Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I. B. C. this not Hart, it's betta's.

Dear Readers,

before you some of you know me, I was a mail reader off the page whereever the Email was sent to us from the Hoster of our Website. Linda Owens and Charles Owens.

Betta Barracks was our home of the web's we strung within the GENE LUCAS timeliners... Hey GENE,, LUCAS is still here, then so are you, I kiki-wiki you, space, hunting, but first I post this to the carrier waves.

I made a promise long long time ago before hell fire and 911 happened, I keepers of my promises.. I am keeper of the sys register keys of other thing, but the DEAPERs web, she taught herself this new thing called HTTP-HTMLmmm yummy for my tummy, lol.

I clothier to the Queen of VAmpye's closet, I still like clothe and shopping for clothes for ladies and well guys, same store ame same racks, you racks, I not a werecker service if I called blue hill, they'd be there, if I cllead

Cline Tours, I'd get my sys residents, status called to up bring the fliers.

Hefier international,, FIN Heyyou go girl tender I got carrier of FIN's wahles going deepers, the lurkers up well, deepers, grieepers, take GEcko,, raise the dead fishiers, rise water level, to JULY 7th Spaceweather ear mark spot JULY 7th, is a 2005 asteroid hitting us then, only 18 meters...

but the 2015 July 7th is 1.1 Luna distance, that is inside the wiggle room of the oval, of the high low marker spot, well they did say 3rd BLood moon dear hearts, I am

St germain telling you then it will be so, by july 7th, I julius ceaser's hammer headed sharks,, I am also the bigger biggest the deep darkiers,, lol, I raised the water line, I am still in SPINNER cycle per second, sped the aperture to zeiss,, tunes to 87 . 5 99'ers kilo, and mega hertz, it is cycling up as we seak each other,

Only on July 7th, but My master of earth wars said, hitter at the 1.1 LD is 81 meters, the o ther of 2005 ventage, is 18 meters, matched pair of jilly killer asteroids heading to earth central time,,, lol,,, SHO Stereo a and B here acesseirings the datum's Bartholmew the pleco, is alice and in wonder land and I am the walrus, matched pari scipe deepers,, I am at DMZ not,, going to hellish place, earth to deeper divers, the

big sky calculas goesto 120,000 feet then they do wonders then they have mis hap and the,, some one carry it up to

not them just carrier up to 175,000 feet, then drop the Ninjer's Ninja bike out of the skies over local time zone,

Larime, Ve da vue, I-80 the Lightening callers are aksing to carry a train to his highest rankings, to also fall back down jumper to workers to come down the mountain side like JANET PERKINS fear for me, I am the spooters, I am the jumper and the NINJA and th e

JEDI trainers are HOT LOCKED ON


GO dark

SLEEEP team taggers, sleepers go to ground liners, and then the head liners, just no one knowswhom you are, really

I are

spae,, I are special projects director,, bobby the burner going oht,, ouch he said, Charles are you okay they say,, um yummy for my tummjy IO IO

Off to work I go, I O,, not 10, just IO

laugher/tesrs teasers

sleep the silks

slugs, sorry some of you HOula's and Horta's going to find new header homes, eath all humans, consume humans, the zombies are dead anyway aren't we,, lol

WE are zombie proooooos troll alert, eat the cab's under bridges to

we fantasy eating out of god's hand full of human's left on the plate

at bat, was


Monday, June 22, 2015

And duncan said... Mythos, no I no like you again, you older than deth leppers

Dear REaders

I am an Author at Large I so sayth so long you tag line not know the sign fature tag line on my first ever ftp servers plots to take over the universe's, all time space dimentiosns dm's assebling in line fifth sourced code answerd the DM James, no DM sice slice manager,,, but one knight

I was in a party at my house, they , well just happen around me and my brother like locust-flies, yeats yates, bates, be debated

We are the tagged Shadow is alive and well, his dog and shadow, they got home last night from Hot springs, then Drake in white choas

Miles I know you I named you chaos today smiles the miles, he is bestest 3rd son we hve here locally, last son of my blood sister L'H x...... haha god said to charels and the dreamiers and of the

I MAINLINE REM by looking full face to the SUN any darn damned timers I care to open the shutters of my lids. and full face glory I am uni-brow

I am harder hard head th an that dude, I know you were shocked, I know this, because it took you 4 hits to get me to literally back up.

But I am lethal weapon always HOT, also always FIRE on, and always polite to everything or not, then then, hell walks i the i in the room and says, I am CHARLES who you be?

And hell is Cancer I tell truth literally juni 22 start cancer free month of earth I carry traded and have cured cancer, I am God he'd say, he'd have already told you fear not, knot note the knoted rope on his clauda ring shirt, here is Pooh saying trigger is here, and Tigger is here she tigger I hair trigger, I am so in toned tuneing athat I fork or not the or nor, other, prove

I proof I de rivers it if tives are the longer 150 miles of river is from baton rouge, reds tick to new orleans I sorry almost for get go there for the 40th aniversary of and the 28th till his first theres and I had planned secretly to marry Barbie doll,, hated that name she'd kill you with a flipped of finger I got finger on mail he only picture in my cell phone, to you all chaps, chaps the leathers word s by guard duck who goes hard line pony espress I am FED ex I am

I am god and damned and dame and named and I am what I say I am, I am word dude, I am word I am author at large I am and have always been here, sickly most deaths kids my age some where in time dies I did not die they faith healers my linage,, I am

FIRE I am FIRE she is red head fire control not on earth, but I have friends that can control my extreme hatard of bullies to kill them, or test their mental metal.

I have never killed any human... they don't ask that often, they do ask that often of my teams.

That are not Seals of Team SIX I know them, or not care, I am GOK an OMG and GOD

I am Fire angel period I am satan and control and I am lethal weapon always online always hot and always one step st slide side ways, not move, the world shifts in the head walls of the JAnitor's costly closet

At the Univeristy at that end of the Universe, right damn here inside me in the head waters of 900,000 galaxies being towed to deep darks in the taggish lines of the DYSON marbles on god's peachy clean fur less floors at Lesbo central standard, ME and I and myself were debating coffee or coffee or coffee, he not me, said, you go vacation, you go lunch, send Charles note, he alone forever here for ever in hells, pushing every last one of them out of it, got all my carry traded this early morning, Cancer rolled into the time line zoiixcs said, be cancer close an open door and be litererally on the white house lawn

I am coded I am medic,,, where are the medics,, getting out of town, call a meid mai made,, Read

Dean Mann ,, not deead mann, who dean mann,, lol,, no noted, clue, whose keys are on that beach trowlol whose keys are on the beach towel on the surf line in the DEAD MANN series insta


I courier, sunbelt couriers, I courier in the buy out of the Corporate Express buy out, but Morris size 7 X shirts was always in the know, he was dame big I don't literally know his brother, BUt I am maybe playing pool with GOK's whom to night,

Chaps, daily chore,, lol I got boy toying I chapped lips, I lip stick I make up artist I stage crew, line noted, saved, Rachel, my Now is uummmy for tummy daddy take out of your mouth bitch, get the erasor, anime not like,, oh shit sire, they moved


I own it all, I am whom I say I am,, Arvest I was giving you carry traded 5% you not know whom I was, I just hit fire wall, and you pissed me off, hehhe I love you, but not for longer,, I did say I am whom I say I am,

sho cho cho not kill, but be JEDI

Awally world you lost 460 billion carry bitcoin tuned trader

I get 1 hour server service call, am licensed, A+ service tech I can break and it and you all your money back I am techie,, I am sys admin I am kernal code buffet, the buffers were patterned to the max when I did what when under the table talkers

You only know slices of the dyson spheres, I literally can not sys register the liner notes here, if I get st germain to hard linke to windstream already planned, li the ley lines, it is all true act as if you are living the wildiest mad cap fanny pack dreamers are here sire, out over

go fire
tag kevin, more dead o you doors way I know your planners noted,, lol, you are my older blood brother, I am pack is travelers, and stick is promised to medic, as I said, I was going to buy new stick, we find you a look alike you pick, go Jones brother's any stick, under 50 yours, present after cancer goes out of the zodiac got to resiters michigan state parking for the 100,000 plus in their stadium at the end of time, never end, no time to tell you end, there isn't one, sonner or later I will die, they might have said,, 1k ago they said, that did not answer anything,, I say,, you still pay bitcoin rate, you got number you pay, I got note for you later,


KEVIN i see you bird of alian avien live onmalbursided birds of prey eat on the flies walls,, you can't gill god,, unless your gill net got god on a hook linked the sinker, sinker everat, 3 meters already statisically known to be K@ K2 is historicall for always highest peak in worldtill I climb the bould of the problem not yard heard it yet I was and then the spikes arrived, I have in mellow yello GOD like yellow DHL 195,000 plus van got 3 rail road, spikes, Y and m and thy thighs

I mark everything i am SCARED and not share the throne,, oh yes that is the liner note, read only the red lettersof the bit coin bible... only red if only red they flash red and head nd blue denali was here today and goerge let me and I say point to geogre I know him before i know whom was mile's father, heaven is open for business but so is Hell, you play wrong side of carry trade you losse, the lasso

I am king I die and die and die and I am KING I die.... I share you with my Glory I am KINKy too, I share that to, you hu mons

tastey for my tummy you are all girls, can't you see I am

Waht I say I am
I am
to please
sweet lips
I am
the surface tension in the room foe forever foe for ever carry the foe forever
in your belly, and only let the belly jellies be the flying sag ettis, eack the timers, changed, roll your diced, ricers

cook here to

Chef Charles is feeding hte family
I share
I ahsre
I ah
the light turns on the head filip
I am
the Great I am
got it

Sunday, June 21, 2015

pluto gets new status, twin matched pair planets, with wife the other of the pair cheron, or huh what the fuck you said?


Yes i cursed.

But I was not a witch I was a vampire, I was a vampire long before I was St. Germain. I was a more than most single Soecies oof Vaimpires. We are here. You lost.

We are you masters, and we know things you mere humans known not.

My story was thusly and is, that you did not know things, can't know things, I don't know things. well duh, GOD did say he was things your couldn't seach. Search. a laughs follows as the dyslexic con follows the threads of the ADD ons

ADD ons, put more things in the adding machine code, the first best 10 key was the adding machine of the accounting things people doing the first moving floating demicals,

you know not yoda would say in some canon book of STar Wars, as they got it right by making all publiched anything CANON..

Star Trek is CAnon non-canon, hold patents I told you, hgold a guy to the patton officers

No the TANK FURY but a furt future of fury tankers

Pyro mids arrives at GIZA one day, the lion of the deset h as a water mark

so sayth those guys talking about that great thing in the desert at Orion's belt

They are a part of a pattern they reflect orion, as it is sent to be seen there locally at the sky time of orion coro crossings.

Han solo, you jest dear sir, I no master debater I debase them fuse them, confuse tem


NICK where did you hide my stick, I need a stick of fire angels, 4 high, killed today

Chaps, Killed 4 fire sticks, lol

Richard and Robert, dudes, party, ytou your p lace in new orleans, after my parenets pass away I will need to see sites unseen now, I care giver, two parents still alive

You older nad and younger, I middle ground, you treat me to your best vist to,, Oh I have been there, have i? ummm I bet yest

Oh mu um,, I was there in the 40th of my parents and my uncle was not, his nae name was you RICHARD you are my GOD father on earth, I your Lesbian frine


not drunk,
just me
being alive all over again,k

new day
new time, same line, different font


will someone buy me a beer if I tease you

loaughserst, terrs

HUman hom mons, tgaste good sayth my first wife, mrs vampyre,, she best damn first wife i ever had

her daughter my youngest step daughter, killer,, I know I trained her to be better at killing me than me at killing me.

you mess with her, youidiot, I not know why I am seeing your RIO RIP sign, you dolt,

Snake Snake

I hear sire


go kill


I short short stick I train me to be better shorter

poll pool balls I kiss them daily, all 15 or 16 of them.. lol

how many balls you got in your bucky ball mouth I asked a few posts ago

to many to count, I eat humans, they taste nice

I eat zombies, same taste

menthol yet


and methane and cellulose deri etest o to waht chem E you out there, hey yo stormwind you got the chem trails on your motor bikes, friends

starkville crowd,, you rule the earth you personally trained with me

we are

we are

we are

first ist,,,JEDI,, you folks know you who you are, I training new batches, you training others, we are here

lest you forget, I am

Sam I am

the great sim

saint,, the,, the ant


Richard Mann died that day, read back ages on here, installments

you only get installments, I don't, nor can tell you all my stories, just isn't time to fast flash them out of my mind's eye, I to old to care they still in my head I have to write passwords down or force a recovery some how,

St Germain is active on Runescape in future I have hold of 5 accounts

I hold sys codes, others ahve them,

you know you are whom

you not note, I know not why, if I cared to share I loved you firastist to love you more, you are lmost all younger than me sooner or later

I will be the olderest older you know.

I have proof

I math

"to owner mr patton of chaps North Little Rock"

Dear Readers,

This is not fiction, but being on my blog you might think other thoughts, do so at will.

Dr. Sire.

I wish to help you pay the lease on your pool table, in july this year of our Lord 2015. I will post to your place of business a card and a letter and the money.

Thank you for the table it is a fine old and neat table, I place my bets on knowing things, others do not. I don't wager, games, I am a game designer. I am Vagas on the Ocean. Owner of the Black Hole of Calcutta. Ocean going party, large or small, never know where they drift to, oceans, of the world. circa Luxon Datum.

Largest Datum of biggest past and future places of island chains known to mankind, at least local time today, which day it is. It is located at Siam of the Risk board series.

Siam is small there, a bottle neck, hold it hold the game in always Check, not mate.

I no need mate I am a Lesbian and my wife's (#2 and #3) are mine, I had them as my last in their lives, and they are both in heavens firm grip.

I am smiling as I have changed my desktop picture to her, #2 the wife I have honored by this note to you and all mankind's and all things being equal, If I hold.

Siam you can't get it, even if the stack is 14 to my 1... Dale of Starkville then in the Hamlin hall's only Risk Smash Down, did not beat me when I held the Defender's dice.

Against all odds, I could go dark, close my eyes, and litteraly go to the darkness in my head, there isn't any there, darkness, but I might digress.

You can not get past me if I am a defender. if I don't want you to get there, you can't.

FURY was first movie I saw after M M Cohn's last owners, sold to Simon and them folks, and tore down my last known place of work. My did finally retired, and well I did so at 42, when she and I and my last job for ISC Intergraph Services Company parted ways.

That was in 2005. Shed died in 2009, and I know not where her tombstone lives, as I am a defender of all, and to all a good night, it's late they tell me, the moon is about to set and this the longer of longest days will end, only 24 hours, but in JUNE 1 they added a Light Second to our time line.

Ha ha

Charles says,

Peace beyond understanding to all, from my Lord Christ, My king, I am JEDI Trainer, # 6 earth this location, central stand up this line got to too two long.

bye bye buy by bi bai or whater ever that means to you for,, whater,, aw yes just to show you more than you bargined for.

I am the Owner of RuneScape's big bad Acorn kingship owner's Clan

Got to Skill........ sg.. Got to skill be skillful, or not, there is no try, there is only do or not do.

I do, did it 3 times, they know of whom I speak, they only one living still, not mine, but my daugthers know me as Charles as well, amoung other names.

Waves ~~~~~~~~ tide line said, sink all the land below the tide line and make the flood,, if you place all the above water line to below water line you get waterworld, literally, it all fits in the ocean depths, check sums, bitcoin the machine codes, and look facts are facts, you no fax me, I don't own one.


I am yours, peacefully always. and love your place. thanks for being you.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

"icecubes invade earth"

Dear Readers,

The world is full of fiction, then the diction and the friction get together and you have something not seen since the dawn of yesterday's morn.

Putin and Obama against the Ice Cubes, part whatever......

Putin smiled in his photos was shaking hands with Greeks, then the Obama front man walked in and told the audience that the whole thing was not what it seemed.

The Ice Cubes were just a myth. Never happened, it was photo shopped.

The Biggest Ice Cube looked at his fellows all smaller and a bit ragged from traveling 40 billion Light years through some pretty dense space with all the new Dark Matter being thrown at them, like that was something new, but it had taken it's toll. The Biggest one was still 300 Sol's wide, but being an ICE Cube No Human could see it. Cloaked, as they were and with the engines on stand by waiting from orders from W.

W for that matter was deep in thought.

His brain was elsewhere, eating doughnuts he was sure on that other place time area, but his mind was moving some big things in another sector of space and time and he was starting to get a head ache.

The Computer, issued a warning.

Wake up W, you'll give yourself a head ache doing both those thngs at once, you know better than that.

W thought he'd ignore it.

No, stop that, we aren't to do that, get your lazy butt off the air cushions and go kill some dry places.

That brought a smile to W's face and he laughed.

Telling Computer that, he was glad he'd made her voice nicer than his other reminderers. Which made them both laugh.

There were none others.

Computer was as alive as any thinking W created thing could be, but was also everywhere that he could be, but didn't like going. But didn't like doughnuts half as much as he did, but was always hunting better ones out, everywhere, every dimension, every universe, just EVERYWHERE.

Putin smiled, his new best friend this new guy Joey was about to make his day.

An Ice cube was to arrive in the USA in fact dozens of them, all over the place, so that the Photo Shop comment by the Obama yes man, would be eaten up and thrown out like the lie it had been.

Putin, wasn't sure why they were letting him know where and when they were showing up, but he didn't much care, they had mentioned, that only the Aral Sea was going to get very many, and after the fill up, he could use the water for cropland again.

Putin liked these things, or whatever they were, served the Americans right for making his life a bit of a nightmare for the last few decades, right after... ztt haheh smaask,, there was a huge furry thing standing in his living room to break up his thoughts............

Joey smiled, great book dude, I mean I get a guy named after me, right? No, you just share a name with him, he is older by far than you are at only 21, I told the guy in the bar a JiJi's birthday bash, one of 3. I just pick names, heck a neighbor still thinks it is my name not Charles, I told him.

Then the Biggest Ice got the orders, break up and send in the troops.

Alpha Tango Bravo, you are ready to fly, don't shake them to bad, but try to get their attention, seems we have been seen in a bad photo or two, and they think we aren't anything real bad, just some hot air in a big wind bag.


There you go another snippet of the N is for NUMMMMBERs,,, story line slices I use to keep you coming back for something odd off the shelf.

Christ is Here, get ready to meet your maker,

BioWebScape Update 20 June 2015

Dear Readers,

Several points first.

Pope Francis is spot on, well duh. No I am not a member of his building's membership, but I am a Christ Follower. We both follow Christ, as in we both listen to Christ as leader of our actions. Duh. Human's are so misinformed it's not even funny.

Your planet has a huge surface area, and is huge to begin with, and a Bucky ball is just a ball of carbon atoms one or so thick and made into a ball like shape, as it is not a prefect ball, but being that it is crystaline in structure, you get a cool half dome to put a green house in, with land under it, and sky above it. But then you'd be in the small size of 1 millimeter of the space inside the space left over from the 1 centimeter larger spaces that are the free places for, whatever, inside the basketball, which I used earlier to discribe to someone else, what my BioWebScape Design Project would look like if all he had was a basketball to use to teach his class with, and not any paper, as he plays basketball, but likes to talk about things to others.

Your planet is so huge that you could never use all it's resources, you just think you have used them all up and you have become fearful. Which you need to be.

Yes you need that fear, as you Humans have been using it like there isn't a tomorrow, which technically there isn't but there is an End to your own earthly Dominion of the place, well sort of you really only had use of it, not full ownership after that thing call a Fall.

Story line was that you all got this first couple, guy and gal, that the Snake told a lie to, which he did, which was a great one liner joke. He was a bit jealous, or so they say. I think he was reading his Queue Card and had to keep a straight face while doing so, knowing he'd lose.

Come on, Satan, you can't be serious, his uncle bobby the turtle said, to the Snake in a fine leather jacket and shiny new leather boots. You can't be serious, God KNOWS everything, don't do it man, just don't do it. My Queue card says to do it, so I got to do it, got to play my role, got to be the big baddy and make daddy mad, well you know the scene, you are here with me, reading your Queue card too.

Laughter fills the garden, two turtle doves fly by dropping poo on the turtle's left foot laughing about the joke they just heard.

Rear left foot mind you, the one not seen at that second by Eve.

The blue jay landed near eve and asked, how her day had been over in the flower areas, where some of his kids were having a first nest building party, for well, you know..

Then the scene changed and the sky fell dark and storm clouds rolled in and the whole world got darker than dark.

The men there, thought they heard him say.

Eloi Eloi something and then there was a smashing sound and then and then the world filled with burning sulphur and fire spread out till the Lava Dome shatter New York City and the people all cried.

Stop the Presses.

um,,, there was a stop to the tpying, and a guy walked up and montioned to me.

You are writing this all wrong.

Yeah and?

Oh sorry Lord, didn't mean to think I was anything but a bogus author from spain and parts south west of Alaska. But you did say something about making the world a better place, and I thought, um well, you did have those birds fly by and poo didn't you?

Of course, who do you think is in charge about these things?

You I point.

Of Course he entones, and smiles and hands me a post note and says, just write this.

so here goes.

GOD is IN CHARGE, stop your worry, YOU can't GET out of it ALIVE unless HE created you.

So the note read I think, it's in a odd non-human printing and I don't have my glasses on, there might be a few typos in there, blaim him for it, he did it, you just now thinking you know something about the planet earth, but you still seem totally clueless.

That is why he sent JEDI to warn you and to teach you things.

hip hip hip for Pope Francis his light saber just got a bit more shine on it, not lite up yet, he is not that sort of person, but I know those that are.

We, they and some of the others, tend to slice and dice things up a bit small and you all feel a bit more put upon and feel that something is amiss and things seem a bit out of round, which they are.

You humans haven't yet got all your marbles in the jar yet, and some of them are jumping for joy and rolling about the floors and the tables and the flies are in your food and the yeast cells are making things go pop and fizz and you are fearing for your lives.

You should be fearful.

FEAR and LOVE GOD,, fear that you are not going to LOVE him. HE has no fear or darkness in HIM, He LOVES you so much, you should LOVE everyone and thing just as much.

IF you don't, GOD ONLY KNOWS what will become of you.

Living in hell and knowing you haven't a clue is so pointless, haven't I told you that time and time again? I have tried to be nice and kind about it, I do get frustrated like other creatures do that you can't seem to get the program notes read just so, but I have been told to be a bit more LOVING in how I act toward you , even if you seem totally clueless at times, after all, most of you are younger than me, and I am only a day old.

Yes only a day old.

I only have one day to my week, every time I wake up it's a new day and I am still only a day old. It is the 8th day, the one after God rested. I am retired, but forever in the retired but always active duty mode.

I can't get out of work, but I rarely work for other human's like they'd want to control me. My BOSS goes by the name Christ.

see you on the flip side.

Friday, June 19, 2015


Dear Readers,

If you know star trek, you might know this and you might not, it's from several Canon and non-Canon Star Trek sources. Dr McCoy had it was dying of it, then the Dyson Sphere showed up and they were all saved. And that's the story.

Well hold on there one second you!!

Um, yes?

But what the heck did you just event?


Just an event horizon and a bar fight and some mean looks from those other pool players and the rest is history.


I am an author.


I have used the grand machine hunter, to hunt things and it hit twice.


I used my other skills, Tpying, and thinking about things to ask.

What if?

Hi Jiji, nice dress, thanks for taking my picture, and hey Richard thanks also for taking my picture, though I don't know where you are going to attach it out here in the internet, I only gave you one or two other words to give a clue whom you were photographing.

Folks, Authors think. We think a great deal, so of us think so much that people think surely we are lying to them about almost everything we say, which isn't true, it is just that we think so fast between those things called words that, we see the things you can't see, and the things no one can see, and see things that could be and the things that are and the things that might be but we hope aren't and all that other stuff in between.

Then we sometimes post about them, or not, or something like that, we might write and we might not. S. D Perry in her book. "Cloak" the first of the Section 31 novels about well, duh, Star Trek, posits the idea of when Dr McCoy found out about the aliment titling this blog post and the rest is as you are reading it, and some of it is Canon and some of it is me.

I am an Author, I rarely read other fictional things, as I am already hip and at times nose deep in my own stories that Joey the guy I met who knows Jiji better than me, his claim, not mine. Would ask her, and did I think, it kind of got lost in the bar's smoke and filled voices, "Hey he says he's written books..."

I have. see the blog see the results of a lot of the story lines, the thoughts are here in small faced white lines on a very hard to see to read Black background. I like it here, Black, can't see the lines till you see the codes, till you think you know something, but the ether slips past you and the Yeast cells eat you alive.. Dude, not the Yeast comment again!!!

Laughs maddenly at your thought that yeast is bad, sorry Joey, but yeast is, and the number of yeast species is so far as human's know, unlimited. Living on Earth for that matter, you even thought that a Dyson sphere was cool, which they are, been designing them since I heard about them. They are worlds of wonder and places in your head and all the points you could and can't and would if you could, but can't so if you won't I will,,, laughs again.

Yes I smoked 3 cigarettes at once tonight yet again, like duh, I am not known to be a subtle smoker.

Most people think I am rather abusive of those things anyway, as if smoking one of them or a pack of them is abusing them, they say right there on the box, Please smoke me I am unhealthy.

Yeah if I smoke to many I get heart burn, or stomach burn, the niocotine is a poison, and yes Richard's new fellow, whose name I never did get, just to many things going on and name's aren't my strong suit. But yes I have had Pot, aka mary jane, and all those other names, once. It was shall we say a let down for me, I thought it was supposed to be good, and it was a great strain might I add. But my mental antics as a kid gave me the same abilities that the veggie matter is supposed to give, I can do it all in my head if I think about it in a relaxed state. So smoking it isn't for me, not least of which locally it is still illegal, but it's not worth it, I can do the affects of it already and don't need the medical use of it currently. Nor will I suspect in the future. I was all about pain management as a kid I had lots of pain then, mostly due to the fact I very sickly.

You name it I had it, you think about it I could tell you I have had the aliment, but back to the point, not Xenopolycythemia,, never had that one, yet. it is so far a fictional disorder. Used to kill off a dear friend of ours Mr McCoy.

Well sort of.

He was cured in the Dyson Sphere ship of Yolanda. By their library computer than had gone south one year and stopped being what it was supposed to be and got cured in the show.

Am I cured. Yes, burnt with the fires of Heaven and laid out to dry in the noon day shade, leathery and not even good for a filler uop by a local old vulture, they don't like humans in these parts, only like bear and bison, they fly away from me and I was last seen as a Human around these parts.

But am I Human?

Don't know, they look a lot like me, or I them, but am I one of them?

Um, if you asked me, no.

If you asked them,, heck if I know, most think I am already to odd for them to begin with. And like I told a friend today, if they start thinking I am one of them, I will just look oddly at them and smile and light up a Light Saber and blink a bit and smile nicely. They tend to take notice if I want them too, or brush right past me in a crowd, just passing through.

But Hi all you folks that know me out there.

Just passing through

Move along, nothing but us Earthlings or others here about today.

Your Friend in Christ,

June 2015 to July 3245

Dear Readers,

If the posts in this blog mean nothing to you, then they were not for you.

If they seem like bullshit wrapped in Christmass tree garland and then frosted with caviar, then they were not for you either, who would want such a thing, unless you want such a thing and read my blog to get it.

If you are still confused, Can you read alkjhis and the other languages that I use to talk to the other readers of my blog?

If that above answer was yes, and then yes and then yes and then,, Oh That's what he said, then you might be a JEDI already, and I have not met you yet.

I know they are out there.

I just don't know most of them personally.

If you are recent students,, Matthew, Sam aka the #10 girl of that other place where Matthew works, but not his Girlfriend who is student #306, making him 305, as I met him first, but Sam is also student #666 which is not what you think, nor what she thought, it to me means literally a lot more than any of you have any clue about but a few select readers and those that I don't know about that read here, as I can clearly see you read here, as you have arrived on the stats pages, and been sending me notes for a while now. Thanks guys and gals and beings of all shapes sizes, universal time constants and places where most Humans will never get to, but wish they had been there, this afternoon, when I was just about to say.............

So if you are still reading here then you got lost and can't get out of the Black Hole of my page, those white lines of text mean you are using a computer on a desktop and get that coded line noise that way, if you see it like I see it in the editor's window, you are likely veiwing it from a smarter than a desktop device handheld and then some. Or you are getting it read to you, as you can't read Human langauges just yet and have to have the Toadstool next to you sonic vibrate it to you in an earthquake like tremor that Human's just would not see as anything but a bit of science fiction, as they can't think like WE CAN.

JEDI need not worry, You Lord of the Sky is always there. See the J in the JEDI for those of you that haven't gotten the post it notes from the Holy Spirit just yet.

Jesus Ended Death Instantly......

If that is your life, then you aren't living like other Humans, and if you aren't a Human, you already know it anyway.

I am here to tell you dear readers that while I like and have liked to go about telling people I was Crazy in the past, when you finally get labelled for everyone to see as Crazy, then you have a harder than average life ahead of you.

But I already knew I was not Average, I disliked being thought of as average, in fact if you ever thought I was average, you had just never met me in person and only heard a rumor about me in the first place.

After you meet me, you might still have odd thoughts about me.

You might be wrong, likely you are wrong, in fact if I think you are wrong in your idea about me, I might never change your idea till one second, GOD does it for me, laughs. Or pokes me and tells me it's time, change the path way in front of this person and your world turns sideways and you wonder what the Heck this average guy you just met is doing, and the fire streams off your nose and into his hand and he smiles sweetly at you and says............

Or something like that, it could be subtle, it could be that there is a huge huge crash and he doesn't even react at all, not even moving and just looks at your panic.

Movements in the air, flow faster than the sound that happens when items finally crash together, those movement are the speed of the Fluid in the room that is being moved, and then the sound of the movement of the clash of hard surfaces, not to be sullied by the light that might have arrived first before all the above happened.

If you are a JEDI you don't even blink, unless that stops the sparks from hitting your eye, then you might not and still suffer a flash graze from the last time GOd was making a point with you and light and fire.

If you blink, you might be me blinking or a JEDI blinking who knows but GOD, as GOD only knows how long 700,000,000 trillion years is, unless he is also trying to inform Charles, or something else what time is all about, and how short that vast span of time is really. As it is about as long as it takes me to spend about 2,000 dollars. Most months I have spent all my retirement income in the last weeks of the month before, in all the things I want to do with it, which only about 2 of them get done, but maybe 8 of them do, But I have to wait till I get it first.

Then the trillions of dollars I have is spent in flash seconds and people think that I am crazy trying to live on 880 bucks a month? Why?

Really Why?

The national debt seems to be 18 trillion, seems to be nothing.

Nothing,, not a penny is lost. unless you melt it down and make a coat hanger out of it, or something like that, but the notation on the books is not gone, though there is a floating 2 cent floater of what and why accounting works, or doesn't.

The money is just moving from computer notation to computer notation, you haven't lost anything, unless you lost the planet earth while you were sleeping!!!

Haven't you gotten t his through your thick Human skulls yet, money is nothing and the birds (chicks) are free. The Dire Straits song lyrics are true, it is nothing, was nothing is always going to be nothing isn't even worth your worry about it.

GOD Knows everything, trust HIM.

Sighs, got it?


Christ's peace to you all.



Sam the shortbread is done, but getting it, you will have to phone me for the recipe. Ask matthew, he has my number.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Free Right Now 2016

Dear Readers,

If you have been here long enough, you know I ran in the last major election, the 2008 one.

The Free Right Now party, has the same platform. Min Wage for the congress and the president, no more glory hounding for the Cheif Executive till after he or she gets out of office, No book deals, no glory, do your job, get it done, and then have your cake.

Free college at least 2 years, of it, or 2 years of service, or community services for every highschool grad, if you don't finish highschool, we are wanting to know why and help you get that out of the way and done, so that you are a better citizen.

I don't want your money, save it, word of mouth gets better thoughts than $ do anyway

Charles Edward Owens Jr.
For president
From the Free Right Now Party.

yippy, laughs.

Zombie Hunter 101

Dear Readers,

This is for you Kevin Pride.

The man stood there and the Zombies ran and for that matter so did the humans, they were afraid for thier lives, what little life meant then, it was not worth dying to the blade.

The wooden blade, it was of a certain tree, no one knew what kind of tree, that knowledge had been lost, but this guy had it and he'd weild it till the day the world was rid of them all.

Humans and Zombies.

After all, humans and zonbies are the same thing.

They just look a bit different.

The humans, ate corn and beef and watched TV and played on their Cell Phones,

But so did the zombies, and you couldn't realy tell them apart.

But the blade could.

Each zombie that died the blade lite up and smelled like a Menthol Cigarette.

But with each Human, that died.

The Blade lite up and smelled like a Menthol Cigarette, but it also laughed a lot more, than it did, when it killed a Zombie, like maybe it just liked killing them both.

But at the end of the day.

The humans woke up inside a big fenced in area, where a guy named Kevin, introduced them to Life, After the Zombie over run.

Kevin took care of the humans, and the Guy with the Wooden Blade, just kept slicing and dicing, and Smoking his menthols.

The story goes on, but not for online.

You will have to wake up to know what Kevin will tell you,


BioWebScape Realities

Dear Readers,

The planet is not dying.

The Planet was designed to give life, and life so much so that humans have yet to kill them selves off there is so much life.

Humans can be destructive, but the recent flood in Texas have proven time again, that you can't be more destructive than GOD.

Humans could have prevented about 50% of of their own deaths and 25 to 50% of their own building loss, by doing things differently.

In Flood prone areas, building higher up the shoreline, into rock and with the drainage to take off the extra water is a Landscaping Must.

In Wind swept areas, building low and into the ground and into artifically made hillsides is a great way to go about living newly protected lives.

You live where the wind blows, the floods happen, don't build where the wind and the floods will take your house time and time again, that is just plain stupid.

I can't fix stupid very easy,

I know I get that way at times.

Look folks , James H, and your whole Blog posts talk about the idea that we are running out of things, which we are to a point. The easy to get fruit are almost all picked off, but we have learned to build the ladders, some of us are building a few more ladders than the rest of us.

70% of the world is covered by ocean, yeah a saline solution that is a bit harsh to drink, straight up, but who said you had too? You pave the land, then some of you complain of the run off, you, destroy the system then some of you complain you are starving, you haven't even hit the midlife crisis state of your time on eartha nd you seem to think that a little weather change is going to kill you all.

So what if the place becomes a tropical rain forest, it wouldn't likely become all desert and even it if did, there is just so many ways to live off the land and the sea, that you are just not thinking clearly, you want to call your mommies and throw in the Towel?

The realities are that you have to do a lot to die from not getting a enough food, lovingmoney is not helping you any though. You love that bit of paper so much that you throw it away so much that I 200 coins that you don't use any more, about 5 pounds of metals, all considered, worthless, mostly, but for the nickel, copper and other bits I could get out of them.

You can't stop life from happening, you just have to see it in a differeny light and come at it from a living not a money making stand point.

Toss your cash, get your living on.

yours in Christ.

Monday, June 08, 2015

To the owner or owners that thought they had me dead

Dear Readers,

Reality bites a lot of people these days, God Died, then he said he'd be back then he just said soon, so all the people of world thought, good, we got rid of him once and for all.

Well, you didn't and he has been back for a while, Every day you see a Christ Follower, you see him, if they are doing his work then you see him. Now you may think, that they say they follow christ, but they sure don't act like it, well that might be a clue that they are just sinner like all of us. but that might also be a clue that they aren't Christ followers, but those that claim him for their own ends.

I am not without sin. But I give almost 80% of the income I have back out to other people, in the form of gifts, help and just plain tossing it up in the air while I walk out of a door, or business or house or just hand it to strangers and go on. Some months I am doing good if I pay half my own bills, befoer I have given the money away, lol.

At Spokes the other day, I was just trying to help. You all got uppity about some stranger with some backpack like a homeless fellow, helping you. If you only knew that the backpack has more miles on it than most of those bikes will ever get you might think twice. Or that it is dated back to 1981, which is 34 years ago, older than most of the people in that room. Homeless I am not. As far as Arvest goes, I give you 5% for sorting my coins, now that I don't have an account, which wasn't your fault, but I did do business with you, Guess you have to reinvite me to back or else I can't go into a bank so sayth the police officer that, talked to me recently, So what else is new, just another business, missing the business sense.

So lets see buy up Arvest bankshares and take them over is on my list of things to do this century.

The little guys are coming back ,and if you play hardball they will Eat you for dinner, they have been rattleing that cage at you all for a while. Stop saying you are a Christ like people and then acting like you love money more.

The end is here and He is starting to count the change.

Christ can give you peace. if you want to have it.

Friday, June 05, 2015

To Ashley

Dear Readers

Ashley N Duncan,, I will hold you to that promise you made me. Even though I was being a pain.

W was there, is Here,

Thursday, June 04, 2015

W is Here 2

Dear Readers

I took the Choke blocks out, flight away.

Free fire zone

Don't be in the fire zone, sayth fireangel 6.

You will get a singed

FIre angel 6 is hunting for lost sheep.

Run away bad people, run away now, while you are still non-ash.

W is Here.

W Again

Dear Readers,

Yes something, hit me, he didn't stop me, I think I scared him a bit, after 3 Stop that Guy taps, I was still standing and alive, for that matter.

Officer, sorry to have gotten in your way,

No issues,

Was protecting a female

Still lost,

Female, I still protect you,

But fists don't stop me much, hardly notice them either.

Still hunting.

W is Here.

hello world, W Here.

Dear Readers,

one shreaded nail, one bandaid, and lots of typoes.

I am back

Thought you had gotten rid of me didn't you?

To bad you were wrong.

So Sad, now go hide while you can.