Friday, February 24, 2017

Sideways thinking

Dear Readers,

Side ways thinking, that is what this fellow could do, but today he had a problem. His car was just not as fast as it was yesterday, when he took it to the shop they said there was this part that was broken on it, well that was understandable, that is why he took it to the shop after all. But they were looking at him strangely, which wasn't all that odd, most people looked at him strangely, one way or another, he never did fit in to their expectations.

Yesterday he was there in the shop with a t-shirt on and shorts like normal, but the temperature outside was 32 degrees below Zero, and he was even sock-less in his sandals. So the stranger part was he was not acting like he was cold, when he should have been freezing in the weather. But maybe it was that the speed gauge on his car had 500 miles per hour on it, maybe that was it. He didn't rightly know which of those several things it might have been. All he knew is that his car was not as fast as it was yesterday.

Today he could barely get it past 499 miles per hour. Which just was not the speed he liked to drive at, he preferred going just over 501 miles per hour. He really had to get that windshield wiper blade fixed.


Just thought I'd write another odd short story that might have a longer tale attached to it.

Waves to Babe, over there by the Fireplace as she is roasting those marshmallows for Hot Cocoa tonight.

The Peace of Christ to you all,



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