Monday, February 20, 2017

Poem for her 61

Dear Readers,

Your Every Second

I Love that sound you make when you drift off to sleep
.......Listening to me tell you something sweet

I Love the sighs you give when you just got
.......Hot tea in a mug after doing art

I Love the seconds I get to spend with you on
......Monday morning doing something cool

I Love the seconds and minutes and hours of all
.......The days we spend in and around the cabin

I Love holding your hand every time I see you
......even if you only left the room for two minutes

I Love your laugh at something funny I said and then
......Love you laughing more at the aside spoken

I Love your every Second of time I get to spend
......In your loving embrace cuddled close humming a tune

I Love being your ideal puzzle partner for all the
......Things we do together in all the ways they happen

I Love every second I have of your presence in my
......Life and world and universe and forever

Happy Birthday Babe,



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