Saturday, December 09, 2006

An Essay of the weather today

A few points to liven the pot for this afternoon.
Barack Obama for VP 2008, JHK is almost praying for it and it has been showing in his weekly columns for several weeks now. The Dems, Would do very good in the Presidential Race if they were to ask Mr. Obama to at least run for VP or be named as Head of state. I figure he'd even make a strong headway as Pres, but might not have the Name-Power in Washington yet. Look for the ticket. Hilary-Obama for 2008..... I don't care personally I'll vote My write in candidate again Winnie the Pooh, More Honey for everyone and sleeping after sweet meals.
Yesterdays Columns and Points about the Montreal Summit On 50 failures of Kyoto... Okay that is not what it was called but nothing really got done and we all know it, just a bunch of people getting together to wine and dine and say they are doing something so they can fill the inbox with money and power and make Joe and Fran and the family Six-Pack happy that someone was doing something.
The Global Climate change is bringing stranger weather to you as we speak and all the pundits that you want can't tell you why or how to change things, and really though we know it is going on, few of us really understand the total system to even begin to figure out how to correct the problem. By the time we figure out what is wrong with a PLANET WIDE system and Figure Out a MASSIVE enough Computer Model to see the real causes, the changes will be wrecking new problems. I have had a hand in making Global Digital Mapping Software, The details to manipulate 3-D real time world surface information onto a 2-D paper surface can get mind boggling real fast, There are over 20 different ways to project our globe onto a flat surface, you call them maps, but the world changes every second of every day and I have seen what that does first hand in the data gathering field of Digital Cartography. We were never 100% on anything, it changes to fast, We had to deal with what Weather and earth and man was doing on a daily basis, and OUR programs were the BEST in the world. I do not envy the guys and gals trying to figure out what the weather will be like in 5 to 50 years, There are literally a WORLD'S worth of data points to take measurements on and try to figure out how to program for it all.
This is a problem we will have to live with long after every last drop of Fossil Fuels, or Plant Fuels have stopped being used. If humans were to vanish from this planet today, the affects would still be going on for eons longer. Since that is not going to happen we are just going to have to learn to live with it. Totally rethink how we look at the places we live and the actions we do. Things are changing to fast for us to ever turn a blind eye to the weather again.
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Charles E. Owens Jr. aka Author at Large