Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The biggest loser or as I like call myself, Author At Large.

Dear Readers,

I was going to post about one thing then hit the net to hit the wall to hit the news to hit the point that my tabs have almost hit the max before they don't hit the ability to chain up and smoke the faster packages than I can hope to get my post across the thin red line of my flat-lining day, I was and have been trying to hit my personal flat-lining record, where I am fully 100% in the Zone flat liner, Hard liner, the head game I have to play with the people that believe that the head games are the result of the random world pulling its head back and giving me the room to breath and to push the edges of the limits to the edges of the limits to the edges of the things that you are personally able to do.

Yes that will remain for later editors to make into a full blown full throttle longest sentence award, I haven't a clue I really do not care to win that award either, but I am The Author At Large, as I am At large and free to gain and to give and to fly away as a bug that you can split splat, or splash, those aren't cars of Cash, they are Cash's cars, and yes he did get up on the pool table and yes he did put his car on it and yes I did tell him how to race cars while on a pool table, and yes I did not and will not tell you all the story of that one, but to say I know why mothers and fathers have worn them selves to the razzle dazzle thin red line and have been worn out with their kids, they do love them, but they try to control them to much, if you were to let the kids flow, and work with them, but not against them, you swerve as the kid is the race car driver, you are not his catcher's mitt, but you are is and all ways shall be his best friend's best friend, you will always be second place and you got to put yourself in the shoes of someone else for a second, you have to give it your all, you have to die trying to get the right thing that you can win, and then you have to let them rot at this game of life. Yes I said rot at it, be rotten, lose, be second place and always be second to only one other, always be #2 the loser in the game of the winner's circle of friend, the second best is of course the winner but only by the split fine line hair's of the breath of the fresh air, I am proud to be only the Second place winner in a lot of 2 man sports, and I have a goal when I play pool to be the Loser whenever God deems that to be his goal as well, cause we all know that we have to give us up to place God in Charge and if we do that, we are the second place holder in the lineage of the Kingdom. We are not and nor we ever shall be first, Can't ever get there, and never can, but we can be in the winner's circle none the less.

I play to loose, If am playing Cards, I play to lose my king in the spades games, If I have it in my hand, I will always try to give him up to the guy holding the Ace of spades, period end of story, check with the people on my Facebook friends list, check with the people on my brother's James' facebook linkage of our two firend's lists, as they are people we both know and a lot of them have the knowledge to tell you my skills at losing at Spades the King of spades to as many people who I can give the King back to them. Hi all you folks that might see me here, I Loser, I go nill, I get 100 pts for the team, I had the King of spades and .......... 12 other cards that I gave away. Yay me.

I have a linkage for a video, here, I have not watched it, bogs the computer down, but there is a linkage elsewhere about this being a big fat failure, if they are calling the lady a failure for not liking to charge money for her actions on food for the people that eat it, then I call them idiots and uncaring dolts too. But If I am wrong then okay, fine, I will still stand my ground the Failure movement is a liars cheaters way of making people fell bad about the things they do, and that is not What A good Christian would ever do period ,, Period, and I say period.. I hold you the reader and person that I deal with as the best I can make you by myself losing to you and building you up and tearing me down if need be I can use the losing to build my skill set of being the best that there ever was of the edge on favorite to be the last man in the room that is there in the burning building, standing and waiting for the embers and the screams of the others to still and the fire and me and the ears to hear the soft moaning of the lost baby in the fires, I will go top to side to bottom and hunt for the places the fire has not killed total life out of the edges of the wave front and hunt for the last man besides myself in the burn rumbling rump roast of a toasting fire, I might or might not Have to be called out, or drug out holding the last live in there, me or the 1 or more I am holding onto. But I am the last man out of the Hell you are in, if I can get into your personal hell and help you, even if I have to live there for a while I will help you and even risk myself for you to get out alive. That is my pack with more than one person I know, and they are all of you combined, I am the last man left I am the Big Loser that guy int he hard head of hair hat, the man whose legs look like I have been in several fires already getting people of them. I have a skin condition that literally can only be seen as if I am a Dragon, whose fire worn legs in the fire fights of the Dragon wars, makes me a Survivor of the Kill or be killed Days of Yore, when the Dragons ruled the Earth and I am the last one in my neck of the world, others like me are there too, I am the Dragon that Drug out the most, and held hoarding fast to the last dram of the drink, till he is the last of his kind. By the way I am the last of my line, if I do not procreate, I am a Jr. I have no heirs, blood related on my side, but I have some that are Blood haired, so Amanda I now announce, you get the house. If I die as of the note, If I die and they are already gone too, I formerly give you my slice of the pie of the family owned house and all the skills and all my pyro-tech stuff well is yours too.

Goes to watch it to get the feel of the thread then I will see if they do what I think.

I am not shocked to find myself wrong in my first impressions, but I am not wrong in my first impressions, sorry for the flow rate side step. They are telling this young lady that getting money for her goal is the only goal she has,, that is the wrong thing, her goal is to get 100 catering gigs I can get those 100 catering gigs in about 25 days , maybe even less here is how I would do this, and again the people on my facebook can tell you I have catered to them several years long and some of them still if I am in the kitchen I am even if I am so tired that I can not walk and have to use a cane and my hip is hurting for me to even stand, or is that just walk, as it was in Nova-2011, Thanks James for asking me to be the meal provider, sorry dad that the meal was bit sub par for your tastes, but I was just about at my wits end, Where was my chapter on spices and the pages of my supply list is lacking in their house, but the best make do with the least and preform, anyway.

This lady is going and they are all going about it he wrong way, She wants to catch the crowds with her foods and meals and she wants the lime light, the first meal would be by donation only, and invitation too. I would line up the menu, or ad lib, I would pick picky eaters and people that did not much like my cooking too, just to make the deck more stacked against me, and I might,,, see I would do this this way, and that is my style, but for her she is about 24 to 30 so she should already know how to cook that is not the issue, I can cook, just ask anyone on my facebook page, some of them know me for my meals I provided for them free of charge, in our ( brother and mine) dorm room, if I was gone, he did the cooking, and if i was there, I had the food waiting for the folks that if they were to show up got as much as there was available. I never charged for food, I was embarrassed when I did not have money int he fast food places, as I did not want to impose on them. I had not felt that giving away food was a bad thing, LOL.

I still have dreams of feeding you all in a big restaurant in the city of where ever, for free, see a story in this very blog of about 2009 to 2010 time frame, the billionaire that gave the foods away to the people, for free.

This girl on the show, all she need do, is form a pack,, You feed me and I feed you, You give me one name of friend and foe, one of each, and I will invite them and you are the surprise guest afterwards in the game,,,,,,, see there I go rigging it the way I would again.

I have to remember that the world feeds off of the money of green things, the Biowebscape designs are to free me of the given timelines limited knowledge of freely given and freely given and growth and free giving growth and growth and growth and expansion is the best form of growth, how big can I expand if I give you all my extra energy?

Blooming Onions on the menu, all the ingredients on my table is the sum part of my money and stored seeds rotting and growing and you are asked to leave a pile of your leavings here for me to feed the next set of guests on. ( Shit or manure is the Gold mine of the future, Harvesting the waste products of these times, the bits of gold flake you drank last night in the bar drink, the mercury in the blood that you have passed out, the minerals and elements and the shit and the methane and I don't have the system up and working, but I can tell you in a long detailed , shat I discovered is the gold mine of the worms I grow and the humans I feed, I just have to Shatter the construction of the minerally mined elements and phase change the elements and bingo I have a shit in a hand basket gold mine, recovery of all the parts of the per-coal-manure-flow-recycled to power my next blog.

Take no winners, only losers, Lose money, take it out of the pocket, I give almost all my in pocket cash out to the people I am with, waiters and cooks, in the local places, already know this, just ask them. I give them the trend lines If I can.

Okay, back to the main topic of the blog now.

But first a station break, I do not make money for google via this blog, okay chances are just being online makes money for someone, as you are eye's on page seeing the ads on page and the revenuers love you. But I degress, I spent the day with a friend and fellow author and Comic and mainline job Father and sometimes Barber at "Back Porch Barber Shop" in the edges of Parkhill area of North Little Rock Arkansas. Not that he does not have hairs to slice, it is just that he is a local, and the big box hair places might not know your history or give you a stand up comic run through for free, or the advice of a Christian with his own, or gee I know most of you are not even in the USA, so if you are visiting the USA and in Little Rock area, his collection of wall art, is the best I have seen and you should at least go in a see that even if you do not have time to have him slice your hairs off the head.

I am the biggest Loser, and a total loss, I died again this afternoon, I went to sleep and had a dead dead headers sleep cycle. Just not a very long one. Yay me I did though not need a slice of Heaven in a dream form I got one at the Aladins' rug store, which is next to the FrostTop which is where I had lunch with Jay (also on my facebook list, aka McPherson(sp) back porch barber shop fame), there and then when my parents picked me up there, had dinner and some leftovers are still in the fridge, with chilled breath waiting for me to consume them, that is their lot in life to be consumed, and they are in there, holding out hope that I consume them before the end of the time line when they have to rotten the rest of the way to the dust and ash heap of the pile driven next made star stuff in the next star system they come to form in the newest time line shake shock up, like in 13 to 25 billion years from now. Boy those leftovers are just chomping at the bit to lose big time and die to my chewing them up.

I plan to be the biggest loser, and I plan to fail big time, so big time that sooner or later, I will have learned to lose the time of worry, fear and hate and only have Love, Love, Love and Love and Peace that passes all understanding from Christ our Lord,

"Demons and delusional dandies against Demanding Daddy's Damsels."

Dear Readers,

( Authors have noted in the past that epics are hard won, one offers that don't ever make it out of the starting gate, they just sit there on a shelf and reach thermal nuclear explosion force when they gather ever more dust and collections can just go up in a fire ball of, well nuclear fueled star stuff just like those stories you hear on the Hero's of the star's of the Galaxy channel, where they talk about the latest star to form in the nearest to you neighborhood star birth spots, Sorry this is not one of them, I have been advised to get rid of some of my stuff, as there is already a Y12 member in my Family and his advice was to write it off the books and take my leave of the scene and get out the pin and pine for the needling thread I found in my yard today, which is pressed in a book of phone numbers right now to thread out and dry for future use as a biologically useful item in this guy's collection of well, bio web making scape's and all that other stuff, I am not a troll, but he did die yesterday in a kidney of the big foot that was eating him in the bambi voted for first photo-shopped bambi post I made yesterday, he is eating those things that will save him from the Zombies, but I have only one more thing to say then off to the races, Darn it, where did I leave my car keys? Dear did you take them or did dandy-the-ditty take them and sell me out at the bar and grill again? darn his ever changing hide, next time I see him I will skin him for 5 bucks and then tell him I killed bambi's mother and caused all the zombies to cheer. )

Okay if you do not read my facebook wall, you can go there, scan for Charles E. Owens Jr, look for my face in the pile of those people, just match up the face of my blog, with the face of the facebook page they are the same photo...........

Easy as pyro- fire flies taking flight and eating your left arm off at the joint, the one in the left hand, or the lifting joint of the finger also holding the joint, that is still smoking as the embers are burning and you have stopped toking the token as you have seen the zombies walking in the door and they are carrying the big hooded guy as an offering, for um, well not peace, but at least a bit of a more than war like, half time.

The story is streaming live via the membership in the stream live faster and faster club of speed typers that can also sing and speed and drive a car and a motor bike and three girls that are just there for the ride and the guy is there too, looking over the shoulder of the third guy to your lower left asking the kid in the pool hall dusty jacket if they have any more smokes in the boxed machine, but the prices are so high he is still trying to gather the $6,75 to make that one possible, then the chill left the room as the door opened and the Zombies came in holding the big guy by the collar chain link fence he had linked to his hide and seeker jacket so that if they did get to him, they could not bite at him, as the chicken wire was wrapped about him and a shirt vestment, and the steel and zinc chain link fencing was his outer garment and his eyes were covered in the skulled eye cap 3-D squares tipped up on their points, just not wired on the over the nose cross piece, just the over the top node and the side of skull node and the up from the gas breathing mask that made his voice sound just a bit deeper like his efforts were a bit like Darth Vader Where is that film when you need to chill from killing the Zombies?

The Big zombie on his left said this hisssing hiss.

" Misiisisisisisisisiisssss Morsssssss Nssssssooooossswww "

Then he tossed Guiru Nice to the ground with a push, only to have him, sort of roll off the floor but away and standing back up facing them, and then clicking his night stick to let us know his options, had been given him all the time, just that his mind was on a harder target.

"We will give you the Meat when You have given us Bambi back!!" His voice rasped out of his breath mask.

" EEEsssssss GGGGGssssss"

Then the zombies melted backwards out the door and then they just slunk away into the daylight hours, just a few minutes before the Fireworks started going off outside, as the other zombies in the Hoards of Demon Dig-Do-Me tried to take the outer walls and the fire fighters were seen killing with the focused laser vapor poppers, but the charges did not toast all the time. But finally the Zombies retreated and the fireworked sky began to settle down again.

Guiru Nice Turned a slow circle of the room at large.

"Who the hell killed Bambi's Mom?" Was a question and as acid of a one as he could say as his fired black eye Glass-shield-readers scanned everyone in the room at the same time, and then again, and then he seemed to back off and then said.

"Where is the Owner of this bar?"

------------ .................. -------------- ..........

Okay I have had several story like visions of bits of this or that stream into the focus lately, so I thought I would make a long D and D like tales of the Zombies going to take you over and sliced up some of my real design work all rolled into one sought after zombie tale of a guy that is like a , juiced up killing machine making race car driver and the leader of a small group, inside the Community where everyone is now living. I thought just one D-Word was not enough, so made it 3.

Well off to other places and maybe more something else too.

Your Brother is not worried about zombies, as they if needed would get toasted with My Pyro-kill sets, I'd make up, just for such a case. I pass you the Peace of the Lord Jesus Christ, who can deal with anything and everything, so no worries and keep on sleeping a sound night of sleep.

Your Brother in Christ,


Originally written the last of Jan 2012.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Biowebscape, Stories, Tiles,and Files, oh hello flies. Guiru-N-Ice.

Dear Readers, and Sara too,

Well I have my first biowebscape consult, for the new year, though she might not know it yet, but I have a 3/4 page 2 sided note/card/letter in an envelope for her, just have to get together a list of known plants I can provide, via house to house sharing.

I have one sixth of an acre under care, though I am not fully in charge of it's management, As I only live here I do not know when the current owner will pass it to me, nor do I want that transition to be shift, in fact I am hoping I don't get the place ever, or maybe when I hit 79. But then again I do not know that the current will says, though it is also true that I did not know the contents of the previous version, I was named only heir of His and his wife's things, but that was done because he had to, before leaving for war duty, in Vietnam. The full bore bloody war of mentally damaging damage that I literally, live with on a daily basis, he is my father, but his personality is so close to mine it is uncanny, but for the side slide notes, of the timing chains of the dates of birth, 1936 v 1963 v one off mine of 17, me 16, his 2 in my last on, there is exactly how many from me to him in a year, um um um calculates, this way 16 to 31 is 15, so a full bore 31 and then a 17 in so then you get 15+17+31 or 63 days, now if you think the world is filled with odd things, you can't imagine my mind playing this mental game, that I once I guess I asked, but for the live life of me I can't think of it now, did I ever figure out the distance from him to me? Him is 36 and I am 63 so the 27 and that is one less than feb, his birth month, so less than a month of Moon-days to give me the year's difference and then the year's numbers in the Moon-days of something else, If I go on, now I will just shut down as I was also just bore bore bore me to sleep thinking of the things it is not, ..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The act of the art of sedation, I have the skill to talk to people and help them sleep, I have had success with my brother and my second wife, and if I talked to her daugther, she'd have never gone to bed, as she invoked my story telling style, it just tried me out as i had to go to work in the morning and was already tried by then anyway. As my fatigue is hitting peak, I have 2 Peek into a fictionally off the wall but based on factual thinking of a compact data translation device method of data crushing and crunching and eating away at the fiber and fabrics of the internet and plant and hard, soft, and wet world we know of as Guiru-N-ice.

I have been composing almost non-stop for the last over 168 hours, or over a week, I haven't a clue when the wall was hit and passed through, but I can guess sometime about 10am to 3 pm today, though when I saw her in a blue sweater I was all aflamed and thought, When and said "when did you find that?" She said, "I have always had it, it is to hot to wear it in the summer, besides.................... and some other conversations I can not tell you about as the proceedings are Private matters between a man and his future that hopefully includes that filled sweater and it's wearer, and for those that actually might read this and known her and me, yeah I once was trying to marry her on Nov 9th,, guess I will again make the future goal, set in a place and time to be announced by the only one that already knows the answer in the future and then again the threaded threads of the plant world I discovered today, and that Kevin Pride could not download from his book to my mind, tells me that either we were just reaching the end of our energy wave connections or that, we were drifting apart on the universal time ship bubble machine ala the matrix of the fine toothed comb of a dex hex erasure machining language fitting up the spitting of the sound of the high octane running machine that was the speed demon car in the cnbc reel of the photos of the world's fastest most expensive cars over 1 million dollars, but the one with the windshield is the one I have been designing glasses for, and she and I were in the car seat, not her, but me and an unnamed her in an oft told storyline, of charles, speeding from here to thinking there with words that seem to be all strung together with a station break.

Yes i think this fast and then some, as I can talk like this and faster than I can type the words, and I can talk to you and the kids behind me with my hands, and I can smoke a Cig-er-regretful that your boat died in the water mr. branson, but I got a design for you to cross in 12 hours and 52 minutes from there to there and not even not stop, touching the water and no need for the hard helmets, just wear a juiced up slice of pi from my sea-farers set of auto-on and auto-off "biowebscape" Bookmark phase II Goggles. Gui-n-the eyesight, plus speeding down the highway at 253 to 280 mph, protection eye gears.

Sara, When you get my note, I need you to fill out the area in the back that is not limited to words and sketches, but can be plant samples or other things that you need to have a handle on. Yes, even if you never intended to or could get in touch with me, your life I can see is filled to the brim of rush rush and you did it with the style of someone that is confident that they can handle everything, but when I mentioned needing a smoke, your need increased, and you thought of it and then gave me one, after I had gotten the calm back to me, and I was okay on a wait and see you for the break, I am okay normally if I can think that I have to also be the calm I am trying to give to people. But not to make this a long drawn out post that you can't finish in one long running path through your world and picking up the glass, and bus that and take the makings of this and that over here, I do invite you to Ryan T Schmidt' Grand Opening Gallery event that is above references to the strange world of my days this last week, on my father's birth day, Feb 17th,, Rsvp by going to http://ryantschmidt.com/news He is in town, I would guess not in California, unless he is still traveling back and forth. Nicest guy you could meet on a Sunday afternoon, right after I met a nice Young lady with her head attached well and in need of some different changes in her gardening dim planted back yard, but you have the Tree of Live Oak in the back yard, Oldest known growing Oak species on the planet, ( if not then you have to give me one that is older ). I have a parcel of seeds and you have live trees, So I still don't know where that is, Looks in his head at a full Sat-photo-map, Rick, where are you when I need your information services?

The new guy on the lead scene of the next Halo-safe-safe-card-pool-shark stories is named Guiru Nice. Gui R U Nice, is your GUI Nice to use, are you that guy on TV, I saw on the I GuRu show?

More filled than I thought, with typos I am sure, no time to fix them, oh well, comment if you maxxed out your typo reading levels and have to tell me i have to fix things or you will forever think I am not a good writer!!!?? Okay did you get thea,,, no, main street argenta,, but That is the nature of things, streams of the living water that flow out of God's everlasting and foreverly underestimated and super uber filled Love for us,

Your Brother in Christ,


Thursday, January 26, 2012

EE b Doog and other things and a Thought on BioWebScape theory.

Dear Readers,

When you go somewhere unknown without a clue how long it will take to get done, then when you finally finish only to find that you misplaced your cellphone with all your contact numbers in it, and none of them you have bothered, or could have been able to remember as they are all newer and not as easy for you to remember anyway, what do you do?

Me I would not even think to much about it as I have lost my cellphone once or was it twice before, I can't remember, I never put to much thought into a cellphone till 2007 when I was given one as a sort of wedding present from my father. But then I hadn't had one long enough to really get it under my belt and take all the time to spend with it, except for those features like the Calculator, and the voice record and video record and the camera, I did have fun with those features but mine was not able to get those things I recorded off loaded to a place to save them for future use besides my mind's eye, or someone else's eye. But then that all changed when I got my second phone, which was a carbon copy of the first one, even had the other one's SIM card in it, and I did have issues with it, as I still had trouble getting to the old data, such is life they might tell you. First phone I baptised, yes I was pouring water over someones head and the phone got in the way. My head, but the water flow path which I had hoped was off my back, curled around front and into my shirt pocket and my phone when for a little surprise bath.

My second phone was takenbetter care of, expect toward the end, when once, I tossed it into a tree, from the other side of a van. Up over the roof of the van and into the tree, but gently into the lower branches as it was a fully formed and limbed cedar tree and the lower branches on the ground almost and the soft under tree area well, soft. I found it finally, but in the ensuing days I guess I lost it again about the same way, or another one, I did look high and low, even literally turning my room upside down, as I dug through a piled room from one side to the other, and then almost back again when I just plain gave up and put my mattress back down on the frame and laid down. Chaos is such like that at times in our lives when no matter what we do, we can not find something.

So My new phone gets treated about the same way as the first two. I don't much care if I lose it or not now, having learned that losing one that has all those numbers you never wrote down and now is gone, is not worth the hassle of the tearing your room apart to find it. I can not say the same for other people. As the above lead in paragraph is not my phone but was someone else's.

Again What would you do if you were out in the middle of somewhere far from home, amoung people you did not know, and you had no money or way to get home, and No Number to call for help?

I don't know your answer, but hers was to do something, and something and Cry, and Ask for help, I am sure she Prayed. God got her a ride home, via a doctor that she was in the office of, or one of his group. Her phone is still missing as I have not gotten a call telling me it was found. She had a spare with a few bits of time to use on it, the spare backup people often have in the other closet, or drawer. But What if you were her, how would have liked the totally odd feeling of total lost-ness in the age of Computers and Cellphones blending into one almost seamless fabric we call modern life?

Me I would just walk home, or ask for a ride to a town closer than where I was, Or something like that. I have been out in the middle of nowhere I knew and Lost per se. I knew I was in a state, on a road, in an area, in water up to my oops over my head, but I could swim and I could walk, or as in one case, crawl out of where I was. Life is going to be such that you will find all those things you hold as dear gone. Or almost gone, all sorts of things can happen when you mostly least expect them too. What do you do?

part 2 of post.............

BioWebScape my coined and forever ( in the terms of the Internet basically yeah, forever ) linked to me Charles Edward Owens Jr. Not to be out did, but there is of course a few of me out there, so I had to include my picture up top, so that you would know me from all the others that share this name. Me , the self of me is not only me but only me, but if you look at my name you can see maybe 100 or more other faces just like my name's sake but not me, just them, but with the same name like happened in 6th grade here in North Little Rock. As far as I know I have no clue where he is now, the other me with my name. But I wish he were safe and doing well.

So I have been telling people far and wide to just Google "Biowebscape" and go look.

Well the first page they find is the links to the first time I mention and link the name of me to the name of the theories of BioWebScape, all else follows or does not.

So in my morning jaunt into my own Biowebscape experiment, I was pondering that I have this theory of things and I can't tell people I have mastered it, but that I have to have an on going life that I now lead that is my Biowebscape life after and during conception, and forming and baby steps and big steps and well the whole process of being something thought up new, the story will never end as it goes, you don't get to just cut this cake and eat it, you have to follow the atoms of it from the ground to the plate to the ground to the plate to the ground for a while.

I have been staking out plants that I don't know what they are, as lots of this is an edible landscape from plants and seeds I have gathered, ordered and have gotten as gifts to grow in my yard, to see if they will and what works for my tiny little micro-climate and it's little spot. Sort of like the grape vine that lives on one little Island and is over 75 years old and still making grapes for a single bottle of wine made each year. We can't know till we try which will be the plant that will grow and we can't just tear out all of it and start fresh as if that would solve everything.

I am and you are too a work in progress you will never be done, till God ends it all, and Says you are finished. Oh those words again here they go " It is Finished!" Jesus said them a long long Human time ago. Okay! So where is my garden of eden and big sky mansion you ask!

Mine is right here, and I have a lot of work to do, so EE b Doog and if you did not read my facebook page note, that means Goodbye.

Just a be off the wall and backwards, just like life looks from God's point of View as he is done, with his movie wrap party, or is he, umm off the wall I have not a clue what is in store for me in the next ten minutes, do you?

May the peace that passes all understanding be yours,
yours, in Christ.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

The new Year in readership.Biowebscape too.

Dear Readers,

Cough cough cough, I gag, darn it did I have to choke on that beer again? Oh, Right I didn't it was the asthma hitting me back from the days long gone and misused. Or was it because I drank nothing and talked a mile a minute, which is a rather slow talking speed if you ask me. In the card game Munckin by Steve Jackson Games, the newest set my brother has I pulled the Monster Card as the second knock on the door card ( I really don't know the full terms of this ame, just know how to play it sort of ), it is the second card from the monster stack if the first card was not a monster or a trap. Well this card I drew was supposed to be laid face up as we were relearning how to play ( myself ) and teaching how to play ( my dad ).

The card did read in part. Dr. Maybe Bad stuff: Will talk you to death.

I am nothing if not good at the gab, the blah blah blah, and the art of sedation, lecture mode, and telling people 10 times TMI, ( to much information ), But I am getting better at it honest, it just does not seem that way to those of you that can't stand it when I do one of the above around you.

But I was in a hyper mania mood and was already annoying my dad, though he was also annoyed about other things, it was the end of his stay away from home, he was feeling out of place and I was not, yet, nor will I ever feel out of place much when visiting my brother. Though I also have a home here where this post is getting typed. I can live with my brother a lot better than most siblings can in fact I was just getting in the swing of that when we my mom and dad and me. Had to leave, and I am feeling the pressure of that fact on or about now, though I have friends and people that I can be with here, I have to adjust that I haven't got it easy to just pick up the phone and call him, and he walk in from the other room talking to me on it. Big house I was about to do that a time or two.

Ah the readership has upticked I have been informed by the site stats pages, and by the number of calling cards I have been leaving about town and the world via other methods, so I will have to get with it and get some work done.

As far as the Biowebscape Design theory/project goes.

I have talked to several people resently telling them that if we were all willing to work together we could feed and house all 7 billion plus people on Earth and maybe have more of us. Not that we can right now stop that from happening, the more of us part about ( old numbers rounded down to give me a bit of breathing room ) 200,000 new mouths to feed are being added to the world's population every single day. And Only God Knows the reall numbers and Only God knows where this will all lead.

But I have high hopes that if we could get enough people going in a positive direction the other's would have to sink or swim in our wake as we moved forward in a positive direction.

Currently you are reading post and blog and thought and Tv Show about the future, as is oft to happen around the turning of our new years and old ones passing. But we don't have to sit still and bemoan our life in this horrible world!

We could if we really really tried make some effort to get a better result than what many people expect. We are a mob like creature, but we have enough people tha stand out that well, I felt it was high time to stand out and make a move toward what I had always been talking about at least to those that knew me or whenever I made those private little garden party stories that I have not posted about or for the most part never written down. I did tell you in a previous post that I have hundreds of things rattling about in my head, well I do, I have stories that will never find the light of day as they just are my working capital and haven't beeb vetted for public use, though I pull them out and then write a bit of them and go on, the story " The Business Card" and the extended scenes of " The Safe Safe " are parts of a line of stories I call my " Alternatives " Storyline, it is a vast epic, and never meant to be finished. A Star Trek, a Star Wars, a universe that can be pulled out and talked about in 1,000's of minds and used for fun. I have introduced it more than once to friends and family and just today was talking to several of my most favorite Bartenders on Earth about it. Yes Ladies I have other names for you, that you only know, or others might have heard, but I hereby announce.

You ladies are " The Best Bartenders On Earth " As this time in my life I am making firm commitments in stone ( the online world is not set in stone, but it makes a lasting impression none the less ). Yes this month became cash cnd carry month, as I have spent and spent and then got and got and spent and got and spent and well I still owe a lot more than I can ever pay for, but I will always give you a tip, even if those tips this month are a bit shy from former levels, But well you know me by now, nothing is as it seems, money is never an issue with me.

But I digress I was talking about the Biowebscape Design theory I have, well I have been living part of it, and have been hunting the collections of locally grown plants to give my yard a better feel, and plant base that will work here for sure, then also adding those that I think will grow here due to the climate, which if you have not noticed lately, can not be termed average. So this isn't going to be a finished in one day story but an on going effort to mutate the world we live in too one that we can live better in than we all thought we could before now.

Just to let you know what I am listening to while I post this blog tonight, It is John Tesh's " One World" he being a Christian not afraid to speack his faith, I have admired him for a while, and have listened to him off and on for a long long time. This is part of my dad's vast collection of music, sorry but my dad don't listen to all the music I would listen too, I feel any music with a positive message or feeling to is ok. Sometimes even the oddly odd rap is good to point out something that you did not see was happening the scene before you. That and I am working on my own Rap style as it is another form of creativity that I have. Though you aren't likely to hear any of it, beyond some of the posts here, in fact you are more likely to see it here first.

The winter is still here, the Jerusalem Artichokes were in a poor state of growth, but I don't do much to that patch as it has a self seeding habit going on over 25 years now, the original tubers were bought so long ago I couldn't rightly tell you from whom I bought them, likely Gurney's.( spelling check , and side note, they used to have a big big nice company now their catalogs seem run of the mill plain jane, Sorry guys, but your catalogs have been missed in this household as they used to be ). I have given tuber sets away to others, as this plant is native to the USA and likely was here far a lot longer than most of the peoples that were here the longest otherwise.

I have some Leeks reseeding, I did not harvest them, they sets and seeded, so I will have to get them and the Chives and plant for use and growth rather than just life.

The herbs are doing good, we have 2 rosemarys now, and the Edible cactus is still there, but has to be moved, as I hunt for a place to put it that it gets good sun and is out of my harms way.

We have small stocks of pickled green tomatoes and other tomato dishes in jars, not a lot, but just enough to tide us over the season or so.

I want to add a Fig tree or three to the yard but can't figure out where to put them, the nextdoor neightbors have one but I don't know if it grew any last year. The pecan tree down at the corner of the block on Camp Robinson and Larkspur had a so so year, as did all the trees across the main drag, as I found out this morning. We have two in out yard, but the one in the back is only 12 feet tall and the one in the front is not producing more than Squirrel food, which okay by me, they need to eat too, they do have a good time of the Slash Pines as they produced a lot of cones this past year, and though none of the seeds are much big enough to eat, I do have one on a shelf in my bedroom that I have yet to crack open and taste test, still wonder what I will do with it.

The news of other places is such that I have to write a bit of fiction to overflow it out of me.


The tree toad was making a racket. Then there was a huge bang and crash and screams and loud voices rang out and sirens wailed.

The tree toad looked up from his sawing, and thought, " Got to call Todd the Tow truck owner who was a three toed three stemmed tree toad with a tail, and really good at towing treed toads or even treed three toed tree toads, or just about anything toad wise.

There was a loud crash and a police toad showed up just outside his shop.

Call the tow trucks we had an accident right up the road, three three toed toads, treed three two towed toads, and there was a tadpole involved.


I think I could go on and on and on and on a bit more if You let me so I will end the three treed three toed tree toad all alone in the night to racket on.

Your Brother in Christ and may his peace be your's and his kingdom come.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

"2021: The Great Album"

Dear Readers,

Happy Today.

Where and when to start? Um. Don't know.

There are 30 stories to write, 3 to publish, four to get ready and five to remember.

I have been in hyper creative mode since just after Christmas, maybe a bit longer.

Gee okay, got to go with the flow, white water flow, down hill river runs, the river Coney Fork river, crosses I-40 through Tennessee I think 4 to 6 times, even after trying to count them the fourth time over them, we still seem to have gotten the count wrong. But yesterday the 2nd of Jan. we were all three looking and counting on our way back here, from my brother's new house in Knoxville, Tn. Up and down round and curves and criss cross star crossed river and road runners were singing a song, and Charles was thinking of keeping track of the hyper hyper hyper mania mood mode from making his dad nervous as they tripped home, spinning weaved running through a space time continuum we call life.

Wow did I just write that right? Don't know, I don't edit my own posts much. People are always telling me that I have to have my own editors, people that will edit what I write so that I can get my point across better. But who better to edit my own thoughts than God himself. Heck I can't keep track of all my own thoughts, all my own actions, as it is. Then they tell me that someone else can??!! What the heck, do they think they know about me, that I don't already don't know? I haven't a clue, I stop listening when they tell me things that I have already thought about, but can't seem to get across to them even if I have to yell at them 5 times in a row to stop mucking up the view of my rear view mirror by sticking their head forward where I can't see backwards while looking forward, just off to the side a bit. Driving at 90 miles an hour is not something that you do with someone telling you what to do, all the time, unless you are NasCar, Indy or lemo-zzzine drivers out running cruise missiles. I was reminded a few times that I don't have my own Van, or car anymore. Why! Well cause I am massively manic depressive now and that drug just don't work anymore for me. Speed demon flash racing, sitting still in a traffic jam, but with a courier job to do, getting said packages to said locales as fast as possible within a set time limit. I have done a lot of jobs I loved in my life. Chef, Driver, map maker, People Protector, thought projector, and a few more I would rather just not tell you about, Well I can't tell you about, They that know me in those jobs, would rather I know better than to tell you, well sorry dudes and dudettes I just can't it is a um State c-crete. Laughs a bit more insane than I want too, but being totally silent so as not to wake the sleeping, dead, not dead, but otherwise saner folks nearby.

I can drive like a bat out of somewhere to somewhere, dodging and racing, twisting and turning, spinning like a flying wing but racing in mind and manner like a race car driver, yet typing and then thinking and then not quite all that great at typing 120 words per minute, but editing and thinking about the words streaming from my head and hands while also keeping the chaos at bay. Yes I am hyper mapping the space time themed race of thinking right now. But what do you do when you have a dead line to make, you have left just in the nick of time, sliced the edge because you have to get somewhere, can't tell the cars around you to move out of your way, but then have to plot a course and get there none the less, and not get slowed by those flashing lights you are scanning your field of view for, but have hyper-miled your speed and then pushed your skills of plotting a race course through time and space and getting to the movie house on time to not miss a show you want to see, but the cars around you don't know you want to see and wouldn't care to know what you are thinking, but they see you or don't till you flash past them and they freak out as you are doing faster than the conditions for them warrant. But you have honed a skill set to the point that you can now type 120 words a minute and edit as you type and think the story that you lived a set time ago. Story telling of the past, faster than the last person that you told it too. Reality that they will be reading about but you lived just 6 years ago.

I was driving once to a movie all the way on the other side of the county, out my side door, down the side roads, off over the I-430 river bridge, then zipping down a road less traveled by me in the last 10 years of not being in town, and then going to the place for the first time ever only to pass by people that were in your future but you did not know it then, yet later they told you and then you thought,,,, have I been here before, and you had forgotten, yet you had been, and now thinking back in the story tellers mode, you remember the things that you thought then. Wow a James Bond movie, I want to see I got to get there I have 10 minutes to drive in the distance that can't be driven in that amount of time at the stated legal limit. So you drive a bit faster than normal and you scan the road ahead and plan the time line to the millisecond, but just zone in on the time driving zoner skills of the honed skills that your father taught you, but you honed by driving at night on dark roads in Mississippi while just getting out of your own skin, School can be stressful enough without also needing to unwind by rewinding down dark roads you don't know till you drive them at limits that far out class every other person you know.

Mic Chow said, I trust you Papa Chuck. A nickname, amoung others, I prefer Charles, I will answer to several, but if you don't know me and I don't know you, " hey You!" will work too.

I had Mic, tell me when my speed reached 55 miles per hour. I was running 1/4 of a mile till I had to slow down to not become airborne as the bridge top to bridge top was 1/4 of a mile about, apart. I was playing crazy car games. In the dark road out in the middle of know not where, outside the limits of Starkville Mississippi It would have been while my brother was still living in the dorms with me, but before he met his wife, or there abouts, so lets say pre-1990.

Yesterday we had a head wind most of the time and I was not driving I was look out, but from the back passenger seat side, could see my dad's side face, not front face, but was hyper and needing to be the best I could be while being the best I didn't need to be me. I was and have been in hyper mania mode for the past year. Okay this is the first few days of the new year, so I can pull a few ironic puns out of my hot headed hard hat, which I only wear when I have too. I have been doing the mania upswing for about 6 days, which is a long time, days like this the balancing act of being me goes into high gear, and I have the skills to balance rocks on sticks and sticks on head, and walk and talk while doing stunning things, but I have to be relaxed and calm when I do some things, not easy when you are manic.

God gave me what I am, who I am is his to mould and mold and hold and all the other "old" would be words I could fill this tongue twisted sister of a sentence with if I could rap the Xoda as I often do. But the brief point is. God Only Knows. And at times I haven't a clue till I have typed it what I was going to say, or could have said, but didn't. The editor of the bible was whom?

Is God your co-pilot or is he steering your car while you sit at the wheel with your eyes closed, asking him to guide you down a dark and lonely road you have never been before?

I don't know about you, but I took my hands off the steering wheel enough times that I have scared a few passengers into never riding with me again. Yet they also know if they needed to get somewhere fast and safe, I am the Man. Yet I don't own my own car now. And sooner or later I might have to be sane enough to do that again. Just not yet, as I don't have too, Thank God.

But I have the skills honed by constant exposure to God to tell you, 120 words a minute don't last long, then the push slows a bit and the mind says, Whew that was a fun ride, now to sit down and let them James Bond thrill rides begin. Yay me, James Bond is back again this year.

James, Brother dear, we got to plan this album out, we only have 9 years to get it out, or just 10 days to publish it, and get the music set to the blog time line punch line of the Xoda Rap artist and the master of runs of tune "YOU" . So I am telling you, all my readers far and wide.

Nice lady at the Ruby Tuesday's Bar, enjoy the crisp Dollar, wish I had had more, but I do tender the bills to the kitchen cooks at the Spectator's Pub in North Little Rock Arkansas, just ask about it, Josh, Chris, or Brad will tell you the scope of the scoop. I am a Trend, they hope spins up to span all their other customers.

I know that some of the patrons do help the kitchen staff, but outside the bar, and he don't work there anymore, but the lawyer dude, who's name I don't know off hand, but who's face I still remember was dong the trend of helping before me. Though I don't know the extent of the issues, I do know others have money to burn, I burn things all the time. Just not the bridges I have formed.

In closing I was going to write a story, had in mind to post it here, but might have to wait till I can freeze the frost off my toes, the name of the story is a short set of words and ideas that my Brother James, Not Bond, but James the Man, from the clan Owens.


The lights of the car sank and sank, and the tank was filling with gasoline as the driver tried to lift his head above water, help me his thoughts said, then his world went dark and........

Was that lights in the pond again, only one week or so since someone else did that same thing, I scanned the shore line and Thought, Oh No, U F O the thing is getting brighter then, Pop with a flash it was out.

The rumors were I was crazy anyway, whom did I tell?

No one it seems, I just put out my smoke and went back inside.


The End....... or is that a good enough teaser to give to your friend, James?

Hugglies, wavelets and to all my friends and family happy Today.

Yours in Christ,
May the peace that can't be understood fully be yours forever.