Thursday, February 02, 2017

The Dream Shop and Penny , cont

Dear Readers,

The penny and the other stories in this layer of stories, all have their roots
In the days this blog has been running, though all stories are influenced by my life
and my thinking. These were created during the years of 2006 and present.

So without much more explaining.... here goes some more of the latest chapter in the life of....


He smiled or was it a frown, he never could tell where the smile ended and the frown started at times like these.

"So you are saying, this is her but she is in the dream state, before she arrives? Why don't I recognize her?"

Penny said something in yet another language, this time one that you might have heard once.

He listened. It is an odd thing this world he lives in, not a normal place, never normal.

Again Penny stops, but this time she turns, and waves her left hand and the four other Penny and the Girl vanish.

"You didn't have to do that!" He said in a louder voice than he liked to use, but this was a special case.

This time Penny spoke in English, slight accent of high upbringing and courtier like tones.

"Yes we did. She can't really stay here to long, you'll see her again soon."

Then this Penny stepped forward and wasn't there anymore either.

With a deep sigh, He called one more name.



Yes I know it's short. But it has been tied into another longer Epic in my cluttered Story fabric, it is key to only see traces of the whole. I also know that is an out that other authors can use to never finish things. But how do you finish a never ending Tale? Ah, there is the rub, you don't. But you do get a glimpse of how my mind works a bit more.

To all the long time readers, and the first ones that might have just discovered this place.

Penny and the dream shop and all the others will be back soon.

Waves to his Babe, yeah it's morning, time to go....on a picnic

May you have Christ's Peace.



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