Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Poem for her 56

Dear Readers,

Her Hands

Hold a plate with eggs over easy
Hold me close as she sings me happy birthday
Hold me while I am near her
Hold the shopping cart as we buy picnic things
Hold the mail she just got from me

Open the love notes in the mail
Open the door to the car
Open the oven door where bread is baking
Open the side door to the deck
Open the new seed packs for the garden

Draw pictures of Boats
Draw pictures of flowers grown on boats
Draw pictures of her lips
Draw me in and hold me close
Draw on my lips as I sleep

Sooth my aching back
Sooth me to sleep after a long day gardening
Sooth me at their touch
Sooth me at all times like this
Sooth me to restful sleep in her arms

Happy Birthday Babe,



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