Monday, February 13, 2017

Poem for her 52

Dear Readers,

This poem number has a bit of special meanings for me as a number, she'd know what it means to me, and that long ago on a day that was special to me and at the time it was, she sent me a nice email that had a lot of special meaning to me, and I sent her a poem that started a whole chain of events rolling down the country lanes of our life. So on this special numbered Poem I will try to add a lot of things to it, or not, never can tell what a poem is going to say before you actually write it, though themes can be pushed with titles, the words flows in differing ways. For you Babe, as always Happy Birthday, smiles at the meaning of the numbers too.


I like to write
I love that she reads what I write
She was a fan of my writing for a long time
I love reading to her the poems I wrote
Just reading to her is it's own pleasure
She loves my voice
Poems speak volumes in few words
A cabin designed by the two of us
Poems written to paper
Poems on napkins
Poems only spoken but remembered
Then spoken again
Sighs she makes at the thoughts
These words remind her of cuddles
And other things
Thank you for the song sung to me
Love you sighing in my ears
Love you babe

Happy Birthday Babe



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