Friday, February 03, 2017

Poem for her 38

Dear Readers,

Themes being what they are, you'll see various ones in my writings, She and I like cabins, Like butterflies, well the list can go on and on, like most lists, it is never quite finished even when you stop at some limit. But today we see the cabin again, attached to a bedtime story she heard recently, that is also never ending.


The morning light wasn't even up yet
But you were awake
The sweet nothings started to fly
First at your pillow edge
Then at doorway from the cabin's front porch
They fly on the morning fog
Or where ever they want too
They love visiting you
Lighting on you and then
Soaking in
They make no sound, but whispers
I Love You they say
Or maybe it takes two
Of them to say the whole
They love you
The sweet nothings that visit
They come in the night
Flying to you
Butterflies to your flame
They visit you even if
I am not there
They are a bedtime story
A waking up story
A seeing you in the mirror
They tell you
I Love You

Happy Birthday Babe,



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