Monday, February 06, 2017

Poem for her 42

Dear Readers,

The Picnic Basket

The Pillow was talking to the Cat one day
When a door bell rang, they thought it was theirs
Then a new voice was heard in the Cabin
It was happy and musical
The Cat went to see what it was
The Basket sat there in between them
They were looking at the newest addition to the family
A new picnic basket
Their old one was still in use but was
Getting old and they were wanting
To only take it to local picnics
Not far out of the way ones
So they got this new one
Mostly like the other one
But newer and with a bit more room
The two baskets were talking about things
The Cat later reported to the Pillow
That nothing old basket had was taken out
But they bought some new things and added
Some old odds and ends to the new basket
The two Picnic Baskets were still
Whispering in picnic basket language
Way into the evening
Pillow and Cat were being petted
So they were not being bothered much
They just had a new friend in the house now

Happy Birthday Babe,



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