Thursday, February 23, 2017

Poem for her 66

Dear Readers,

Route 66

There was this road trip I was going to be on
I would be driving down Route xyz in that state
Through another state, into a further state and
Then right before falling off the edge
Stop at a city
Then I was going to
Oh Wow
Yes I am here
Big kiss
Long kiss
Longer kiss
How you been
Yeah I know
This isn't a one sided conversation you are listening too
But I was going, might have gone already, will have gone
All depending on whom you are, when you read this
Route 66 is this poem's title but spurred as if you don't know
By the number of the poem to her series number and
Traveling the highways and byways of the planet to go places
And how far I'd go to get to where I wanted to go
So have fun folks
As I will be having fun
With Her all the rest of my lifetime

Happy Birthday Babe,



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