Saturday, February 25, 2017

Poem for her 68

Dear Readers,


Wanting to spend almost every waking minute
Within easy reach of each other

Wanting to say everything about everything
Only with each other

Wanting to be there within sight
Of the other for more and more of a day

Wanting to hold each other whenever the
Hour is ready for sleep, like right about now

Wanting to cuddle and kiss and just be
With each other without stopping

Wanting to not have to care about the
Goings on of the rest of the planet

Wanting to see the sunrise in the others arms
Then drift off back to sleep

Wanting to have breakfast in bed
Then lunch in the garden
Then dinner at the pond
Then midnight snack under the stars

Wanting to never leave the place we are
If we have to leave separate

Wanting to always be together
Though we are together just not totally
Telepathically connected

Wanting to be telepathically connected
Having always and forever
Connected never separate

Wanting all things Together

Happy Birthday Babe,



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