Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Poem for her 54

Dear Readers,

Memories of Green

It is winter now
But memories of spring and fall arise
We see a green kite above our heads
And think of the green in her dress
We see a green shirt on her
And think of hugging her all afternoon
I have memories, but so does she
Memories of the Cabin over the hill
We saw it one day driving
And while we have our own
We thought, Green
Green spring trees with many shades
Red flowers of many shades
Things we like
I like her eyes in the early morning light
I like her eyes up close in the darkness
Memories of Green things
Held close in a flower arrangement
Given to her on a day like this
But just because today is that V day
Isn't why I give her flowers
It is because I give her flowers
Almost every day
I write her poems
Here and elsewhere
It could be V Day all the time
But I think of this as a Happy Birthday poem
Even if today I also give her hearts
She knows how much I love her
I know how much she loves me
We love each other in fullness
Always together
We'd always be together even if half a universe away
Connected with poems and dreams and heart strings
So the memories of Green of spring
Summer and fall and even the winter now
Hold a special place in our minds
Green on her dress and a green shirt on
To brighten the day
Memories of Green hold me long
Hold me long she whispers
As my arms wrap around her
And I hold her long
Into the Night

Happy Birthday Babe



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