Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dreams and Christmas

Ever have one of those dreams that you wish you could go back into and hurt for more clues and experience more of it? When I stay up a while, over 20 hours, then finally sleep deep I have them a lot more than I don't. I just woke up from one about 20 minutes ago.

There I was talking about some books a female had given me for my birthday, a set that went with another set by the same author. I knew the female, she was the sister of someone I wanted to get to know better, or maybe a friend of hers. All the people in the dream were their because it was my birthday. There was even someone there that I know in the real world, but as far as I can tell only one such person. We had modern devices, but my cell phone had been taken by someone that we could not get a hold of even with my new cell phone which looked almost like a toothbrush, and was still in its plastic case. I was playing some game with 3 other people when another person came in the room telling us if we wanted to go to dinner we had better go. The dream ended about the same time or just a little before my house phone rang.

The house phone is a land line, it was my dad's sister looking for news about my mom's sister who had a doctor's appointment today. Last Friday she fell and fractured her right shoulder and dislocated it as well, my parents have been taking her places.

Now you know how disjointed my days can get. I stay up at night on the computer, and sleep a lot during the day, though even then I might also stay up doing things. I love the kind of peaceful dreams like the kind I woke up from today, but I can't figure them out. I just had a recent birthday, Dec 16th, last Wednesday, but I only thought of it once today while reading a blog post by someone else. And the people in my dream besides for at most 2 people I have never seen before. I have a photographic memory for faces, these people whose names I don't know seem like I have seen them before, but only vaguely Like I should know them and didn't. The time of place was set in this year or at most the next because of a thought I had when talking about something to the female of interest of the dream. I was thinking about someone in my past and how old they would be, and was thinking 19 or 20, 19 is this year and 20 is next year. The lady in the dream knew about things in my life, and was talking to me about them. This was right before we had all decided to go out to dinner. I remember upon waking up that the last thing mentioned in the dream was where we were going and as I woke I thought let's do a chinese buffet.

If I could would I go back to the place the dream was in and live there, I think I would, even though it feels so different than where I am now. It does not seem like it was a picture of the future though. It is strange how the mind unloads itself during our times asleep. I most often have peaceful dreams.

I might post again before Christmas, but If I don't Merry Christmas one and all, may the Peace of the Lord be with you.