Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Poem for her 73

Dear Readers,


It was raining outside
But inside she was sleeping
Snoozing on the bed with a batch of pillows
He was sitting in a rocker near by
It was raining outside the rain had been there a day
He was writing in a journal it was just now morning
He hadn't wanted to get up
But the fire needed a log
Then he didn't want to disturb her
He liked listening to her breathing
So he wrote in their journal
About how he felt
When he was near her
About what it felt like to talk to her
About what she looked like fresh from cooking
How she made him feel today
What it was like to see her hair wet with rain
And about how glad he was she was still asleep
As he looked up from his last line
She was laying there with her eyes open
And a smile on her face
She patted the bed and the journal was closed

Happy Birthday Babe,



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