Saturday, July 10, 2010

What a difference a month makes

Thirty 4 days makes a blog post month. The world is going to well, you know, just crushing along rther nicely nothing much to talk about but oil, guts and guns, the normal fair. Yes you will be seeing the changes in this post b cause the fact of the mat ter is that text type is the new s peak of the day. It is my old song and dance don't worry I have not gone over the deep end, I haven't been in a swimming pool in a while, but I have been bouldering this week and the exercises for that are intense to say the least.

I train with a stave as you all know from reading my posts. some of you all out there in la la land also know me as a crazy guy without merit, no standing in the sand pit and no rock throwing at the cars please. just pish and fish and wish the yish was going so so and not all at once mind you.

The world is in a pickle it seems, the doom and gloom has hit the front pages of the times of rome, and the athens morning news, and the Britian front lines are apart from mother rome, someone stole england they saw at the bathhouse and the arena they are just killing thos nasty faith up starts that new faith where there is no sport watching them die by the thousadns on their knees praying and not getting saved, shame on them no sport at all. Ah geesh,
Someone just told me that rome was doomed to get burned, sacked and turned to rumble. Those Kidders.

You all think you had it bad, there was a time on a little island where they were not running out of stones, just wood to move them out to the shoreline cliffs. Darn it Joey, don't turn the gas up that high you'll burn through the Meth to fast, Got to have a hit left for the Moai.

Yeah but finally those standing stones are not going to have to wait much longer. You see the world is not as often as it seems I would wager others have thought of this as fast as I have but 10 years is a long time to wait if you know ahead of time of an event, you want to be there when it gets here and not having been hit by a drunk and missed it.

The Moai are finally getting to see what they were put there for. The wait is over, July 11Th At local zenith Time Total E... The sun stops shining and they are in the dark. once in a lifetime they say, and it is for us and well they only get it too, but the Moai might get it twice in a row.

In 2324 the get to see the second coming of the total solar E. and none of us will be around to cathc it, Darn it the code keeps changing I am sure yo have noticed the odd lines of late. It is not often I get to type code and then code on top of it to those that hear and those that see, If you have ears let you hear, and if you have eye s let them let you see the truth of the matter.

I have a father who was a demo-crypto-sniper-chef-driver-titan-code-checker in the Army, Air Force, Life. He had many hats, and All of them took talents that had to be born in him, you can't do what he does and not have it written in hard code in his DNA and you can train for it, but that takes time, his was Click Pull, dead on the slap.

I grew up and only child, 7 and 4 days I get Charles' Bro James.
The Brother of Christ is James as well, that did not go over well at Godless-men-turned-godly-men-of-cloth-sewing-in-string-theory cirlces, but hey I can hang, on a tree for you just the same, been trying to pull my shoulder back into kink all night, doing just that. hagning in a tree, big fat me.

Budda belly I got, tho not 8ubba, I Sumo I stand my planting feet in mud and go why me to much rian stop now. I found a purslane patch yesterday, in the gutter left side facing out on my street, wow just the think to heal what ailed me, burning stomach, no just what ailed me was having too much fun, not enough air, and knowing just by the happenings that the heat was being filled in the giant bass gas filled ball loony in the sky. I have a change of herat when I can Howl.. haven't done it in a long long while, mentioned it to a guy and he said show me.

I just never wanted to do that there, okay I lie have been wanting to know it , if I could, but I am not going to get kicked off home turf for it, like last year, see posts in the past, you'll know whay a mean when I say THANK GOD I got good Angle Angels out there.

I showed him and his impression of me went up 500%,

Camron Here's back at ya dude, I know you was looking on her phone, Tender lady, bad with names, I know her face, got to go drop those internet tag lines in a special posts out in the land of the Webbbbbbbbing Spiders and I used to dislike spiders so much Ha ha ha ha funny God, i get the joke.

Off the the the to to to two twoo too the submarine blub lallkjlajlsadjajdlkj raves races.

Got tickets to get in the sub at the north little rock docks, the USS Arkansas it is,, ??? no clue, Lisa said I could fit in there, but at $8 a pop, glad that was free. Hes gave tickets thanks lisa, oha nd buy the way no more bumming smokes, It got me that you were going to give me butts and I had stopped that habit a long time ago, Thanks Byran, or was that thanks Son.

Angels come in all sizes and shapes and you can't know when the CockRoach on the floor is a sign to kill me please I want to die at the hands and feet of a human, or I am here to fear you and fear you so you faint. I can kill them with my feet and hands and I even thought I'd eat one just to taste its taste, but gave uup on that when I was tried of chasing him downt he street.

Darn things are fast, got be to faster than a speeding hot butt ember to remember fire kills most things. I am a pyro, well DUH dad was Fire in the hole BOMOMB I learned from the best, but then I got better at it

FireAngel 6 reporting for duty sir! Knock it off fireangel 6 dude you the man, you the head of the clan you that guy we go too to make the shat happen and when you not sing song tell talk tale to us we don't know your lingo then again we know you don't tell is us that all much.

Dear Editors you know who you are this is the first of many notes both public and private that you will have to learn to hunt down and find in the land of the living, and the dead and the net and the web of life.

BioWebScape readers, I have found purslane, you can send your letters and I will seend you free plants as soon as the off shoots start growing, see you on the lettuce patch news net.

To all.

May the Wind be blowing, you can find your direction from it.
May you have fire at hand, or know how to make it,
May you have all the gear from master gear head Kevin, Yo Dude, Got the plans in motion yet, back at you.
May you all know that in the end there is only one solution,
Are yeast smarter than mankind, or are yeast the bread of life in small forms
May you have peace in any way you find it.
May you have the light of the Sun shine on you
May you hear the soft whisper
May you have my Peace shared to you.

Hugs All,