Friday, February 17, 2017

Poem for her 58

Dear Readers,

Violas are read and Roses eaten

There once was this Girl
The Boy saw her there
Standing by the fence
He handed her a Rose
And said
Eat it

There was this Girl once
That saw a Boy
And bounced up to him
Asked him to
Follow her
And he did

They went up a Long drive
To a house far away
And in it they
Just danced the night away
Then he told her poems
She loved them

They did all sorts of things
In those pathways
And byways
And they loved each other
Long swaying dances
Deep talks

No one knew the kites they flew
Green trees and rainbow things they wore
No one knew
How the sweet nothings flew
All about her head
Whenever she read

Violas are Blew
And of a deep hue
Then the story goes
On and on and on
She is his through and through
Cuddled long in the red glow room

Happy Birthday Babe



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