Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I program AI

I have been telling people that for the last few months. I finally figured out I have been telling the truth. I am and have been writing a MASTER work. It is called Future Tech. It was started about 20 years ago and I have been working on it in my head ever since. I have some brief notes and at least one short story and about 20 hours of magnetic tape of the story line, but have not much to look at if you are not inside my head looking at it. The main line of thought has finally been pushed out into verbal thought patterns.

I have been programing Rachel.

She is both the central Computer that Runs the information gathering arm of the Company Future TECH and Lover of the main Character. Richard falls in love with an AI. Robert his boss makes her into a Human and tells NO ONE. Not even her at first. Richard is not privy to this information until after you are, the reader, which is just about now. Like I said I am writing this story almost all of my free time, most people think authors are crazy people, now you know why. I can show you how I program AI now as A Performance Artist type of stand up and it will either make you think you need my meds to feel good or that my meds are not working. I am not going to tell you where to get the best meds that man can provide. You would not believe me anyway. Oh why not, ....

My own Brain. Your own body makes the only meds you need, but you have to learn that one for yourself there is only one real way to tell you and make you understand, you have been inside your head for so long you realize that programing AI can make you Crazy enough to understand all this stuff.

More on this later.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Where do you live

This is the Essay with the same mind as the poem Heaven and Hell, What I could not write then and might not be able to write now, but will try.

Where do you live? You have three choices.

Do you live in heaven, do you live in hell, or do you live on earth but are waiting to get to one of the other two?

Personally you can not tell me the answer to that question as fully as you might think you can unless you first answer are you a Christian.

I am Christ's second coming, but not the second coming of Christ. I am a Christ Child, a Christian, a Child of God, or as it is better stated a brother of Christ. I really don't use the first sentence much outside of a few people because they miss the subtly and think I am saying something that I am not saying. I try to live as much as I am able to, as Christ like as I can. All I know is that if needed to have it happen I am willing to die like Christ did in the same manner to help save just one other person, or as many as needed. For this I am sure I understand the Passion of the Christ.

As it stands I am homeless if I were not staying with my parents I would be Homeless. Currently I am unemployed as the world knows employment, I write but am not paid for it.

Now we have to ask me the question I have posed for the rest of you. Where do I think I am living? I know I live on Earth, but I do treat each day as if parts of it are like living in Heaven. There are places here on Earth that act as windows into Heaven's beauties. Likewise there are places and times that act like windows into Hell. But windows that look both into Heaven and Hell are just windows, in this case they can only be opened part way and we can't totally jump right through.

There are cases where both of this example seems to fail. The Fires that plague the earth whenever the dry seasons flow nearby, the destruction and damage and death seems like Hell on Earth. But the Real Hell is God less, Hope less, and Love less, there will be no heroes to stretch out a hand and help you up and into safe arms. I think that is where most people get their own personal hell on Earth wrong. If you are suffering, here you can forget or be where it is oft times few and far between for someone to stretch out their hands to you and help you. That is where Christians and for that matter any caring people come in and hands out help to others.

For me there seem to be people that live here as if they are living in Heaven. This I can understand. I do at times feel that there are slices of Heaven here on earth. The River Market District of Downtown Little Rock is one such Place, Almost the whole thing. They are doing a real good job of it if they are building sections of heaven at a time. I like to see the new Building of the section where the Construction is still going on at an Extension of the Library. My favorite Coffee Lady might be sad to see the construction guys go though. She told me to include her name and address, Andina Cafe` at 400 President Clinton Ave, Little Rock, River Market. The Cox building has some of the best examples of Books for sale and Art Work this side of Heaven as well. Then there is the Library proper which even caters to the Homeless there in Little Rock, but is of course my favorite building in any place I go. Libraries mean learning and knowledge and I guess if I had to be the one to tempt someone to eat of a fruit, I would be the tempter himself. That is how much I like having knowledge about things. I really understand what Solomon meant though when he said it was all "Like chasing after the wind." you just never can get enough of it, and what little you know is not what you knew yesterday and you forget what you did know today.

That really sums up why this place or anyplace here on Earth can't be Heaven on Earth because it tarnishes and rusts and people have to build new things all the time to make the old piles of dust new piles of knowledge and finery. So be careful with both of your definitions of Heaven or Hell on Earth, in Hell you have no HOPE of help, In Heaven you have nothing that lasts. Only in the Real places would you get what you paid for. Maybe we should all be very very Careful what we pay for.

Charles can be reached at,

Currently Living in North Little Rock.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Tuppence and pennies and how you live


Recently the European side of The Oil Drum had an article about the new Tuppence addition of taxes due at the fueling pumps and I thought of this poem this evening.

Tuppence or as my mind compares words
Put Pence
Put the pennies where they fall
I operate on a different level than most
Some think I am crazy or odd or strange
Ah, I am I say
I am certified by several doctors of Mental health

But the pennies of the world are thrown away
By sane men and women
Just a penny they say
Drop the things not worth the trouble
I earn a living picking them up

I Understand you don't understand my mind
I am the under side of the creation curve
I am the underside of the penny I find
Heads I win
Tails I win

You see I just go about life as a big game or puzzle to solve
I Just go about and do nothing with my days but operate
As a vagabond
I am a Pastor of the small flocks I see
Two or three sheep
Lost in the world
Homeless people come in all shapes and sizes
The ones I talk about have
Big houses
Big cars
Big lives and look at the world as home
And don't even know that this is the way station between
Here and Heaven or Hell

Christians think of this place as a place to help the
Others they see and they do so willingly and forthrightly
I help them in small ways and I do it all the time

God Bless you
Have a blessed day sir, or lady
I open doors and I help where I see a need
I don't flinch when people tell me they don't like me
And I am honest to the point of failure of face time

The world is a strange place
A recent Poem called Heaven And HELL states that
Are you living in Heaven, Hell, Or Earth?

I Care less what your answer is
I can tell by just living around you for about 10 seconds
Or just hanging around like a Bar fly

I have several places that I go and several people that
Turn me away
Or welcome me as a friend.

Almost all of them think different things about me

One of them knows I want to be a Chef as bad as I do anything
Oh I am a Chef, just not papered and stamped and coded as one

One of them knows I know things that she could not possibly know
I know how to B.S. and I know how to help and be a nice person
She does not think about me being Homeless,
She does know I am Bi-polar
I am more creative than her cat
Or strung out on her shop's product
Coffee, and Cafe' sweets

One of them knows me as a pastor
Of the people
A Sheppard of the needy
A Shock Troop Trainer and
A lovable guy who will be there in a pinch
Open his arms to everyone and
Offer his wisdom, limited though it is
To her and everyone that he encounters

I don't care what you think of me
I just plain don't care
I notice though how you treat me
I notice how you treat others different than you treat me
I notice and I observe I am a good
Scientist that way I notice the world I live in
I notice the plants and animals
I take note of the plants that are edible and where they are
I do not think that I am homeless

I am not at home even under the roof of my home
I am not at home in the woods, valleys and rivers
I am not at home here on Earth
I am only visiting and observing
Home is Heaven and I have never been there
I have come close a time or two
But home is the age of my future away
I have not a clue when that age will end
But I do not care if it ends sooner rather than later
But I'd guess later rather than sooner
I feel the needs of the people I see daily
I see the tears in the eyes of people that
Say they miss me when I am gone
I see the tears in the eyes of people who are lost here
I see the feats of the people who see me walking by

I am big, 6 feet tall, a large Bear like man, I usually
Carry a big stick
Walking stick, crutch when I need it,
Helper to hold doors, move things and extend my reach
And Yes I know how to use it as a weapon
I train with metal and wood staves all the time
I am good with my hands in a fight
I am self taught and can take the punishment of
A long wrestling match and I don't stop to worry about the pains

But I smile and nod,
Offer help and act docile when needed
The image of a kind man is what I project
Confident that I can handle the events around me

Yes some people are still afraid of me I see
And some think I am homeless
And some do not like me
Aw, but I am just a visitor
I just long for the pennies from heaven
I only operate on the change of the day

If I am where the tip jars are handy
I tip people even if I have not bought things from them
It is a way to show them that money is meaningless to me
I know they need it and I am rich enough to not care
About giving them my last penny

I am not financially rich I am not wealthy with a huge bank account
I am a penny pincher and I have not a dime to my name
Pennies from heaven
He puts Pence out there for me
Tuppence is 2 cents in the UK
Here we only have
Shame we don't have God as our Banker

Or do we know who our banker is truly
Bank of America

Aw where are your pennies stored

Where do you get your paycheck from

Where do you live and how do you live there

Questions to think about
Questions to think Long into the night about
I will be out writing or sleeping I don't know which
My meds work just find and contrary to popular belief
I am on them and I am taking them and I am normally this way
You just know the side you see that day
The Moon does not face you from it's back side
The Dark side is hidden you only see the face it wants to show you

Do not assume I am only a single faced man
I have the other side I keep hidden and that face
Sooner or Later will be shown to you and you might
Be surprised, or already know I am who I am

Later and party on Dudes

Charles E. Owens Jr.

Monday, October 01, 2007

heaven and HELL

Where are you they ask
Why I ask
We want to know they scream
I Whisper
You don't really want to know do you?
They scream EVEN louder now, Yes! Tell US!
Hell I moan and whisper at the same time
Dead Silence
I say nothing, it is not my turn to speak
A soft voice
In the distance like a cat mewing
Why You?

He died you know
You nailed him to that tree
Don't you rememeber?
It was a bad dream you say
Yes I know, I come to you in dreams
To whisper to you
Or I come to you in visions to talk louder to you
When you listen
You understand
Forget your pains
Forget who hurt you
Forget then forgive
He died and I forgive you
He forgot in death, his pain
3 days the Son rose fresh and wonderful

They still wonder
They still ask
They still seek
Do you know what he did they ask
If you do
Share your joy
He shared his joy

If you know where you live
And can say for certain
Then you are not reading this
Or maybe you are
But for certain
If you are in Heaven
Nothing I say will change you
If anything I say changes you
Then so be it
I only write what I hear in my head

I know where I am living
Do you?

Charles Edward Owens Junior

Day dreams of sunlite sky

Oct 1 2007

Fields of running water spray
Friends walking in caves of ocher rocks
Air filled with flying creatures
Some of myth and legend
Others of dark nightmares
Head filled with choking smoke
Oft times the web of dreams delight
Or of nightmare crusts
Wandering mindless in the rust of time
My hands cover my eyes yet
Light impacts my eyes and I blink tears
Awake I say
Asleep I stay
Daydreams of a sunlite sky

Charles E. Owens Jr.
Oct 1 2007