Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The war of the world

Dear Friends,

the war has started if you have not gathered yet.

the debates are all iffy and just plain fun to do but they are meaningless prattle.

The end is near sayth the Lord of Hosts.

there are just not that many days left till the end of the world comes for a lot of us

my parents are old and forgetful

unless it is the things that they known how to do from the start

helping people like my ex-wife

helping little danny

helping me get some rest for the first time in weeks, ability was suffering greatly

I AAM the GEAT see whgat i mean

I AM the GREAT IAM sayth the LORD of HOsts

Charles Edward Owens Jr.
Comment please

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


The RNA and DNA and the genes X and Y with God's Z gene thrown into the mix. Or is that How Rachel would be the first and last of her kind unless I can solve the procreation mix up.

That is the Line I told Richard about 14 days into him knowing that Rachel was His beloved and alive and well. Total AI and Total Human, if we could figure out children.

The above is a set of thought puzzles I have been working on to get the Rachel put to the test and get past the road block of science that I sometimes hit When I am writing.

Then I go and set myself up as a presidental Candidate, and my mind gets a bit overloaded.

Or is it 3:34 Am and I am finally awake enough to type.

LEt me know if you like anything.

Clay jars and Vulcan

Do not put the Lord thy God to the test.

But put everything else to the Test.

Test me.
Text me.
Tease Me.
Please Me.

Call Me.

God has my Cell Phone Number, I have HIS, Let me know we can talk and work out your problems.

Still Running for Prez, 2008, Free Right Now party.