the sky at dusk.

Peace of Christ to you all.


Use Earth Like you Own It

Dear Readers,

As a subset of the post before this one. Use earth or the Planet like you own it. We have been told for years to use it (whatever "it" is) like you own it. But do you really think that way often enough to get the real meaning of the term or the idea? I have for years walked into places and acted as if I was the owner of that said location. It does get you noticed by others. They see you straighting shelves and walk up to you and assume that you work there and you can answer some odd question they have for the owner or worker of said location. Though some folks have more experience with that sort of thing and ask if you work there, as they also might straighten shelves out looking for something and you don't have a badge on, or wear the company colors. But Do you use every day like you own the whole shabang?

You Got your Slice of Heaven, but you live on earth, now are you Living like you Own the Planet and acting like you runt hings down here, and you have been fixing the palce up for something.

Are you treating it like you only have One earth and can't just be throwing bits of it off into space and getting rid of it to spiral down to the end of burning Solar fires to whoosh back out in Solar meltdown burps of burnt planet bits? Of course you aren't, you haven't even gotten over my last post to have time to think about my other many layers of questions. You have a Test and you can't even get past Question #1 to be there to write down Question #2 as this is a verbal and written test. I ask the Questions, give you 5 mins to write an answer then pop you another one, and it only has 4 mins to answer, you can't be using the time to think about the question before this one. Hey aren't you writing down Question #8 yet? Haven't you been listening to my lecture-test? Oh gee whiz kids!

Use The planet like you Own it. that means you get 45 earths, 4 saturns, and a few parts of Jupiter's Titan as ice cubes in your mixture of useful things to use.

But you all have been worrying so much about what the Jones' have in their yard that you have completely forgotten where your old TV is located at, and how lonely it is getting up in the attic not being watched anymore, as your new handheld computer graphical-neuron connection is selling you costly app's to sell you neat ideas you forgot to use, because now you are thinking about that game you and your buddy are going to play after you decide which Pizza joint to try tonight. But what about the Old TV?

It isn't wasted but it is wasted, all those atoms not getting used to make toasters for John's family cook out of Toasted Hardboiled Egg sandwiches. Not sure which atoms going into the eggs, the cheese, John or his toaster, but they were going to have been used there, but can't be now, as they are still in your old TV up in that attic you haven't seen in 20 years, in fact I think you might have moved out of that house and gone into the other house you also own, but only live in on the weekend's in while there visiting. Have we lost track of how many things we have?


We have so many Can's of Coke that we don't have as many cans of beer as we used to. So sad.

Are we running out of Planet yet? Have we killed off the last Dodo? No to #1, and Yes to #2. So far so good the test is almost over with, only 43 more questions to go dear reader, aka Students.

Where are all the Oranges?

3 mins 24 seconds to answer that one.

Where are all the Oranges you did not count in that last question?

2 mins 23 seconds to answer that one.

So Where is the Last orange on earth located at right now?

23 seconds to answer that one.

Are oranges all gone now, forever?

4 hours to think about it and come back after your pizza break.

Please don't discuss your possible answers with anyone that has not been in this class, thank you.

Class , Class! Hey where did you all go, hello?

Finally you are all gone, I Own the Planet now and I made you all go away, I own all the Cheese doodles now..............

Peace of Christ to you all.


Waste a Planet, Want a Planet

Dear Readers,

There is all this talk about getting rid of this planet. I want a new one. So one day I got rid of the old one and got a new one. I just wasted the old planet till there was nothing left but subsoil and then some trees sprouted and got things going again. Then on this new and improved place only about 1/3rd the size of the old one, I decided to make a smaller world. Took a lot of digging but finally I had used up all the planet and gotten rid of all those parking lots and had a new place. But sadly the place was only about 1/6th the size of the first planet I had.

Ever wonder why people are getting so bent out of round over the idea that they don't live on a Sphere, but on a mushed Spherically shaped sort of planet?

Well yeah they are fearful that they are using 1.5 times the earth's footprint. Um, You can not use more than you have, can you? I mean if you have a credit card you can use more than you can pay back, but can you use more than someone else can write off?

Earlier today I posted the "Fisrt day in Heaven.." post. What if you are in Heaven? How much heaven can you use up? Can you use heaven to exhaustion? How many Heavens do you get if you put 45 billion people on earth? Oh you say I changed the questions to fast for you! Well have you ever thought that those guys talking about using 1.5 to 2.5 to 4 Earths all while someone else was only using 0.5 Earths was kinda off with their math? Well if we killed every living thing on earth, would we know we had done it? Really? Think about it for a while before you say you know the answer. This is a trick question, aren't all questions trick questions, just answers looking at you in the face saying, ask this and you will understand the relationship between me and that other part of me.

Heaven is so big, that we can slice the Pi so many times that the slices never get any smaller. Earth is the same way to a point, but the number of slices is far larger than the number of people we have currently on the planet, I'd wager about 10 times smaller, or even 50 times smaller. This is a Big planet.

Waste a Planet and want a new one all the time. Be as frugal as you like, or as wasteful as you like, you can't get off the planet that easy, you will be recycled sooner or later.

Christ's Peace.

"First Day in Heaven, An Autobiography."

Dear Readers,

It was one of those weeks. When nothing seemed to be going right, or left for that matter. When things could get worse, but had stopped before you wanted to pull all your hair out.

Then it happened.

I woke up.

I thought, hey this is new.

Then I really woke up, then it hit me.

Oh yeah, I am still here.

Darn. Thought I was finally in Heaven.

I call them Slice of Heaven dreams, Dreams that literally you feel like you are in a slice of heaven. they only arrive it seems after I have been awake long hours, doing lots of things, mostly trying to get to something down, or trying to actually sleep and finally getting it. But they could happen several days in a row and be a bit better each time they arrive, till finally you got totally Powered Up! and knew for a fact this was It. The big Slice of Heaven you needed to get going the rest of the, however long you had to go till you got another one.

Earlier today I was kinda binge watching some old "Spenser for Hire" videos I found over on google's other slice of the internet Youtube. Then a bit later, I was posting on some Yahoo Comment thread about some slice of the planet earth. I was getting a bit pissed at people. Why were they being so mean to other humans. After all the anthropologists will tell you, we humans are all the same race. We only make those fine lines on those fragile paper maps to control the other people on the planet earth and yada yada yada. I found myself writing something, seeing my own hate bleed out and erasing it, and going off to do something else. Finally I went to lay down, which I had really needed to have done 4 hours before.

The Dream was wonderful, and when I woke up the personal message was wonderful and I might be able to tell you it if I tried, but I am not going to dull you brains with the thoughts that swirled around in the 5 mins that seemed like a lifetime. Which is kinda cool, the person who uploaded the Spenser shows, got them off of Lifetime and VHS tapes I could see the video editing signposts.

There are signposts all over the Twilight zone.

We life most of our lifes in a Twilight zone, Full Sun, or Full Son, Whichever way you want to slice it is just a slice of our time on earth while we live down here, wanting to be elsewhere. Being that I am a Christ Follower, I would really like to get to Heaven and not have to worry about being down here anymore.

Ah ah, worry. That word again, didn't this guy once tell you about it? Why worry, if the father in heaven gives the birds of the air food, don't you think that he'd give you plenty to eat too? That sermon goes on and is often repeated as those that hear it, worry and worry and still worry more even though they shouldn't much if they trust him to be who he says he is! Lucas might write that Yoda says to His own Father when even His own father's father were alive, "Dad I don't want you to die!". Where upon his Grandfather would have said, something cute, and much like he'd have told some young Jedi, 450 years or so later. But What would my father tell me if I said that same thing?

Don't worry I am going to heaven, getting there though is going to be a hard road to walk, or something like that, but in my dad's voice in his words and with that simple wisdom that he has gotten over those long years of being not my father, but just some guy that never really thought about having a son, as he always wanted a Daughter, or a son, but certainly not a son named after him. Hi Dad, guess what? Mom won. hahahahaha Waves to dad outside trying to fix something. He is always fixing something, things break and when they do, he fixes them, and if he breaks them (not often) he fixes them again and most people can't tell they were ever broken.

Both my parents are somewhat Polymaths. My Dad is an Extreme Polymath with tools, you name it and I bet he has used the tool at least once, for something. Chef's knife, over a million times, socket set, ditto. sewing needle, ditto. Record player, double ditto. Camera ditto. the list would get longer than this post should be. My brother is another Poly Math, in Math, science and audio, amoung others. Me? um, Um, UMMM,,, I will let you be the guesser!

So the title got you here or you got here, because you read my blog, but you are here reading it, so why this title? I googled it first, see how it got hits, I like to be one of a kind. Oh I am aren't I, then again so are you.

Act as if this is your first day On Earth, you first day of Ownership of Earth, your First Day in Heaven, but you still have to deal with all the rest of the people on the Planet. You though are In Heaven It's your first day in the place. Your first day in heaven. You have been in heaven 43 billion Years. But each day you wake up it is the First Day. The rest of the Planet is being rebuilt around you though. You are in Heaven. You are in Heaven, but living on Earth too, and if you get to many days of living on earth you start forgetting you are a resident of Heaven, you start getting broken, out of sync, rattled about, torn at. You are in Heaven though and This is your First Day.

As this has just been a 2015 Easter season flip over of the day to day life of your earthly fellow humans, you have to Remember that you are in Heaven and some of them out there, don't even know where they are going to be in the next 20 mins, or in the next year. You are in Heaven, but you have to deal with all of them as well as being where you are, and they don't know that Heaven is really just a slice of a Proton's breath on this other side of our coin.

I Could write more but it'd just sound a bit like Yada Yada, Yoda bing bang bongo drums in the heads of most of you, unless you know me or have heard my message before.

Christ is Risen, You are in heaven if you know the first 3 words.


Thursday, April 02, 2015

"Coins from heaven to send you to heel, or hell, or was it just hail."

Dear Readers,

Strange days are afoot, well really strange days have always been afoot. They might be A foot away from you or 6 feet away or 2 blocks away or 5 miles away or just over the horizonal line at the Arc second of the Sun Rise where the curvature of the global plane bend the light rays to the reds, oranges, the umber yellow the bright yellows or the real light yellows or the bright almost never quite hard white light of the noon day sun.

But there are days when it is cloudy that I say I am at my most pestered byt hte troubles of the world or the lack of the light of the Sun full faced to me, but the dark days of hte Easter season can be harsh in my own mine anyway, as I have many times in this area.

First marriage was Jun 25th to surprised me even to the dawn of the time that was over to the day 7 years, again jun 25th 2001. Oh you say that year. I say Oh Heel and hell and Hail yes that year the year I was both pressed to the finest hard diamond I thought, but not yet there, just a black sponged carbon ball.

Second marriage is techincally started 2002, but the meetting was the recusp of the last bit of the year of 2001.

So those dark days of Easter to thanksgiving were the hardest of my life I thought, though I have been in swing mode for a while, I am not having a swing bi-polar event I have been having the so called mid life crisis.

Yes I had to source it out to the starting point of the event level events, it was my 1st marriage that started the ball rolling in my life. Age old polled in Heaven Job events. The See my servant events were being placed in hard line notes, and harder liner notes. and then they swing out from there to the swing timbers and swing timbers, the taking up crass , cross roads events we all seem to have. Wheather ( whatever the real word should be that works rather well so stays) you know them at the time or that you see them after the facts. I tend to see them as Mark this spot as the line to return to after the failure of the system test hits, as to not go back to far. But that is a CAD notation, and a COBOL thought situ-remark.

So here I am it is 2000 and my 1st wife has been bugging for a divorce for a while, and I was fearful of what i'd be like alone. One event after another and then 2001 and the email cracking, then well the notes and the reads and the threads cut cut slivecered when she next asked, I said yes. Well that was a priceless event, but rather fleeting, yay me, all mine the anger wells up even now, but whose fault was it really?

So to the title of this post.

I have been coin collectioning for ages now, lost and found collections and just making a big stake hold for me, oh well.

But recently people have been needing funds for this or that and I had funds to go do things with and I was trying to do this and that and that and this.

But I have to speed the story that is longer than the above story really to a fine toothed comp.

Really rally here the pressure on me in this time period is a boilling froth.

April 13th, is a 2nd wife's and mine anniversary. ( 2002-2006)
March 14th is 3rd wife's and mine anniversary. (2007-2007)
in here on the 2009 year Second wife dies, which keeps openning the abyss to my face, the death of her here is hard to live over and walk a sane way.
July 6th 2014 death of aunt Pearl
April 9th death of 3rd wife in my hands, literally in my hands.

Then it is easter season all rolled into a tight bundle of joy and death and joy and death and joy and death and joy and death and joy and death and joy.

IT is not the Hell that won, it is the SON that own's the won and the winner is He that is a name above all names.

But this one little servant is a bit of a proud person at times. and I'd glady hang ont he tree if I could save someone from hell. Or maybe that is the Suicide thoughts to get back to heaven again, or or or ... tears and pain roll the rocking boat to the sea shore. off to work again I go, hi ho hi ho ,, or is it ho ho ho santa cl...... no I got to pick a few people up for the service tonight. they no car me Yello van man.


Love of Christ's free peace to you all

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Laughs go the sizzzles and the sand flies drip in rivers

Dear Readers,

This is... sorta a part of the post about the War .... Lo Laughs L

fish like water

The first Ice cube showed up in the Chad war area somewhere by the Mali war zone the whole area is dry and a tinder box of fighting most years, even without the Worlds biggest War Mongers mashing the sheds of wheatables and the Bitcoin market was cooking along just fine, till the first one showed up, then all bets were off. Sorry Max K...over on RT can't predict what you and stacy didn't know.

The Abby road of Martin hunting indie media Empire had not yet gone Virally Global but she being a free agent was the first to get the news and be able to effort thefunds to the area.

The boy and his shadow was walking the town edges, just there, but not there, basking in the silence of the evening sun, never seeming to need water or a place to stop.

The Penny man, was sitting in his office , and Joey his man about the street hung out in the area but seemed to move with a whoosh and the Limo was a bit hard to spot, it was a umber darkish purple but if you looked at it in the right section of the light circle it was not even purple but an Orange and then there was the strikes of crackling lightening it must be an illusion..... right?

Penny whosshed and left in fast streams, though the penny is both single and multi so the poly-head-running seemed to just flow a river out and in of the room, though they never were ........

Bobby jus chilled in Jail,, but that was his own private jail, he had had it built in hi back yard,, it had a moot about 6 feet deep around it and every few days the firework's folks would come bay to see his Pyro techi--- products,, more of them you'd ever see really it seemed the ..........

Well the Pool Shark in the G. Norman shirt had had to change shirts and venues, so he is not seen much often, never know where he will show up these days and this is all before the Icecubes showed up........


There was more in my original, but it was a paper copy, or was it just a big Txt file, no clue it was ages ago in a land far far away, same city different year, decade, century and even different 1,000 year run up...... akc akc ack.. cough cough.


Christ is Risen
His peace to you.

"Mighty is a Thought" By William Hamilton Robinson Copyright 1944

Dear Readers.

I don't have the time to waste being longwinded. Soooooo...

See title ^

Am Grandson # 3 First born son of #2 Daughter Above person.


Aka Yello van dup/de............

Christ is the Living Risen King of the Everything that ever ever was and is forever there on the Throne.

~~~~~~~~~~~Waves ~~~~~~~

Putin and Obama against the Icecubes.

Dear Readers,

Ages ago in my timeline, sometime around about the time I was living locally in North Little Rock, Arkansas, somewhere under the Fort Roots hillside area, never in shadows much as we sort of faced South.

I started a story I had had the Idea a bit before but I can not place when it was, I called the story something like "icecubes" but never settled on the title.

It was sorta an FBI hunters doing the X-files thing, but different people in the team and they were doing something and then something, but the icecubes were being taken from Antarctica, they were cubic mile blocks of Ice.

They usually showed up in a Diamond Pattern, Two by Two but Top corners facing the North Magnetic Pole, not the one on the map the Magnetic one, that now has a floating wobble to it. And if you think this is a new thing, you'd be wrong. That point on the map has always point to somewhere different.

That is why people sailing by the heading could get lost if they tried to retrace steps that others had put on a map and they only followed that notation. But they never did that. They had all sorts of clues to use, they are called Ship's Logs.

Having Viking Blood running deep in my veins, I can tell you a lot of things about the styles of my living, I love to walk barefoot in deep snow, can go into the 4 foot snow drifts in a pair of shorts and no shoes and kinda just live there like a bear. but I will get cold. But it takes me an extra long time to get cold, so this story has a bit of truisms in it.

Plus the global wheater/wheater/ wherter/ water/ changes and all those other things people could talk about Geoengineering ,, H ha ha ha I am a BioWebScape design Project Master of ... God is the Planner, I just see the things he shows me. I can see things before they might seem to happen to you, but I digrees.

teher it is again the digress... pasued.....Part two later

Your friend in Christ the Lord of the Universe
His Peace be yours forever