Sunday, March 23, 2008

Election 2008

As you know, or might not know, I am running as a write in candidate for President in the 2008 race. My party is Free Right Now. I am a Christian, as such I am Free, but also everyone else is as well, Christ died and is alive today, once and for all. The Free Right Now party theme. But Lest you think it is only about Christian themes. Think about this also. We live in what has been said to be the Only Free Nation in the world. As citizens of this nation we are Free Right Now.

Let us not loss that freedom to anyone.

Vote for me Charles Edward Owens Jr. Or as I normally write it, Charles E. Owens Jr. Write my name in on your ballot.

I Don't want you to send me money. I do not ask for donations. I am a freely paid for Candidate, you either vote for me or you do not. I do not care if you do or you don't.

If I were to be elected, I would ask that my salary be set at the lowest wage in the nation, below everyone elses, 1 Penny a day. After all on it's face side we have the words "In God We Trust" stamped into it. In God I Trust alone, for everything I am.

I would also set Congress, both houses, If I can possibly do it within the frame work of the Nations Rules, to only get the lowest wage in the nation, that others have set to be what they give people to live on. They would get only that to live on while they do their jobs for those that elected them, so that they would better understand what they have told other Americans they have to live on.

There are somethings that I have not formulated my policy on yet, so if you have an issue that you want to know about that I have not said anything about, write me.

Thank You,
The Peace of Christ to you all.
Charles E. Owens Jr.
North Little Rock, Arkansas.