Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August is passing

Dear death heads,

Dead is August just a few heartbeats left in the old girl.

Then the new year will roll out again,

Okay just a new month's full of sundays.

Then again I counted on that sunday and wasn't there.

Then I gave and gave and gave.

Then they took and took, and looked for more.

Then the day ran a bit late.

Then week without sleep held over for real time.

The last day of the month, then a new one, dead to the world.

Or rather awake and still kicking.

Laugh out loud.

Laughs out loud with a bell and a whistle.

The day is shorter than you think.

Sept the 14th is coming round the mountain too.

You ask what happened on the 14th.

I don't know, but someone was born, someone died and it is just another day.

Why do we trip our minds up that way.

Bug's Bunny?

Wile Coyote?

Where will it end, spin spin spin

Top to the world to you all.

Flip back at you folks.