Thursday, February 09, 2017

Poem for her 46

Dear Readers,

The long week snowed in

The snow was supposed to be light
The snow was up to the second step by morning
By mid-afternoon was on the front porch
By nightfall the drifts made opening the door
Not easy, but we were fine
Pillow didn't need food but hugs
Cat had several months worth in cabinets
We had food for months too
We would also never run out of kisses
So we just needed fire wood
And of that we had plenty as well
Pays to think ahead
Lip balm in Bookbag, we use the same kind
She does have some in Purse
But we have some in both of our picnic baskets
Never far from each other's lips
So always prepped to be snowed in
No shoveling needed, nor lawn mowing either
Got each other and a warm cabin in the woods
It was a nice kissing week

Happy Birthday Babe,



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