Thursday, December 22, 2016

forty two 12 and a hug

dear readers

iiiiii llllll uuuuuu

Turnip was in a pickle, well not a pickle jar pickle and not a
Toad toe tickle pickle, but a pickle non the less
He wanted to just jump of the pickling pickled tick tricked out car
but couldn't the mad tickler for turnips was lurking in the

bull rushes over near tickle me elbow and thristy streets

this was going to be a thistle of a throw down

then he saw her

Little miss daisy was just jaunting down the street out there for
a sunny day of full flower flaming colors and his heart was of a

ttinkling plinking and things he never thought of till he saw her

but then seeing her was all ways the best of his day

he felt that the day was brighter and chipper even if his
turnip self was in a pickle still

11 fifteen

Dear readers,

It's 11 fifteen and time for your turnip scrubber Sir!

So I ran like mad , up one sidewalk and down the other till I got
to her house. She was my best friend, she knew my secrets.

I disliked the turnip scrubber, but being a Turnip what could I do?
Little miss daisy was there, and I walked up to her and
snuggled into her petals and we were just one big pile of

seeeeeeee meeeeeeeee 2222222 uuuuuuuuuu 222222222 ditto i l u ditto

secret notes passed from turnip to daisy


The Peace of the Lord Christ to You all.


Poems for an aka # unknown

Dear Readers,

Lots can happen in 12 months.

These lines go to her, she knows her name
You the other readers do not
Hi babe,

You said you'd come back to check often
But you know me I was a bit distracted
But I posted to you a lot of things
So here is the post you have been waiting for
No I haven't gone to bed yet
Yes I will soon enough
typing and moshing
you need your sleep
I am talking to you here and
in any dreams you may have
in any song you sing
in worlds of words in your ear
whirlwind of days but looking back on it
Mails from Oct this year
whoa though those are heady things
A Kiss could
Fill the edges of reality to a fast
loving you with words
only you hear
I can barely breath at the
sudden rush of
knowing you will be reading this soon
Will call at appointed time
have already called and
gravel voiced rocked our Heart.
Love you
to dear heart aka# Unknown but #7 will fit