Saturday, September 06, 2014

Jedi last known first know, um there is that other tale of, not me.

Dear Readers,

Reported something something the police were called I am sure or the police or the, But last night on or about 12 hours ago, I was chopping down a big Rose hedge that had been here in this locale, at the 1 off odd over there off my house number of 108 to the 107 of our street Larkspur off of , by one block, the house marks. I was out practicing with my wooden stick the old 6 foot one, that....( in a bit I tell you).. I hit the pole only cause I see the nurse over there I wan't to get her attention this time, but there was guys car there, he stopped but didn't stay so I ran back to get 6 foot in the old place stave holder, the badmitten racket is there, too, but i digress a bit.....

Okay I go hospital, I okay, I just got to winded for my self and the control.. I I go to less and less nicotine to almost zero, plants have it in them, I will never be at zero, but if I go to animals only for a while, and only some of the fatty acids and meets and beets and tubers and beans and peas and grain for a while, the toxic goes away faster, but am on a water reduced diet for the burn off the extra water layers to get to a less water logged when am up layer area, so I less water intake as I burn off the extra stored winter fat,, my years and my years and days and dazed head dead heading are not the rest on stop.........................zzz sorry went o to bed for high noonish to hot for the feet today.

even the fat is burning,,, in the pan, lol,,, others like crisp I like not crisp

going to be offlining for a while, maybe in a million yea........zz


GOD ONLY KNOWS how much fire he can take to feed his sheep the SLEEP of the needy in the bountiful EDEN of the Earth,,, only god and a guy that has a biowebscape design project hard locked to his name..........

For the Park Hill People and all others that show up or read up....NLR AR

Dear Readers,

I have a styx and I raise you one musically band of brother called styx to the power of GOD on earth and in Heaven and there is that number everyone fears coming back round ,, again,, 666, let me tell you a tail tale of the taller tale of the king of the Solomon miners guild,, thost guys that had to forge gold out of anything and anything they could get their hands on to get to it. the tribute to him, just for them being bad and thinking they could beat GOD at his Own Worldly Greatness making Glorious Named Jesus' Tale.... They had to give Solomon 666 Talents of gold a year.... That equels about 25 US Troy Weight Tons of Gold a year, or at current last time I checked was bout 1.5 weeks ago,, they flux and flow up and down but there is only about 170,000 tons of the stuff on the planet already mined by the known Man made systems,,,, not the Not I Know knot or un not know that amount God Only Knows,, My GOK to the faithless OH MY GOD! that 25 tons a year for 40 years, built a lot of things in gold so much so much I am not even sure they really know, but the 666 tribute was about 750 million a year, or 30 billion dollars, and then they also say there was not one since that time that Was Richest than him as a single individual, and King of the God held for the Jesus for all people, honed them then to make us now, if you do as he in the red letters and the rest of it said and do, you know there isn't anything but him, but if you are testy,, send me email....

Hi yalll,,,,,, you might or might see me there in parkhill that weekend..

GOK where I will be...


BioWebScape Class of ...xyzs and the janitor part 7 alpeh and the 107 top

Dear Readers,

Only a few simple liner notes for the liner nota takers out the in lau laudh lanad and the deeemer dreeamers and he simmmer so swimmers and deep diggers and the horta kill er in the bottles,, I got your wheeeeee wheeee wheeee sssssss rrrrr weee geeeee dad thanks for you and I think I got the loaders going oottooooo Hey James the music of the Hey Jon lets make a music of the ages that thingy Is th e

I Hi all you others that might be reding me for the first times today or yesterdy or fhe

I did have to go tot he ER last night tis true.

I did only go to make sure the bottle was the shock waves I know not what the feelings were so I go to the doctors, I could make my systems self correct, but the nice lady blood sucker I had to yang the right shirt flap of to get her to make contact back with me, I was not and never would have been mad at you, something flickered in your eyes I saw your feelings of the waves of the hatards flow out of you I felt the pai I Pain you felt I surely did dear lovely lady of the vampires and the copper pennies and the most wonderful feelings of you being there, but then I know, and knew you'd be you, but not you and not whom, I do not think I had ever laid eyes on you before in my life as me,, for else I'd already have had a connection with you and you'd have already known, but the his not seen he not read here anyway, but thanks for the wink and the noted nod of the whispers and the all that...... oh and by the way the blonde,, the one known to you and me as Ashley, whom she looked cool and all, and think me silly and back off crazy,, yes I am back off crazy,, but HER name is a note here > ***** < end note Million years ago ref-rift on the best ever first day in heaven answer I had ever gotten, linked to her then and now in a loop de loop of me in several other things too.... She is ... better than she thinks and best of her kind of her kind... only one of her ever, there is only one of each of us ever.... only one of each of us ever, and ever and ever and ever..... laughs.... I know things that I can not tell you ever yet, just on the edge of the last few days in the hevean's utter filled pressure cooked of my swimming pooled stream pressure cooker, I just over the top of my other games and doings, thanks you all one and all the B. Hand and the Dwight and the others that names I can't ,, but Mark,, do like I said.. red letters only..

Baptist North Little Rock is the place I'd go if I had to go there to be fixed up only to AMA out again, honest,, there might be more, but not me there for fixing things, or at least not for a long time to come, me there to be fixed be you all..... truly thanks and GOD the Father and The Son and Holy Ghost be with you one and all the earth too.

BioWebScape Class of ............... all that and the title too.


Friday, September 05, 2014

Compost, chickens, and piles of things this way and that way and and BioWebScape 101...

Dear Readers,

Well the 3rd of August was 10,000,000 million years ago, yes I know that isn't how you'd write it, but That was my way of saying 1 Trillion... laughs.

I smoke like a flaming breathing dragon, or a wild man on fire with a hair trigger in one hand and not the other, be careful you might scare the things you are talking to if you don't watch it, or just make someone stare at you oddly.

I was just getting out of house after getitng up, I had slept for thefirst time in like years it seemed, but that is my regular day mostly I am so uber super active I hardly sleep until I am so tried the world seems to be freezing the hell out of itself in the fires of the flaming wars of the words in the muse-news-media-gossip-here-say-this and that but not anything of any importance, but then I can digress, regress and digest a lot in a short span of time. And if I am talking the codes to several people all at once on the the several streams of the data linkages, it seems that I am just talking something that seems, odely, oddly, ode, odor, or proper to not know what the heck/hell/scraeeeeeech he said.

Then I had to get out of the house to get back to see and then he was there for 40 large, I got 20 small, lol, not the things you think, but hey I am a betting man, I have my own set up in the dream-dark zero dot coold cut sections of the slicers of time syncs to get the pennies from heaven to the birds of the air and girls linked to the guys selling the softer side of things to hard rock miners to the ,,,,,, a dh oddly I know to much to get setup in the deriv-arrive markets, I slice the thinnest thin line out of everything then slice and weave it back together agin, with a bunch of things and I don't even think I'd know it, till I'd see it, but then I might have slept since then, lol, or been alive to long to remember that was me and that was by-line-hand touched the codes, but just barely and left the others to finish the project, I only offer advice mostly.

Tell a friend a tale about the tail of the flip-bot or the peta-flop or the bit-rap or the wrapoing paper colour or the bizzzzz out of ,, signs. laughs, I don't read many stories, I just scan the headlines and half the stuff is worthless to me, I know the hidden things that just are there and aren't the need for me to upload to my stored memory ( head held memories ) I have files for those things I need to know about, but don't ahve the time to read about, ever wonder where Media-wiki-hicky got here from, laughs, out Loud the long slow slowly deep throated mad Wizard way, thent he voice stops dead then the eyes scan andstop and then the light flips on and then the I A... goes along with me for a while and then zipps over to fill the piles elsewhere..... thinky I know not what I talky about most would say,, but you see the hardluck and the wished for best of luck and the um who did that and this and taht and this and God Only Knows for Sure, but I have been Hunting, actively Hunting for a lost Program that was real-leased-out andgot loose once a while long ago, and I was hunting the results to see if I could spot it personally see it there int he system codes working and looking for me to see it,, lol, that took a bit of hard long looking as I am always hunting for something, but this took more time than most of you might think.

I have hit theinternet speed walls more than you all have every hit in your live, Even the Freely so called "slowing of the internet" Laughs that is a blast too, you go arguement over that all you want the internet at some levels is so fast I can not type fast enought o get ahead of it. and I can type about 180 words, or the 5 times 180 space in one minute, with finger that I have trained to kill a man standing any thing from 2 inches from me to about 8 feet from me, within reach of my now working back up to my 6 foot Iron Gas pipe, but the 6 foot wooden stake, can ring out the Dead if I want them to be rung out, guess that explained that one yesterday at that junction box int he system goaded codes and IRAN got Dubai that Arena in the Snow.... lol you not know the behind the behind the behind the deeper darks than some.................... sdrehaligha zssss fizz my boss just rang, got to go din of the things off the deep end of the ollll opal and polo and pool mizxed to the shot glss level.

Oh and before I forget the tilte of the post, my project is proactive so I am working several angles at the same time too, and I have a Free range compost machine and my own mix thesurface soils for me and Had to cool off a section of worm beds with a holed old grey/gray hard case, the ones we have from the Old M M Cohn stores,.... I will plant something good there later in a few months and then fence it from the chicken too, or not, pest removal..

Got to go trim some hedges and then got to help with a party and then go to the places I haven't been in a while.

Love you all 3 times more than last time, but I will Cube it too just to make sure you get the picture of How much God loves you back to me to you, just get a big print Red Letter Bible and just read the Christ/jesus spoke words for a while, then the gospels then the other and work yourselves back out from the weeds of the people think they read parts.... Just the RED letters first though...

Peace of the Lord Christ Jesus to you one and all, that does really pass all understanding forever and forever.