Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Story installment #1... Death by degrees

The room was lit with a low light. I blinked. The Cpap mask was on my face I could feel the wind blowing on me. I told my hand to move and couldn't get it to move. A face appeared. She smiled and called over her shoulder.

" Tell the doctor, Mr. Owens finally woke up!"
"Hi there, Can you hear me Mr. Owens?"

I wanted to say yes, I needed to say yes, but I couldn't. I blinked twice.

"Two times for yes?"

I blinked twice.

"One time for no?"

I blinked twice.

"Do you know where you are?"

I blinked once. Of course I knew where I was I was dead, but not dead. I guessed I was coming out of a coma. Charles the talker can't talk, how my family would laugh at that one.

"You are in a Coma Patients Treatment Ward at Mercy General in Little Rock. Do you remember where that is, Little Rock?"

I blinked twice. I knew Little Rock I grew up over on the north side of the river. North Little Rock, I was living with my parents the last I remembered.

She smiled, turned and waved over someone.

"Hi there." A man's voice. "How is he?"
"He can hear you Dr. One blink is No, and Two blinks is Yes. He knows this is Little Rock and where he is."

The male face move's in close.

"would you like to sit up some so you can see more of the room?"

I blink twice. That would be great, being flat on my back unable to move was a pain. I felt no pain, but I also could not move.

"Sally, you and Chris make sure he is stable while I raise the bed up some. Be sure his CPAP mask does not fall off his face, the Oxygen is going through there. "

My field of view is changing, Sally is pretty and I notice about 4 to 5 months along and showing. Chris is a nice young nurse she has red hair and I want to touch it, the desire is so strong I want to scream and I can't, I can't talk, Oh God I can't talk. I wonder if I am going to cry. I see stars, black.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

biography of Charles early memories enhanced

Dear Self.

I am altogether a random person, I have lived like this for several decades, I have had regular jobs, and even been married twice, but my minute to minute life is a bit on the random side, Someone I am sure has told me I have ADD or one of those other disorders but I do not think so, I can focus on the here and now at the drop of an eyelid. I am in control honest, it just does not seem that way and I use it to control the people around me if I am in that mood. I have been correctly called a control freak, and I know where that stems from. My dad was in the military, US Air Force and for the first 14 years of my life I controlled nothing about my life. Nothing. Just the me at the time. I started learning control of things early early on, first it was balance, I loved to find the balance point of objects and balance them for hours. I work with staves as my form of martial arts because of this early control I gained. I was good on my feet, able to rock climb and rock jump at early ages, all this self taught, I asked few people how to do these things I worked them all out on my own. Then I started working on my body, control of my limbs, relaxation therapy long before I even knew what it was. I can pinpoint pain anywhere in my body and given enough time get rid of it. Or know that it is something out of my reach and wonder if I need a doctor, LOL I have suffered a lot of aliments trying to solve them myself. Most recently last year the blood clots that were slowly killing me. I pushed myself to literally death's door because I thought I could control the pain and trouble I was having. I got so close to death, that several times I saw the great white lights. Not just this last time but times before. Recently in my Christian growth I have given up the control that I had always sought. For me a Total body control freak to give up control was and is a mass movement of mind and body. I understand things like I have never understood them before. I have been a Christian for decades, having learned that prayers got answered, whether I wanted them too or not. I learned I had no control over that, I prayed for wisdom as a kid, figuring much like Solomon must have that wisdom equals knowledge and Knowledge equals Power. Look at today's world Knowledge is still power. But I wanted wisdom for the reason of knowing how to control myself. I had fears, I had people calling me names as a kid, I wanted to know how to control this fear in me, I wanted to learn how to swim without the fear of the water at my chest stopping me. I wanted wisdom for that reason. I also prayed early on for Faith. Faith of a mustard seed that could move mountains, could that faith help me master my fears? I prayed for faith, I understood why the mustard seed had the faith, I was a gardener I understood the processes that seeds went through to grow. I knew the faith had to be bone deep, the very fiber of my being had to TRUST in GOD to have the FAITH to move the mountain. Wisdom gave me the knowledge of these things, I read everything I could read, I studied things to the Nth degree, I understood things and did not tell people what I knew, keeping my secrets.
I am a Christian. These are literally the end of days, I prayed to be here when Christ came again, I don't know if I'll get that one answered or not. But all the others got answered. I know that for me Christ comes again when I finally die. Having been literally on death's door as the door was opening to let me in I know I have no fear of death, none, NONE. So much so that it could be plain scarey for everyone that knows me in real life. I have no fear of death, I do things that have high risk involved, why, laughs, I don't fear death. I don't fear life either. I just live in the now. If God has something for me to do, I have to know it is God talking to me, cause devils and demons would love to get ahold of a fearless person. I have to question a lot of my own thoughts, who is guiding them who is whispering them to me, my own massive ego, a little demon in the woodwork, the Holy Spirit trying to get me to do the right things.
So If I act random to you, just remember I come at life from a different place and I see things that others just are barely noticing. Scary at times to see the things I see I wonder at times for my own sanity and then I read e.mails from my wife #2 and I think, nope that was not what i was thinking when you read them and told me what you thought I was thinking. So okay I am or was sane for that 10 second period of time. Slow down, back off, sit still watch the clouds go by, move the stave around and around make the muscles burn the lactic acid out of them and build in different parts of the tendon structures and think in a calm manner. Martial arts helps me keep sane in the hectic life I lead inside my head.
Now you know. Hugglies, Charles.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The ugly movies of the world

saw III that sort of movie is not on my listthe people needing see itit is not my ball of waxthere are people that need to get scared by thedemons in their dreamsi have no demons by mei oust themif you are a demon demon, you are not welcome near minebut if you want to ingage mei can get helpi ask my GOD to protect meof Him I am sure you feargo away go awayblessed in the nameFatherSonHoly Ghostbye bye nowyou are gone awaypoof

Rejection an Essay

Posting from another blog I posted this first on.

I love rejection when I am preforming in the public Eye. LOL I thrive On attention. positive and negative are all attention, study political ads. It does not matter what is said they thrive on the attention. I mine the attention. I can banter with the best I know, I fail a few times and I just sit back and figure out where my mind was when I could not think of anything to say, and I regroup and go on, I even admit to the pain that incounter caused me, NONE, but I did notice it happened, I was not ignoring it.
Rejection is the greatest fear that most Authors, Artists, Creators, GODs and anyone of the rest of you has in all the world.
Learn to thrive on it. Learn to be better than you are. Learn to be more than you are right now. Martial arts teachs you that you are positive and you are not always able to prevent negative emotions and fears, but you can channel them to the side you want to channel them too.
I will not take "no" for an answer unless I am dead, simple. I pray that I understand when GOD tells me NO, That might be the final NO. But My faith states that maybe it is NO, Not Right now, Pray again later. Or the term I used to call Maybe.
I do not take Human rejection as NO. I know that there is nothing they can do to stop me If I am told to keep on being me around them. I just do what I am told, or sometimes what I think I am told, and If it was my own idea, I get hurt for stepping off the path I am supposed to be on, it does not pass the smell test.
Take the time to improve yourselves.Rejection is not a fear for some, does not have to be a fear for others then either.

Walking the thin white line, Day #2

Walking the thin white line.

Today I continued what I started yesterday. Standing on the verge of the main drag and doing my set of stave work/exercises and waving to the people that I could, nodding to others and and because of exercise ignoring others. Today I noticed that I don't need the jungle gym set of stretch bars that I thought I would to stretch my legs, I can plant my 6 foot Iron Gas pipe and use it, side to side, and front as a push up bar, and an arm stretch bar too. Yesterday day #1 about 10% waved, Today I think it went up to 15% if not higher and I got 3 honks of horns and 3 passes of Police cars. I think I am going to keep a daily log on here of the happenings, and be out there every weekday and if I don't work for dad on saturdays then then too. Sunday I go to church and do my exercises there and have pastoral approval.

See you on the flip side.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

When she kissed me. prose off my POF account

The kiss, that first kiss she gave me floated me to the next level of everything and all my plans all my desires to not have sex till marriage went away. i was weaker than I thought I was. I hit a new platuea and I never came down till about a while ago and her threat was so real I could not ignore it and I knew getting totally cut off from her was not what I wanted, I can not see myself lose her as my friend. We might not be married and I might be looking for others, but if she were to this day ask me back, The only thing that would not move out of my way would be GOD and my promise, no sex before marriage. YES Ladies NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE. I can have love with you by seeing you smile, and hearing you laugh. I love to flirt like a butterfly on your shoulder and tell you the things you don't hear often than I believe to be true about you. I do not LIE I will try my hardest not to LIE been there done that and It sucks and it hurts me to much to do again. Hard lessions to learn, you better learn them fast they hurt the worst.
I had the lips touch mine and my mind melted and I got a rise fast and hard and long and just wished I knew what to do, and I did not. If it happens again I can handle it, I can, but I am still a bit afraid, What happens if her and I click. What happens if GOD tells Trisha, he has changed you can go back to him now. I have asked that question a few times and in the past I did not know, Now I do and that scares me a bit cause I know where the answer is coming from, which scares most people too. GOD did not let me kill myself, nor die when I had no ZERO, nada, zilch, control of my life and GOD said, Hi there charles, remember me?
I fully remember and Talk to him daily and I am honest in my forum posts, I love sex. I love sex where I can make her forget the day of the week and the pain in her body and the way she is supposed to smile and talk and almost even breath. I love doing that to her.. But she is the only one I have done it too. And You know ladies, I can't quite put anyone else in that place , so I am just going to have to date and talk and talk and talk, Hey I am good at that, and I can listen and listen and listen, most of my friends are in their 70's and 80's i have to talk loud, and listen carefully. I ask them questions for the data mining I love so much,but not more than GOD. Never that again, GOD proved to my beyond a shadow of a doubt so many times since the 9th of Nov 2006 that he is still in charge that I can not, will not get out of life without obeying HIM.
So If you make the first move I will thank you later, back rubs, sinus draining face massages, Exercise training with you, walking, swimming, hiking and the like, I have tons of testostrone(sp) to burn off, That is one reason I am so hyper these days. Its like high all the time, and crash in sleep then awake I am high, and the Doc's can only knock me out to stop it. I have things I ahve to got to do, been told to do, I still ahve my ego to kick back int he corner, but I am not letting that stop me either.
So ladies, kiss, touch, pat, smile, laugh, and let us know you like us, and if the guy is worth anything he will obey and respect your rules, if not, drop him and head to the next guy, You are worth mroe than you think you are and more than I think you are, Just enough by how GOD thinks you are.

Recipes of the edge,,, Jack's Fruit Salad.

2 bosc pears
2 golden delious apples
2 gala apples
5 kiwi
1 large red papaya
2 ripe mangos
1 ripe honeydew melon
1-1/2 cups rasins
1 cup fresh cranberries (sliced in half)
1 can mandrain oranges
1 small can pineapple pieces
10 ounces of Orange Juice
4 semi-ripe bananas

1 container of strawberry yogurt
1 container of peach yogurt
1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup crushed pecans ( ground, or minced)
1/2 cup almond meal

Cut all fruits to childs bit sized. layer in a 2 to 3 gallon severing dish as you cut them up, random order is fine. When they are all added together, drain the juice into a large mixing bowl. mix last five ingredients in the bowl and add back to the fruit blend well, use your cleaned hands if you have too. ( I did, it in 2 pans, I have about 2.5 gallons of fruit salad.) .

Give out to friends and family and save some for yourself.

Memorial,, Jack was my mom's brother, my uncle he died the day after I started planning this salad.

Charles E. Owens Jr.

alpha male profit talking, phophet

Today you are all going to help me data mine.
I want to call myself Alpha Male Profit of Doom for Christians. Just for a few minutes.
As a Christian we are taught that Christ will come again in blazing glory and end the suffering and the world will be restarted fresh again.
There are several ways we can do this, we can do this already, have had the ability to do it for decades. GOD can do it too, never did not have the ability to not do it. Asteroids ElE... Extinction Level Events. Bigger ones are still out there and they are all headed to hit us, or could or might not ever.
Nuke winter. Global warming. 6.5 billion get the blue flu and turn into ducks over night.
You name it we can kill ourselves in mass and do it every year. We overeat, over polute, we complain about joe's big bad diet and not getting out there and making a profit for himself. we worry ourselves to death.
The list goes on and one, some of you folks here do the worst of them. Darwinian frets that we humans willnever get out of here alive. LIke DUH!
Today I get nothing from my published works. Not a dime. I do look down and find money on the ground and if I am patient the movies hit the cheap theatre and I get in for $0.75 per movie I treat myself every few weeks to a double feature, for a 1.50.
There is a big bit of an under current online lately and I have been mining it, and my mail box gets about 250 spam notes a day and 1 to 2 non-spam nuggets of truth too. and then there are my contacts getting me mail as needed. and
Dan Ur means... prince of nuke( uranium ). I am into fusion, cold fusion my short stories are full of computer's coming to life and cold fusion powering the whole thing.
The Paradox Drive computer with IDIC profiling and vulcan heat sinks allow me to do whatever I want to do, in an easily explainable totally logical way that you can not dis-prove I have a god, and I can not prove I have a GOD and we neither can prove or disprove that I am HE.
Take that you doubters in logic. Logic proves I am right and so are you!
End of A M P of D 4 C channelling
Hi there is me dan the man pancake maker of blini and catfish and stew zoo-cinni, sweet melt in your mouth first time made success story.waves...poof.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Sermons from the plenty of fish forums

To the several posts after my first one,, something like #3 to # 5, To many issues to answer them all at once am breaking them down a bit.
Mary is not listed as having a date of birth in the main stream non-catholic bibles, Catholics have had need in the past to control information. Information is power, Knowledge is power, I know because I am a mainlining Information Junkie, I shoot up every day all day long. But I don't shoot up alone.... I read the bible in a random fashion, I prayed long time ago for the wisdom of Solomon, knowing that GOD said he would be the greatest ever, so I prayed to be second or thrid greatest, figuring that Jesus would be #1 or at least #2 and I could be #3 because Christ said to pray without stopping and to have the faith of a mustard seed. I am having my faith worked on everyday, dying 3 times and getting close to death a few dozen times changes you in ways you can not understand unless you have been there done that.
I'll tell you now what I have been data mining for, clues. There has allways been speculation in the HardLine hacker nets that there are people data planting. Black ops for hackers, not the gov't someone else, deeeeeeppper still, "The powers that be" Well I have always said they are a myth,,, LOL I think I was wrong, I am seeing patterns in the web that I have been spinning for the last two weeks and I am starting to see the programs I have to write to get deeper still, And yes I am writting the program as I speak the paradox is any writting online is programing in a way that few understand unless they do complex nuclear pardox gymnastics in their heads for fun. Which i do. Just read some of my posts and see the patterns I weave.
POF is data mined. We are warned about e.mail addresses in the public profiles and the public forums, data mining for spammers is going on, I know I have been putting my addy out as a spam seeker, the noise is the junk mail the stuff I am looking for is the other noise.
Where does this lead in this topic.... Christians have been using a bible that has gone through 100's of translations and is still the devine word of GOD and no one really believes in it as the true word of GOD, cause man wrote it. That is a paradox. Man wrote it down, God inspried it, and there are errors in it, and contridictions and still it is the total word of GOD. It is a paradox, you can see it, but can't prove yay or nay that you are right. Balance. I have always had prefect,perfect balance, I can balance a 6 foot rod with 2 one gallon milk jugs filled with water on my head and walk barefoot in grass with it on my head. Balance.
I can swallow a butter knife, I can do things at 300 pounds that others can't do fitter than I, I have balance of strength and flexibility ask any gymnast you know what they want and they will say what I just said. I have endurance too.
The bible is flexible, and it is old and it is True, but besure to keep it all in context, pulling one part out by itself and you can believe that Douglas Adams was right that the world is run by rats and the Dolphins goit up and left. Its the random patter of the noise that can get to you. You have to see the pattern in the patter, and be able to hold your mind sane and not slip over the edge of reason.
Mary was just a lady GOD used. The timing was spot on, The paradox is that GOD is today, yesterday and tomorrow, he sits outside of time, we sit inside time trying to explain what we can not. paradox.
Recently they have guessed the the Dark matter in the universe was something special, yay,, so what... GOD is in the system He is in charge. If you are gathered 2 or more in his name you are Christians at practice(church). Your own home is just as good as the big box churchs. Bigger gatherings of like minded people get better feelings, but Christ did not prefer a denomanation....demon a nation...... see it, read it, think it.... we are demonixing the others for what we are not doing. we have to back off and think that everyone has a personal relationship with GOD and leave it at that. I don't care, nor should you. If they believe that Christ freely gave you his life, then you are saved by Grace lest anyone boast their own power in their salvation, Faith that GOD will hold true to his word and you can just hold on to him in the days ahead.
E.mail me at here or at
Yes I know, I am programing as we speak, it is okay, I am having fun witnessing to the choir, we all need to hear the word of GOD, it helps us. He Saves Us.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

yeng and yang

We are yeng and yang
We are flip and other side
We the guy and the gal
Which is equal is the lie
How to work together is
Yeng and yang
Held together by the thin line of of the
Fact we can't get apart
If we tried.
Never could never will.
ceojr 20Nov2006

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Positive thinking goes mainlining

Quips Quates half thoughts rambles noise

Stephanie Jones WagleiMPROViSED MUSIC...MEANINGLESS SYLLABLESChemical-Scream.comeast meets west improvised insanityI was singing in the shower the other day and realized I could sing better to my one ear than my brother to that same ear, I wonder what he'd say when he heard me beat rap poet and knot it with a know it and string the genes together till the sound of the atoms stream in the steam of the new weather we are having of late, fossil fuels they say, nothing new under the sun they say too, well I think there is fusion in the motion and the moon in the sky is filled with stars for a reason to bring light tot he dark and scare away the shadows which can be there when we least suspect them, the fix is in and the time is ripe the flowers set to open and the sounds of the machine clicking and clacking in the night heard all over the world the posts slip into the background noise and Only a few actually hear thema nd I wonder which side of the puzzle theya re on as I mainline my brian to the papers of the pixels of the eons of the electrons pages in the paaradox of the stream and I want to know where the next letter back to me is coming from or if the science Of the day can even tell I am noise int he machine the humm of the TV never on, the books spent pages turning and turning and th Oil of life soaking into the skin as if the water can't get in, oil and water don't mix and the oil slides over the skin and soaks right in, am I water or oil am you the same or vulcans forge hung from strings and stold to the youth of the ages and now hunting for the noise in the machine the cat in the linda in the licking of the fur till the hairball coughs up parkinsons disorder running me down and killing me with its kindness and its the bang for the buck the choas does us bad are all males duummed to die this way, or is the other things that kill us, cancer, diabetes and the things of the flesh that strip us of our human nature, we can't live forever as we are, we have to die and we have to live as the other things and the other things as us, I know this and am self aware of the noise in the machine ticking tocking by the debt management cridet card comapnys that sell you the noise a better way, the universe is made up of a lot of dark matter enthropy is winding down and the noise is the system failure in the click tick tock of the ghost in the machine the shogt healling the sick filling the luna, lungs with dew in the morning and mourning the passing of the sun in the Sonshine. chaos hanging on for one last show, the fight of the people of the wars of the worlds the force of nature the force of the void, chaos is here, chaos is here, chaos is here.

Htg FT story link to the curvy queque
The noise in the system speaks again, do you hear the heartbeat of the gaia system group think, listen to the noise.
The Nuke winter is here in a few years the half life of UR is Iran's issue. Can we wait to long to do the right thing? Is the king here abouts to tell us, Khebab what do you think e.mail me, I need a graphical downloadable spreadsheet of Peak UR.
Charles.HG Author at Large.

For you space music fans

Look at the other stuff they have, no I had no time to listen to much of it.

to good to be true or greatest invention

New contact info, add ons I am here and there too

I you have to get ahold of me you can send real world funds and mail to me at

po 95266
North Little Rock Ark, 72118


Party on, see you on the flip side and HUgglies All you Ladies out there.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Random Ass mavement of the noise of the machine

tap Tap, I heard the noise. I look up there he stood the man with two blind eyes, tap tap. Omg I thought, gee when did he do that? I was about ready to turn tail and go the other way, I hate the blind you see, they drive me nuts. tap tap burp the man said weally loud and then laughed for a while and a while longer then looked at me and smiled and said. My dog don't bite. He had no dog till the hiss of his feet on the side walk sounded like a grrr in my ear I thought my oh my the burnt popcorn is tasty with the coke and the pepsi is the best if the coffee is dry and taste less like my air phone coffee maker.

Tap tap tap tap taop top the wahy I go the noe is in the noise in is in the no is out of the box oh my did you no, that I can't type while sleepless 21 the one less that then then tin ten thin mint paddy whack give a dog a bone and then look back and kiss your wife and hand her a nude photo of the spider and the fily and give a poem to the one you last had from her the child.

Hey the tapping spotted and the stopped guy is the blind man. yah they finally bulled him over for driving with out his hearing aid. Man i love the time that my main man goit hit wi the cop from afar, it was so cool the cookie just hit him hard and bam the paradox is you were born first and knew the fix was in, and I was born last and had to wait till I took the od twice in a row and died twice and then the fix was so fucked up I thought am I right, no I am crazy and you are the light and ai am the son,, or is the other way around you tell me I told you the sum of the gain, I upload and down load about 50 times a day, and flirt with the skirts till the girls tell me to back off or tell me I am way to cute to live in the bad teeth paradox of the day I have. OMG

Burp pet pet pet pet peap[ peat paet] pat pat patp apt patpa pa pt pt pap tpt paptpaptpa my head hurts but then again it is fine and I can type faster than the fastest I could before with out a mistake and the mistakes are the best i can make them and the worse I can palce me them.

OMG that is so coooooooooolll a bet the man main that I am a girl and the woman is the make and male ai the is the woman in the genisis is story his story hissssstory, I can't preach like this all the darn day long, but then agaon I can haha.

Noise os the machine.

Of all things Spam Humor on the NET

Maybe you didn't read this all the way through. Godown about three paragraphs.
Greetings to your family,
This letter must come to you as a big surprise, but Ibelieve it is only a day that people meet and becomegreat friends/ business partners. I am DR. IDRIS RIMI,currently Head of #1,593 Community Farm in BurkinaFaso.
I write you this proposal in good faith, believingthat I can trust you with the information I am aboutto reveal to you.I have an urgent and veryconfidential business proposition for you. On June5th,2000, a German international goat herder, who isthe head the Smeely Cheese Company here in BurkinaFaso Mr.Christian Eich left 17,500 goats in my care.These goats have since multiplide and are beginning tooverun all of Burkina Faso. Before this date, I havetried my possible best to locate a Next of Kin to lateMr. Eich, but all efforts prooved abortive, becauseall his family, including his Son In-Law and childrendied in the plane crash of Concorde Air France Flight AF4590 which took place on 31st July2000, some months after he left these damn goats in mycare.
You can read more stories about the plane crash byvisiting this website,
With the recent deforestation of my country by thesegoats and with their efforts to support the UnitedNations in checkmating biological terrorism aid in the Burkina Faso. By end of January this year, theFederal Government and the Agricultural Government haspass a new domestic animal terrorism Law which willgive the Government authority to interrogate all goatowners of above 50 animals to explain the reason fordestroying our agricultural economy with these goats,making sure it is not an act of terrorism.
If I do not move these damn goats out of the countryimmediately, by December the Government willdefinitely remove my precious testicles, because mycountry cannot provide the people with their Playboyrenewal subscription which is a civil right in ourcountry. Long live Hugh Hefner!
I decided to utilize this life time opportunity,instead of Government cutting off my cohonis, but aforeigners instead. That is why I am contacting youfor an assistance. As the goat hereder to late Mr.Eich, coupled with my present position and status inthe village, I have some vital informations that canhelp any foreigner that comes up as the Next of Kin tobecome the scapegoat. Then I shall give you up.
I shall supply you with a Visa, airplane tickets, andthe best medical care that Burkina Faso can provideafter they remove your nuts. The transaction will beexecuted under a UV light that will protect you fromany bacteria. If you accept to scape goat for me, Iwant you to state how you wish us to share the funds of the procedes from the goat barbeque that willbe held in your honor. So that both parties will besatisfied. I shall explain to you in details how weshall handle the transaction once I receive your response.
Thanking you in advance and May God blesses you.Please, treat with utmost confidentiality.
I wait your urgent response.

MY First ever recipe, My days as a cook started younger than I thought.

Rain rain rain rain rain reign its raining again, there is or was 4.5 inches of rain just last night in North Little Rock. It is raining again, my exercise time was cut to almost nothing, caged animal I feel the blood racing around.
GW is putting all sorts of water, HEAT, SNOW, something in the air we breath, It reminds me of High summer I have a cough and so does my dad, winter is our time of rest from the ailments of the summer heat. Low humidity and low heat great for us, LOL low temps and LOTS of water, not so great for us.
Hydro power on the river is high, North Little Rock gets Hydro power for some of its Electricity, We have stranded GAS I am sure in Arkansas and we have Nukes. GEE and localization is going on full stream ahead in North Little Rock, the downtown is totally Walkable, I did it yesterday at the job fair. has jobs and they use Propane in their trucks have since the founding og the company the rep said. Lots of great things come in small localization packages.
Thinking about cooking digging in the files of my dad's big black books his personal collections of recipes, we are still planning Thanksgiving Dinner. After all I have a fully certified Chef living in my house, My DAD. What better way to download his experience into my head that cook on a daily basis with him, And he is also a Trained Dietitian, (( diet titan odd there ))So I am going to school for free, room and board profit magins not going to a school but to my parents in my experience in cooking in their diet, the fruits of the earth in their meals.
I'll have a recipe tested the first one I have that I copied off the back of a skippy jar. I think the recipe is flawed but Have to prove it. So well will be making it soon, next week. When the rain lets up we have a wall to put up for sorting the piles of screws we have in the carport and the other places. His collection is like most peoples sand collections. LOL If he has ever needed it, he has some of them, if he has never needed it and can't find it in the piles he goes and adds to the pile. LOL I am getting an education this year.
More Recipes from the PO Cliff EDGE Later. LOL I am an Author at Large An Eagle eyed, Cat, who looks like a Bear and is as strong as an Ox. Go to The Oil Drum Dot Com, Lurkers welcome.

comments please????
For your eyes and anyone else you can con into reading this.
sociopathic dot net slash enter.htm
Funny and right up several folk's alleys. TOD centric post.........
The young lady is selling door to cleaning products and I ask her if I can drink it and she says no. I chuckle and hand the bottle back to her. Yummy eyes she had I love the eyes of the people I talk too. Anyway she gave me a list of things that were in it. I Laugh and hand the bottle back to her. Claim I will have to go through some people, My parents don't buy things from door to door. Yet if she were selling water everyone in town would buy it.
Water in the right form can wash anything clean. OIL is cut with steam, ICE cuts mountains, Water too, And the oceans hold every mineral known to man in them.
DO NOT GO OUT THERE ALONE take a FACT with you. Be a Para-Docs and help the childern.
LOL I am an Author at Large An Eagle eyed, Cat, who looks like a Bear and is as strong as an Ox. comments please????

For the Christians out there

Feed the Children is a great way to spend your money for helping others.


A very very high protion on the money goes to feed the child and get them back ont he road to Christ, Do what he says we are to do. Feed the Children.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

check this linakge out.
Someone knows what the noise in the machine is all about.
Sewage systems that work for home and profit. We can go local and always could we just did not think we could someone was selling us a bill of goods. The guys selling wanted us to believe that we had no choices.
200,000,000 million humans were supported on the system of the America's land masses, My source is a paradox, in a box and if you want to know what the answer to that littel ditty is, you have got to e.mail e.mail e.mail me, Leanan are you listening to it the noise im talking.
Ditto ditto ditto ditto dtito, did I mistake??? are you sure? LoL.Thank I have been flying on the Rum in my gum, or the gum in my green, or the green in my gum or the hot air in my tummy and now the air is hot out both ends.
LOL I am an Author at Large An Eagle eyed, Cat, who looks like a Bear and is as strong as an Ox.

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Winter Grab bag soup

1 -1/2 cups dry great northern beans, sorted
2 Large carrots peeled and random cut to bite size
1 small tight or med loose head of cabbage, diced to bite sized
1 pound hot or spicy summer sausage, Local if you can get it. diced small
1 small to med onion diced
3 large stalks of celery diced
1 cup diced Icycle Radish or Daikon (can use turnip or regular radish)
1/3 of a bitter melon (green) seeded and diced small
1 Tablespoon dried garlic or 10 cloves of garlic crushed and minced
1 small potato, diced skin on White if you have it, red if not
1/4 teaspon ground pepper, white or black.
2 tablespoons Salt ( added after soup half way done)

Add all the ingredients to a slow cooker except Salt. and cover with water and cook at med high for 6 hours, then add salt and finish, serve hot when the beans are all done. Great with corn bread or other breads, Milk and butter milk make a great finish as well.

I have already committed this recipe to memory, It is great.


What it means to be me, and surviving the Future.

I am a Christian first and formost. I have to ask you to Please consider that there will be other issues besides religion. In my Faith I will feed you even if you would back stab me and my whole clan, ( my clan is all the people that wave to me on a daily basis as I do my morning 1 to 2 hour long work out on my front lawn, mostly with staves, but also with strength and flex training. ) and I will gladly die for you.
That being said, I can if I so choose kill you just as dead and just as fast as I please. That is my choice not yours. My faith asks me to be nice to you, but understands that I may act the part of my vengence and kick your butt into next week. But If I have to kill you I can be justified and saved from my sin.
Now you know that I am a christian and you know that I can and do lift daily 150 to 250 pounds with my arms alone and twice my boby wieght with my legs. And I have 4 staves 4 foot to 7 feet long and I know how to use them and knives close in or thrown. You can make your own discision.
But if you need food I know in my yard alone all most all the edible plants, this time of year, when the temps hit 32 the other night.
Your choice, for me or against me. I don't care. Do YOU?

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Life and Times At The Oil Drum website.

Then from the stuff I know of the tour De france about one barrel of OIL per person to get the race done. These guys especially Lance Armstrong are geared to the maximum use of the food they intake, getting about 80 to 95% of the value of the food energy out into the work energy. Look at the videos of the Whole Last Tour de France. A big bit of doc-u-drama going on. One of my mentors in the real world, Is an advid Cyclist lover because her son did/does it. She is 68 years old weighting at about 106 max, to 96 min, Pounds. and I have seen her move Green Logs weighting 50 to 60 pounds by herself. I know I have helped her load and unload over 3 of her van's load and 5 of my van loads of green wind-fall trees in just this last full season, My last logs gotten to her were in May of this year. I can move about 150 pounds of dead weight now myself, from the ground to my shoulder. My dad can move about 200 pounds of dead weight from the ground to his shoulder, and he weights in at 145 pounds.
So mass is not at all the massive problem people think it is at all. I can get all of my energy from plants in a given week. From my own yard. Granted its not the diet you all would like, its the fastest fast food I have ever gotten and it is so low on the hanging fruit section of the world that most of you just walk over it and don't even notice it.
I have to remember, I laugh at moss and grass, other people Only see green.
Is the Quip I posted just a few days ago on my Blog, As this post here will get edited and posted there as soon as I hit post.
Charles E. Owens Jr.Author at Large, aka Dan UrThe bear, cat, eagle guy

As posted originally at The Oil Drum

Recipes from the edge.... Total Water recovery

The Dew is the best form of water gathering device ever invented.
The paradox of the device is this.
You have to have water to have water.
Pour the nasty water in a pan. Blow cold air, or any air over it. Sort of what is in the cold air vaporizers.
The windows are dripping in moisture and my cat is gathering it on her fur as is she going up to the window.
Due to the fact that the dew can be collected in this matter we have never ever had a problem in certain regions in the past of drinking.

Google the past and dew collection devices.

Quips, Quotes, zingers, paradoxs and one uppers

If I win you owe me 10, if you win you owe me 20, if no one winsYou owe me 30,... the credit card plan, no matter what I win..

Take a kleenex, twist the two opposing corners,stick one in each nostril, try not to talk, giggle or sneeze if successful you will for a few seconds Look extremely funny.

I have to remember, I laugh at moss and grass, other people Only see green.

For the Runescape player in you.
Ohh pc, Politically correct player controled pest cuddling

I hope you get to feeling better. Me too, I have things to do, places to go and all before Dawn when the travel agent takes my(the) space ship back.

Well there you go One upmenship of the finest, if you laughed, pass it on. If you cried as you laughed, pass it on twice. and if you pissed and laughed and cried all at one, seek medical help I am afraid you have not followed the instructions, correctly, this should not hurt you.

But in the end, if you don't pass this on to another person. Oh well so sad, your loss my gain, you see I am the ghost in the machine, even if you don't I will, hahahaha tick tick tock tock talk talk.