Tuesday, February 07, 2017

About "Poem for her Series"

Dear Readers,

It has been a month and a day, since I started this series of poems titled, "Poem for her #", they won't stop. They being only a month and a day long, but having reached 44 in number, you might have forgotten what they were for, or just be reading this one or the next and not know anything else about me, and her. You won't ever know much about her, but hints at how much she means to me, but she is also a reader, my best friend, my only everything, and has full access to the blog if she wants you to know anything more than what I tell you, which isn't a whole lot, but is also everything you need to know to feel my love for her.

At first the idea was to start before her birthday and write a short series of poems to give to her for a public Birthday present, but that turned into me just writing to her daily thought poems, all labeled thusly, and now it is more than that too, and it will continue as long as I can, it is good habits that make good things bloom, and other bits of good added to the world that help push the bad thoughts away from our souls. As most readers know by now I pass the Peace of Christ to you as much as I can, it means more than the mere words, as I have only the starting's of mere words to offer you.

Blogger being owned by google allows these postings to get a wider play than just my notebooks shared with a few friends would, but I started the blog before google bought the company that was BlogSpot, so you also have that in my archive list that goes back to 2006, and the profile that said I had written 100's of poems, it is true. Now you'll also be able to see more of other stuff as She has encouraged me to write and tell others the things I've told her in these pages and to her. Waves to her as she reads this, smiles that she is looking over my shoulder as I type this line.

Waves to all the Penny walking in and out of the room too. And to the endless amounts of sweet nothings, and all the many languages of all the many things that really have voices that you might not know really do talk, but that do have thoughts and stories to tell, and all the other people here and gone and yet to be, it is really really a big place, we call forever and ever.

Christ's Peace to you all.



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