Saturday, February 04, 2017

The Hunger

Dear Readers,

It isn't a new story, but it is part of the on going tale of "The man with many lives" see other posts, about him recently.


He was hungry, but food and wine wouldn't satisfy him. Only she could. Only if she were here, not lost in the places that she lived in, only to slide into his vision every once in a while. The last time he saw her was a lifetime ago, it would seem, yet he knew that was untrue, it had only been 50 years in this timeline. But the time before that had been to long, he had lost track in that timeline, and gone a bit insane he was sure, it hadn't been as bad as it was in timelines past, when his tormentor would only let him know she was alive, but not where she was.

He sat in his kitchen, it was a bare bones place he had here. Loft apartment in a building he owned, though few people knew he was the owner. Everyone else just thought he was another Lease holder in the 24 story building.

He was hungry for her still even though there was that juicy Peach waiting for him in the fridge, He got on a trip in The Safe, just recently. But it wouldn't stop his need for her, even though she'd like to have watched him eat it, and even smiled. He wanted her there in front of him, but didn't have the power to make it happen. Though he was getting stronger by the Lifetime, he wasn't there yet.

He couldn't easily have told someone else what it was like to hunger after someone, you'd known for countless lifetimes, for not just centuries, but eons, and then some. Having mostly met her in dreams, little bits of time, then have her go away for centuries, for whole lifetimes. But then how do tell someone that a lifetime for you can be as long as they think the universe has been around. That other numbers just don't mean the same thing, even his closest friends, the ones that have been with him for centuries or longer, can't know what it is like. He couldn't place why it was getting bad this time around, his last trip in The Safe hadn't been the cause of it, at least he didn't think so.

But there it was this growing hunger and need in the pit of his being, getting stronger as he thought about it.

Then someone arrived.


Waves to my many readers, all handful of them, yeah it's just a slice, today, but I was hungry for someone and thought this would do for a slice of Pizza Pie as it were......

The Peace of Christ to you all.



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