Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The free party canidate runs again

hush the noise the Lord said and god said in verse Let there be light.
Hush the pain and god said in verse it is finished
Hush the rush and god said .......You have the spirit of fire, tongues of fire.
Hush the rush and vote for the new presidental canidate.
He runs for the F.R.N party
Free Right Now
his friends call him Charles
He goes by that mostly,
Do not send this out to others,
He will not accept money of any kind
No donations
No volunteers need apply, if they do they will work for free tips
Like quips, quotes, wits and end bits of sounds
Going Grass roots on July 19th in venues near and far
Do not vote for in the primary
Only in the main line Popular vote
Vote only once, and do it only once, the main election, write in his name or not
No party, no helpers, no funds, No worries, Just be free and vote.

If he does not win so be it
If he does not win the wind was blowing in spain
If he does not win, he'll be able to enjoy the next four years
If he does win, for more years of changes and
changes and changes Vote Charles E. Owens Jr., Free Right Now.



All funds freely given, might be used for food and or lodging the homeless, the penniless, the weak, the poor and those kinds of people.

Friday, July 06, 2007

From the Streets

From the streets
An Operation HUSH Publication
Volume 1, July 2007

Who We Are:
We are a chartered Non-Profit Organization. The acronym stands for Homeless United to save the Homeless. Which we intend to do. We are an organization of the Homeless, for the Homeless, by the Homeless.

Our Mission:
To Renew the minds, Restore the dignity, and Repair the Humanity of Former and Current Homeless People, in order to promote Self-Suffiency and Self-Sustainment. A lot of the Homeless are Repeaters. We hope to change this by Destroying the Cycle of Homelessness.

The Forum

Recently we requested a Forum with Mayor Stodala, Bruce Moore(City Manager), and Jimmy Pritchett (Homeless Coordinator), Which they have graciously Granted us. However, It will not be complete without you, Our families and Friends.

The Forum is Scheduled for Wednesday July 11, 2007 at 8:00 Am at the Amphitheater in the River Market District. Please come, As This is an Opportunity for us to share with you some truths concerning Homelessness.

For instance, many of us are not on drugs or alcohol, a lot of us are talented and skilled, we appreciate the hand outs but need and hand UP.

We are currently seeking a base of operation, and prayerfully we will have one very soon. For now, you may contact us at jssgoodrum@yahoo.com . In the future, we will share success stories with you, along with other news from the streets. Meanwhile, we leave you with "One to Chew On". "Some books that were judged by their covers, made the greatest movies".

From The Founder
HUSH was founded on June 7 2006. Since that Time, we have ministered to the homeless wherever they are, However they are. We are a Teaching, Reaching program, as well as a ministry of Restoration and of Reconciliation. We believe in Networking with and Supporting others who believe as we do.

"Everybody is Somebody, Nobody has all the answers, and anybody can so at least one thing well."