Saturday, July 22, 2006

Poem: Mind Winds

Mind Winds

Little echos
In my mind
Crying to be heard
Past wanting to meet

Long ago times
Distant chimes
Crying wind
In misty mind

Things past
Moving fast
Going nowhere
Wanting to be there

Dying Embers
Sighing words
Momories gone
Thoughts to Remember

Little echos
Chances lost.

Charles E. Owens Jr. 28 Nov 1989

Friday, July 14, 2006

Just a Thought Kudzu for fuel

Fantasy Post:

Kudzu the Terror of the south might be here to stay, but we might finally be able to handle it. I have no clue when it was brought over here to Landscape someone’s yard. A Native of Japan where it seems to not be a problem. Over here they could have used it to invade in 1940 and won by its growth rate alone. There are places in the US where whole fields have been covered by it in just a few years and everything has an Alien leafy green texture and undulates in waves of the same form over everything no matter how tall. We have used every method imaginable to try and get rid of it along our highways and byways and in those fields mentioned above. Sheep, goats, sprays, fire, intense weeding and I am sure someone out there staring at his field full of it is thinking of some new way to kill it this very minute.

As I opened this post, we might have a method to handle it finally. Gather it for Bio-Fuels. Might even grow it in a few big fields for the express purpose of a low upkeep high yield Bio-fuel on acreage that does not support food crops, or has the problem of being over taxed by food crops and needs a few years of just setting there. Just think turn an invasive alien plant into one of best bio-fuel resources.

Charles E. Owens Jr. 14 July 2006

Firelight night

Flames dancing on the wall, as two lovers gaze
The time slips to thoughts past and dim still
The fire's breath held between hands warm
Memories run the spaces of the dark
Thoughts dream of days gone by
Or yet to be
Flames dancing on the wall, as the fires slow
The night drifts by one second at a time
Yet days pass and years collect the room
Soft heartbeats chime in the ages going by
Was yesterday so far away they wonder
Is tomorrow another day or another year
Gone by again
Flames dancing on the wall, as time stops
And daylight streams in the window pane.

Charles E. Owens Jr.
13 July 2006