Saturday, February 04, 2017

The Hunger, continued

Dear Readers,

The Five people that walked into his living room, made his heart beat so fast he thought It was both a dream and a nightmare at the same time. He could feel her there. But she was asleep, Penny was there, so it wasn't a nightmare for her. But it was for him. He disliked, with a passion, these events, when either he arrived or she arrived and it was one of them dreaming, not sure where they'd really see each other. But something about this was different, he got up and walked over to where they were standing.

"Hello there Penny, Long time no see." He said with a frown, and a deep sigh.

The Penny on the right back side said in english.

"Move The Safe, and she will arrive here in it's place."

With that statement they as a group, step forward and then vanish.

He turned with a rush and stepped to the Metal art work hanging on his wall by the door, touched two squares and everything in the loft and The Safe Safe room vanished in a blue glow and a pop. Then he waited. His phone rang.

"Yes" he said into it.

"Mr Danner There are FBI agents coming up to your apartment, they wouldn't let me call till they had gotten on the elevator, they.." He hadn't finished talking when the banging on the front door started.

He Thanked the person on the phone and hung up, smiling.

"Just a Minute!" He said, as he walked over to the door and released all of it's many locks.

They were handing him papers and looking around the place with a large dose of frowning. They just couldn't get over the idea, that such a rich person would live such a Frugal lifestyle. They did walk into The Safe Safe room, and asked him.

"Don't you have anything in this Apartment? Where is everything?"

"What you see is what you get!"

They moved sheets, and some towels on the shelves and looked rather lost. Finally they turned and left, even though they could have been gone sooner, what they wanted wasn't there. They took a bit more time to look around at nothing, just lots of open space and only his few items.

When the door was securely closed he turned around about the same time as there was a Flash of light in his Kitchen.

She was standing there, awake and aware.


More later

Christ's peace to you all.



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