Saturday, February 11, 2017

Poem for her 48

Dear Readers,

Loving Cuddles

The morning light streams in the window
The two lay there, just waking up
Talking about the light outside
Talking about the birds chirping
They have been in each others arms
All night long, but not asleep
They had been talking about this and that
They loved to lay in bed
Or sit on a couch
Cuddling all the time
They'd doze and wake and talk
Doze and wake and talk and kiss
The pattern would change
But they loved to Cuddle
It was the thing that actually was
Their most common desire
Or maybe it was kissing and Cuddling
But to do both was always the case
Loving each other from dawn till dawn
Never far away from kissing or cuddling
Always on their minds
Even if not in the same place
They'd think about it, and call each other
They have been cuddling longer than
There have been cabins in the woods
Loving each other
Loving each other
Cuddling together

Happy Birthday Babe,



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