Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What is BioWebScape Really?

Dear Readers,

Maybe a dozen new people would ask me that in a week, if I told them I owned my own company, business, had a theory or wanted to prove some point that we don't need to be starving in a world full of plenty.

God tells people in that Book you might have heard about that he provides for the birds of the air, why wouldn't he provide for his children, those creatures it says he made in his own image, Now he gave us male and female bodies, but if the image is of God, what does that mean really? Well If I take a hunk of paper and put it in a xerox machine I get an image of it carbon copied, as the old saying goes because I had another hunk of paper with carbon black on it to print another copy with, remember those things called typewriters and putting two pieces of paper together to make copies of something you needed and you typed real slow to make sure you made no mistakes. Never mind all you kids that never had a typewriter below your thumbs and had to learn where the keys were and which App that was for.

The image we are made into is that of a loving parent. Not one of a certain race or color or tribal mixture or hair color or things like that, but a loving parent. A bird that makes sure it's young are clued into where the water pools are and what to eat, like here child, this bug is good, or this seed is good, and don't eat that newspaper, but use it to make a nest with. Jesus is always talking about the birds and the plants, the crops in the ground that well the birds and the animals and the wind and the water spread about to grow here or there.

I have a friend who did not get much money from the US gov't for her being unable to work and really needing a new heart, and a bunch of other parts that don't work to well, They call it congestive heart failure, basically your heart is slowly dying and you kinda get born with the genetic predisposition. Well she took in a friend that was homeless and has been giving him aplace to stay, he pays no rent, well she pays no rent either, as I help her with that. But he was unable due to scheduling to not make it to a food stamp appointment twice...........

Well after about a week and a few days and roll over of a month, I am back to this story again, sorry for the delays, but then again you are all almost ready for the chance to see a few loose ends, tied up into a one and for all neat package, but sooooo sorry the freench man says,


the man stand's at his, desk

The other man just sorta shows up, ans-if-by-bi-buy-bye-10-now air filled the room with a both hot and swelling fire show then the iceman walked out o fhte room filled void that hit the whole room at the same exact time, no not like other tv show, the star trek thingy, he mentioned that a long ass time ago, to the man standing there, and the other show star- wars- forever and the end of the whole bloody star-sytem when a force to be recon-d-with show-ed up and vopor-ized it just to be sure the last notes- of the liner notes were gone- when his house lucas,, no was it jobs, is dead he had said, can't quite report on that fact, his boss was a bit of a hot cold dude, sort of the guy that could walk into the area and just blend in, then if the mood struck him, rip the walls off the place with a single loud burst of something, from a high pitched, sound wave blast to a bit of beep beep or the girls that just seemed to walk right passsssssttttttteeedddd him, oh my some times, the guy who worked for the boss, was just amazed att he way women would look at him and he would sort of ignore them, or just sort of know they needed this or not, or the bloody ( pardon me father, I know how you hate the british, no that is not the reason, mother is irish, but they killed here n the fire fight that last day int he story, of the burning bridges and he had had enough of being richard Mann, he just wanted to forget the whole damn story,,,, (((((( {{{ P[[ editor's note, soooooo soorrrrry can't tell you the linkeages, to all my tales can I , but I like to hide things in the twisted turns of fast backwards masking tapes, or is that the prions killing me again,,, snickers,,, no just my desire not to share all of me just yet )))))))))))))))))))))))))) end of quote's off this mark mark ]] ppp >>>>>>>>------- zzzz

lol,,, sorry had to give george his due,, kevin you'd understand that one dude.

snick,, tear, wax on wax off,, shear ooofofoof a trip lisp...

Okay back tot he where I was last on theis trail well the boss was being swamped now as the room seemed to fill with flies, then leaches then the ticks,a nd the blood eaters and the buck's and lopins and the tigers and a few stray house cats and a big pile of dead cockroaches, he was looking at them and was a bit pissed off looking I would think and the animals, were and bit in the rush to help themselves to eating his flesh of his scars. he was looking at me with his kind eyes and tears streaming down his cheeks. and big deep sigh he said.

" they got to another one of the deep storage pockets."

and flowed out of the rooom into the Bar.


What if. the horta story of the Star Trek fame, is the only line in the story.

of a massive cover up that has been going on since before the begininng I was asking myself a question and then one day answers, started to flow to me, and then I said, what if I think once to many times.

Waht is in some quarters of the real world I am know, and the little boy, that is not just a baby still, but needs to be protected with osme hte best security the boy has ever in his life seen as he has once or twice used all most all of his powers to escape it.

What is the if factor he wondered one day,, that ws a a bit much, his non-firewall did not like that one,,,,, non none I have no firewall, O zip nil, I attempt to go nil with 7 of the 15 cards of the spades, the highest of the holy ones, the next highest only... and I like the chance to test my skill as this game of chance of faith in the power of the universe, well darn it, if I ask,,,

What if I WAS TO ASK that?

end of fine-filled-fil- line, gone to the iceroom,,, jumper jumped into the chilled off bath, liguid boiling bubbling helium,,,,, the out gasssssing was just the longest hisssssssing filled the rooomm to the pop zone.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Plant the Future Today.

Dear Readers,

Boy, Is it Hot! We are scheduled for 81, then 84, then 85 this week, with some milder temps by Friday and Saturday. Where did spring go? When was winter exactly, I think we had two brief bits of snow like stuff come down from the sky this winter and only a few days into the teens. Other regions of Arkansas had colder and more snow than we did here in Central Arkansas. The dogwoods are blooming, they know it is early summer and they have to get the buds out first then the leaves, like so many other trees, flowers first then leaves.

My plastic drink bottles with soil and seeds in them are sprouting and one set has radishes up about 3 inches. I planted another set of 6 Lipton Green Tea which my dad likes to drink the Diet version and I like the non-diet version, though I am still partial to Perrier, I have always liked fizzy water, Soda Water is better but it never seems to be in the stores I shop at, so I go for the bulk. Yeah I know 5,000 mile water, so sue me. Whoa, no not the lawyer jokes again!

At least I recycle almost everything that comes into the house, in one way shape or another. The Perrier bottles make good compost tea containers, just punch a few holes in the lid and when you need to water your household plants or the ones in your little plastic bottle gardens, you just fill with tap or rain water, wait an hour and then pour your plants a drink. I have a pet slug in a Perrier bottle with some soil and plants I feed her every week or so, I was in a mood when she ( most slugs are both gender), but need another to procreate. Which was not my goal, so I only have one, and call it a she. Maybe it is human ego centrism or something like that, or Male ego, whatever the case, she is fine I just fed her a top off a Johnson grass that I pulled out of my Iris bed.

We drink 2% milk out of half gallon jugs, as they are easier for my mom to lift and fit better in the fridge. So I have been cutting a chunk out of them directly opposite the handle taking out a part of shoulder just down from the neck and making a hole the size of the Palm of a hand ( mine is not huge even though I am 6 feet tall, but any adults hand should work as a reference on size ). I only go about 3 inches down on the side and leave about an inch and a half to the other corners. I jab a few holes in each side about 1 inch up the sides from the bottom and then fill it with potting soil, water it and check the drainage. Then I select the seeds I want to put in and carefully count out a few of each kind place them on the soil top and cover with fine peat moss. I make a little hook out of a wire clothes hanger, Using the elbow and shoulder parts as they already have a bend in them. I save the long straight length for other projects and hang the hook somewhere for still other projects. You will use about 1.25 quarts of potting soil per milk jug, and you can link the wire hangers together and hang them from things in a small hanging basket arrangement or you can hang them from just about anything you have space to hang things. I have been trying to figure out how many will hang from each other before the stresses on the top hook will be too great and cause it to bend. Heavier gauge wire the less they will bend.

I plan to have the use of as much vertical space as I can around my yard, just to see what all it will take. Being on hooks they can move to different light zones, or micro climates that you have in your yard. Not something that I can call my own idea, but something I haven't seen anyone locally do in a while. The county has a big green recycle roll around cart that a truck can pick up, so that we can recycle just about anything we want now. So that is a good thing, but I seem to be making a dent in the plastics. While others use glass bottles to build things with, as long as it stays out of the land fills and doesn't go to waste the better.

Some garden slugs might not be what you want roaming around your veggies, but be careful how you kill them, as there are chemicals out that can also kill birds and small animals. If we lived in more animal heavy yards, the cycle might not feel so broken and the slugs might not have such a field day on your plants, if other animals that eat them were present. Part of our problem has been that we drain the swamps, cause we don't want water standing around near the cities, only to realize that the area still floods and we have killed off or forced to move the animals that kept the area a living breathing balance. Getting a yard back into that balance is not an easy task and might be close to impossible without a lot of care and fore thought. Part of my whole approach has been to see where that balance is and work with it. I dislike not knowing what is going on in my yard, so I am always poking into places that people start warning kids to stop doing about the time they start walking.

I was the kid that got out of the house and was wandering down the alley, till my parents put up a fence. Then I got my foot stuck in it trying to climb over it, one of my first fear induced phobia, then their was bees when I got stung by one and got sick. Some of my fears were those of my mom I can see that looking back, I don't much like bugs, but I have had to force myself to at least not run screaming away from them, a small chill might run down me, especially if I am surprised by them. But the more you get out and see the world in your garden, the more you will see bugs, especially the more things you have growing there. Bugs aren't bad. We have issues with them, when we find them eating our plants and chewing on our toes, but generally speaking, half the time we caused some of the outbreaks of them. We changed the world we live in, and the bugs being able to move more than plants, have moved and grown to be a problem. This is my opinion, some of you will want to scream at me for being a human hater or something such like that, but oh well, there is a comment section, use it, as long as it is not vulgar I'll post it.

The going issue in the world today is, are we as humans changing our climate, and if we are can we stop the changes, and if we aren't can we stop the changes, but if we aren't then we can't stop the changes, and the debate will go on and on and on. The people that tell you that we aren't changing the world's climate, might be right, or they might just not have all the facts available. Myself I think we have always had the ability to change the world we live in. Just because God gave us the planet and told us to be happy here, which Adam and Eve didn't get the place that was prefect, they got the place outside the prefect garden. If you even believe in Adam and Eve and God, then you have to look at things from the idea that, sure God could make the place prefect again, but what did he say in that Book? Earth is not the Prefect place, Heaven is and while we live on Earth, we can screw it up even more without taking care of the place. If you don't believe the Bible or any of that God stuff, or have other things you believe in, Remember You make the place you live. You can drag all the topsoil off a hunk of land and dig for ores and things below the ground and pool the waste ground and waters right there, where you just dug them out and leave it for the ages as a scar on the landscape. But in 1,000 years look for the area to be changed from what it was made, In 10,000 years if you live that long to leave notes about the area, the scar might be a canyon, or a lake or something else. But during those years you will Have to live with what you did there. Soil erosion happens, Canyons are formed, lakes fill up and turn into seabeds of salt and minerals that form new rocks. We call this part geologic time, 10's to 100' of thousands to millions of years. Long after most people figure man will be around like we are today.

What we do with our hunks of land, will be here for years to come, we have to be careful to think before we dredge the land of all living creatures and call it parking lot. We have done it in so many places that it is not even funny looking at the wasted cities that have become ghost towns over the decades or centuries. Maybe they did not know any better and we can excuse them for it. But we are more aware of the world we live in and should be more adult than we were ages ago. We can change the way the world looks, so why not the climate too, Just because you think you are small does not mean we have not changed the course of rivers, drained whole lakes and seas and left barren rock and salt flats, Or filled in valleys full of water. We are and can change the climate, it just doesn't feel that way when you look at your own yard, unless you have been living there a long time and Have seen the big plants come and go, or seen an open pit mine, where there once was a forest. Anyone telling you that we humans can't change our world, has something else on their agenda plate that they want to sell you. God didn't make us weaklings, We might still die and have to look him in the face one day and all that, but we aren't weaklings.

Our planet is in an active stage, it bends grows and pulses as the spin of the forces of the Galaxy and stars spew things out, it is still in the active stage and for now it supports life, we should be more careful with it, as we don't have a lot of choices right now as to a place to go if we screw this one up. So take note, see where you plant the future today, and how you do things and who you talk to and what you say, even I have to listen to my own words on that account.

To everyone, May Christ's peace be to you.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Let us suppose.

Dear Readers,

Let us suppose, that a story was once written by a little kid. One dark night, which he had to make dark by covering up all the light sources in his living room, by putting things over them, he started a fictional universe up, with a simple question. That question is almost lost in my memory, I can't really get back there to remember it, though I am still today typing to you from that same living room. Long journey from there to here, but the story is still being written, It is one of my oldest friends. I have altered it in many ways, and many of my other stories, are linked to it in ways that only now all these years later see the light of the day I tried all those years to blot out, as I like the dark a lot more than most people I know. Though I do see quite well in the day light and in the dark, more so than I see fine print, then I have to use a glass of some sort to see anything but the blurs of the letters, even now if I don't blink a little the starred letters of this computer screen are a bit fuzzy for a few seconds.

Let us suppose that I have been over all these years been given insight into things that others have not been given, or that other's have been given, but just might not see the same way that I do, but then again, other's have always been given gifts, we just don't notice them till later.

Let us suppose that all we read is true, to a point, but slightly twisted to a point, that fictions, are fact and facts are a bit fictional too.

Let us suppose that this is meant to be, so that our minds can wrap a rap that can't be seen in the light of day, but must me dreamed of in the dark of night.

Let us suppose.

We are made in god's image.

We are and always shall be like him.

Later I will write a fictional tale along the lines of the ones I thought of earlier, before I got to suppose this to you today.

God's Peace to you, as it shall and always has passed all understanding,

Friday, March 09, 2012

Water almost everywhere and no place to put it.

Dear Readers,

It rained a lot yesterday here in central Arkansas, more rain than I could find a place to put it. I have six 55 gallon barrels filled, two 35 gallon barrels filled and over a dozen containers all over 5 gallons filled, some with over 18 gallons of water in them stretching their seams. A US Gallon has 231 cubic inches in it. Dividing that by 144 Square Inches gives you the depth a gallon will cover a Square foot of land, everything else is just plugging in those figures to get what you need for a year's worth of watering needs, or at least to cover the dry spells.

Last year we hit over 4 weeks without any rain what so ever, Drought hit more places than the year before in the USA, and world wide more still. There are people that devote years to plan water harvesting plans, and several big names in the field are out there, off hand I know of them, but not their names exactly. I have always been aware of the need for water, as my parents grew up with needing it and at times having to go to great lengths to get it. My mom is short and small, but hearing about her carrying two buckets of wash water up hill several times on wash day, because their well had been dry for a while ( due to someone one lower on the hill drilling into their water source. ) You start planning for all sorts of issues when you learn these things as a young person.

I have always wanted to go off of city water, though I have not planned on the bathroom or the laundry doing that yet, as it is not my house, I still think about it, and in all the plans I have done of homes, they were not connected to city water unless they were in apartment buildings or city spaces. Even then the idea of getting water from the sky or springs or creeks as your sole water source was in the back of my mind.

An inch of rain, on a roof 10 feet by 20 feet gives you 124 gallons of water, or there abouts. That is a small shed like structure or the side of a small house or barn roof. One good rain storm and a few more hunks of roof gathering water and you get a lot of water in a few hours of time. Storage and retrieval and piping and all that is the big issue after the gathering.

In our case, the one set of collection barrels, have a outflow valve on the bottom, and we can transfer by bucket or a hand water pump. Good exercise if you want it, literally free weights, just gallons of buckets and lifting and pouring, or pumping water handles. I still lament that our water gathered won't last a long dry summer, it didn't last year, but where to get more space to fill up with all this cool rain. More barrels, a pond, Hydroponic tanks, all seem to be in the plans, all are a few months away too, unless I hand dig one of the ponds and line it with something to hold n the water and make it into an ecosystem and go from there to other plans.

I have been making small planters out of bottles that soda or tea came in first. Trying to figure out which of many designs works better in the places to hang lots of them. You can make some neat gifts for home or office with almost any bottle and some potting soil and a few plants or seeds, watering with compost tea, or other mineral filled water sources along with tap water or rain water. I like edible plants along with green non-edible ones, so I mix an match for whatever the thought needed. When the weather gets warmer I will have to remind myself to shade the containers a bit to cut down on over heating.

The list goes on and on, rainy days are good for thinking and planting things inside, but then you seem to run out of supplies, only to be reminded that the whole world is full of them. Supplies and Ideas.

The peace of the Lord to you all, and rain not drought.