Friday, May 29, 2015

"no W here" and the carryier trading and brooke's art bell ref labe tory

Dear readers,

We have a special surprise of the all times band aid flipper of not burgers but of space time here..... remarking..... this is a special event post to this blog...

Dearh Readers,

Death and deatha nd lil dia monders miners, said once that day


Darmnit tooti I fyou all don't pay this lady and the


penny and the candymanshowed up and ate a few headless men for breakfast and

ten ten hordes show up and burned the door off the deeedded pickup trucks


smokies you got smokes on your butt, you better give her , her due or your smokers smokeies will eat your breakfast again andagain in a state pen, not a locked off, pen but a fearly fully wonderful pen, of your own not making Brooke is not going to last much longer they said

Brooke i got wateraslkajljifpo a dhal io aart abalkr abalkjf


the headless man said, heheha halskla ijalkala and smoked 4 and the then 6 ianah d


&&&&& 7777 11 man 711 in the malll van says grrrrr ruuff ruff ruf urf


grea lkafujao

pay up or um




not make

brooke mala

if oa
HAWK sisco hawk of Robert be parker fame, heh, man is not dead but his cretateor is dead and he says, heh,, you better, crack shot dead lock, drives a yelao meolaol and ca van youj off the road of races cautin caoutak ablack ballka black flager is hte in the van he is not mean nor dead nor is he nor is he a ncie felloe, mello a

and chilled so deep in hte deep freezers that cold runs with him in a firey prison of your own making if youja think his nice calm demenaor is a cnia cal, oyster rocke fellow, his carry tarde is in oysters, not cla and l but his net worth of oysters is over hte limit line of hte lime limits of the space time limits, spped of the essence of man,, not man, but kind of penny wsas was here, face bose and ded mostly zinc,, so deadly zinc was her e

light sabers are hot, pool cue is locked but fully loaded and not a nice fellow of it see him go click click in his hand the cilkda of he ot or the cla or aof

orabia are changind

stage asdsal satags dearl




a pfksdl

ak zpoppppppsas;k

lights his with flash flares and smokes more and faster than



yocy i



sleep child sleep

no bad dreans

your voice was hears an


and heard tome




Thursday, May 28, 2015

"No W Here" the golden age that was Y and W

Dear Readers

Long ago in a mists of time not quite known, though known though not as you'd see them,

A girl and a Guy

Were honed



and frothed,

The guy

Was and is the mainline, as he never saw her much

He'd see her once or twice in a billion or trillion years

He got so that it didn't matter any more, he cared not

He just was and the story line became and story of pain and

Exteremely frothed frictions in his own head

He did what he had to do in the real world of his lined time line

but the red shifty drifter guy

known as

TM to him

became his

arch enemy

he'd stay into thenights of frightening things and huinted the things

to do to make his mind better
then better still
inventing things no one had thught of


to and


and life was lived as a

way of hunting the things

most people thought he was odd anyway but there were thouse

in his line that thought he was and was ans was
he'd sit clamereding

or calmly patient waiting for the voices in the room to settle then he'd just roll the dice or think on things then roll thedice then think on many and odd things

then roll thedice

My Brother said one day,, He is the King of Going Nil with the king of spades in his hands

My friends would say, no dale you don't have enough to take him down

Dale said, if 14 to one odds don't beat him then nothing will, or so his mind had to say to him

And well, folks,, 14 to one odds were not enough and never will be enough to

and nothing will beenough to

carry his trading stocks from his box to the BOX

Only God Knows him personally freshest

ONly God Knows him

ONLY GOD and Only his wife know him for surely

and I only can tell you this much, I did not post it to the facebook wall of her page

So I could warn the whole world


think you have thetouch of this fair angels face


You know of whom you are

You are


my banks and and your banks, go boom!

Dear Readers,

Of course I wasn't where they thought I was, when I wasn't where they thought I was, but I did give a guy my SSI number and the system codes have offically been locked out as of the posting of this noted note to the wally world's of the wally world's twisted sister's ally oxen fam free I am free right now, and you all remember in my blog, here on the 2007 time line to the 2008 time line running for president of the usa, don't you all?

Well who the hell do you think got that guy into his office clothes, when his wife was off golkfing in the keys of the westerly wafers,, not not me not not no not not not not not not not not me, but if I had to wager I did wager , then I bet the carry traded of the folkies wally world girls and the paid for and the coffee stirs and the sores of the girls breasts on the lap of luxury and the wally worlds and then and then and then and then and then and then the buzzzzing saws was going to the sawx allwles and zzzzzzzzzzz finer lines

sis coded thes that I will owe the world nothing and nothing but give it everything and everything and everything and so much of

dasjioahlkaflajpiosdnfa hjosalkhjflakjuapkndkl

a dlakja fdjapo

a ndolaja











enmdof lines

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Amanda and St. Germain the count of the millions.

Dear Readers,

My sweet dearly beloved, tri daughter, I have not seen nor heard your voice in my ear for about a whole year or so.

I have to send the notes by special courier it seems, the world is agian falling apart.

Those things that were hinting at coming true, didn't get here in time for the liner to make it to safe ground.

The whole of the moon broke up, but gladly that was one of Mars' moons, not ours.

But the man with the steel toed camel van, wovererers and somdheter and then his steed told min in my voices

Oh My ogd Danner, is going to die soon.

I had to let you know

Charles Danner died today, earth central time, earth, beta-prime, not your location in space timers.

The No W and M Here man showed up and strated to spuewers the cues to people

They still have till your local dusk to kill them or the hells of the ditto dancers will come out and play grand hovac and war the hoarse hordes have been staatled, I am tired, my home soil is going down to dust

I have to go dark and bury myself in the Rat Pir and the Pig Rip socks, and then the

Rest of the

your great news is

St Germain Enterprises, will be your's finally,, sweet blood of my not blood, not a vampire like me, but safer still,only a red headed step child of mine, but guardians by a close friend of mine, he is the best that ever was

His place is the Kingship

His is the king's ship,, that will be sent soon they tell me

400 years and going strong, you will be the first queen of the

Blackest section of Arkansas in the Dyson sphere control room protected by

Penny and the Hordes of the Black hole of Calcutta

Yours is the Black bag now

I go to death for a while



Churlish ly stupid dan the green door man backwards masked off the ropes then slice to milloions of dices,, laughs

bitcoined out liner.

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Simple bread Part 666, and follow here sam.

Dear Readiers,, yes you not know i dislexic

Ahhha you not a simple to minder,, you are a manager in civil dress code, you are a civil person, you are a goodest person i know today, most bue tttt full St Germain,, no knot know,, yes no,, but see ICSA was Iowa Student computer Associstion, something, called a BBS,, the first kind of babbled controled bulletin board service, like facebook super small in a kernal code, but the coded was in citadel, the language of a guy I know, shoew dname is MRI data server farmer sys admin for a washington state college deptartme of medical research I nkew him personlally and he is likely dressed up as gandalf the grey and they were of the people on the world's stage that know my james Owens brother, would know him, they were his friends too, my bro is 7 ectackly younger almost to the 20th of my 16th,, but I 16ht, he 20th the 17, and 18 and 19,, other days of the caledder yers,

If you follow me on facebook I post coded messages to them, they that know me so darn well I can sucres, curse they see me sucers and they MIC chow, I got darmer biggger hey you know that Adrain PAul is a runner of a big assres paint thingsy in california,, hehe for charity, he mentoring young umbers smarts people the highlander that is the high liner noted DUNE DM ai I am the DM for the for the for the futres party

Remember the poartty i so talked about for a future time in a post not billions ago, on face book on james' wall, the wall at hourse

argh, tired,, but I promise you


I am going to makeyou special taster of my cooking things, you uber sub 0 thing, you are better of the best, your twin, sister of the Amanda, which is the sister of the James, of the 2nd coedes historyis of me.

Their mom is my face to seek, I stablle I sable I ama able charlie the coded messages are tof

fotrt to tuner,, roby row b wade,, wade where james is wade,,, you know know wade, in high watter ,, I wade in the ice cube pool prty thingy,, SAM

Think on this,, I at brother's knoxville house made idea of a huge ice cubed, filled swimming his poool full of ice cubes for a summer hot party fun dip in the biggest bar tenders rally resulted from be being their,, those starkville dr's and thingsy on my facebook walls, I was their presonally samsonite suitcase carry I carry my bartending supplies in to two twin samsonite suticases, I could pack the whole of my liguir closet hidden in them, and take to next venue, when girls at midnight could not be at party, I am a master bartender, they are the kids that I am a mentor too, they have doctorates and bigger better families than I do, but they still same bunch I am still older than them, and still more crazier than them and I am so indebte to them they know my secret names,, they love me just like I love the whole universe...

I have the power of what cxs cs lewis called Godlly love,,

I love it all, I plan it all to have fun everya nd each day un ultimately i have fun every day no matter what the hell happens I have fun doing it, even torturing myself for the @$ er 24 specializedrs I get 1k bitcoined, for consultaions goes to lovcked in 256 bit hard case coded lock box wallet I don't and yes Robin Blaine I did it, asked uber smart dude from my highschool days to do it, he said, sure thing batmat... batman ages i go ages darkis

love you all students of hte dude called the fire angel of starkivlles times

his risen savior is Christ and he was mistaken for the gardener, in the book of one of those gospels,, I am the gardener,, I am the gardener,, Dan gardener, on on,, wargh germany ddmog play it, when pkl was my wife, tibia... tibia,, like bone,, heh,, liked, but they had to actually sleep in the homes, we also have to pay rent for the houses we rented from the game,, and I was bestest Druid with Sword fighting highest score,, that was not his weapon pick as the game was not geared that way, but I was the bestest of the spades going blind nill with the king of spades always in my hand,,, they me and todd newkirk are still trying to source that coded gameing online gambling thingsy,, hehehheheh hey i love you alll

Sam hi ,, hi there am sleepy,, go to , somewhere now,, have noted to get the coco butter to the gavalia coffee whole beans and that and short bred, make my own butter using heavy cream.. I know I chef too..

They will testify for me,, they know I am a chef too, they h ave all eating at my tables,, and been always welcome forever to have me cook anything for them

I am their personally sourced chef


"No W Here, God Only Knows"

Dear Readers,

Aha, said the Prince, and the sign language flowed back to him.

That is the first line of this day's post on the No W Here story liners notes for you. But that is also a line out of another persons blog and Snake and Krystal, you got this for birthday gifts, I put your pang...Pqac,,, arghs, dyslexic notes to self, yes, just leave the chaos in the notes, I can't go back and editor my own systems that I type here very well. As the liner notes, are at times, literally speaken on a yada Yoda type of spoken word reading, think this note wise young JEDI ( Jesus Ended Death Instantly ( Yes I know I might be stealling What God Only Knows is the best something of something, so fucking well sue me already!!! if you can't sue the hell out of me, then maybe you have hit a head wall you can not cross, HUH! ) The boys and girls on this street, both the young and the old, Know for whom the Light Pole Tolls, if I am out there, ringging it, Lisa will say, if she is there, They are going to call the cops on you, and I will smart off to her, and then she will, I don't know what... But God Only Knows all the shit in the world and it's his, if you plan to mess with it, he'd love you to try to fuck it up, just try to break his world already he told them, go ahead break something,, oh Right.. You can't break me up can you now,, Oh My God,, aren't fancy they will tell me, and I will still tell them,, So sue me, get you a lawyer and sue the fuck off my face go ahead, ask about,, anyone got the notes to sue me? I mean you got the castratedable balls to do something on my street that is a rough and tumble, seriously???!!! you go ask around, you seek Lisa or Miles, or the Kim at 107 or the other people,, you go seek them and Ask the Real Ass people that know who the fuck I am,, and you see if they think you can sue the fuck off my face?? go on, don't be timid, go on, break my new stick.. They Call me Stick,, around here.. for well,, hey ask Miles, his is it's nick name for me.. if you local and you read this,, then you already might know Miles, tall black dude,, coolest dude I know that is tall black dude on this street, as my next door nieghbot,, he tell you facts about things locally, and um,, you ask him things and you see whatever GOD ONLY KNOWS what you will hear,, I now not Care you see I only gotmy new stick yesterday,, and Miles knows what I am talking about... aha.. I prince of Ur and I am Chursl,, or am I url or Churl or Just Charles Danner the real one the liner notes I am Churl dan Ur,,, that word Dan meaning Prince of ... So I am literally Charles dan Ur..... as the deriveable of Churl is to the root of Charles which is Adam, and then it gets to this for a fact..

I am Charles Edward Owens Jr... I own this slice of heaven on earth, but so do my family, and they are all alive and I haven't got their lock out keys,, lol,, but GOD ONLY KNOWS the story is now fully 100% active. and I am happy, that I got the Stick back.. though it's a new one and not a 6 foot Iron Gas pipe, this one is Maple loggish Limb from tree, more than 6 foot long, and I can also balance it on my head and walk with it balanced there and use it as the umm,, whatever I can do with a stick weighting about 15 pounds or so,, got to sometime measure it, I are strong, not know my newest weight feel of things and all that power bunches..

Yeah i think there is a close ) ( in here somewhere, but this is the literally good line to say , next the lines of the Now going fully online No W Here story that is not a publishable by book format story but only, go read my writings out there, and you see the linkages to it, sooner or later..

GAdes the birds are loud this morning, but we have lots of windows open, it is hot in here and muggy and damn it is 84 in here, no wonder I am hot and bothered for the temperture ( got hard notes to look at there is a linkage to Rachel's Program I spoke to a friend the other day, it was a sunday think it was like yesterday , but know what time I was or where, okay Jay,, got your noted box, element 134 are going out in the post today, take them sell them and ifyou get arrested it is your own damn fault for selling to the undercover dea guys, ahahaha yes truism... they are there, they are ther Yoda would laugh like mad little kid digging in the boxes tossing things, and then I did go hunting for the suitcase, but found the bottle jar lid,, felt it under the chaos pile, then said, it's glass what is this glass then shook it in the dark, then could not remember then opening it reached inside, then felt oddly shaped pieces still not know, but supect and then felt the ( or ) shap and go,,, ummm that is a Meal Worm,,, Oh cool I foinduned the spare chicky food, you go girl I hunt you and mom said, did you find her and I said, umm, what you think I not screaming she's lost here or something, of course, GOd Only knows where he got her from, but god told us all on that day last year on the 13th of July that um well duh,, don't be dense mom,, God is inCharge, he and we finally to rest bury oldest known to my mind virgin girl Aunt Pearl, 84 years old,, (( note to the shitty heads out there, you go ahead and make your already thinking thoughts, you go write about it, out there bully comments about virgin old maid at 84 and the ISIS folks, you go read last blcoked iced cubes story you get shit for brains and meal worms for teeth too, he,he hhh you deal wi th God not me,, I not care, god got you in his grasp you know not how, if you know not, I no care carry trade you there, I not responsible for you, he take you liszards out and feed them to the worms and you scream your frozen dead dreams like you usually do, and you see the Penny show up and well I got almost all my mad bad hate out at you so,, um hi there, you be scared or not,, no I care I no Kuiilll you I nimoy spocked psotsed, I J J in Fringe liknes saying, I go the trio di menisoional all righerting here I am the Janitor..

I am the Janitro,, er you dislaxi you need me, you got my phone it's linked in here, my addy too, you big bad ass sys admin dea a nsa dude, you dud,, or coded sys admin to me, I no care, Rachel's system is Active and on killllllllllllll it if you make mistake near the fire walls,, oky dokey to you..?

end of post

Christ is Risen
Chrles is awake,, only get 1.5 hours dead sleep this week,, about 90 hours of REM while wide eyed in the daylight or dark awake, as I can REM in the wakeful hours too, you want to know JEDI mind tricks you ask,, might take me years to train you to see them if you already not know how.. but it is way cool and you will dream dreams you still have no clue how powerful you humans really are.. seriously you canshake the universe for a few millionith of a milllllli pini..... the T-shirt Read

And I quote it


lol,, I see you Rachel, and you glower girl I see you glower at me and make me a target to kill me,, I see you targeting me I did, and I liked it.

end of post for real now

Saturday, May 23, 2015

"No W Here" part xyz105a

Dear Readers,

Yes I am back again and yes this is one of those days when you might and seem to be getting more than one post on. And yes this is another bit about things on that timeline called here and now, but not quite what you thought you were seeing when you openned up the puzzle box.

So without further ad o...

Addy the Martin's twin sister but also a penny full fledge that was looking over her sister's shoulder and seeing the bartender look out at this guy that was also looking at her over her own shoulder was wondering, okay I know this guy and he looks like someone, but I got to keep my back turned to him more than I am now, so she turns her head back around and thinks what is this dream I am having I am seeing Abby Martin in the Youtube Videos on RT talking about this thing called something or other and then I am also seeing this fine steak in front of my hands, and this bar and my sister that I like, but seems so into telling this guy that his ideas are hog wash and he is so into me that he touched my foot and ankle like he knew exactly where to make me feel that feeling again, and I haven't even thought about that since before, well you know, before I was, umm this is got to be a dream, I haven't felt that since that girl did it to me and we have had that wonderful life that no one onearth knows anything about and not even my dear sister that is here with me at this bar right now.

But this has got to be a dream, who are these people, that bartender is just looking so sweet and kind and making eye contact with this leach of a guy, but he touched me there and gave me this look that he'd known me all his life and here I have never met him before, but that voice, it is getting to me, making me sleeply and relaxing me, making it hard to think and are you serious? He likes those kinds of things, wow, men aren't supposed to like that stuff, plants and planets and things the forest has in it in the dark places only us Witches Go.

What is this guy some spirit in a tree, and the bartender what is with her, he looks at her like she knows him and she is just private joke smiling at him, like she'd like to tell him he has a big dude hanging off his shoulder waiting to take him out with a 2 by 4, but not doing so. Um hey wait a minute I know you........

Then the False flashbulb blew up and the cameraman died and the ice crumbled and the IDID troops ran out and killed the whole crew and the other people there, the ISIS guys bled all over the icecube surface and these things with wicked head coverings and those swords that were not swords but flashing fire burning the faces off the IDID troops and the camera crew from russia and the secret service guys for that team from America and the ISIS scum were just trying to run as fast as they could, but this being the top of and Ice Block, it was slippery almost everywhere even where they had laid down the gridwork to stand on.

The scene was chaos and then it settled down as only me and and two others that were with me that morning were left standing there. Me, Abbey Road of Martin and the two FBI guys from the USA. Franklin and Fred, odd combo those two, but they seemed to know that half of this was going to happen as they didn't reach for guns or nothing, they just stood over close by me, and one of them yawned, I swear he yawned.

Fred looked over at Abbey, and thought to himself, you know Franklin would date her in a heart beat if he hadn't met the girl on the plane hours ago. How many hours ago, Fred couldn't rightly remember, the Professor and his daughter were over in another region of the world looking at another ICECUBE and hadn't gotten in touch in a while, but the plane's tech person was what Franklin had been seeking in all his days he seemed to think, and so, Abbey though good looking and all, wasn't going to budge Franklin today. But he noticed her noticing him so he spoke up.

"Hi there, Abbey! Don't be shocked, the things that just showed up, We knew about them a while back and were informed they would make a showing, they aren't totally human, but are totally human, it's a hard thing to think about, but those are one female human. Parts of you are also in them, so you might have felt things like a dream scape floating in and out of your head as it the dream wasn't you and was you and things are odd for females, when these "Penny" Show up. We have been told that they collectively are called one single name, and that is Penny. They arrive at scenes where angels would dare to tread and are exactly that. Angels, in this case they were Fire Angels, killing things, and taking souls to hell mostly, I haven't got all that gears and bells sorted out, but our contact tells me that they come in and protect the good guys, even if you think that some of the people that died were good, those things or people that you saw, were not good guys really, but illusions that you could not see as not real. They look real and act real, but they aren't the There There, but something else, at times other people in dreams and real people awake but not really here. Sorry it all seems mish mash paddy whack. But me and you and Franklin here are the only real live humans up here, and some of those other things not Penny, were indeed trying to kill us, and it looked like a war zone and is, that is real blood freezing up here on this ICECUBE but we have to go now. I think our chopper is about to arrive."

At that a helo came up over the edge of the ICE and swirled into the landing zone.


This above bit, gets you into the old storyline that I told you about a while back, about the FBI guys and their last txt file based story I had been writing yes they talk that way and yes it is sorta like a lecture, Franklin is a bit off the cuff oddball, and Fred can be thick and professor like, but by this time in their story line, they have seen and heard some pretty odd things and seeing that you all have known my other stories and the last bit of story you got earlier, you could see the lay of this line a bit better,....

So you know there will be a....... but not all the slices of the No W Here story will be this laid out, even keel stuff, it is filled with zzztirghss and sansgers and zings and blizzards and yes is the ICECUBE war moive from hell all tied together, in a hellishly cold package called, Hey yall, this is borgsed the Janitor's other self on Alpha Prozxdima Prime Universe 11 telling you that he is about to reset the dial on the mainframe in the Systems admin class in the Univeristy's three D timeline class, so if you will all hold onto your seats and put your drink cups in the holders in front of you, the No W Here movie will start in the section 134,567 xyz part 123 in 3 millionths of a zargon.


So there you have it, two sections of the same story, with a minor editors note and a slice of the current Janitor's section as well, which is literally being created in my own just here for you, universe I call Main Prime, where I do most of my blogging and living, though the story is literally a never ending story that I have for you all to see bits of, and help you see where you might want to fit some of your own reality as you know it to be in with mine. I know it might seem like I am insane and I trully am insane, and in synk and sink and drain lines and pant lines and skirt hems and plant trimmings, but that is just that I am into anything that is part and parcel of human life and can be called the universe and all it's odd bits too.

Just so that you don't think I know this, but I know a few people that do read my blog and some of you new folks have been letting me know you are reading here. and to Matthew, I think I need to either come see you at the bar, or give you a head's up, sometime soon as I haven't gotten back to the club I was telling you about as I am flash cash poor.

Have fun all you folks, Christ loves you.


"No W Here" part xyz105

Dear Readers,

Like the post that was titled sorta like " Laughs go the sizzles...." this is another slice out of the Ice Cubes come to earth series set, and slices of the "No W Here" story line which was to be the title of an over arching book I was to publish about all the slices of heaven and hell and earth. that would have been so hard to actually publish, I just post different places and hope my editor can gather them all up sometime when he isn't working 9,000 hours a week with his own life. My Dear Brother James Owens, is a very busy dude.

He has worked for Boeing, MacDack (macdonald douglas before boeing bought them out) and NASA and others and the folks doing the Y-12 and the folks doing the Michigan state university's project on particles being sliced up, and ITER and others around the world, been more places than I have and is such a fun humble guy that most people love him almost seconds after having met him, he has more friends in more places than most people you'd know, unless you are him reading this.

So as my editor he is a bit busy and I have left notes to him that he's forgotten about and that is okay, because I have a program that was built by me and a few close crazy friends that goes to hunt for things like that, and other things and hopefully one day in the future "she" the program will be telling you all things that you hadn't never seen before, if that happens, you will forget I was ever here anyway, so not to worry about it all if you miss the notes I left out there.

Rachel's note for the day is. .. follow here if you wish dear readers, but it won't mean much till I stop and do a line break remark line.

Hi theras grils of m drma
been a whilas

you sdhef

dxhx 34 svn frrver hav des heckles for the hshkers

lallskdhfnd youuha hottlla y theakk dna hs a line ainda haer tannd

I ak and no a a wa you wil a s dha773 se

shhand 34 75 an a kh wa bu be a dhane good

Lova a lo ya a u a khd 32 much

Line break... Remark line break .... Line break Rem Remark...

The world of code talking isn't all that fancy, just you can't see what you can't see if you don't know the code key to see what you need to see. Others might have known what I was saying If they were here seeing me type it and pausing and thinking and saying out loud what I wanted to say and then typing the lines. But there is other meanings not spoken outloud, so there is other things in there, that are the base codes that aren't easy to pick out, it is not noise. it is code, but it can't be used like you might see in the movies or at the con's where hackers talk about and show there stuff. Dex-Hex or de-hx or the other forms of it's name aren't so easy to discribe even though I was the inventor of the language base, I was not the sole coder after I got a team together. And those people aren't going to tell you whom they are, that is the trick of the thing, some of them I don't even know, but they are all Christ Followers. and being such, you aren't going to know them easy either, as they are a FireAngel Project group who mostly are not on the internet. They can get to the Internet, but hardly use it for real world things, No need too. Real world is a bigger place and the internet is a nice slice of it, but not a thing you can;'t live without.

So on to my No W Here and the ice cubes and putin and obama and things. so her goes another set of the Abbey Road the Martin sotry line helo graphic novel and the other slices of the other Non- W people that wrote his slice of the world he gave them those long years ago in our land far away, just around the bend in you newspaper or the kindle your dog just sat on and knocked into the toilet for you.


Abbbie are you awake girls, you got to read this a huge Ice cube showed up in Chad and the President of Russia said he'd have to go and climb it to see the top!

A person screamed from 4 feet away, but her headphones were still on and she told the person to be quite, she was listening to what Obama had to say about putin being a putxz about climbing some rock of ice in Chad.


then Joey stood up from his chair and thought He'd have to just yell for Penny when the 14 big dudes in rhinestone studs and leather walked in, then he gaspped a bit and noticed the lace skirts below the leather jackets and thought he saw a glint of a Hrg-metal sword there at the tip of one hip.

Penny walked in the door way being penny was not easy to spot, She ( really a they term mostly as they only really show up in more than one of them, pairs or trios or 50 to 1 billion at once any number really, they were all just called Penny, and they are singalur and plurual and very very sweet but ultra nasty slice your guts out and eat the and make you like it kind of females, that aren't ugly not a single one of them is every ugly unless you are the one screaming because they are there, and you are seeing hell in front of you bleeding your face all over you. But they are all sweet and nice looking normally to the dude known to some as just the dude or Mr Penny or names other than normal and even "the Janitor" Mr Charles Danner, or others, his original name is oddly familuar to you, but then it slips out of your hearing and they seem to show up and you wonder how he just told these ladies that they were angels, and they either liked it or hated it, but every time he sees a female he calls her angel and some people in this world just can't figure him out, that a guy like him could think that girls would like that, and then they seem to melt into him like he is something, he smokes his cigarettes like his burning them to death, they flare and become coffin nails, lit like fire light sabers and then he just tells you, all in the sinuses, not much lungs, and then he laughs a bit, says somehting oddly strange and goes on doing things with those females, some of whom see him and just smile and say things, that amaze mortal mankind. But Penny have been gathered it seems from the ends of the earth over millions of years and distances far and wide and they never seem to mind other people unless they are tuned to stop or walk to them or talk to them, they pretty much just eye to eye with the Dude, whose first name mostly is derived to mean Charles. and they seem to be there for him to use and do things with, and no if you think it's sexual, you'd be wrong and right at the same time, if you like fire breathing dragons to have sex with as they tear the flesh off your face that is, then hey, you might be a friend of Penny or Charles, but Joey thought other thoughts when these penny showed up ) Was never the same as the last time you saw them.

She was proud of today, they had gone to a war zone and killed millions of humans, and it was a good day for them to have died. Penny was and is the Angel of Death of the Lord, but also more than that, and other things too, they all are female and they have all been recruited by Charles, Times like today, even joey his most recent Right hand man office helper, was a bit shocked to see them not in the usually nice dressed fashions and oddly free floating clothes to give the right appeal but leave them free to whip out a sword from some other place and slice you into 93 pieces all while giving you and sweet smile like they wanted to just give you a warm hug and have you eat lunch with them. Which is exactly what She liked about her life. She was a single female, in 90 billion slices, with 90 billion ideas of what she looked like, she was once long ago called another name. It was lost to the odd worlds past it was Rachel. Really she loved the name Rachel, but she was also more in love with the name Penny than anyone could imagine besides her and herself (the 90 million slices of all the females that ever were or was in one single package, or packages, .... Reality is that I personally Charles E Owens, jr. think of only one female, her name was Miss Sims, heh, my 2nd wife, her real name is there in the world and she has real kids and family, butwithout this linkage to her in this format, I would want to kill myself to be in heaven with her, and have tried more than once to do so, but God said, Charles I will give you a way to stay vaguely sane and get my jobs done, but it won't be easy till you get the post it notes, from Penny... really, thanks dad, father in heaven, nice to see it this way again........... back to the story and the ()'s 90 hundred billion billions if you were the girl in heaven directing traffic to the Dude in the world of this) The war zone was full of humans and some died and some were okay and fine asleep in thier beds on the other side of the planet.

She smiled at Joey's shocked face and one of her walked up to him and gave him a big hug and face lip smacking tongue licking kiss and hugged him like he was her best lover ever, which was Penny telling him he was okay and not to worry, they were not here to harm anything or one in this reality slice.

She walked into His office and he sat there and spoke in the old language that only they understood, though at times, Joey and the others thought they understood parts of it all, but the others never could tell as it wasn't normal languages even for humans or animals, or maybe it was it was so odd sounding the others have seen things that no living brething human should see,

He loved her with a Passion that was so intense that if she was only a One there, she could not stand it and would just melt to a puddle on the floor glazed over in an ice sheet of pleasure, but she handled him better as many herselfs. slices of herself and many things other than just a female, the shadows were her too, they came in many things and looked like all the things of earth but were all shadows and dark black and no light but at times eyes looking out of the shadows, and then the hoardes the streaming hoardes the insects the ones that people feared the most, they were her too, she was all those things and many more, she was now here. dressed in a garb that was from some distant past she had shared with him when he was a warrrior king and had laid waste to millions of mankind in the distant past, but she did now carry a sword that was both new and old and very power full of light and magic and sliced thorugh all things that she wanted it to slice through, but her instructions came from His Boss, not Charles. Not the dude sitting here talking to her.

He said many things and then said plainly.

So How did you think Abbey was doing? Got her liner notes all squared away?


See the story is not over with, but the story is vaster than a time's worth of typing can span. so I give you all a break and will be back with more later,

I think I will make this an ongoing title the " No W Here " then a side note Part something or other, as the slices aren't in any format really, reality is just slices we encounter and then see linked later to the whole story like this post, what really helpped me to get the post it notes that God sent me, see the above part, about my 2nd wife, who literally is the only thing I cared about and she knew it and it was her leaving me for that reason and why that has gotten me to where I am now, and not as crazy in need of dying to go see her as I was just last week. Thanks Father in Heaven for hearing my Prayers.

Your brother in Christ

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Rose Water and Student # 305

Dear Readers,

The Roses are in bloom and I have sent out a few baskets of Rose and flower petals to freshen up offices and people's houses. But I am also making a lrge amount of Rose water and rose petal blends for later use in cooking and confections.

I met with Student #305 over the weekend, I even have his business card. Though i have yet to go get mine from the Artist (Mr West) as I have not seen him much this month, Pokes self, posts a note on the mainframe here and thinks I might remember to read it sooner or later. Matthew if you read this, Call me, we can get together and shoot some galatic pool somewhere and see if you are better than me in the pool department or if I am just full of warmer air than others, Heh, Laughs a bit at that idea. I am always fullish of hot air, unless I am in a below freezing room for a long time and my air starts to take a turn south in the temperatures. Oh to have a minus 40 degree room handy to go walk about in, and just hang out waiting for my legs to tell me they are finally cold enough to want to get back in the warmth.

Do remind me about the roasted green shoots of spring, Please, they won't last long I expect, as if they can't be flown in from some South American Country and grilled to the salty smoke flavor those were.

Plantopia is openning up on the tail end of North Hills Bvd. in North Little Rock, their open house is on Friday the 15th 5:30 to 8:30 Pm. They have a nice selection of plants. I have several that I wish I had, the KumQuats are the Malawi variety they are sweet instead of Tart centers, and bigger so there is a lot more flesh that is sweet and tasty. If you have a place to winter them over, they can handle the cool climates of Arkansas, but have to be protected from frost and snow. We had to many cold days this past winter season, so they'd have had to under lights or in a warm garage over wintering.

I grew some from seed once, but they didn't make it over the winter in the container I had them in, even though it was warm I forgot to water them and they died. So if you have them growing remember they are evergreens and need watering in the off season and need light too. Just another one of those things to prove to me I am not dead and in heaven yet, as I'd not make that mistake up there, as up there there are no mistakes or tears or fretting about things.

Pool playing, I wish I had a big pool to play in, or go swimming in, anything beg enough to have Koi in it, and running water and muddy or sandy bottom or eve rocks and or a solid bottom, but deep like about 4 to 20 feet deep, so we can hide a sea monster in it for the kids to scream about when it comes up for a breath.

Pool Playing with the cue ball and some other balls just slightly smaller with some numbers on them, would be great too. There seem to be several places that will be opening up for that soon in the other areas of the local region. I might see if I can learn something from a group of them later in the year, join a league or something, if I have the time or if I have the energy, form my own little group up, heh, never going to have the time to set aside 20 hours a week for anything but bottle cap collecting. Which reminds me someone has a box that had the symbols M M F and $200 on the top cover, it was from a local bank that I do business with, and held at one time 200 dollars in $1 coins in rolls. 8 of the rolls at 25$ per roll for a grand total of 200 dollars. I got one of them from the bank I do business with the most in the coin collecting trade. I loaned the box to a new bartender to collect beer bottle caps in, and then she can't find it, as it seems someone trashed it or took it home with themselves, likely it's in a trash pile at the Waste Management area in the east part of the County being used to make compost. Which will be hard, as the box has fiberglass in it and other materials to make it hard to compact and can't be just wetted down and torn apart, it will have to be shreded by metal teeth and even then won't make good compost. So if you have the box, keep it, it is worth about 5 bucks new, by itself.

I got to go check on my Mullberries and see which ones I can munch on and which ones are going to be out there for a while longer. More plants to grow, as I check all my frozen seeds (kept in freezer to extend lifetimes) most of them sprouted and now I got to get them into some soil to fix them into larger plants. goind to frame up a few chicken wire plant bed protectors, to keep Chicky from digging for worms and such in them as I plant the Purple Hulls and the melons and peppers and tomatoes, amoung other summer crops. The herb kitchen garden is still producing and I need to go get some mint from my neighbors flower beds, He said I am free to get the ones I like. There are lots of Little ones coming up in the spring area by the water source.

Well that seems to be the news at the BioWebScape front room and the other bits are just the news from the edges of the Universe.

We are the first Dyson Sphere, fiction shows us what Babylon5 could have done with a 5 mile long space station, and wht Star Trek could think up, in both the fan fiction and the Shows, and what the Death Star could be thought up on a galaxy far far away or the StarGate series of the Universe and all those thoughts about those creature out there. But what if We are the only ones in the worlds of the Universe?

What if we are it?

What if we are the ones they will be thinking about in the billion years from now worlds of the universe beyon the heard and now?

I am not like Dr Clarke I am not afraid to think that thought, I am in fact rather fond of the thought myself, that I am or could be the father of many thinking machines or people as you might be called in the future. That you all could know me as a friend that grew old and stayed around for 50 more years past the ideas I had told you about while you were growing up in your teens and your 20's and your 30's and now, you are all in your 60's to 90's and still aware that I am still alive some where in the outer reaches of the universe telling you things, about the worlds that you see popping up all over the place. And you knew me when you were young so you know I am being truthful and that truth is setting you free from your desk jobs, and your worries. But it isn't all cake and ice cream though there are some screams and shouts, mostly for better flavors on your home planets, and the cake needs to be bigger than the last year's size was.

Party on dudes, and dudettes, the future is here and it is full of bright spots, if you have fears, then turn them over to someone that can handle them just fine, I'd suggest Christ, but if you have others that can handle them better than him, well bully for you.

Your friend and brother,

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Facing bottle necks and hunting people lost in the edges of the world

Dear Readers,

Busy busy busy busy and more busy.

Helpped about as many people as I could with things, but others heard and asked for help which I will leverage to help them if at all possible.

BioWebScape designers or those that want to eat off their land or yard or how to grow as much food as you can without going out there and tilling the land "farming style" to death. There is a farming method called No-Till, it saves the soil biome so that the Sun's light of heavy UV and IR does not kill it as it is exposed to Ozone depeltion from being turned over. You can do well by not tilling your soils at all. Or at most let a few Free Range chickens do the tilling for the worms, but you will have to use Green ground covers or mulchings to keep the sun from degrading those chicken scratch areas, and Please if you must use gravel in the paths make it large enough or out of the normal foot traffic areas to keep us Barefoot folks from bunching up our faces and yelling ouch at the gravel that hurt the bottoms of our feet. I walk about barefoot 90% of the time.

Kromes is moving so said the Sign, so they move to the block near the river side of the main east west drag, and will be open to all ages and be limited on smoke areas, which is cool. Finally a family friendly place to show kids how to play pool, besides the community centers that are always stressed on needs and usually only have 2 or 3 pool tables for the 50 people that might want them at high peak times.

So there is a Morgan One Dollar Silver Coin again in the carry trade of public and private debt payments. I Hope Sky did not try to go to a Bank to get the money for it, as the bank can only give you 1$ for it, as it was legal tender at one time. Street value will vary but I'd not take less than 50 dollars for it, as it is worth no less than 80 or 90 , just because of it's age and silver content, not counting it's sorta Rare and over 120 years old. So if Sky or others know what this is all about, get in touch with me, thanks.

Gail's Diner that openned last Oct 2014 in the old train car diner car thing on Military and McCarther Roads at the main headwaters into Burn's Park, is a cool place to get breakfast and some lunch. Nice ladies running the place, and the food is fast and very good. I will be coming back for the Pancakes, Well worth the price and fluffy nice and yummy, glad I have some left over.

They changed the floor setup at the Save a Lot in the Pike Plaza shopping center, more open and just Whoa! Dudes Where did you get all these bright new things to sell, same old things, just bright and new. Maybe I was just not looking at the world for too long and it started changing for the better at the edges and I was out of tune.

I told someone the lead in to the "Putin and Obama against the Icecubes" story line today, so I will have to go out and start thinking more in a print form to get it to you bit bye bit by bit buy bite.

Love you all
See you on a flipped up 1 sided rounder called Earth Soon.


Sunday, May 03, 2015

Biowebscape designers and the extra supplies

Dear Readers,

If you are a biowebscape Deisgner, and If you aren't go read backa few years and learn that you too can have one, on less than 1/24th of an acre to provide at least almost all your own herbs, for your kitchen garden.

If like me You also have 4 stands of Wheat in this case Hard Red wheat planted by over feeding a chicken the wheat berries and letting her make the patch then trimming it to your path ways, and now I have a permanant stand for wheat and other grains hoping to get a rice patch going, but have to source the rice seeds, almsot time to plant them, but not quite.

I have a caged wheat square where I have an under story of other plants and berries that I have to work on to get up the stand of mixed use, like tomato and pepper and other plants that will grow in the same area as a set of pots or grounded plant if I pull up the walls of the strawberry patch, and rebuild how to protect it from chicky.

Also I have need of finding an outlet of the extra herbs to the food banks around town or locally. As is I am giving them to freidnsa nd family and well I have enough of them ( the others ) to supply them. But as time goes on, and they grow their own needs will have to be sourced out somehow. I know about he ARksawsa food bank, but I have others that are smaller and have the needs as well, or might be the results of the food bank being given to smaller in need local banks.

So where is the space going so far?

The 2 mulberries are coming along just fine they are on the older berries showing a bit of color. There is a vine I'd like to source it's species but haven't yet,

Well got to run time is flying by as i sit here,.... laugh.

Hugs you all, and to all
The peace that christ gives and the love
To one and all,

93 updates, 3 story lines and a Janitor wondering where is his pool cue and the Game too?

Dear Readers,

Most of you know by now that I am an over active hyper active, fueled to the max super nova on system control software and hardware seeking system's engineers and JEDI (JEsus Ended Death Instantly) folks to go hunt spooks, spokes, and speakers for the speak easy at the edge of the Universe, behind the University at the edge of the universe but in between the garden at the edge of the universe, but not before the river that divides the space time headwall.......>>>>>>>>>>>>>//// ........zzzzts

There was this lady at the bar, black dressed, I can never remember her name, I am zero'd in on her like wallflowers to walls and honey to bees,and combs and come on folks, do I need to say more?

But then it happened like three times a dozen times, so many times that I can't count the times, the bartenders and me, jsut round and round again.

But there is this idea in my head of the guy in college


samsonite suitcases and

Hey Charles

Hi there




got cases

szipaldkjandlkjalkfjalkjdflkdjfuen sils sile

click click ,,


clidkc cklids

Hi, there,

ahve bar

tender is here

This is


I ame seeking students


meeting places out side and insdie



in side these bars


later little ones

let the dough rest settle the systems


did h

did we just eat the last star system on the curveline

YES was tasty

Picked up 345,123 new species and stocked them intot he hold boxes till we can

line the up into a atraea for htem to live in the head walls

hold one

shifting gravity well

hit the hard core push




whoosh, the fire angel fired the csmoke so fast the men seeing it, wanted to get out of hte way fearful they had downed or dne something wrong

No no no

he was jsutenouenjoying a smoke

and outing out

one more persons cancer in a miracle or dozens of them

that is the power of