Thursday, February 02, 2017

Poem for her 37

Dear Readers,


Her image lingers in the room she just left
Her smell lingers on my shirt
Her touch lingers on my hands
Her taste lingers on my lips after we kiss

Her image lingers just a while longer in the mirror
Her smell lingers on my pillow
Her touch lingers on my back
Her teeth lingers on my neck

Her presence lingers where ever she goes
Her thoughts linger on a page
Her "I love you" lingers on and on

Happy Birthday Babe,

Having read you this latest one, only to linger on other thoughts
To put into it as well, but I said it was finished, when I read it
To you

I type this second one, in the same heading.

She lingers on my mind's eye
Her soft neck tingling under my thumbs
As she lingers standing there
Her back to the wall
But not pressed there
Standing for support
As we linger there
Looking at each other
With eyes that now need glasses
But we've been here before
We have lingered on this wall
Before, and will again
We linger always touching
Hands to faces
We'd call it the lingering wall
But it's not alone
It is one of many such walls
Doorways, spaces with vertical
Supports, for standing
And lingering longer
Than, to linger
Would linger there
Mind's eye images
Always close at hand
Only a voice away
Only a kiss

Happy Birthday again Babe



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