Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Power of the spoken

Katie was sitting there drink on the bar I got mine too, and sat there wondering out loud if Charlie the bartender worked out. Katie thought he could pound me if he wanted too, which is about true but neither here nor there. But that got me thinking just about 20 minutes into my woken up head game conversation with myself this early morning. I am about 303.6 pounds and stand about 6'-0" there abouts and really weight 285, but I have water weight due to standing up to long these last 8 days or so. If I were to lay down in a depressed slump, Or be needing better than 4 hours sleep a day, or if I were taking everything into consideration and just laying flat on my back 20 hours a day I would get fine a whole lot faster.

My Doctor yesterday at 11 am or there abouts seeing as I got in yesterday after calling in yesterday morning hoping for next week, or today. I must be red flagged, I entertained the idea of asking him but did not. I went there with a whole mess load of things I wanted for him to cover, but after talking in 3 phone conversations to my Pastor, Pastor Larry of Trinity Lutheran Church, H and Olive streets Park Hill in North Little Rock, has been a patient of Brad's for a while longer than me it seems. Small world, I handed my phone toward Brad and he said hi.

I have on me about 18 to 22 pounds of water weight and Monday night I had over and above that another 22 to 25 pounds of water weight on me. I know I O.D.'d on Lasix to get the weight off fast as I was unable to move my legs pretty much. Not for the faint of heart.

Charlie said he did not work out if he could help it. Then he comes carrying in the cylinders of beer like they are paper toys, I think he even carries the heavy Bud Light one that way. Daily grind can work your muscles a lot more than almost anything else even the workouts.

I can lever to my shoulder 180 pounds and then carry it along. After Tuesday's bit of getting kicked out of a place I leveraged with arm muscles only that stone block and sat it up like a stone henge to the world. Yesterday I showed Big D. that I could carry the full little ones with my right flip-off finger. Then a little later that I could lift it with my 2 pinkie finger, at least for someone to see, not far, but enough to make an impression.

I don't have a picture up on my profile because I have nothing current of myself to my satisfaction and to boot the length of my Hair on my last profile picture is far shorten than it could be if ....But far longer than it is now, an 8 inch pony tail visa via a 24 inch one.

I am bushed again more later
Your Brother In Christ,

Couch potatoes rise up to revolution

Dear Readers,

Again I am amazed at how fast the forces of darkness can move to hinder people but then again I am also sure my own actions are going to be called into question along the way. While talking to a friend who works somewhere I was basically thrown out with a do not come back or else warning and my friend who's minutes are limited on his cell phone said he'd call me.

I am still the active about howling person that I am, on the way somewhere this afternoon I heard a howl so I howled back. Slow 3 minute count and I got at least 2 more returning howls and returned mine at full pumped to the max volume with my head turned this way and that waiting to hear where the echos rocketed the sounds to. A little bit later or before I talked to a car load of people while waiting at a traffic light. They seem to be the ones that passed me the other night telling me and the whole world that I am that crazy dude.

Laughter ensued from me and I thought that now I rock the Vote I have a following that might or might not know my name. But I have either enemies ,or friends, or people that do not know what to make of me, or people that have never met me, So there you have it a done deal I am trying very hard to keep the friends I have and make as many new ones as possible and any howling fans I can get is bonus.

Danielle if that is how you spell your name, you and I were talking to Daniel the Dog walker Monday night. I like your reddish blond Bryant accented and fun filled attitude, thanks for letting me call you Angel but more importantly thanks for letting me not get my way and getting your name instead. Now I got to ask, why did you not just let me call you angel?

John here is wishing you have better luck while at McDonald's and if you do sue them, I want you to know I will still buy things from them, but you need to be more careful some tile floors slick with water from all the fry oil in the air. As a tile man yourself you should have sand paper on the soles of your shoes. Fancy duds, nice to see you out of uniform. Kevin nice meeting you, and I hope we get to play that game of pool we talked about, bring your 600 dollar pool cue, or at least we can meet up and play where you feel like bringing that sucker too.

Katie, Honest I knew them. Ken again I did introduce you to John did I not, don't fear my friend I don't piss people off when I am trying to have fun at my table's home turf.

Officer Key and Officer Smith thank you for your help in the matter in question I will be calling on your services in the future so you will need to keep that smile you both have.

A Story time break line ********

The potato sat there looking rather pale and run down. The TV was showing some crime fiction show that he had seen the first episode and now was looking at the 100th and was still looking forward to the next 10 million shows just like it. As your average Idaho Spud he looked about average for a small baking potato, but his TV watching skills were from more par for the course than any other couch potato he knew of, unless you talked about Sally-May Red Irish New potato, she was so hot whenever they met for lunch he could just stare at her and not even think all during her talk about the day time soaps she loved to watch. He had to get her a present for French-Fryer-Death Day, he just could not figure out what it was going to be. Just then the door bell rang.

Your Brother in Christ,

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Necromancy, Tequila, Dave and Gerrold, Jessica, and Angels too.

The day started out at 4:06 a. m. I woke up laid there thinking things, got up wondered about told the dragons roosting in my head to go find someplace else to roost, they picked my left shoulder both of them. The Left-side white right-side yellow and pink stripes one sat on my far left shoulder where she was about to fall off the edge of my otherwise rounded shoulder, but she dug her claws in, till the blood popped up to filling the void she made. I just smiled, what is a little pain between lovers. Then Herry got up on her High horse and blue fire blew out her left nostril and smoke out the right one. I smiled again and said.

"You know Herry if you would take the time to be first you'd get the best seat, but then again which is the best seat, the one to attack our enemies from or the one where you get to comfort me from?"

Her voice was soft and silky turning my skin to creepy crawly and need felled my breast along as elsewhere.

"But Dear Heart you said I could kill them today!"

"You still can, I can defend myself just fine with my hands and feet and clawed weapons. What do you think you'd do if I said not to stay back we have been doing these last few centuries and you just leave after Herry hits the skies. Then you could get the kills and bloody flesh of our enemies fresh off the top shelf of their deaths, not having to have to wait till the battle's done. What say you Herry?"

I asked, stroking her tail that was swishing back and forth and running down my left arm all the way past my elbow. Her tail came up and pointed straight up in the air for a full second till she knew I had gotten her attention.

"Okay Ladies it is a done deal."

Herry has a soft slow voice she holds her counsel till we are in bed if she can or uses her screams to kill with fright the public at large as we leave the cave. Ten days ago when we were out last, her Scream was heard for 50 miles to the north at least. As we walked, flew or took the Tram over the hills to Zurich we would see EMT's all over the place. Last count 14 died out right and then there were the others from complications due to falling off things.

Edited into this post 24 Sept 2008 continued......

Necromancy topic line headline, Dateline, Debate Line. I Love everyone I meet I treat everyone at face value and I hold one simple truth to be fact and not fiction. Jesus Christ is the only one true God, God of God, Very God of Very God without whom which we would be sinning wretches and worthless, but still God's pride and joy as his own creations.

Why I mention this. I have had their rumor mill turned on full bore in the last 48 hours, in fact it was turned on sometime last year by someone whom told someone something. I am a bold person afraid of pretty much nothing. I cross the street in heavy traffic, light traffic, night traffic, light cars and vans and things traffic and heavy freight haulers traffic. I have been doing this since way before my time here this last time. The first time I can remember doing a lot of walking was in Mississippi. While Going to Mississippi State University I Lived off campus and to save money and time and parking fines, I'd walk into campus by crossing the Highway Which one is lost to memory, I could draw you a map but won't yet, ( ask for one if you want). I got to the side of the highway where ever my foot falls landed and looking at the moving traffic, there was a stop light over head I think, but those things don't matter to me with or without a vehicle. I'd see what was approaching and keep on walking slowing or speeding up and would just time the passing of myself through the fabric of the road and the things on it. One time I passed so close to a passing Semi-trailer that a friend of mine on the other side of the road thought I had been ran over and the trucker just did not notice me. I was there about 6 inches from the side of a passing truck writing on the dust, getting my hair blown about and the rush of dust filled gravel filled air rushed by and I stepped out in the trailer's after wake and continued my walk across the street. My friend Tommy total me that quote. "You are a mother fucking bastard I thought you were dead, never do that to me again!" I told him with a smile on my face at his labeling me crazy beyond anything in his lexicon and fucked in the head for sure, "Sorry, just don't watch next time, close your eyes till it is over with." And we went on our way to buy Alcohol, he got a bottle out of the deal he was driving as my brother (and regular yearly room mate, just not this summer's roommate) had our car back home that summer.

Recently within the last 18 months I have been howling as a way to get my lungs clear of lint, fluids, hairballs, the stray candle wax drop, cigarette ash-tar-killing toxins, or anything else not belonging down there. Ask the Little Rock Battalion Chief of the Little Rock Fire department if I can howl he was over on the Flying B. side of the street and I was on the Gusano's side when I asked them all a question, then introduced myself to them, where upon there was another Charles in their midst and I howled to show my honor and pleasure.

Getting back to the rumor mills and the thrilling life of a public figure and walkabout talking and babbling brook of a potty mouth, foul weather loud mouth, and all around generally people person person like myself. I have in the past annoyed the workers of the shops I shop at so much they told me to leave, I had thought that most of them did so in a good natured way but it seems that you can wear out your welcome even if you tip nicely and are utterly as polite if not a bit talkative as you can be.

Monday I was told that I could no longer be in Boulevard Bread company in the River Market building, I was banned for life. But the crux was that most of it was couched in the statement that I was doing something wrong. That I had in the past, dim million year past or recent past stolen from the tip jar, and forcing them to get a locked box tip jar and it was all my fault. I was at first shocked, that anyone would even think that in the first place then I realised that I was being slandered and I was being lied about by someone that did not like me for some reason. I have since then called and left a phone note to the Owner of the Company, and called the River Market store to ask how or why this came about well that last call went over well ,, smirkish half grin,, But I will publicly promise giving them 50 dollars in October for any hard feeling they might have toward me and I will bar myself from the defacto best bread company and olive bar this side of Wild Oats. I still want to shop there, I harbor no hard feelings and will still represent them in my conversations in a positive light. I am not one that can be easily offended, Shocked or otherwise befuddled by the curve balls life can throw at you. I can't be I am to much of an adrenaline junkie to get afraid of a little bit of rumor mongering. But, what has really pissed me off is that my name is getting burning into the bad side of life in other venues in town. Yesterday the 23th of Sept. I just went into the Flying B. to see about a glass of ice water, I have had it there for free before, I was waiting for my parents to swing by to pick me up. When I asked the moving bartender "How much for an Ice Water?" The reply clued me in so fast I was looking for him to call 911 on me I think but I know most of the LRPD in the River Market area.
"27 cents." So I turned and said thank you and was heading out of there when he said, " I know who you are, we have been told what you have done, something something something Boulevard Bread company something something." And I asked but what about the Challenge for happy hour rights, and he said. "Don't come back I don't want you in here again."

I would wager about 50 bucks he was just the night bartender and not the Owner. But even then it made me mad that one lie had tarnished further up the line, If I let this go on I might only have a few places that I can hang out in and have to get my own flour roll-ups myself. But still the Flying B. is the greatest of it's kind in central Arkansas. I know I can work to clear my tarnished name or at least give out some nice prizes to others with the money I would have saved now that I can't spend it in these venues.

Enough said for now on this topic, except to let the Loft Row Toyota 100 driver know I am sorry but I left it there for witnesses of my mood and I stacked the pillar there as a warning to all. I can pick that darn thing up and heft it to my shoulder in about 4 easy steps. It is heavy being about 9 inches by 9 inches by about 24 inches of hardened concrete, about 1.125 cubic feet of man-made-stone. At least 90 to 150 pounds, I can't tell how much it weights, I am rather strong these last few days of my pushing of my limitations and seemingly pissing some people off.

Dave, Thanks I got the 50 cents elsewhen, in fact did not even need it. Gerrold you bought me that Irish Red filled to the brim and I never drank it, sorry dude, I will have to get you your next vodka-tonic to make up for it.

Jessica I know I said a min. of 10 bucks but I am dropping 75 on the cards, was 50, then the Flying B. thing happened, so I upped you all's Christmas surprise gifts. And Candice telling me you all have 5 Jessica's at least I have met you, Angel.

To all those Angels in the night or morning or life. All Females are Angels in my book and I call as many of them in one day as I can, but am quite and let them pass me by other times.

Morris, you will never read this unless I print it off for you, but have fun not stressing out over things. You are looking good at 450 pounds 6'-5", still wearing those 7X shirts I see.

Your Brother in Christ,

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pasta, Carbs, High wires, Live Wires and Pastafarianisms

Dear Readers,

I was there, those pictures linked here.....

Are without me in the picture, but I was there off and on over the course of the debate with the guys, gals, kids and signage or were they hating 3M for post-it-notes not banners reading fags are hated by GOD, the sign of the times was me seeing the sign that read from where I stood a bit away about 30 yards to as much as 50 yards it read.


A fag if anyone wants to look it up is a stick, a faggot is a bundle of fags, fags are also cancer sticks, nicotine dip sticks, or dip this stick in my nicotine fun punch and light me up BABY. In other words fags are not gay blades... or does that me Gaye my friend is Gay by anyone other name, Fay is my mom, but also the Fay that showed me the house at 111 Bluebell North Little Rock, which is by the way for Sale by owner for the modest price of 87,000 dollars rubels, euros, or gold coins you will have to call the number which if I remember correctly is not going to be pined about on here because I don't want to move my legs to go get my cell phone and off load it just right now. But for some nice shows the garage will house a nice band...

God Hates Sin, not those that sin, not you that Homosexual friend of mine that is reading this nor those people that were holding those misguided signs up there, I walked about the area and thought and spoke and they did not speak back they were moot and told me nothing I did not already about what they thought about me and my ilk. I was a faggot to them and maggot a slug on my finger held out to be shot from their guns to kill me and get me thee rid of you and get out of our face you homo loving non-catholic-non-baptist that does not see us eye to eye cause we are holding this here black mirrored shades over our eyes on an otherwise non that bright day.

Daniel if you read this soon in the coming weeks years or whenever I asked if I could see your place and I know you said no, because you were trying to politely or not refuse a pirate lover like me, and unknown Ilkish person you barely know whose habits you know because Nita and her being our coffee GODESS, or is it GoDDeSS, oh well AnDinA Cafe, hand me a smoke let me yell honk my duckish horn for your sign and cutlass that cute lass away from me. I will not be told that my GOd hates anyone and not stand there silent about it. I will Honk, Snort pasta and eat rice a roni through a straw while preforming brain surgery on the common garden slug on the end of my pointer finger.

Pop a slug into the mouth chamber, yes yes that slug leaving a slime trail on my carport's floor. Pick him her it up and test out if he she it is not going to fall off your finger. Open your mouth and pop them inside your lips and over your tongue then gulp real big and smile real big and tell the folks back home that magic is the pastafarians way.

I told these folks this tale of woe, the dead slug that I found and how with a little sweet southern style tea and some Gusano's homemade Jager-Bombs I was able to revive this poor dead newly found homeless and helpless street or was it garden slug sitting in the window sill's light way. I just pop it into my mouth and swallowed them down my gullet.

About a half hour later while trying to show that I am a merciful person of unknown ILK, I showed my friends and gasping hangers on that I had indeed not eaten that poor slug but let my mouth's enzymes clear them off and healed them and proped them up on the glass plate in front of my lips.

You see life is full of surprises and I harness them whenever I can. I shot my smoke out my mouth and head rush my methods in a meth-heads head rush, the brain has head rushs and you have to know which Zen master to listen too when 12 of them are talking at the same time and you are listening to Yoda tell Obi Wan that Blah BlahBLAH is not going on. Who Taught Yoda, Which Yoda drove my U Go Off that cliff out back and when did Zen Master Tim Murray Die in the last ditch effort to save Mary from the Turtles....... Ad Lib I Mad Lip Lid Lib faster than most people you know.

Sign me up Daniel!
YOUR Brother in Christ.

The signs of the days to come, vote the mules to win at the dog track

I was walking down the sidewalk, about to pass the Peabody when over there in front of the H. U. Lee walled garden out by the street were big signs, kids and adults.

Lo and Behold one of the signs read "GOD HATES FAGS"

I stopped and about gasped but held my breath in and then said, "God does not hate people"

I walked into the west facing doors on the lower level of the Eastern wall on the Convention center or whater that big silverish looking walls hold in them.

I walked out the back doors conversed with the stone turtles and walked out to the edge of the Main Street bridge to go completely around these protestors.

Then walked over to the guy holding the sign that said, "Pray for more dead soldiers" I said more soldiers of the dead, not soldiers of the good.

About at once I heard some yelling and saw the pirates.

Pastafarians, the pirates gland together to stave off the riff raff and heal the rift in their public spaces, Yes I did say Gland together.

Charles, Author at Large, I will be posting more about the pasta-fair-eons soon.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Tuesday redressed as a Friday in May only its September

Roller coaster rides, falling out of planes backwards while smoking a cigarette faster than most people I have ever met, sliding along the street walking till my foot fall hits just where the back tire was just and seeing if my knee can hit the back bumper as the car drives past, if it pushes the adrenaline to the max then the wall slices sideways and the rush falls off, seeing how fast I can re-hit for the next joy juice bundle ride to free falling max burning, that's what I have been doing the last 80 hours.

Friends introduce me as something. Pool shark, fast smoker, crazy dude from whatever they can think of faster than I can back spin myself off a rock wall and tell people the truth that I am retired and just trying to have a nicer day than I did yesterday and if they want to be there for the ride down hill at full tilt please fasten their seat belts and smile for the camera phone.

I don't ever use the word Can't in as far as I can't do something, at least not till I fully am aware that I can't in real life, real time, fully loaded, and face forward do that whatever it is, only then do I state for a fact that I can't do that either. But then I let my mind play out how I have already written the part for Mr. X and his friends to have done that whatever I could not do in real time, they can do in fiction, or at least I think I can convince myself that they could if this were actually fiction. I do tend to say that I don't have any more money, I don't have any more smokes, I don't own a car you will have to ask the driver if he can. But I never say I can't and I don't like it when other people assume that I can't do something. In fact if they do say that I can't do something I look for the fastest way to prove them wrong in the fastest amount of time in the widest possible set of people looking as to bare witness, unless what they say can't be done is against God's Laws, Or my own afore mentioned list of things I know I can't or won't do.

"He won't be able to clean the whole table off!" As I bend and sight in on the first ball of the 6 left on the table, figuring that at best I could get three but I'd try my best but I keep my mouth shut and just smile. After 3 fell I saw him moving from foot to foot, after 4 fell he intones, "Well maybe he can?" After the last one fell I walked over to lady and asked her if that was what she wanted to do to him or not, and smiled my own private smile that that was the first time in my life that I had sank 6 balls in row ever. 6 out of 8 and you are winning by a long shot and even in tight games you have at least run the risk of winning when you least expected to.

My power midnight snack is heading my way I better cut this short I think the planes are still filling for the next morning's jumpers, off to adrenaline roller coaster heaven.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday Sept. 2007 17th day.

Well I did not keep up my own bargain and write a post everyday for this month, now all my readers and there is a growing lot of them, can't tell if I going to post or not. Well I will try to do better but I can't promise you a rose garden or even a post everyday so suffice it to say you get one post a month and you might have as many as 29 or so more of them, but don't bet on it. If you get more than that one single post you can feel lucky, or whatever other joyous feeling you can muster.

I posted a while back about a new Candy store in the River Market, Chocolates are the name of the sweets but at 2 dollars a mouthful I had to do some heavy writing to work that into my budget, just to sample one of them. But I can say that for $2.19 which was the cost plus tax, which is about as much as an Espresso, I figured why not go for it, I had already had the espresso I might as well figure out if this place was any good or not. Mango, a hunk of lines a nice feeling of a dome top and smooth and flat on the bottom, a mouth full of candy surprise waiting for you to plunge your teeth into. Be careful with this one you can't bite it in half, the center is more fluid than you would expect, I had to plunge it all in and hope I did not drop any in my rush to savor the delight. Now wait for the full flavor to swell, chew slowly and try not to laugh at your pleasure and you will be fine. I can still taste the after effects of the time bomb. Sweet and clear but the subtle hint of chocolate with your mango makes me want to make sure I can budget one a week for a while, but I know better than that I already have to many vices. Three of them as of Tuesday, well make that 4 now we have added a 5th on top of my strained budget, which can I go without, Water, Air, Or my monthly Espresso. Down with the Hot shot of Java up with the delight of a new taste of a new candy every so often for about a dozen so often's that she has flavors for. The Name of the place is C B Chocolat, The where is the Little Rock River Market and for $2.19 and any nice tip you might want to leave you'll have taste buds singing for a few hours at least, begging for more. By the way C B stands for Cocoa Belle. See my Link in my sidebar.

That is it for this post see you back here as soon as you get through rereading last year's posts that you forgot all about.


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Rain rain mish mash

Getting out in the rain today gave a new meaning to wet. Everything around us is damp or dripping. Then there is the broken tree limps all over the yard across the street, a big Red Oak weighted down with the extra water on it. The wind is finally dying down to a breeze every now and then. But the rain totals for us are going to take weeks to dry out. I know that some places have gotten over 18 inches of rain these past few days, and flooding seems to be everywhere.

My Jerusalem Artichokes look like a tornado hit them, they are mostly all knocked over and lots of them are broken off at the 4 foot mark. Well I guess they are getting the rain they need to get big and juicy for eating later in winter.

I do wonder what weather is going to be like in September, hopefully not anymore of the hot weather we have had. I am one who wears shorts year around because the winters here never get cold enough to wear long pants. But I can't stand it to hot, I like 80 degree days at the most. Summer time is always hard on me.

Rain rain go away, has been running through my mind for the last few hours. If it is dry in the afternoon I am going out to play pool with a friend, if it is not dry, I guess he will play alone.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

September blues

The end of August ushered in a migraine and me with nothing to take for it. So there is my excuse for not writing anything these past few days.

The holdover of Gustav is making it hard for me to go outside and sleep in my hammock. When 11 am rolls around and it still looks like predawn you have to wonder where you can go walking. The National Hurricane Center has 3 more storms headed toward the US over the next week and a half so there is that to look forward to.

I still have to go digging in my shed for bottles to give to Judd Mann for his glass making projects. That won't happen if we have rain all week long.

I have started reading Star Trek books from way back in the 1994 to present which leads me to believe I will have to go find some in the local bookstores to finish my collection which for the Old Series stops around book 85. I just don't have the space in my room to keep all the books I want, so I have to limit things, or rearrange. AGGHH! No not the dread word rearrange.