Friday, February 24, 2017

The Hunger , Continued 3rd post

Dear Readers,

As you can now tell "The Safe Safe" story is a rather large work that isn't just one stand alone story, but several story lines all tied to a trio of people. TM only briefly seen one mention of, and then "The Girl" and "Charles Danner" whose name is not that, but others too. Yes I know he has my name, because his story is my story in a way, I write a lot of his story line in a First Person view point or at least have in my head, what shows up on paper, is never the same, I am sure some Editor would sigh and tell me my stories just would not work, blah blah and blah, but then that is one reason I don't deal with them much. Ah the first bird of the morning that I can hear, guess it is time to get on with the next slice of story line, (Waves to "the girl ... aka as Happy birthday babe" good morning). (you could be in the kitchen...just think..)


The afterglow of the Blue light was still in his eyes when he turned around.

There she stood, Not startled and startled at the same time.

She said things to him in the other language the one only he'd know, if he was in the right place and the right time, it was a test for him.

"Yes babe I know it is good to see you too." He said in English.

She was overjoyed and ran to him in a young girl hopping skip. Stopping an arms length away from him and smiled with those eyes that made his heart skip every time he saw them. She spoke to him again in the other language, she knew lots of languages, but she, when near him loved her native tongue. It was from another universe, Not his original universe, but hers. They had met in yet another universe one where they were being challenged to do something, whose outcome was as of yet unknown to them, as they kept stepping in and out of it. They called that universe "Home" where they hoped to get back to again some day.

He was about to hug her when...


Nope it is not very long today, just a slice, But I will continue.

Hugs to Babe.

To everyone, The Peace of Christ.



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