Sunday, February 26, 2017

Poem for her 69

Dear Readers,


Winter has flowers they show up in pots
..They show up in beds of early snow blooms
Spring has flowers they show up all over the place
..From trees to bushes to clovers
Summer has flowers they show up in gardens
..From herbs to bushes to vines
Fall has flowers they show up every where
..Festive places to green houses to inside the kitchen
All year long flowers are aware you need them
They show up when you didn't know that plant had them
They arrive in the mail and in offices
They get cut and sit in vases and in places outside
All year long Flowers arrive to brighten your day
Once She arrived to brighten my day
Not a Plant flower, but a flower all the same

Happy Birthday Babe,
The Flower the brightens my day.



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