Sunday, February 12, 2017

Poem for her 49

Dear Readers,

Pits and logs and picnics

There was this clearing in the forest
Lots of tumbled down logs were sitting around
Some looked like they had been made into a table
While others looked like stools
They were slowly rotting into the ground
But off to one side of the scene
Stood a twenty foot tall tree with fruit on it
The Man stood there and looked real close
Then turned to walk back toward a Cabin
Hey Babe he said when he got back inside
There is a Peach Tree where the sawmill had been
That was the edge of their land
The logs had made a picnic area in the past
The other owner of the land over there
Had cut some trees down, they had a picnic there
And they had thought to plant the peach Pits from
The picnic they had had so long ago
The peach tree had fruit on it, and now the
Full circle of Pits to Peaches was complete

Happy Birthday Babe



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