Sunday, February 19, 2017

Poem for her 60

Dear Readers,

Less than sixty days and up to sixty poems, so there is a small trend here, you can tell I like to write to her.

The Book

Was read to her in bed
Was read to her on the couch
Was read to her out on a picnic

She was always cuddled in close to me

Was a book we had picked out
Was an old journal one of us had written
Was anything that suited our fancy

She was always cuddled in close to me

I had to have glasses to read it
We needed a good light source too
I love to read to her

She was always cuddle in close to me

Is more than a poem about reading
Is more than a thought about doing things
Is more than a Love note

She always cuddles in close to me

Happy Birthday Babe,



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