Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Poem for her 32

Dear Readers,

The Doorway

There was this doorway it is said
It leads to wondrous things
It does
The doorway leads to her
She knows who she is
Hello there
How are you today
The doorway is too whichever room
She is in at the time I go through it
The doorway
That leads to her
Leads to wondrous things

Happy Birthday Babe,


Monday, January 30, 2017

Poem for her 31

Dear Readers,

All I want to do

Is hug her close
Is hold her hand
Is see her in the kitchen next to me
Is talk to her the day away
Is watch her sing a song we like
Is kiss her hand
Is watch her draw
Is see her look out at the snow
Is see her smile
Is be there when she turns 77
Is hold her close
Is kiss her for hours
Is be hers forever and always

Happy Birthday Babe,
Is............93 million other things too


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Poem for her 30

Dear Readers,

Sunday Mornings in the Rain

It isn't her favorite kind of weather
But better rain than ice
We would be inside
No driving on a rainy day
Hard to do picnics too
So we'd be snuggled up talking
Or drawing on something
My back with her finger
A flower we saw recently
A story about something
Told only to her
Mornings in the rain
Turn to afternoons
Then evenings
If we can a warm fire
If not hot tea, hot soup
Staying snuggled together
Any time it rains

Happy Birthday Babe,


Saturday, January 28, 2017

Poem for her 29

Dear Readers,

Long Trips

We don't do them often, but we do take them
900 miles in a day by plane it's just a breeze
But when you want to drive it, you have take a break
So we are on pause at a small break in the road
900 miles in a day would be fun if by covered wagon
But alas even that is a dream, so we take it slow
A day with one long trip and then a rest
Then a day with one short trip and a small stay
Next time we'll just get that covered wagon to fly
But maybe we will make it shorter trips longer stays

Happy birthday Babe,


Friday, January 27, 2017

Poem for her 28

Dear Readers,

The Snow in the Woods

Someone had walked in the snow in the Woods
Right there, the foot prints led from the
Cabin's front porch out to a covered wood pile
Then back into the cabin they went
But when you looked carefully at the foot prints
You saw that they were bare feet, no not bears
It was the first snow fall of the year
He liked to walk in the freshly fallen snow
She liked to just look out at it and stay inside
He went to get some wood for the fireplace
But they didn't really need it
The Cabin was heavily stocked with warm dry wood
Going to the wood pile was just the excuse he used
To walk in the snow in the woods

Happy Birthday Babe,


Poem for her 27

Dear Readers,

We will be on vacation so the poem for her series might have some days of gaps but I will Make sure they get filled back in and get back in line, while today's post is humorous in leanings.

Kinda Sorta

It all started kinda sorta for unknown reasons
But there it was that little two word phrase
Just sitting there in a conversation about something
Kinda sorta laughed about it the second or third time
But noticed it more and more, and now it's a sorta joke
Thoughts are odd, I kinda sorta never used it much
As a method of mentioning vague things, it likely will
Drift off the edge of my lexicon over time, or not
I notice I said it, by her little laugh that I did use it
Then I forget why I used it, cause when she laughs I stop
To listen to the sound of her laughter, bathing in its Glow
Her laughter is a sweet sound something that I love
Now that I know this phrase makes her smile
I kinda sorta don't want it to drift off my mental radar
So off to a short little thought poem about two words
That mean Sorta Kinda the same thing either way you say them
I Love you Babe, thanks for all the laughter and joy you bring
To our togetherness in all the things you do for me.

Happy Birthday Babe,


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Poem for her 26

Dear Readers,

Road Trips

We wanted to see the states, so off we went
Road trips, to and fore, stay here a while
Go there a while, off to the wild blue yonder
Drive a bit, stay a bit, walk a bit, picnic a lot
Camping in nice bed and breakfasts around the places
People would ask, Are you folks on vacation?
Just traveling the by ways and roads of the nation
We didn't do it all in one year, just a bit here and there
Snap shots of this and that and scrap book of the places
This is a life long project, sunny times different climes
Never long trips back roads up and down, places to go
Still live at odd places over the years this house
Or the cabin in the woods, the boat we liked so much
Road trips, life long projects, history not yet written
Thought about, wished for, planned for, see us on the way.

Happy Birthday Babe,


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Poem for her 25

Dear Readers,

Food For Thought

We go to cheese and wine tastings in the fall
We go on picnics where ever we find ourselves
We eat soup out of the same bowl sharing it
We cook as many meals together as we can

Food is the topic that might be talked about more
Than movies we watch, or books we like
Food is something that is good shared in all it's ways
Shopping for items, growing the herbs to make the meals

How many recipes will be created by the two of us
How many memories of a shared food or meal or new taste
I have only a vague notion that the list will be long
Breakfast in bed, only a few midnight snacks but all
Food for thought as we go along day by day
Food for thought as we share a life long love together

Happy Birthday Babe,


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Poem for her 24

Dear Readers,

The Scrap Book

This old book has many pages filled with things
Pictures of an old shirt,
Pictures of her hand near a moss they both grew
Pictures of feet in streams
No pictures of faces unless of other people
Their pictures weren't in this scrap book
Oft times people would ask, why not.
They'd just smile and say not much of anything
But then they'd point out the picture of the eggs on a plate
And the next one of her hand with spoon and the eggs
It was a full book but it was labeled with a year or so
And it had it's place on a shelf, with it's friends
Other scrap books with things in them, from cut out stamps
To comics and love notes they'd saved written on napkins
They saved a lifetime of bits of things, lots and lots
Of pictures of her hands were in them, and love notes
Lots of love notes, his to her, and hers to him
They loved collecting bits of things to show Love Together
In their Scrap Books many more on the way Together

Happy Birthday Babe


Monday, January 23, 2017

Poem for her 23

Dear Readers,


The Cabin had a shower built for two
The Boat at the slip had a shower built for two
The House in town had a shower built for two
Hand in hand through life built for two
You drive or I drive depending on the time of day
Life built for two to enjoy the simple things
The kitchen large enough for two to cook in
We walk on pathways wide enough for Two side by side
His and her things togetherness a key
The Cabin had a shower built for two
And an endless hot water supply so two could enjoy
Togetherness is two together

Happy Birthday Babe,


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Poem for her 22

Dear Readers,

Woodland Walk

It was fall the trees were starting to turn
She loved this season, He liked it too any time
With her was a time to be spent walking, or talking
Hiking or biking on their tandem Trike together
The woodland path was in this city they were in today
Tomorrow it might be a new city, or town they were
Just spending the fall of the year walking and talking
Over a log bridge, under a limb over hang through a glade
They spent lots of time walking in woodlands
If it was spring they'd be out in these places too
But today it was fall and the season she loved
He took photos of her hands next to leaves
He took photos of her hands next to moss on trees
He'd save them in his books of photos of her hands
He liked their woodland walks and photos of her hands
Hands he loved to hold, hands he loved to kiss
Hands he loved from the day they met face to face
Her hands held on their woodland walk this fall day.

Happy Birthday babe,


Saturday, January 21, 2017

Poem for her 21

Dear Readers,

Dreaming of a Log Cabin

Her face was blushed with the winter air, clouds of breath out
Her hair spilled out around her hood jacket a big smile on her face
The Log cabin was there in the clearing by the stream just downhill
She had been helping in it's drawing of it, and planning of it
While others did most of the work, as we were a bit to busy for it all
We had dreamed of the log cabin for a while, seeing ones like it
Sketching out plans and things to have in it, and here it was
Dreams come true, Our very first cabin all ours, Inside
Warm floors, even though it had a basement, warm rooms
Walls with art work on them, Ours and other people's
Rugs and things on the wood floors to keep the mild drafts away
Big long low seating area in front of a large fire place
All Specially made so that the fire heat the room with its smoke
Rock walls and wooden beams, all selected to be part of Home
Her touches all over the place and their love seen throughout
Her face blushed as he gave her a long long kiss, welcome home.

Happy Birthday babe,

Friday, January 20, 2017

Poem for her 20

Dear Readers,

Her Hands

Her hands are young looking for someone her age
Her hands are soft and tender for what she has done
Her hands hold me tight when I am sad
Her hands brush my hair when we both shower
Her hands massage my back after a long days work
Her hands cook me breakfast in bed sometimes
Her hands get massages themselves every time I hold them
Her hands tell me to shh when I am disquieted by things
Her hands draw each other or her lips all the time
Her hands hold the book she is reading to me
Her hands hold her pillow when she sleeps
Her hands are her holding me as I type

Happy birthday babe,


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Poem for her 19

Dear Readers,

The Night

Waiting for her to come home after the Gym
The night is empty, though the house smells of her
Her pillows on the bed whisper to each other about her
I am sitting writing or drawing to while away the time

Waiting for her to arrive home from a trip
The day is empty, though the house smells of her
Her pillows and me whisper to each other
About how we miss her, cuddling us telling us things

Waiting for her to show up at the table
The Minutes seem dull without her near me there
Her purse on her chair and I have a few talk of her
About the Night we met her and started Forever

Happy Birthday babe,


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Poem for her 18

Dear Readers,

Eggs in the morning

She likes Eggs, but so do I, how many ways let me count
She likes breakfast in bed, How many ways let me count
She likes Soup shared from the same bowl one spoon Our hands
She likes to cook, I like to cook, we like to cook together
She likes to make bread, I like to make bread, we cook together
She likes to draw I like to tell stories, she draws my words
She likes to sing I like to make words sound and we do songs
She likes to walk I like to walk hardly a day gone without walks
She likes and I love to do things with her by my side
She likes and I love her day and night and eggs in the Morning

Happy birthday babe.


Poem for her 17

Dear Readers,

The Cat and The Pillow

The Cat looked at the Pillow
The Pillow looked at the Cat
The Cat mewwed and the Pillow sighed
The Cat was happy, and the Pillow was happy
They lived in the same house
The Pillow was new to the House
But so was the Cat new to the House
The House welcomed them both in
The House was old and had been there a while
The Pillow asked in a soft voice
Where were they today?
The Cat said in a purrr
They are on a picnic
The House Sighed, and said
In the back yard under the Big Oak
The Big Oak was having a great time
Shading the Couple and their picnic blanket

Happy Birthday Babe,


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Poem for her 16

Dear Readers,


Late at night when you can't keep your eyes open
Words spoken to you, allow you to keep on driving

Early in the morning when you wake with that headache
Words spoken to you, help make the pain go away

Late in the afternoon when nothing you try to fix works
Words spoken to you, let you know the job can wait

When you can't seem to get any rest for whatever reason
Words spoken to you, calm you and relax you and sleep arrives

Days go by tick tock of the clock and you wonder
Words spoken to you, make it all seem better

Late at night when you can't keep your eyes open
Words spoken to you, Let you know, it's time to sleep

Early in the morning when you want and can taste
Words spoken to you, calm your need to hear words spoken

Happy Birthday babe

The Dream Shop and Penny

Dear Readers,

If you delve into my blog deep enough you will stumble on a Huge vast array of story ideas, and things. There are a lot of things in my blog, some of them just a bit scary, just a bit odd, and just a bit crazy. There are things more than enough Scary, Odd and Crazy as all get out, in here too. Some times I am the one realizing I was free writing while Manic,, Super Manic and just Whoa! dude are you for real... Laughs. So without much further ado, I will open yet another layer of story lines, it is part of another vast epic, but it is sorta a kinda stand alone story that might or might not last 89 years and six years of your time.


He sat there drinking coffee. Then he looked up as the door opened and the person walked into his shop, which was more like an office and less like a shop, but here they stood.

He did not say a word. Normally he just let them say things, but this person was looking a bit more lost than normal. He thought for a bit longer, still not saying anything.

You see He was here in his office, but he was not here in his office or his shop. He was in a place called Dream.

You never knew who would walk in the door. Mainly due to the fact that this office was also in the place called Awake.

For lack of a better explanation Awake and Dream are in the same exact place. An odd landscape where He lived, where his office was, where his bar was, where all the hotels he owned were and where just about all his existence was located at, both the dream and the awake world.

He finally took the clue that he needed to ask them, whomever they were, what was up, as he never really knew the events happening around him, while he was at work. Seeing also that he Never slept much himself, he was always at work. He had two modes, Asleep, or at work. Fatigue would hit him like a ton of bricks and he'd go lay down, and would sleep, then awaken and then be at work again. The bad part of this was he never could figure out why he got tired in the first place, and that the sleep was never long, it was an odd existence.

"Hello, can I help you?" He said, his voice was soft. Then he sipped his coffee, cream sugar coffee, sort of in that order, so less coffee than sugar and cream. Then he realized the person there was a female. Which meant this was most likely a dreamer.

"It is okay. This is not a nightmare." It was always true. Females never had nightmares if they arrived at his shop/ office. But why they arrived here, was never the same reason. He was a little concerned. So instead of saying anything more to her he did say this to the room in general.


Five of them arrived, which to him meant this female in his office was special. One on either side behind the Lady, one more set in front of her but further apart, and then one to his left looking at the other four and the lady and him at his desk all at once.

He looked to Penny and said.

"Five of you means she is more special than normal. She hasn't spoken, but then you know that. So what is up about her?" He asks Penny. But lest you think differently, they were all Penny, only one Penny, Lots of different ones too. If you asked for Penny, one to millions could show up, yes millions, it had happened a time or two and he was never sure how many penny would show up, just that they would, as soon as you said "Penny". Though they could show up without asking for them too, but usually that happened and he kind of knew they would before they did that as well. But they always showed up when said their name.

Penny the one to his left said something in a musically sounding voice, that today was in a language that only he and they knew, or rather one of those languages, as there were many of those languages out there, in the conversations he had with Penny.

Penny talked for a while. He nodded, and spoke back to Penny but this time in American English.


Sorry, My story line is over with there for a while, Got to leave you hanging again.

Yours in Christ's peace

Monday, January 16, 2017

Poem for her 15

Dear Readers,

Lovely day in the park, things always look better with the sun shining and the Picnic table set up, ready for people.

Picnic With the Ants

4,000 ants were there at that table area.
It had been theirs for decades, over the years
Ant groups coming and going, clubs, dances
The whole scope of Ant life in the Park at
The Table, Their table, Their universe

Then one day this couple showed up
The Ants got ready for bug sprays and things
But then something strange happened
Right next to the hill entrance
A moistened Sugar cube was set down.

Then some other morsel
and then another and all around the Hill
Entrance was places all sorts of goodies
And the couple went about having a picnic
At the Table and most of the ants never left the feast

But a few scouts that had to know
Went to look at the couple of Humans
They were laughing and smiling and
Feeding each other out of a Soup bowl
Only one spoon, her on his knee

But set around the table was all kinds
Of food and several bottles and even water
And a soda and what looked like a thermos
Of hot tea, the ant scouts told the Hill later
It was hot mint tea, and Icewine in the bottle
Even caviar, and crackers a feast
The ant colony made this a Holly Day

A week later the Holly Couple was back
And all the Ants, came out to clap and then
To eat the tasty morsels the Couple sat down for them
Ant lore has it, that for years and
Years the same couple made this table theirs.
But ant rumor has it, that other parks
In other cities, have the same
Couple doing the same things
Just on different days
Always having fun, and sharing with the Ants.

Happy Birthday babe

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Poem for her 14

Dear Readers,

Sometimes you just need two birthday's in a day.

Jungle Cats

He breathed in a long harsh like Pant
His mate was near by but off hunting
He panted for her as he would always
Smelling her scent in the air
Tasting the Jungle Air and misty darkness
He was panting in Long Loud breathes

There was movement off to his left flank
She was bringing in the kill
A feral hog, large and meaty
The feast was long and tasty
He breathed in a long harsh like Pant
She breathed in a long fluttering Pant

They murring the night away
Tangled in each other in the den
At the edge of the Jungle
Breathing in Long Harsh Like Pants

Happy Birthday babe


Poem for her 13

Dear Readers,

Hello there folks, today is the 15th of the month and it is an ubber dupper special day.

It's Today.

Then again so way two days ago, and so will 5 days hence. so......


Today was the longest day yet
Though yesterday was also pretty long
And that Tuesday four weeks ago was long as well
But each and every one of them were just Plain
So yet again Today was the longest day yet
But she was with me and that meant
Today being the longest day yet
Was deep breath special
She lay there beside me breathing deep
I had been telling her a tale of some sort
And there, she lay, sleeping, lightly making
Sounds of that weather change in her throat
Today was the longest day yet
And I was enjoying every long inhale and exhale of it
I wanted to sleep myself, but it was a while still
Just a little while still before I would
Sleep beside her and not think of anything
More than her, as soon as I typed this next line

Happy Birthday Babe,


Home again, Home again safe safe

Dear Readers,

To many things to continue in my blog, but would like to do a bit of this and a bit of that, to mix and match, But really need to get the safe safe, story into it's thought of final bit, at least for a while, So here is a short slice of the story thus far, and continued.


They arrived.

The place was a big huge cavern of a room with lights streaming into it.
But dark inside, mostly.

The Safe Safe gave off a faint Blue Glow. They were standing near it, hand in hand still.

Charles thought, this is a strange place.

Then the familiar red shift glow is also there.

TM walked toward them. He was both old and young, tall and short, fat and thin, and never seemed to stay in one form for longer than a few winks of your eyes, but whenever he arrived, the World would shift Red and your day would change and your own outside time would stop.

"I see you got it back. Not that I care much But... ( he uses another language that only the 3 of us know, to tell her how much he is disappointed in her ( which makes me want to kill him, but I can't and Know I Can't, though I have tried a few times in the last 100 billion years) but that We both disappoint him) I can't stop you often. And that Damnable Black box! "

He says as he goes over to it,,and rages at it, but his hands and fist pass through it, as if it is not there. But then he starts to scream and backs off, his hands glowing blue and he screams still and shakes his hands till they stop glowing blue.

"I'll be waiting!" He intones and then is gone from the room and the Red Shift with him.


A short very short introduction of TM. Story will continue later.

May you have Christ's Peace.


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Another series continues with notes first

Dear Readers,

A story that I have had in my head for almost as long as the figures in "The Safe Safe" world, is the Richard Mann story. It is about a Gentleman Thief and his history and events around his parent's origins and death and love and just generally a good mystery all wrapped up over time.

I have written parts of it here abouts in here somewhere and I will go hunt for you later to find them or at least let you know which year to look through. Smiles. people have honestly read through the whole blog in even the odd places where I am more manic and it's even hard for me to read, without a huge gulp of air, for what I posted. But it is a blog, all my bits are in it, and some of them while a bit odd and strange were windows to my thinking and I would like to go back and hunt for any tidbits that were lost in the storms or other things. I hardly post here if I am depressed, so It is either Normal, slightly depressed, giddy, happy happy, overly happy and giddy, or full blown Hey there, slow down you are scaring the manic people too.

As I have stated before in these pages, I did at one time have titles, outlines, and ending bits all written down for the Richard Mann series, those notes, might or might not be around. If they are around, they won't be easy to find, as I have moved 3 times since then and it's been 20 years. Whoa, well almost 20 years for the notes, the story is pushing 30 plus years. So as I was discussing with My Babe, I should just face facts and think about recreating the thoughts and just not worrying about what was once a great set of titles and such and remember I am still a creative person and I can rebuild it all.

Goes and gets the drafting paper out and draws up plans for a boat, to have fun at sea on. Sort of like the boat that the Mann's had in their story line, but better.

So you don't think I am letting you hang yet again I will throw out a tidbit of a story section or information about Richard and his story.


The Man known to some as Uncle Carlos, sat in his office chair. It was a huge office and a huge chair and a huge man who sat in it. People didn't comment on his size very often at least in his hearing, most of non-family or friends of his were afraid of him, and the power he seemed to have. His family loved him and might at times joke with him about his girth and jolly attitude but few of them really cared to pick on him about it. The younger set loved to call him Saint Nickel as he was also fond of Nickels the US coin. Though he himself never wore Red of any shade, or on anything or bit of clothing or even pins or flowers on his lapel. There were red things in his office and flowers on his desk, even several office chairs were red leather or red fabrics and patterns. He actually didn't mind red as a color, but being his size wearing red was not something he'd ever do again, that long ago taunting as a child. Had made a lasting impression on him.

His friends were his friends for various reasons but again they didn't much joke about his girth either. Mainly because he did it himself in an odd habit, sort of a way to get ahead of the people thinking about it, and to toughen himself up a bit. He had always disliked bullies, so one of his life's goals had been to seek them out, and correct them on that bad habit. That was one reason people saw him to be powerful, the other reason was that he was powerful, and he displayed that power in his methods and doings.

His fingers were on his desk Blotter, and he was tapping out an odd tune. When there was a knock at his door.

His Son was there at the door, crying.


It is a look at what was going on just before the news of the call from Richard Mann arrived.

The Richard Mann story was the beginning of this blog,, laughs, even I didn't remember than one. So go back to 2006 and you get bits of it.

Yours in Christ's Peace


Poem for her 12

Dear Readers,

Boat at Sea

The waves lapped at the hull that morning
The storm out on the water was far off
The Lee of the island was safe harbor
The boat rocked ever so gently but
The boat was ours held in place by moorings
The back deck was filled with soft pillows
The scene was set and relaxed

The rain came that afternoon
But the water from the sky never soaked us
We were inside by then and drinking tea
Hot and had some edibles from the galley
We had been up top just minutes before
Our hair still filled with the salt air
Our boat was out at sea

The waves lapped at the hull that evening
A bit more fluid and rocked us a bit more
We are two lovers on a Boat at Sea
We see the stars peeking in and out of
Storm clouds just now breaking up in the sky
The cabin is full of pillows and there we are
Two lovers on them and enjoying our Boat at Sea

Happy Birthday babe,


Potatoes, toads, and a Dead Mann

Dear Readers,

I have tales about toads and tow trucks. Potato romances. And this Dead Guy called Richard Mann, who is still stuck in that Florida town, wondering who the keys belong too (yes there was a reason they were in the story, but I can throw twists into my own thinking at times).

Then there is the non-fiction ideas like "BioWebScape Design Project" and some other things lurking around the edges.

So plenty of things to keep people entertained with even if only here for one thing, like frogs.

Though right now I am wondering why some website I deal with is being a bear about it's handling of leap years or leap seconds or something. But it isn't the 14th of Jan, it is the 13th and it is supposed to be paid up till the 14th of Jan 2017, but just about an hour ago or so it acts like it is not paid up. Arghhsss... deep breath she would say. Let it out slowly.

Heh, sucks the air in,,, Holds for 2 mins,,, lets it out slowly,, Hey maybe I need to get back into that trick. Holding my breath for 2 mins at a time do a David Blaine. Whom I did not know about when I held my breath for 2 minutes and 45 seconds that one night long ago. Yeah well he was alive, just a kid at the time though. Likely the stirrings of why and how he'd be doing what he does now was there. As the stirrings for all of us are a life long thing, stirred and sloshed about from youth to 99.4 years old, where upon you stop learning things and sit back to enjoy your first cup of Tea ever.... oh,, that was a bit of fiction,,, hunt my notes again.. Blaine Davad,, holding breath doing odd stunts,, ah yes.. that train of thought.

Well I still need to learn to give the internet companies a bit of slack for things. They aren't prefect they are run by humans mostly, though programs do odd things at times, those were made by human hands and heads and as well also have faults sorta built into the process. I was a programer Once ages ago, things just happen that you had no Idea would.

Then I go back to where I was and there she is standing in the doorway and I stop this post. Now back in the early morning hours to finally finish it. Lots more odd writings and musings headed your way later.

Yours in Christ's Peace.


Friday, January 13, 2017

Poem for her 11

Dear Readers,

Waiting by the Gym Door

She was running full tilt and then she stopped
Did several odd things but those were through the air
Then she hit the pad and stopped again
She turned to look toward the Door
But no one was there
Again she breathed and ran the other direction
Full tilt again and then she stopped
This time she flew through the air in an arc
Landing in a pile of soft cubes
Getting to the surface she again looked to the Door
But no one was there
She climbed out of the pit of fluffy cubes
Took a deep breath and ran full tilt in yet another path
Then she stopped and the flight through the air
Was into his arms
He was at the Other gym Door

For Her Birthday,
Love you babe.


Poem for her 10

Dear Readers,

Thoughts at Six Am

Two hands held together
Two heated heart beats close to each other
Two smiles at the light in the window
Two soft words
Two sounds
Two hands held together moving
Two words
Two thoughts
Two soft intakes at the same breath
Two lips touch two lips
Two thoughts at six am
Two hands held together
Two soft words repeated
Two repeated
Two thoughts spoken
Two smiles at the ideas
Two soft breaths
Two hearts beating
Two hands held together
Two hands
Two thoughts at seven pm

Happy Birthday babe.


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Safe Safe home at last.

Dear Readers,

A few days ago I was thinking of the story that you have been reading off and on called "The Safe Safe". It is a long tale really, in my head I have worked on it for several years, so there is a lot of it floating in and out of memory. The pacing or the from of reference "first person, second person, etc, etc, etc or the polished styling, are not going to be the same. I just don't write as a "professional" Didn't want to have to stumble through all those bells and whistles, so any of you new readers that thought this place might be that way, bows, No. But I do try to be less manic when I write, heh, can't promise you anything there either. Sees the youth in the 3rd row back in class holding up signs reading " story please " and " Just the story , no lecture " and waves to them, and asks "Who let you people in?" and Laughs. Okay story time.


He was home. It was a vast Island chain off the beaten path in the South Atlantic It had never been explored because any ship that was not under his control was lost at sea, or turned back due weather events. In the Modern era the same held sway till finally the Island was sighted from Orbit but even then the vast array of islands and the size of them was obscured. The plane ride had only taken about an hour, but the distance traveled would not have been possible for anyone else without in air refueling. Not to mention the speed of going nearly a third of the distance around the earth. It was easy to land the Plane. When taking off where others could see it, it taxied and then did a run and up it went. But if it was not in public view, it just landed vertical and was done with the Hiding it's real capabilities.

With the plane parked near it's hanger and steady in the afternoon sunshine. The back ramp opened and Quasimodo drove the Limo out of the plane and the stairs at the side were lowered to the Ground. No need for a ground crew to roll stairs up, the plane had it's own exit ramps and stairs on board.

Joey was first out of gangway and down the stairs, he had some things to get to, and was still a bit out of sorts from the day's ordeal.

I looked out of the doorway of the plane and smelled the fresh sea air that blew this far inland at this section of the main Island. I turned back to her, and said something in our private language, and she smiled. I went down the steps and was waiting for her as she skipped down the stairs like a little girl coming home from school. And hand in hand we walked toward the beach, and where our house was.

It was a nice house, Garden all around it, but then these Islands were all filled with garden like places. Volcanic in origin but mostly engineered over time to be what I wanted them to be. Being that I have built lots of things in my years, these were built to be exactly what they are, Heaven on earth. I let her hand go and she skipped toward the front steps and twirled about her arms wide, and that happy smile on her face I had always loved so much.

We got up the steps and in the front door. Nothing is locked on the islands. There were a few people in our house already. Joshua was standing there, and so was Wendy they helped manage the islands when I was not there.

"The Safe arrived about 20 mins ago, but no one can get into the room it arrived in." Joshua said.

Wendy pointed to the kitchen doorway and the blue glow of the archway.

"I see He showed up where he likes to stay normally." I said.

I held my hand out for Her, and she took it. We both walked toward the archway. When we got there, the blue glow was hot to the touch, but we both slipped into it and through it.

Outside in the rest of the House they heard a loud Pop and Crackle, as we and the blue glow and the Safe, vanished.

She and I were together at last.


No that is not the end... but it is a good stopping place for right now.

Yours in Christ's Peace.

Poem for her 9

Dear Readers,

Warmest regards all you folks out there in the rest of the world. Whatever the news of the day is going on, it is going on, so be it. Today is another slice of Heaven for me.


Her arm was holding the phone, it had been doing that for a while.
He asked her if the call was important, she smiled, Of course.
He smiled, and touched her shoulder gently to massage it.
Then he kissed her on the nose, and her brow, and smiled at her.
Her arm was holding the phone, it was still doing that, but was
More relaxed now than it had been before his touch.
He asked her if the call was important, she smiled, Of course.
He walked over to the mirror and looked into it, seeing her there.
In the reflection, Only her there on the chair, phone in hand.
He was not visible in the mirror, as the mirror could not see him.
He asked her if the call was important, she smiled, Of course.
He thought about her shoulders and rubbed them again.
He thought about her face and touched it and kissed it again.
He thought about her shoulders and her face in the mirror.
Her arm was holding the phone, it had been doing that for a while.
She thought about him there with her all the time now.
She saw her face in the mirror and him standing behind her.
His eyes looking at her over her head, his hands on her shoulders.
Her arm was holding the phone, He was there in the mirror too.
Her arm was holding the phone, his thoughts always there.
While talking to his voice on the phone.

Happy Birthday babe,


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Safe Safe, continued

Dear Readers,

As promised.


He was rather mad. But it was a bit understandable, he had been doing things in the World of the Others for a while and pushing events toward his own goals in recent years. After all he was the Prince of Ur, as in charge of things now as then. Which is to say, not much. He was still looking for all the answers to his past, and knowing that he'd been given various tasks to be aware of, but today he was a bit miffed that someone had wanted him to be kicked out of New York City, he wondered why God wanted that to happen and was just doing as it seemed he was being guided. But he wasn't miffed at God, that would be a pointless exercise in not getting anywhere. Sometimes God told you something by having other events happen to you without showing you the end results, just telling you to walk in this direction.

The Limo was entering a Private Airfield where a Lone Plane stood, with it's cargo hold vehicle ramp on the tarmac and Quasi drove up and inside. Joey was there and others. The Limo was secured, and he felt the plane moving under him. It did not take long to get airborne This Plane was nothing like any of the ones Humans had. Though it was made by human hands, these humans had been trained by Churl dan Ur, aka Charles Danner. He got out of the limo.

"Well gentlemen, do we know where the Safe is?" He asked everyone present.

"No Sir, No one does, it might be anywhere!" Joey said. He looked a bit upset. He'd never seen this happen before. It was a bit new to him. Even though Joey had been part of Charles' family for 123 years, he'd never seen an event like this happen. And that was saying a lot, as he had seen quite a few events in his time as the "right hand man" of the man of many names.

He opened his phone.

"Janet does the US Government want me for anything?"

Janet was one of 5 women that always answered the phone. Not executive assistants but more than that. The Human voices of his Empire as seen by the world at large. Call 1-xxx-Charles that toll free number that he owned, and you would get one of them, and they'd handle whatever it was you needed done. Not 10 calls an hour, but thousands of them an hour, how only five females did that, only Churl knew, and he was always laughing about it when someone asked and wouldn't tell them much more than to say God Only Knows.

"They are wondering how you made everything vanish, they did issue a Stop and Question alert, but they are still trying to find you. They hadn't put a tail on the Limo, you have escaped their net and they are seeking you in all the wrong places. Mr. Brooks is being waylaid with questions, and is in Judge Judy Ross's office right now. I have still been unable to find out whom in the halls of Power was hunting you. But they will be found soon, I have all my agents working on it." Janet said.

"Thanks." and he hung up.

"Well it is just to sit back and enjoy our trip Home." He said to them.

He went up the front steps to a large area that had seating and tables and several other people, both male and female seated and standing, watching him arrive. One of them walked over.

She was a very nice looking lady. He hadn't seen her in ages. She said something in a language only the two of them understood.

He held her left hand to his lips and kissed it, back and front. It had been a long time.

He said this to her, in the that same language, but you hear it in english here so you may know what was said.

"TM seems to be playing his old tricks again. It is good to see you babe, I have missed you all these years in this timeline. That you are here, means the Safe is at our house. And nothing is as it seems. We will meet again, but in a sideways fashion. Everyone else but us, won't know of these events, as they aren't in the real timeline, but this alternate history. I do wish TM would stop this game of his. But it is nice to see you. A billion years is a long time to wait for your wife to arrive again. But it was only Yesterday that you left."

He kisses her hand again and the plane starts to descend out of the sky toward home.


I tied into a vast array of story lines by adding some of this for you all. The Character "TM" seen mentioned here is from a story that I started in 1980 or there abouts, and Churl is of course Charles Danner's real name, also the name in my blog's url. and bits of me elsewhere. and then the Wife, is from the TM storyline a fellow Alternate Universe traveler, who I met in my stories with TM, and though we hardly appear in any of them together, we are part of the same theme in my head over the years. Heh, I hadn't thought about that till updating this section of the Safe Safe story.

Well it is not over with yet. But you have another slice of it.

Yours in Christ's Peace.

She is Awesome<3

Exit Stage Left

Dear Readers,

Whoa! There have been readers here from a lot of different places in the last 2 days. Like here and there. Grapefruit places, Here and There. Really cool Places to visit Here and There. They are on most maps. You are Here. You were There. But the best ones I know of are the ones that say (that is maps that say this) Here there be dragons. and the other phrase, There here lays the Edge.

Notice kind reader that "here there" and "there here" are just flips of the same two words, and that is just so cool! Here and There, together again. They have this great Love Relationship. Mainly because Here is inside There...... See it? Right -There plain as day.

I am fond of saying "exit stage left" I am not sure when I first started using the term, but it meant that I was going elsewhere, in either a discussion or leaving somewhere, or just saying goodbye without using the term goodbye.

I have been here and there all week long. In a great happy place, snuggled inside someone else, in their head, walking about in their thoughts. Well longer than a week, but it is sinking into my very being that I have been more happy than I have ever really been, ever.

You will find that at times you are happy, but that it doesn't seem to last long. But if you look at the happy times, and really zoom into them, you will see sparklers of what is making you happy. Those will vary over time, and distance and the here and there of our lives. But I have been happy for a while now, and one main feature of it is the "Here and There" form fitting.

In a story of mine, the place at it's center, has an "Exit Stage Left" hallway. I told Her about it the other day (Her is the one in the posts labeled Poem for her and then a #), that the hallway that exits the scene to the left is the gateway to heaven. Some forms walk in and out of there, but only some of them. But the thought of "Here and There" has a special relationship to this story and to reality too.

Here is where we are all at. We all want to be There, though. There is Heaven. But if you know Christ like you should. Here is in There. In this usage it isn't a funny story, but a good example of how things can be thought about in simple terms. Here we are, but we are also In "There" as in, "In Christ we are also Heavenly residents. Yeah I know you are reading this therefore you are in the world, but Heaven is a place and as members of the Body of Christ, we are also residents of his kingdom, so also in Heaven's foyer as it were. here inside there.

Taking one more step into a word play concept that means things to me.

He is inside Her. I am inside my babe, the Birthday Girl in my other posts. And we are inside "Here" which is inside "There" See how my mind thinks?

I would smile and say, "nod your head" smiles at personal thought.

Glad to see you in the mirror yesterday babe.

So dear readers in all your travels, be the here and there of the world around you and remember that Christ has peace that passes all understanding and he gives it to you freely.


Poem for her 8

Dear Readers,

Whoa is it morning already? Late afternoon you say? Evening? Oh! You haven't a clue either. I got you. My habit has been to, sleep when I get sleepy or stay up till I can't stay up any longer and Crash for 12 minutes and do it all over again. But that habit has limitations, especially when you aren't alone anymore (Thank You Father in Heaven (and everywhere else he is also) for the gift of "The Girl" aka Little Miss Daisy aka ............(for readers to see, God already knew her name before I met her) Thank You Father for the gift of togetherness!).

So Not being alone anymore, I sleep when she sleeps, or if she is away for any reason I might sleep part of the time she sleeps or as I can, or as I want too, depending. Last night I had things to do on a game I play, I am a leader of people so have duties, but as those duties were arriving at an already odd hour, and I was wanting to sleep a bit while she slept too, My morning is still getting up a bit.

Hope you all have been enjoying my increased volume of postings. They will continue.

Now without further ado.

Roses are Read

Roses are read, the line went in an early poem sent her way.
Violets are many colors, this wasn't it's second line but wait
There is more, and more and then over there the door moved.
Hello babe, glad you could walk in and tell me about the drawing.
Glad you had that hand drawn on the piece of paper you sent.
Happy that the drawn lips were the ones you saw in the Mirror.
Movement of time, ticking of clocks, and sticking to stretches.
That we are influencing each other as we go forward.
Roses are read, and blew, and of almost any Hue.
But you like Daisy and colors too, Fall of the Autumn year tide.
Held close to your ear, my lips tell you things that only you hear.
Poems sweet and long, verses of song, drifts of wind through hair.
You my dear, are all my thoughts, even if you are not near.
Always here, Always inside the spot you filled, Always here.
Always inside the spot you filled, Always here.

Happy Birthday Lovely face in the Mirror.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Poem for her 7

Dear Readers,

It is a long night again, so I am up thinking and playing a game, sleep is out there somewhere, but she is doing it and I am awake to protect her while she sleeps far from home/me/us/our togetherness. But I have planted seeds that grow.

The Left hand of the clock.

Most clocks have 1 to 3 hands, but some have even more.
Yes there is a clock with only 1 hand, see the ads only hours.
I planted a seed of a clock hand.
It is the Left hand of the Clock.
It holds her now.
It is always there with her, ticking along with her
Where ever she goes, tocking and not tickling,
Or not ticking and only talking with it's fingers.
Going up one side of her face or arm or just telling time.
Never a minute goes by without it there.
Always there, never gone, always at home with her.
She is just now rolling over and remembering in a dream,
Some thing I said to her once.
The Left hand of the clock checks the air to see,
If any moonlight is there, or if the sunshine is up.
The Left hand of the Clock always there,
Holding her close to me.

Happy Birthday baby,


Poem for her 6

Dear Readers,

Hi You all, greetings, blogger seems to be doing odd things with the time stamp and the days, so you might see 2 poems for her in a single day's time stamp. If that happens I will just post another the next day, she gets a lot of poems, more than just on here. But It is something special for her to have them here as well. And you all get to see them too.

That Winter's Day

Cold, long drive.
Harsh to be out past our stay at home times.
But we had a trip to take.
I sat there in the seat talking about something.
You drove.
I told you about frogs and toads or something.
You drove, it was dark, and the lights bothered you.
I sat there and held your hand from time to time.
You drove on into the night.
I told you about other things.
Things that helped you drive when it was hard for you.
I couldn't help you drive.
But I was there telling you how I loved you.
I was there making you laugh.
You drove on into the night.
But I was there talking you through
That Winter's day.

For you Babe,
Happy Birthday.


Safe Safe story continues, finally

Dear Readers,

Way back in June of 2011, you can read the tale of "the safe safe" or at least the beginnings of a story. I think somewhere else in the blog is a side chapter in the tale. I will be picking up some of the bits about the story line in this post. Though I haven't gone through my own musings and hunted for all the bits that slide around this story. Some of Mr. Danner's history is shaded with time. It was hinted at, that he is older than normal, it all ties into the other bits of story that have him in them, that span for me a few decades of time and for him lots and lots of it. But this slice is about to get another public viewing.

Author's note,, first person of the other story, might change in this section, as this story is told also from other peoples direction, and even fly on the wall looking down at tenses.


George Brooks was frustrated. They had made him wait outside the Judge's office for over an hour. Soon Mr. Danner would be calling, and he had no more answers than the last time he called.

The door to the hallway opened and Charles Danner walked into the Judge's waiting area.

George Brooks was now flustered.

"Mr. Danner, I am sorry I should have called to .." He didn't get a chance to finish.

"Jane told me you have been waiting in here, for the Judge, who is being rude, to you and to me. They are stalling, as they can't figure out how to lift the Safe Safe. I was informed just a few minutes ago, they are trying to burn the wood legs of the table the Safe Safe is on. Heh, They had best watch their own toes, the flames can't hurt that wood, nor my floor, but anyway, I am here to force the issue. "

With that said. Charles Danner walked up to the Judge's door and opened it and walked in, while several voices were telling him he couldn't do that.

The Judge an older lady, but still awake and sharp looking looked up startled and said as much as the other voices. That Mr. Danner couldn't just walk into her offices.

"Miss Ross, You have goons all over my apartment trying to take my Safe Safe from the place it lives, I am here to settle this once and for all. So Sit down and Listen to me for a minute before you call someone to crate me off. "

George Brooks was about to say something, when Mr. Danner turned to him and said.

"For the record I am acting against my lawyer's advice." Then Mr. Danner put his finger to his lips and then pointed to George.

"So here is what I want to know, if the Safe disappears can you have me arrested?"

"What do you mean disappear? You mean you would take it out of your apartment? "

" No, but If I agree to open the safe for you, my touching it when other people are in the
room as well, will cause the Safe Safe to move to a safer location. The location will not be known to me. But you can not move the Safe Safe from it's location yourselves. That is why it is what it is. A Safe Safe. I know you don't believe me. But none the less, that is the case. But if I offer to open it for you, to prove what I just said, can you or the people wanting the information out of the Safe Safe, arrest me?"

The Judge looks pained.

"No Mr Danner, they couldn't arrest you if you did not take it out the door yourself, while they were in the room with you. I don't believe that the Safe will just up and go away on it's own. But I would not leave the city if that were the case. I can not tell you who is seeking this of you. But They won't arrest you on the spot. "

"Thank you. Good day. " And with that Mr. Danner leaves the room and to the hallway and out of the building. Into a Waiting Purple Limo which has been double parked at the curb waiting for his arrival.

When he gets into the limo he opens his flip phone type cell phone and just starts speaking into it.

"Joey, The Plane, both of us will arrive drive on board and all of us will leave post haste, I had so much wanted to have the dinner date make sure she is picked up and dined tonight at the appointed time. Be there in a rush soon. "

He flips the phone closed and sits back in the seat.

"You know Quasi, I really dislike the turn of events, but if I have to move again, I guess I will, and this time, I'll just Make them pay for the events they are forcing on me to happen. Hot War. "

The man in the driver's seat was older, of some Asian looks and his hair and beard and mustache were black still. He smiled. War would be a nice change of pace, pity for the people making his Boss mad, he thought.

The car arrived in front of the apartment building, the street was pretty much blocked with all the cars clearly belonging to the FBI and the spooks, along with a large moving truck with several special looking manpowered hoists and lifts on the back of it.

Jane had mentioned that they were trying to move the Safe Safe, and had laughed herself at that effort taking place, so this was the gear to go about trying that.

Mr Danner got out of the car on his own. Walked through the fray and into the Building. There were still several people in the lobby from the time of his leaving, plus a few more. Fellow tenants of the building. It was not widely known that Mr Danner owned the building he lived in, everyone thought he was just another one of the people renting from the LandLord Company called "Pacific Depths" which was an odd name for a Apartment management service, but the rent was good and the services the company provided was some of the best in the City.

Lots of talking going on, and then a Young lady spoke to Mr Danner, his upstairs neighbor.

"They won't let me into my apartment!" She about cried at saying it. And took a few steps toward him.

"Come on Babe, we will get you up there. Just use the private stairs from my floor to yours, once we get to my floor." Mr Danner held his arm out to her as he waded through the throng of people and got to the Private elevator to his floor. Which No one knew about, as he never used it.

It looked like a panel of the wall, even had a small painting on it, but the painting was embedded in the wall, a form of decoration. The Maintenance Engineer did not even know this was a feature of the Building, in fact the Corporate Maintenance Engineers was the only people that knew this was a feature, as they were employees of Mr Danner. The switch to get the door open was in the painting, it looked just like a tree limb and when touched, the whole panel slid open and revealed a small car.

Before anyone else really knew what was happening Mr Danner and the lady were inside and the door was closing. To the shouts of the FBI folks in the lobby still.

The trip up 20 stories was rather fast this elevator only had one goal, up and down fast. He hadn't used since he had gotten back into town, not even to leave the building earlier. And hadn't thought he would coming back either, maybe as an exit, but his neighbor was a sweet young lady and it called for extra arrangements.

When the door opened just outside his apartment, there were already men waiting for them. But Mr Danner pushed past them lady in tow, and walked her over to the stairs up to her level, bid her farewell and kissed her hand. Held the stair door open and then shut it firmly and turned to the bleating voices.

"No, I didn't tell you that was there, and No you can't open it, to look inside, can't have a secret elevator that just opens when someone wants it too, now can you? Where is Mr Jones?"

He says as he again wades through men and women looking a bit lost for all their authority. Inside the apartment, he walks over to the Lone Chair and taps it on it's back fondly picks it up and sets it on top of the Round Table. Then he does something odd.

He Stands back and says rather loudly but not yelling. "Goodbye dear friends!" and uses the arch of his foot to push at the edge of the table and scoots sideways. But then the Table and the Lone Chair, are suddenly not there at all, even though you can still hear them sliding a bit, then there is a light pop and silence.

He turns to the startled looks of the people still in the room, most of them in the Safe Safe room, or in the kitchen.

"Hey What happened to them?" A man asks.

"What are you talking about? This is an empty room." Mr Danner says as he waves his arm in a sweep of the Living room. But he then walks to the wall where his hammock is, on the Kitchen side of the Living room. And he says in the same voice level as before. "Goodbye Dear Heart!"
and he pulls the hammock over, but lets go of it, as soon as it starts to move. It too is gone from the room, with a slight sounds of the chains clinking.

"Hey What are you doing!" The same man that asked before says now even louder. Almost running over to the blank space on the floor.

Mr Jones has come out of the Safe Safe Room and is frowning at Mr Danner.

"What are you doing?"

"I am not doing anything, just moving my furniture around the room."

"But it is gone!"

"Are you so sure?"

Then Mr Danner opens the door to the first Fridge and then shuts it, but says "Goodbye food!" and when the door in closed the Fridge is not there anymore. He then does the same thing to the other smaller Fridge.

"Stop touching your things!" Mr Jones says as he moves to get between Mr. Danner and the kitchen table.

"The search Warrant didn't mention that I couldn't touch things? And I am even going to Open the Safe for you, Aren't you happy?"

Of course they weren't happy. They had been trying all day to get into Safe, which failed to do like any other Safe they had ever come across. They had even put a Torch to it. That was a new experience in metals, the Safe never even got hot. But again someone had lost a set of Goggles on the top, when they laid them there, out of the way only to see them vanish as in quicksilver. So everyone was a bit on edge.

Mr Danner picked up a kitchen chair and put it on the table like they do when you are closing up for the night. One after the other till the last one. He smiled and looked between the Jelly Jar and the chair and picked up the Jelly Jar then turned the last chair up on the table top and then held the jar by it's rim and smiled.

"See you folks later!" and dropped the Jelly Jar the half an inch to the bottom of the last chair. and the whole set vanished as the Jelly Jar made the smack sound.

He turned to the still startled crowd and pushed his way to his wine rack and didn't even go far. When he said "Vamoose you bottles!" and pointed at the racks and they were not there anymore, though you heard the sound of glasses tinkling together for a brief second.

His house was almost empty now of his things. The Shelves on the wall toward the bathrooms were the only things left with anything on them and the two works of art on the walls. He just brushed past two men that seemed to bar his way. Reaching out and saying "Away you towels" and then tapping the corner of one shelf, only to have all the shelves top to bottom disappear off the wall completely gone as if they had never been there, the wall was as it had never had screw holes and brackets on it.

Mr Jones was going a bit nuts by now. This was impossible. Things just did not vanish at the word of someone, it must be stage magic.

Mr Danner touched one of the metal wall hangings and didn't say anything. But they both vanished as well.

He then walked into the Safe Safe room and said.

"Are you sure you want me to Touch My Safe now?"

But he did not wait for an answer. He just waved at the safe, and very lightly touched the top of it, and as he moved downward there was nothing there at all. All the way to the floor the room was now empty. In fact the whole apartment was now empty.

"Good bye ladies and gentleman, have fun with the new digs." And he left the room and then went on out through the front door. Several people were trying to follow him. But it was suddenly even more strange when as he went toward the place of the Now Non-secret elevator door, he too seemed to fade and was gone.

He walked out of the side of the building just down the block from the front door, as if through a doorway that wasn't visible. The Purple Limo was parked right there, and he got in and it moved away from the curb in one smooth transition.

He sighed deeply but did not say anything.


Well it wasn't exactly how I had seen it all those years ago, but this story has been on going and has other twists and turns to it. It is never over when this fellow is involved. So dear readers, You will have to wait again till I get back to the story. But I am in more of a writing mood lately Points over that way on the couch to the Lady Waves to her sitting there, watching me sit here typing. Off to other things.

May You have Christ's Peace.


Monday, January 09, 2017

Poem for her 5

Dear Readers,

To all of my many 10's of readers, welcome again to this happy birthday series of poems to my Love, whom you all don't know, and to her hugs and kisses.

The Clock Said

What almost all clocks say, tick tock, But this one had it's other voice
Hey couch, I saw that you had them sit on you for almost 3 hours and ..
No Clock, don't tell me, I know how long they sat on me.
And it was Glorious all 3 hours 19 minutes and 42.3 seconds.
But they left the house, I heard her whisper something about
No more clocks, So I think you might have been a bit Loud.
The clock did a double tick, tick tick, not a tock to be heard
Hey couch, so what did he say? I heard something about.
He said, Let us not worry about what the Clock says.
Let us go outside and build that moon dial in the dark.

For My Girl
Happy Birthday


Poem for her 4

Dear Readers,

Yes you kinda know the drill but so you know, She is getting poems for Her Birthday. And I am, well the Author of them. Waves to other readers, in all the faraway lands.

The Artist

She sat there drawing in a book, it had a lot of things there
She was thinking of hair, and a face, but then she stopped
She smiled, those were his, she wanted to draw something else
She smiled, looked in the mirror held there in her hand
She moved her lips this way and that, to get the feel of them
She had this project to do, he liked her drawings
She had been drawing her lips for years, once a week
She knew how to draw them almost, they did change week to week
She was happy so they were always the same as that first time
She was about to put the final stroke of line to them, when
She felt his hands on her shoulder, not having heard him walk up
She smiled to herself, he was a soft walker and was like that
She said in a voice full of depth and meaning
One pair of lips for seven poems dear heart

For Her on her Birthday
Happy Birthday babe.


Sunday, January 08, 2017

62 mins past the barley hour

Dear Readers,

It was 62 minutes past the barley hour, and the bar was about to be closed, but the bartender looked over at Turnip and sighed.

Seems just last week someone was ready to Scrub him, then just the other day he
was in a Pickle, not a Jam, but a Pickle. And here he sat in the bar moving not even a root hair or a leaf, so the sad tale was. Little Miss Daisy was on a bus, and the snow storm had pushed further south than anyone had thought. Daisy was safe, but Turnip was still depressed, and it is a sorry sight to see a depressed Turnip, even one you know will cheer up as soon as the snow plows clear the roads.

But it was still 62 mins. past the barley hour, well now that the bartender looked at the moon dial it was 65 mins. past. So he lumbered up and got a Hot mint tea for Turnip and took him the big mug and gave him a tap on the purple top, left side, the one with fewer tears.

Sighs, it was mint tea her favorite, Little Miss Daisy sipped at the hot tea, and thanked Turnip, she was not quite sure how he got here with it, but she was very happy to have it. They both sat on the bus far south of the snow line, holding leaf to petals and sharing a hot mug of mint tea.

In a bar far north, the bartender smiled, He always knew the Awesome power of a Poem, but whoa, in a flash Turnip was gone. The Bard smiled, and tipped his hat brim and walked out into the night 67 minutes past the barley hour.

To my lady love, also Happy Birthday.


Poem for her 3

Dear Readers,

You all kinda see the trend, right? So you all know me, I am this dude that writes things with an odd bit of humor and creativity (humbly bows slightly) but it now seems (as if you couldn't tell) that someone special walked in the door. Well so you other readers might know She's going to be getting a few more of these poem posts over the next few more days. Cause she is Awesome, and her birthday is round about in this general direction. So sit back and enjoy.


You are Awesome
You make me smile when I am sad
You make me laugh when I thought I couldn't
You make me sigh when you say I Love You

You are Awesome
When your words of Love come my way
When your voice says Hello
When your call arrives just as I need it

You are Awesome
As I read your love notes
As I see the songs you picked
As I read your thoughts to me

You are Awesome
You are not as short as you think
You are more confident than you know
You are the best that has ever been

You are Awesome <3
You are Awesome <3
You are Awesome <3

Happy Birthday


Saturday, January 07, 2017

Poem for her 2

Dear Readers

This is another poem for her, she knows who she is (giggles),unknown to the rest of you.


Always in my dreams
Always in my thoughts
Always your voice sliding over me
Always your hands doing what your voice does

Always has been you
Always was you
Always in my dreams
Always in my thoughts

Always your voice holding me close
Always your voice caressing me
Always your voice making love to me

Always your voice so near
Always your voice sighing dear
Always has been
Always is

For You beloved,
Happy Birthday.


Friday, January 06, 2017

Poem for Her

Dear Readers,

This is another poem for her, she knows who she is, unknown to the rest of you.

Your Sighs

I opened a card and your sighs escaped
I read a poem to you and your sighs escaped
I said good night to you and your sighs escaped

I caught them all
Put them in a special place
Brought them here
Opened them to words
Often said
Often heard
Often consumed
Often repeated
Often filled
Often eaten

Like that last favored morsel
Taken in and opened
In my being
But never enough
Each Sigh
You make
Intoxicates me

For You my Beloved.

Happy birthday.