Monday, February 13, 2017

Poem for her 53

Dear Readers,

The Trip

Once I had to go on a trip
I was a bit displeased that I had to be alone
I wanted Her
I wanted to hug her, kiss her
Cuddle the days away with her
But one day I had to go on a trip
I talked to her a lot before I left
I wanted to get as much extra out
Of every minute I had of her presence
That first day was a bit hard
Driving alone for the first time in ages
But we talked every little while
Always talking at every stop I made
Planning to stop just to talk
When the phone call times got added
Together we were on the phone
Almost six hours
Trips are hard to make alone
So always take your phone with you
So you can talk and talk and talk
To the One you love and by talking
Make any trip so much better
I love Her, more and more every day
Trip or no Trip, Just Her all the time.

Happy Birthday Babe
Kisses his Left Hand



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