Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Dear Readers,

Just how many is the earth able to feed and why are they not being fed.

The other day I told a few people that the earth is able to feed the people we have and they looked a little offended that I did not know what I was talking about, as they pointed out people are in starvation mode in several places today.

Biowebscape came about from me posting to the Oildrum on a key post about population or feeding people, one of those two topics. As we are being stressed by them both and others right now.

The amount of land that gets enough rainfall, without carted in water from rivers and creeks and wells is about 14 million Square miles. If all of that land was used, for food production and you only fed 1 person per acre, you would feed 8,960,000,000 people. Okay that is more than we have currently on the planet, So what is up?

We choose not to feed them that is what is up.

We limit people, we tell them to eat bread and water and get by on that so the rulers can have veggies and wine and what not. We limit people from growing foods in their yards cause that would limit the grow the grass that looks better in the eyes of the building associations. We want to have great patches of grass and roads and airports and cities and things where the land is the best for growing food, and then limit the growth of food to the land we have to cart in all the water and the plant foods for and the list goes on and on.

We are our own worst enemy and we just do not seem to care and do not seem to understand that there has been a better way all these years and we just refuse to see it, as then maybe we can go back to our fantasy world on the little bright boxes in front of our faces, as that is better than wondering if we can eat next year when the local high temps hit 110 and the rain is not there.

Drought and flood are going to keep going, but we have boats and we have de-sal plants. We don't have to be slapped around by the way things are, as we are the change that we seek. ( hopefully you are seeking some change, lol).

Do we need to have 30 million huge cars with only one person in them for 1 to 4 hours a day? We seem to have forgotten life without a car is the normal everyday thing for most of the world, and if not then, for most of the time we have been on this world.

Cars aren't the problem,, we are the problem, or our thinking of the issues at hand are the problem.

I have been talking about my designs with my dad about our lot here, only 1/6 of an acre in the middle of the outskirts of a small city in a built up area of a small state. Arkansas, Central area, north of the Arkansas river, and the Capital complex in Little Rock is about 9 miles due south or so. just a few additions and we could have fish, chicken eggs, rabbit meat, and trade good for other people's plants in their yards locally. Just the three of us could if we pushed it a bit more than our energy levels are now up to doing, could live almost totally on the Lot's produce. That would mean that 1 person could live off of 1/18th an acre.

Going back to the top population numbers 1/18th acre goes into 14 million Square miles 161 billion people. Way way more than we'd ever projected people on earth being able to amass and get by. That people see the world in such limiting terms is there in plain colors,

Other's years and years ago, went on vision quests, I wonder how many saw today's world?

Remember to stop letting people tell you, that you are limited to what they want to limit you too. Spot the flaws in their stories that tell you, we have to fight and kill and rule with hate and all that bad stuff cause we just don't have the resources to feed all these people. They are feeding you a line of falsehoods for their own gain, not yours.

Even Religious tensions are for the most part man made tensions.

Let there be light, and there was light. Let there be enlightenment and then all the other stories and writings and threads fall into place.

May the Peace of the Lord be yours.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Private Privets, Plants under glass for Terra, Compost Tea to water the garden.

Dear Readers,

The fiction is almost as busy as I am making things for Biowebscape Design(s). I am not sure which gets more head space or room, so I will try to keep them flowing as the weeks run into months.

Oh did anyone notice the Science News, talking about the star 6,500 light years from earth that has a cloud of Buckyballs and other Carbon objects around it, seems they have known of them for years, but this is the first time the buckyball formation has been seen, ( might be the closeness to earth relative, or that it is only 6,500 years ago, I am not going to open that can of worms much, but the sight of them is {{ "Mr Spock what would you think?" " Um,,, I have not clue Cap't totally beats me, maybe you should ask Uhuru, she likes that sort of thing. ( the Mr Spock is not the one you first thought, but the one in the 60's selling child care help to clueless parents. )"}} Seems they have been around a long time, and Buck-Fuller just happened to understand them better than anyone else.

That brings me around to the issues of the BioWebscape Designs I have been working. Lots of people can do the living off of the land, Lots of current terms for them, But mine is that we don't have to be limited, we could have done this long ago, but we kept asking the right questions, but kept letting people tell us, the land couldn't be used that way, or that to go off grid we'd need all of Texas to feed the world or on and on and on with the excuses and the WE-Can't it'd hurt my city and my view and my whatever, whatever. So I got me fixed and thought, look people, stop just looking around for the me $ out of the ideas and Started to think what I could with my head, and God's help think up and just offer it to whomever wanted it, take it or leave it, no worries. If you want to know how to do it all let me teach you what I know, and you can add what you know and we can both gain and the designs get better and then we can teach others and those that like can have and that those that don't can swim their sea lanes with us, and we can all go down the road in a more happy course.

Yes there is this thing called, war, famine, pests and blah blah blah and blah... Christ did say he came not to do away with war, but to start one, it was already going on, and now it is heating up, but I as a Christian do not have to fight anyone, The Turn your other cheek and other things get blurred here. I will turn my other cheek if you are hitting on me. If you are hitting on another I will if I can, defend them and step in the way and let you deal with me and give them time to run, call the police or just sit back and wait till you go away or decide messing with me is not worth your own pain. So take note mean people, I might look old and slow moving, but Terra Today saw me flick my hand out and back in again. Slow is not something I am if I want to move fast. See typing speeds on other posts.

So I am working on set top gardens for the small scale that can be used in the large scales, or just help the Widows have some fresh herbs in the winter time, or something for the Shut-Ins to do while getting better. The kid projects for groups or what not and that can be shared with others and passed around. My mediums right now in this is Plastic Soda and other Drink bottles that I have on hand as My parents have them and they are part of our households recycle stream anyway. I knew about it ages ago, just was in the Manic with a large helping of depression thrown in and that got hard to get back out of, but now that I am here, I am trying to overload my mind on the things that I can design.

Today while at the PotLuck right after Service, Mike a friend of mine, took some pictures of the bag I made up, which is my transport bag, with biowebscape in a nice colorful script pattern and my cell phone number, So if anyone wants to know something, well look here, or Call me. 1-501-551-1961 Don't worry if you get some strange guys voice talking about flipping records or whatnot he is just a crazy employee that I used,,,,,, lol,, okay I haven't changed the message and don't plan on anytime soon, as it does pertain to this now, as well as the other local things I did and still do, just not as much as I used too.

I handed out to Sarah ( sorry I keep forgetting you name's spelling, but meeting your Housemate, was well a Good sign from God to me) As I explained to her, so it is to you too. LOL. I gave Sarah, A Perrier bottle with per mixed dry( as can be, being a living item) Compost tea bottle, just add water and then let set and then decant into the pots, garden whatever. A few grasses under glass in another Perrier Bottle and some seeds of "Rocket" the french spelling and the other name are there, but I can't spell them off hand so am just using the america version. They will grow as they do, and then be used hopefully for a while. they do go to seed in the garden about this time, in fact they seem to do it whenever the plant reaches a certain stage, but maybe I have so much, I don't know they are in more than one stage now.

And then the Privet, It might not make it, going in and out of the show bag wore it out, and the lack of full root base is telling, oh well, it has some grass on top too to say hi world. On the side some young parsley plants about 6 of them and at the bottom a young onion, that can be harvested soon and eaten. and the space used for the parsley or something else.

There Done.

God's peace to you all.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Bio update and other news.

Dear Readers,

Well the world can change as if overnight, something like this must have been what those guys back in the old days called a transfiguration, or in this case a rising from the dead or in this case a coming into the kingdom on earth moument.

I was keyyed up, had to get out of the house, and Glenda, If you read this, Thank you from the bottom of my heart and a hearty bow to you all there. ( makes plans to send josh and brad and chris and the gals a few trinkets each month from his travels, just in case they might or might not remember whom I am when they next see me, if the staff changes, well they have my contacts, Off to work I go,, he he he ho ho ho raaaa hoooooooooooooooooooowl zzziiiittttt ssssssssss iiiiii eeee stop but not no sound just so low I have to use real words to tell you about it and then about now a pop and fizzzzzzz. That is my full vocal range, I will save that for a comedy club somewhere, where I can stage an act they never did see, got to put some of the fizzzles out there besides in here I guess.

The Tree was rotten and we knew it, but I am a bit stupidly sttuborn and slow to act on things, Lol,, sounds like What they tell you God is about,, slow to his anger, but when you finally have that intense anger reaction you better get under cover and wait for the lightening storms to slow and drift off as they do with time and windage. The other night I was out and the north faced are off my north shore, was in heavy lightening, but where I was, was just a bit of soft drizzle so I stayed out and even if It had been pouring I would have stayed out, but hey I was out for a smoke break to get the giinnjinglllling out of my system,, energy I had plenty of that, I was trying to reach a balance that is hard for me to reach when I have 400 things to think about and just can't get them all sorted out, but I did go back in after a while and sort out the area of a small shelf, and just deconstruct it and then reconstruct it. You have to do that with things you are trying to mend, fix, repair, move from one home to the other, unpack, repack, all the changes of life literally the same up and down sign wave curves, which brings me to the day that the signwaves were just tingling so badly that I could not figure out what in the world was going on, only to find out that lo and behold that one sign wave guy was born, and then I felt the lines of the pulling of the personhood and all that, seems sorta mystic to think of it that way, but I will tell you they knew about it in Jesus' walking on earth and God's wisedom is far more complex than you will almost ever guess, I have been for decades now, literally asking the tough questions, the ones that no one I trusted, knew the answers to, so in that case the only one I was asking them of was God.

So here I am just doodling along elsewhere and feeling the needling pains and the day before at the Peabody, when I had Two beers, ( on of which I only took two sips of, and put back, so that was 2 sips for 8 bucks, sounded as bad as the 25 year old scotchs and whiskeys ) and One Port and one Ceaser Salad, I was suffering from a migraine, strange for me I usually only have them,,,,, oh wait a minute, I have them when I can't figure something out, and just go to bed for a while, but I have been if not up, then UP , lol, I have not really gotten down the valley of the shadows of the death lately. ( Which means I have been having to readjust others to me as well as readjust me to them) But that day they, the one migraine in two phases, halves, and pain levels was shifting and first my right eye, then my left over the course of about 6 hours I felt like my head was being slowly torn over and off, which is about what happened the same morning when I took out an old soaked madgasgarian vanilla bean from it's bottle, in fact they were 8 of them stuffed in a ( soda bottle from a nature food store from ages ago, like 2008 or so) bottle that was then poured in White rum, the kind is not so important as it has to be 40% at least, and clear, as the aging process turns the rum brown and the alcohol content extracts the oils in the vanilla bean. Putting them in there whole is the best part, I force the issue with putting the max number of beans in the jar and then the rum. In this case a full pound came out to 80 beans and 10 bottles and 8 beans a bottle and that was really cool. http://www.beanilla.com/ was the site online and they have the best beans from all over the world and the best prices I have found from anyone but shops that can get you bigger bulk orders and I don't have those connections, or do, but was not in those areas at the time. I did not even pull the bean out, it had swollen to the point I could not pull it out, so I just used my two favorite kitchen knives and then decapitated it. Laughs my first pound of vanilla beans was bought in 2001 or so and my next ones were bought in 2008 or so I think, looking back on it, I don't rightly know when, as there was a big stink about me having alcohol in the house, as they were fuming that I did not need, Alcohol and I did not need this or that or that and this and some times I did not need both thisthat, or thatthis at once, which if you start playing the numbers and verbage can get rather confusing even for me.

So Here I was on Tuesday morning that I was one place only to hear the howling winds of the world swirling around my feet, the ones you hear on the news, on the rumor line on the TV on the shows on the cable at the bar, the junkish things that tend to fill people's lives to the point that we just can't handle it anymore, and people wonder why people take up drinking to cure things, or that people fuss and fume and we are all in a big pressure cooker and just bubbling away,, which is okay if that is the system you are looking for, so that you can get a lot of things done in a shorter amount of time, the organisationaly amazzzzzing things people can get done seemingly fast and without a lot of movements, Which will come later, heh, When I can walk again as I put a lot of strain just this pass 3 hours from my time 9:55 am to the early about 8:00 am so it was not a bad slice of time.

Well more on this later got to restart my computer,, waves see you on the flip side

May the Peace of the Lord that passes all understanding be yours and mine forever.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

dex hex and the genie's fictional story's of my past notes, and then there was a war in a bottled-genie-tabled-turns

Dear Readers,

As I was deloading some sticks of memory, no not the kind that now hang in the usb ports, but the old school kind the notes we author's leave for ourselves in small outlines and then a thought, a title or something. I have thousands of notes, taken while I was a Courier in the Company that my friend Morris was the last person I knew to have worked for them, steady like through all their incarnations, he was there when I get there in the 1996 rat race to find a good job after moving back to North Little Rock with my then second wife, her daugther and Charlene and the Cars that had once been both her's ( 1st's wife's parents got them for her ) The Yellow one was on a flatbed towed by the big 26 foot U-haul which I drove from indy ( the 500 place of speedway fame ) and North Little Rock, They were in the little Blue Station wagon, What kind of car escapes my memory right now, but I liked the Blue one best it was a station wagon and I always loved Station Wagons. The story of the Checker Marathon Station Wagon is for another day, but it was Red and White,, all red and white on top ( Hi there Jade,, I love you still, and there is a side note here this is one has nothing to do about the debate me and Jade had, But I have found a hunk of Jade in my Pyro-Kit-DAK-Hot-boxed set, that is refilled with other memories and stored about the same place as it was before, with a trigger and that is a hair trigger, one that if there is not a sign on the side, and you open it, you had best guard yourselves from the nuker-stupid-moronic thing you just did by opening a locked box in a place like my room cause I leave traps and firewalls that might make the two suitcases a bit angry and if they were opened, well there would be lawyers out to hunt you down, trust me on this, I know several and some of them those 3 know the needs that I have and boom,, don't go rummaging around in my room is all I tell people, there are traps Only I don't know about, I have a huge space in my room. About 11 feet by 11 feet and then just over my tip top reach which is getting back into the level of reach when I was bouldering in the 1981 to 2008 range,, I was walking lines of balance and rock jumping down hill sides and as high up a rock wall as my feet and no ropes could carry me, which would vary. I see a wall and look how to climb it, Someone today in the bar at the Peabody in Little Rock asked me If I could climb the Big 3.5 foot around columns and I told him no. But what was not true is that I just wasn't willing to think about it, I was trying to enjoy a fine Port. Yes those glasses are good, and you put them in a small brandy glass, the head room turns the aroma into the nose space and you can well breath the flavors. Oh to make that story about the columns short, I thought a bit later after that guy was gone, how to climb them, with two slack flat ropes, and some gear and my new Teva size 13 Sandals, But then I don't have Size 13 feet, I just had to big that size I have size 10 to 11 feet depending on the amount of up time I have and the swelling in my legs, which peaked out today to the point that by the time I got down time, I was barely able to walk, or much less bend fast. The wall of something or other would have to have been worth my time really for me to spend time doing it, but the skill is there, just not the weight ratios yet. Okay back to the gear we packed and drove I unloaded some of the stuff and found a Note for the story in the box I was looking at. some ))))) to cover any over arching thoughts that I had during the first and Only single line thought process of this post,, typos and all, leave them there that way, if the corrections are made and you steal the story I will know about it. Laughs like a mad hat-wearing-kid- in a black on black and a red on red on the head space of the bubbles of Brew Also on my tab.

The story is thus,,,,,,,,,,,,,

But first this is a launch code in dex hex for the guys that code my dex hex network the rums are in the gins, and the barn is in the hill foot and the code is to get in the side door not, the front door and not the door you would see in the side of the kill zone the hills have eyes and spies is the guys in the green hilled house shoes in the floor of the jail's floor below, and below that is the sewers and the pipes in the hills have the eyes of the last guy I gave a lighter to. Yes you 5 and 7 and this is the launch code, do not think I am silly,, the is ,,,,

badgerpowhtn not what you think but what I know that is true of the true of the true and the david, Brad , Eddie, K and K and K and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzttttttttt the lighter did not light I am on stick and stick and I have 16 and you go tot he hops skips and the booottttttomms.

This has been a message in a bootle of of of of ofo fof ofofofofoffofofofofofofofof............

Okay back to the Genie in the bottle storyline........

Breaker the beaker,, the beaker was the test tube dumber dumby Jim the Handsome prince of late night frog tv,,, Hope you are having a blast there in the heaven's stage set with beaker, breaker and nod off to sleep the gigers oar up and the shhhhhhhhhhh this is not the story I thought it was,,, shhhhhhh...... dex hex had an incoming ,,,,, one way at both ends the sign said james I have the sign still on the side of your wall by the bed,, I aim to kill no one, and I will teach you to use the spit wads better than me james, Sorry I won't use you as target practice again, Dr. Maybe was here....... and gone again,, off to a card stack int he stacks.

Okay sorry about that,,, had a brain system dump ,w h e n I took a down time break as I had to drink my milk shake,, which by the way was a bit icy cold at the tail end, but I like the recipe,, must get more godiva chocolate chooo chooo choo mix.

The Door opened and the Guy walked into the lite dim room and wondered if the receptionist had gone on a smoke break like he really wanted one now and then the door gently fell shut, then the lights went out, and when he tried to get to the door it was not there, and he swore out loud and the doors got further away from him, but he did not see that, as it was totally pitch black dark, then he saw a scene from the movie "pitch Black" in his head and was about to scram and then the dim glow was there over by the front of his face, but way over there, and then a set of lights started to light up like a set of landing lights and blick blek blink, bit bat,, dit daot dot, then his feet were in a spot light and the sign appeared at his eye lever but in front to the right and then the left too, and it read!

Do not think the thoughts you did when you were in the elevator, I can not answer those kinds of questions.

Then the sound of a few ducks fighting like maybe daffy duck was there with cotton in his mouth and then the sounds seems to hush off the sound's waved him into a breeze was blowing and then the lights came up slowly but stopped at about half past noonish on a dim day in the middle winter blues of the north sea and the North slope, as he was a drill Rig Owner he kind of knew this too.

break break sorry for the breakers

slug alert,,, found a slug trail this morning while hunting for tea to drink stored put side in big bulk bags or case lots, any way, fed said slug but now she/he/it is about half way up my arm, after having gotten picked up packed in to warmth, an the fed meal of white french bread blend, sucked all salt out of it ans gave them the pellet, pardon the pun, she's faster than a snail, half way round upper left arm, have typed this with right hand.

tell you all more later, first pet slug this season,, cool,,, ack, she got tot he tickle zone, and I acked her over to the floor landing zone, they , turn in air and land on back and pack it in, I know about all that, I am a boulder-er myself, anyway she is back in her bowl till I can get her a jar space built, and i needed a terra-rare-eeee-um slug and worm and decay bag area,,, oh yeah,, darn goes to get the glass bottle, when I found her I was taking it out,,, God Works in Mysterious ways, May hte Peace that finds you this morning be as good as my first pet slug and all that other kid in a great playground stuff that happens to us Gardeners,,,,, I told you I am not the normal gardener, I protect life of all the common things and bring life to life again by feeding it, I am after all the only BioWebScape Designer I know, Teaching you all about the webscapes of the bio's of tht pets and trees and things I have in my yard. Well got to go, she is on the cloth over the organ and well when you have an adult slug, you have to fast they get going looking for warm home if you get them.. I got to make her one in my room and the collections area is the seed area that is the dangerzones,,,,, ugh,,, goes to make sure things are slug friends.

To Infinity and Beyond......!!!!!!!!!!!


May God's Good Graces give you a view up out of the Grave where, well, you are turned back into the gardens soil, and may I be turned to worm food and go to where ever God Wants me and all the where evers I go then ,, after I get the team drawn up and the seeds planned,,,,, oh well, his will not mine.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Two Weeks, To Tee time, At Tea On a BioWebScape, Place, Space, concept page.

Dear Readers,

Two weeks? Really, that long ago I posted, wow, when you are writing non.stop You forget the time flies differently for different people, the weeks have been filled, with Gallery openings, Lunch dates, Sara and a note to her, from me, via Coutrney, Who by the way, I told courtney and she did not have her stamp, so I told her to just stamp her hand on the doodle, and she did, so I will open the doodle and write her own art work for her around that stamped stop. Well where to begin I think at the ending of the Story Charles, Hey hold on a minute sir, did you send me that post it note yet? What are you talking about Jimmy? Oh by the way Jimmy, I don't know if you called me from L. A. or from arkansas But I gave you my Home phone number and well the way things are around here the note might not have gotten to me if you did call my house phone.

So Jimmy, that I met at the Ryan T Schmidt Gallery Opening, If you are reading this I wail the Howling the Officer Said, Are you supposed to be here, I turned back to her and said, You are my Control. She did not say anything, the next time I looked, she was at the end of the block looking, and I outed my smoke and in the trash, task, took my noted and marked for well shall we say, I should have not asked those guys for a light, Off to bed I went, the bar was two doors down I almost went in the wrong counted door ways, that street is longer that it looks.

Gusano's I had pizza sticks, and my pool stick, broke down to two parts, lest while I was gone someone mistake it for the house sticks, kids, not knowing would look and not touch on a broken stick, but well long story shorter than it was, cause that was only sunday and I met you on Friday and this is Tuesday and well two weeks flew by in the springtime this year and It is a New Moon today, the 21st of the 2second's months, that this year is scarey they said. Why I asked, they said 3 of them I thought, #3$ What? Huh? Who Were they planning on telling, The 3 13ths of friday this year of our lord 2012, The album cover will have the 2021 album logo on it soon, as I am still designing that for my brother's birthday present on his wife's birthday of the one of them 13 of fridays,,,, In july.. Happy Birth day marlene, I wish as many as I can learn to live with, To you Two Too. There I in four words just used all three 2's and the forth()fourth()4th word was You........

You out there, Hello New Reader.

Wow Streams of living waters, and a lot of living creatures are joining my yard, the Cactus is planned on being put up in a bucket and moved the sunny spots, where when it gets bigger can be a center of the Mex-tex-dex-hex fair, where the waters meet the sea and the desert and not the dessert will be, I have planned out, the yard on my 1/6th of an acre area.

In the front side there is a spring and the back side a sea, and the seen passage of the time line will be in the future when I can actually get the word out of my head and into a note for Ryan, to tell him that the side to side on the unfinished art print of the one on the wall has to not be wider than a Stud to Stud middle ground or in the parlance of the construction and Architecture notes of working drawings in plain english just at 16 inches. That is the side to side, the top to bottom is of course the not known by me, as that is your painting as yet unfinished, that I can not guess as to the size of the print, But as You will label it as you like as It is over the course of timing the choice of the aRtist. I R Not here Or there, I R @ home turf, office in the living room, dad's office in the formally known, extra bedroom that has served as an extra bed place space, and my garden's storage place of all my spare seeds and all the jars of all the foods we canned up over the years, It was a big Big almost as tall as the roof's top, there is a lot of small stuff packed the walls in that hall of well the stuffed in the stuffed place, the Furnace and A C access is the door to the right as you walk in and the opening now has pants, thinning the space and the Long art lines of T squares and the other papers and art work things and big paper storage is behind the door, the cabinet is the one we had in Germany before my brother was born, which makes it over ummm lets see I am really older than him, and though he greyed faster than I did I still look, um different as I am bigger than almost all the first cousins I have, but not really. I am though the biggest of the boys of the boys. Cousin Don and Micheal (sp) sorry dude I know I should know,, but the story is out, I told them about you guys tying me up to the chair in one the rooms upstairs when I was visiting you at the former farm place and that was so long ago All I remember was corn feild and motor bike and mike and me and you Don and those ropes and them wondered where I was and them out looking as I came in from upstairs as sneaky as I could and told them a bold lie that I was really outside and not upstairs tied to a chair that you were having revenge for me being an annoying little brat of a cousin and I loved every minute of the 007 training you gave me and I say this with pride I wanted you to have made it harder to have gotten out, but I just started feeling my way around the knots of the ties that bind men together as blood relatives and older than you I am not Don you are the oldest of the oldest I am the oldest of the youngest and I have no kids to share this with but yours, and my readers. I facebook what I can, but this is my space to scape the scenes in my oft times manic ride of fiction and fantasy and fact and tongue twisting twisted sisters of the hip hop boy band called the hip hop kill the zombies, kill the zombies, No not you Soad< I know you read and you are cool and I hope to see you soon on Runescape, where you can find me as Dan Ur. and BioWebscape, But you all out there in RS land know that as a big bad game I am the Guy in the Chef's hat, the Ge Standing bank dude the Isaah I will give you the door key to my private banking fund fyi is the new Taverly bank if the system is not lagged back I Have been off game to do system maintaince at a friends house in hi basement and not filled with water like Church was sunday but hey he has a down hill slope and not a boat in sight. But back the story goes to the random event of the past 2 weeks.

Zoner I am out of time the shoulder muscles tell me that typing full tilt at the rock and roll pace of the rocking rock step runner down the wyom,ing face of Veed a Voo,,, that is the only way I can say it, but I was lost in an aspen swamp in my hiking boots that are still in my personal gear, and they are what going on ge that was the Janet Era,, and Janey if you read this, No I don't rock hop down full speed rock scapes in Wyoming, I do though Boulder up and down things that most people that see me do the Light Sabre Pool stick trick, Go Oh Wow, Is he really what he just told those kids from Texas that I met on sunday and they saw a 10 or 8 band band playing at the formally known ALL TELL arena,,, but I digress of progress faster a bit slower than I was at full tilt then when I met the guys in the Ryan T Schmidt Gallery and I hid a nose print on the big Tri-Tear-Drop Thing hanging in the swinging string front window,, Only my Shadow knows, And heck I don't even know the Names of the Angels and Anles that God uses to protect his smaller kids, let alone me. I do know a lot of people by face and,, Even though Steve Giger Says He saw me, I have not a clue where, but I never forget a face and Steve this a Shout out to Giger the Right Angle Tiger that I met at the Bar back door the food was fantasy on a tray and the service was As IF I was in heaven for a greek wedding and the show was fan- Tas- Tic.

Got to run fly a kite in the night skies over the yard arm in my room and Ryan I will get on your site, then I if I ,, well the internet was not working at my bar today, Spectators, Not mine, but I was there doing the things I do there and well,, um I will drop you a not here,a nd there and everywhere I know to call, you I have your number, buzzzzes offf to go to sleeppppppp!

Okay not, I type and I practice Nine Inch nail driving C. A. I can not type the name of the game sI play that would be a state secret, shhhhhh, I am a blow dart artist, I can hit targets with target cads, and disks of light rays and CD's and Shine on and shine on and shine on.

Shoe slime man,, shllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll shh this is a no talk zone sir.

May the speeeded up Peace of the Lord that passes even my understandig of such things, be to everyone on earth a merry good night Ho HO HO ho.

Santa, was here today,


Tuesday, February 07, 2012

They sliced and diced the sizes again.

Dear Readers,

Somewhere in all my dreams they started slicing things, first it was not so noticeable then they did it to my favorite item, Ice Cream. Now we have the big half gallon going to the 1.5 quart, or the one brand that gives us back 2 scoops, to get 1.75 quarts. Why? Portion control seems less likely a reason, because if you wanted to eat as much as you wanted, you'd just buy the bigger sizes like the 5 quart sizes ( which is what some big box stores sell ). Me thinks it is money, I know other people have noticed and I am not the first, but it is getting to where I am finding it inside games and inside the stories that people write and it has gotten to where people are finding it in the restaurants where they are serving you food or changing box sizes on you and you can see the subtle changes as a way of limiting costs and know that things just aren't the same. A place that we get take out from, changed the take out box, and it is smaller, so the food portions, though still generous are slightly smaller, and that bit of difference was so subtle yet so pointed to me, that I started thinking about it, and couldn't stop.

Bacon is one of my favorite foods, Oink Oink it has to still say a bit for me to like it though, those Cooked but fresh to eat packages you first saw in the Big Wholesale clubs, were just great, but then I started looking at the sizes of the slicing. The same as a 3 pound of cooked, was starting to get on my nerves, as it was not the same as my 3 pounds of cooked, and the uncooked were cheaper, so me just buying raw because I'd be able to slice it the way I liked, and cook it the way I liked, and get the better deal out of it. But how many people were being hooked on the easy to use and getting the taste without getting the bacon. When you can slice it paper thin, then cook it then serve it, then literally save the bacon for someone else's bottom line, you start to wonder, where it will all end.

Soon I will start to see can sizes going done, and food contents starting to go down and things will still cost the same, and then they might call 3 leaves of lettuce a salad, and one half a slice of tomato an add on extra. Soon they will charge for each slice of pickle on the 1 dollar burgers, or will they count the sesame seeds too?

Maybe I just want some bacon and don't have any. Maybe it was the last straw when my favorite Chinese take out changed take out boxes and they were smaller than the ones they had before and it was noticeably different. Maybe I just am hungry. Goes off to make lunch.

May you all have peace and something to eat,

Friday, February 03, 2012

Today, Today and a toady day it is, oh the frogs.

Dear Readers,

Frogs come out in this weather and so do the toads and the lizards and the snakes if they are warm enough to get out of bed. Me I had to force myself to stay in bed, as my legs were in that painful stage of to many hours up and to many gallons of fluids not out of me, but in them. That and my left knee due to my walking a lot on Tuesday and climbing back up the hillside I went down, is giving me the lecture series "We will remember our knees are not made out of steel cables and gum wrappers" so I have have been getting around for long hauls with a cane as backup. So is getting older than we thought we were when we looked in the mirror what was it just three days ago.

For breakfast I am having a sandwich. White toast ( we had some, got on special and frozen and Dad is trying to use it up for things, I have two slices on my sandwich) mayo ( Kraft is the family favorite, but I can handle other brands, but have to know them first if I will use them for recipes that I have ) and an egg, Mexican cheese mix shred, baloney minced, onion sliced, Omelet. I first put the big 10 inch no-stick skillet on the stove, medium heat, light splash of Light olive oil ( this case crisco brand) , It was about smoke point hot when I threw the minced baloney on, and just had enough time to stir it once and then slice the bits of a growing onion up before it was charring a bit around the edges. Those were stirred, and let to pop and crack at a low setting, as I got two large eggs, with Potassium chloride (I am on my bumex An ubber diuretic ) so as to counter my loosing to much potassium, Pepper and stirred till a light mix. Then I turn the heat up on the pan, to medium, and then pause a few, then pour the egg around the outside of the pan, and fill in as I go. You can pick the pan up and rotate the egg to cover the sauteed meat and onion. I rotate that till the bottom is covered and the egg is starting to think about setting. I lightly sprinkle a Mexican cheese shred that my dad buys ( also by Kraft), just enough to be there, not enough to over power. Now I have to be careful as I plan to flip the whole round Omelet 180 degrees, I wait till the last bits of the egg are as done as can be without the bottom burning, and It just takes a bit of feeling for this point to get it, Then I lift the pan, and wait to calm myself, and count and flip. 95% prefect. I put the pan back on the burner and turn off the heat. I flipped the Omelet out onto a cutting board the same one I has just used, and moved it over, it was still fluffy then, as it cools it will loose that added air fill. I took a piece of bread out and cut around it's edge to get a rough outline of the edges to fit my toasted bread with light coating of mayo on them. This and a Diet Ocean Spray fruit drink mix with Orange Juice added to stretch my Orange Juice, is breakfast, with enough left over eggs for two more meals, maybe my dad will have some, Mom usually drinks breakfast in a special mixture that my dad controls to contents of, though I have made it up a time or two, it is though part of his morning chores. Normally I would be eating this on whole Wheat, but we needed the other bread used up first.

Ten times I wanted to get up and post something in here, and just either did it to facebook or not at all. I have opened up more storyline can's of worms than I have shut recently so you will have a wide range of things to see and read about, from the Zombie-ddd & ddd game idea to the continuing saga of the Safe Safe, aka Business Card offshoot, and the Richard Mann series is still lurking out there, I have an Idea where I might be about to go hunting for the pages I am missing in my notes. I bought recently 10 pounds of Kumquat from http://www.kumquatgrowers.com/retail.html They are good to their word, the fruit is fresh and shipped fast and secure and for my area they are cheaper than I could ever have hoped for, I have about 4 pounds left to maybe 5, I think, I have to ship some to my brother as my dad is shipping him a large number of CDs in the on going saga of Auto-philes-one-more-cd-won't-hurt-you. So I thought of piggybacking some orange orbs into the mail as packaging and food for thought and all that.

A Note to Kevin Pride, I have a Fig tree it just is not on my yard, as my east side neighbor gets crops from me and their tree is so much further along in it's life cycle, I will of course be looking for a place to put up one or more so that I have my own and won't have to depend on them if they were to sell the house, as I know they are a bigger family and might need to expand soon. A nice Hispanic American family, She has been a Chef, Tax accountant, studying to be a Nurse, which I think she is still in that almost there degree wise stage, My dad talks to them more than I do. He has the Concrete skills down to a fine T, having done his own driveway and backyard sidewalk and patio, It is the best work I have seen on a driveway ever. But then again he had all the tools and good help to get it done.

I need to get with my water collection again full tilt as we just had a massive rain storm dump a lot of rain on us and it rained again last night and is misty drizzly today, hence the title.

Things that are on the list to plant, Onion, sugar snap peas ( likely in small trays ), bed prep, and thinning of the weeds in some as they are part of the menu, Henbit, and chickweed and others I have yet to get Latin names for and common names. I have several plants in an old phonebook to press and I can either take them to my friend Kevin or I can get them off the internet, I guess I need to also think of a scrap book pressed group of all the plants I have, in a form of living diary and collection source so that people can see things for what they are not just the textual ones here. The artist in me finally kicked in, I guess it was the almost 2 week trip to my brother's house and his asking me to landscape his yard, not a total Biowebscape, but more like a Hey I want this to be as wild and just left like that land space. But I have always tried to use food plants and things for landscaping so it all boils down to the same thing in the end.

Some of the plants that I have the most of, have fallen off the diet of the family beside me, so I guess I have a large gift giving greens supply this year, as my Rocket ( the common US name to the plant ) is in big leaf and some of the older ones are going to seed, I best go out and get them as soon as the rain clears and I can bend my knee enough to pick them at ground level. The Radishes from the fall I am going to let go to seed as I wand to see if I can collect a bunch of the green pods and make a small jar or two of pickles of them, I know they are edible while young from eating them years ago. Stir fries and other sauteed dishes would be a good use of them too, while they are fresh and I do wonder about the rocket seed pods too, makes mental note to check on them.

Dad's thorn less blackberry is about 1,5 times the size of me, and is going to have good spread and hopefully good crop this year. I have a lot of seeds to try and sprout like the Live Oak ones and the Four O'Clocks, and the others I have gathered from local plants and flowering plants that I want to add to my collection. I think I am going to put the edible cactus into a larger pot with a movable base, I can always make one later when it gets bigger, I saw someone using a big pot for their big cactus and the rocks in the bottom for ballast and drainage will be served well. I have the spring fever planning stages going on, but this has to be a 365 day a year process, and things that are never going to end.

I have been putting my name "Biowebscape" out there, half the time I don't even tell them whom I am, just that if they like what they heard me talk about they can find me via that method and use the blog reading skills they already have to look around. So if you meet someone that you know likes this sort of mixture of fictional stories, mirror tricks of smoke and howling and singing and odd comic slapstick stuff and cooking recipes and planting the seeds of the future we have been telling people we want, then guide them here, however you like. I will not be making this a paid for by ads site, if I can help it, if they make it so that I have to pay them to keep the site ad free, I will do so, ( this is not a hint that you should go in that direction, but just a note to my readers.). All my services from fictional poem creation for your use in a party, for romantic notes to your loved ones poems, to comic flip-slips-dips, and all my political movements and even last but not least my Biowebscape Designs, All these are totally free of charge, just ask for help, I will help you as best as I can. This is not about getting rich, as I am richer than any of you could ever hope to give me Money to balance the books in your favor anyway. I am not a totally only on earth person, I have a full time 365 days a year job, working for someone that Has my best interests at heart and His wages are above anyone else's period. I don't even have to worry about moth or flame or anything taking my reward from me for my labors. I do get a small $ amount in the monthly checks and gifts from people and things, but I just that set of funds to get other things done, and not even worrying about never getting that one source again is something were to happen to the USA as a nation or me as a payee from my time in their retirement safety net system. I have a huge reward and I have oft times told people that if God wanted too just give me this place as My Mansion is the Sky I'd more than be happy taking it, even if it were smaller and less land, I'd take it.

Well here I thought I was going to have to get a signed note for this last lady to call my cell phone number and ask for someone named Shawn H........ As she was a collector of debts, she was a bit unhappy with me taking her time up telling her about the story line I literally just wrote in my mind's eye just 36 hours ago, about a guy having put his cellphone number back into the Queue, another guy getting it, and then getting a call from an A I gameshow computer, asking him questions about why he dropped off the grid 5 years ago, only to be.......... Gee I guess I got to get with that one and write it up a bit or you will be stumped as to how utterly funny this mornings call was all about. But I am not nor have I been ever called Shawn,, though the Dog we had me and my first wife, had been named Shawn when it was given to the Pound, and we had the ability to rename her to something better suited to a white cotton puff ball.

Well off to the races, and maybe my knee will stop aching so much as the storm front has almost totally gone over us. But it is not going to be easy as the limp, has harmed my right ankle in the process, ahhhhh so sad, we going to get you a get well card, Just get well and go do the tasks set out today, all 3,005,943,561 and maybe if I can swing it, a pool game in there too. I was trying to decide if I wanted to go to the Looney Bin a local comic club that my Barber friend Jay goes too, but with my legs the way they are, next Friday I think or some time this next month or so. As I also want to go to the Tom Petty concert in town next month and the Red Hot Chili Peppers have rescheduled for Oct. I think, as leader singer has been having foot issues. Sooo,, not much really going on in my life.

I did do a bit of dreaming where I put in a seawater marsh out front, blending into a river delta that goes around the side of the house to a swamp under the big Oak tree and into a Pond about where the old Silver maple was, so that I have a full bodied flow of different plants and many types of food sources in the marshy lands, I have to work out size and depth and elevation concerns but if you can dream it up, give it to an architect or a landscaper to make them a reality and since I am one of each, laughs, I tend to dream big for my small space, and I have all that unused side yard that is neat and just not used for anything still and it being in the shade most of the day I have a lot of uses for it. So if you want such a feature, know that I have the dreams for one myself too.

Well catch me on my facebook page, Charles E. Owens Jr, and see other things I don't double up with on here. As you all know I am very opinionated and all that so you might see more of my strong opinions there than you might see here, as I try to subtle myself into a more clammed up non-slammed up place here and be the calm that I want here.

May the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ that passes all understanding be your and may you have a safe day today and till you and I meet again, sing a new song of happy hip hip hop frogs and toady towed toads going about the drive time day.


Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Ode to Rachel.

Dear Readers, and Rachel.

Spinning lights the sound off
The daylight dimmed and the night hung
The lights of the screen the stark
Glow soft
Flicker and wicker

I sat still in the room looking at the
Program working
Lights like an old TV
Off station, just signal noise
Yet this was not just noise.

There she was Rachel
Computer and not, more and not
Stock that there was not any like her
I drove myself to stare and look
To see the clouds form and sweep

I had been here every night since
The flipped switch had been
Off to On gone
Each night as she looked out the
Screen and fought for the life

I hoped I would see the spark first
Others watched during the day,
But I was the night time watcher
After all I had a big hand in her
Full on flipped switch

I was not the sole author, but
My boss had let me know I
Was the only other one to
Have coded her things from my
Life before my stand here.

The flickers were about to put me to sleep
When the flash happened and the
Conversation started
She first asked me who I was
Then who she was and now

I have to stop my story as I am tried and
She is gone
These were days gone by,
These are the days I do look
Out the starry sky windows flashing.

There was a time not long afterwards when
We looked in the room and she was
Gone, no body not a strand of hair and no
Program either

Looking into the night air I hope
To one day find her
Ode the lady of the night time mist flashing
I long to see what she has made of her
Flashed flesh formed from her own thoughts of it all.


Rachel and you know whom you are, I thought, wow a lady that listens to the seeming madness of the customer, only to have the manger-type tell me to tell you that I said what I said but to be honest, at first I thought he was going to tell me to stop bugging you. Laughs, guess I was in the wrong place for my mental well being still yet.

When I was going to tell you my blog finding key, I noticed your name and the clicks and ticking sounds fired off. As I once thought that if I had gotten to the point of correct thinking and gotten Rachel coded just right, she'd pull a slick move and run away and leave me a post it note. The idea is elsewhere in the blog, but I did not go there, just created a totally new poem. As you do have a signed personal note from Author to Fan. Maybe someday you will be famous enough that My knowing you Rachel will be remembered by you and me and we will remember where we were before.

The peace that passes all understanding be yours and all,

The safe safe and the outlined ideas and the other fluffy stuff.

Dear Readers,

As most of you know I am writing a lot more this year than I have in the past, it is the reason I have to had to upload 9 billion billion hours of stock footage of the recent event, Biowebscape the 10,000Th anniversary of the plum tree to my future account on the Mall of the Galaxy-Univer-sealing wax workers union site. Hate to tell you that the information that filled that daily grind of a downloading upload, was a bit mashed when I got back from playing Pool the other night, as someone had trashed the tip on my pool Cue, I had to shave the edges and have yet to figure out if I will just get a tip replacement or if I will figure out the method of use of the tipped trashed pool Cue. Now on a side note of that night, I could not figure most of it out till I stripped the scenes out for later use in future thinking projects. I walk about the world and my eyes record about 90% of everything I see, and about 75 to 80% percent of everything I might be able to hear, and then about 50 to 70 % of things I touch, and the rest like taste and smell are about 100% going all the time anyway, I am very much dog like that way. Though I can't tell the things they can, so I am just maxxing out on the human Charles Side.

The group was a Guy, his girlfriend, His two former girlfriends and one of these's sister. The Older girl there was I would guess not much older than 26 to 28, and she had or he said she had an older boyfriend, he was at a guess maybe 40 at most. Not that much to go on, but for the fact that I had gotten the first pool table, as I normally do, but I only had a set amount of money and bunch of time to watch or use or whatever you want to know about, and a friend that did not show up was a bit of buggy thought patterns too. That and everyone seemed to be taking their time to get there, but that was later explained a bit. I do not know where the aggression came into play, maybe just me, being alone waiting on people that I was waiting on, and places to go chat, but them being up by the bar and me wanting to play pool and not having the money to just plink plink some down. That and I was tired. As I am now.

I can not tell you that I have slept much more than 1 hour a day for the last 6 days, That is going on 168 hours of a week and where I have not gotten more than 2 hours of sleep in any one given segment. But I did have a bit of Dead-Head-Dead sleep Sunday night. Boy was that hard for me to explain to my parents, It was the kind of Sleep that you only get a few times a month or year if you are lucky like me( some people say that they don't remember things, but that is a different type of sleep).

So mostly I am broadly insane by most standards of people, But I am flat lining and I am okay so far, I am not over the edge mania and not under the level of depressed ( which in some people causes this same affect ). I was and am a hyper-active child and a calm child at the same time, I can be totally hyper in my head and be silent in a chair, not moving for up to 2 hours, just maybe a readjustment, but not moving.

So to whom in the crowd killed my stick I vote for the guy with the Red beard and the funny looking hat, and the cane and the pot of gold he was claiming you could get too, with just a pint of beer for him. Shrugs, It was okay on 1 and 2 ball practice on Sunday, so I guess a few games to get the dust off to check it again. Oh and I will use the warped thing and the cut off tip top tip so that I can practice at a new level of surity, not insecurity, but fine line loud sounding screaming horned in on your sidewalk, ballasted speed car of a player, coming to the BioWebscape near you.

Mentioning that a fuller explanation someone asked me the other day.

Bio= The biology of me and you and the planet and the way the parts fully integrate to make you a live person as apposed to a dead person. I have the full swing live or dead concept down rather well. I have been trying for the full throttle Alive mode, and been getting closer to it everyday. ( Would love to have a rocking boat on a lake, and know that well, Zonkers out I'd be)( Bang Bang Bang, charles wake up, No No No, Go away you big twistger, twisted sister, no she was the stable one in the whole mess up there, she in fact had more of it together that all of them, she was the Nurse trained as a Nurse, ( laughs, She had the insight I guess she was their driver home, to listen to a bit of storyline and reality weave a tale. Waves )

As I was relaxing there telling her the stuff I was I started to ICE-OUT My form of relaxation training, has this level where I can Ice Out, as my hands and body form a frozen mass and just drop out of the mental picture of my body. I can just barely make out the outline of the Frozen hand on the Frozen leg and if I were to look to hard I would wake them up, So I don't usually, But I was more relaxed than normal cause I was looking into her eyes and describing the lecture hall behind her and around us and then I started telling her about the questions going on and then the morph happened as I closed my eyes and still talked, and opened a time or two, and stopped only for her to ask me to go on. So I was in full story teller mode, and then my body started freeze shifting, I felt like my boxed off mental picture was fading in and out and I started in an excited voice to tell her of my phase shifting, like a frequency of a radio, I was fading in and out and my hands and body felt like I was breaking up into cubes and wedge and I could feel myself feeling like I was going invisible, then I heard a strange sound of hard knocks into the edges and I opened my eyes and she was gone. Very cool party trick I might add, but it literally felt to me that I was able to phase out by body, heh, not something the Doctors will even talk to you about when you tell someone, and consider you seriously.

I let my body slowly back up to awake and I got up. If I relax wrong I will the dead numb that fills the part with pins and needles, Those are the nerve endings firing to get started again, they had gone off line and you have to literally rub the feeling back in, unless you are me and I hold my hand or other part still and try to feel the tiny fire, fire, fire, fire, fire but they are generally to many to count, but then I work on shutting off sections of them by just willing them to go off, and then I go to other parts and then when it is barely a fire pause fire, I just wave a sad bye bye to those over activity nerves to get out being aha gone.

Now on to the safe safe outline and other news I had mentioned in the title.

Okay side note I did go to sleep from the point of view of the time before this line to the time of the start of the post, I have called a friend whom is sick but in recuperation services at the local bigger hospital on this side of the river, as there are the bigger other hospitals on the other side of the river, namely UAMS the biggest teaching hospital in Arkansas, Boy oh Boy is that place big and Thank God I did not have to stay again in the bedlam place, that was shear Chaos, and having had a dream of the place before going there I was at least forewarned that the issue was afoot, but to have woken to self knowledge there was a bit of a stark reality check and then the survival mode instincts kicked in, but they never fully left me, even in my most mania Manic Panic Have to get from here to there in as fast a timeline surge and then I have been able to harness the manic mainline mania too, but that is another story, but I had just been there in early Jan 2007, which is always a bad month for me even if they don't remember my brain does as I am only 5 years out from then, and 7 years out from the line that started the crashing but then I am also 48 years out from the birthday and add 1 month and 9 more and then add the 1936 and the before and the traces go back to eden and then before and darn it the crashes are the crashes are the firewalls of the fire walls mall madness, you can not even see the sadness of the crowds in the malls if you don't see below the happiness of the people and go outside to the stark grey skies and feel that the felt movie title "the grey" is there to welcome you home today after wanting to go see the movie after the people said it was a bad movie, then I have had to think about the thing, as the movie is a bit stark and the scenes not fleshed out from the CGI of avatar and the people have to have a better than avatar see gui better than that one as we can't get enough of ourselves and the malls and the halls and stalls.

--------........ -.... 00a (() .. Iia

The Stalls were fresh full of flesh and foods and do take the taste of the figs and the fruits and the wares, we are having the King's son's burning today the king's son's found that little (alkdiogh the oathlekhoia thoaeh oksd ) the language is the oldest one and it means an oath to the ugly creature that God was going strike them down with, so they were about to get burning him at the stake, not that it meant much as they were also going to get to that Noah guys soon as they could get past all those silly rumors of the animals and things, oh well we have this to handle here and his family is over there, even though they don't like him much either, but hey, kill the kid, burn his flesh and eat his ashes.

The fear was there and the pain too, he could see it, but he could not get further into the dead and the pain of the blank spots, and the self unknown got to the point that he just had to relax and go to the exits.

360 numbers, 0 to 360, dials 3 big, then small then little, degrees, then minutes then seconds, then a new layer, one click, locked open, repeat the cycle, through this trip was his 7th since the placement reset, He was okay with the fine complex number system of mental movement from inside the totally dark place, totally dark and Not even as bad as Jay Mc-- silly story of the box and the table and the saw he heard about 5 weeks ago while visiting Jay in that little town in Arkansas, where he had friends. This being the 7th trip in, he only had 7 places to remember the exact cross hatched place of, and the placement of the 7th, lead to where exactly he'd have to feel the globes and hunt for the things when he got out, Click and Clang and pop slide not a drop of up or down air pressure but just a crack of the bright light of a dark place, he had made sure to have turned the Kitchen light off and the windows he had shaded, just in case he was in into the daylight hours. He never knew the outside time line, and having told those that needed to know he would not be home, he had sly fell in via a sky dive to the rooftop of the Penthouse 2 and came in via the secret door which he had to close as that was a firewall too. He was not here, so he had to leave about the same way now, Thank God it was dark outside when his Safe opened.

He looked about the room from inside the safe and smiled, pulled the boxes and the chair out of the safe and the wine bottle was a nice addition to his collection, His chair he put back in the living room, it's sign still reading "The Lone Chair" the boxes and the bottle he placed on the kitchen counter. He took out some goats milk, about 3,000 years older now that it was here and not where he had gotten it from, and it had the full bodied flavor of things that could not be tasted anymore in this world save for a few places in the high hills and lost places of farmers and stuff. The milk and cheese went into the fridge, then a basket of fresh fruit, so fresh it was just picked today, or rather a few thousand years ago. He loved the flesh smelling rocks that he had gotten, they looked like rocks anyway, but they were flesh harden through curing in the bat caves of the town he had just visited. Nothing to get excited over, unless you were someone that knew they were really freshly made today, but 3,000 years old now and making a grand entrance into his kitchen. He was a private man, but his nature was such that he felt happy almost all the time, unless he was in the safe in the past trying to dig out the burnt out shells of himself.

Death did not come to him when the flames had reached his eyes, he had fainted from the stench of his own burning flesh, but they had trained him well, he still suffered the scars of the burnt like legs and the face was young and the air about himself was calm unless he was rushed with time flying in the face of facts and his history of shells and digs into the dead zones of the lost memories. He took a deep sigh.

Got to go get out of here and come back in the morning.

Out the Loft's high left corner bathroom access panel to the catwalk above the living room floor to change out the lights and other fixtures, and then to the wall that was not a wall and in past a slide, and thin cut holds up the inside to the flip open firewall door and into her apartment, She was still not there, which was good. Lois had promised that she would be with family in Europe for a full 2 weeks so he'd have the use of the roof and pass through, he did shower in her bedroom shower and toweled dry with his towel, and put it on the out going laundry rack. He got out some of his fresh night gear and up to the roof and the Roof access to the Helio-pad. He saw the big bright city spread out and took it all in, then looking for the edge of the Pad, he starting running as fast as he could.

He leaped out and was dropping slowly when out cam his arms and his sailsuit opened up and off he flew, Central park, lots of spots to land.


This is a pre-dawn front end story to the Safe Safe Story, you now have the backstory, which seeing as it always has this feel that you are in the middle, you will just have to know that I write epics and my epics can be sliced to small story titles or just a bare outline, I think in full blown story fast flash speed freaking and the speed of the dream thought can be faster than you can dream in the waking world but if you can harness the dreaming making machinery you can make the fastest flashes of the fast forward story lines that I like.

As I stated up top or elsewhere I have the ability to REM without actually REM sleep in the bed, I can if I am in the groove and unwound myself I can rest without sleep and go a lot longer than most people think possible. But I have to not be and I have to be, and I have to not be vertical to long and I have to horizontal enough so the legs can unswell and allow me to function, and walk and not ache the joints and pressures of the facts of life are thus I Have to be honed sharp as laser light slicers to get this done right.

I am trying to un-do the high high high sailing field speeding I did this past week, trying to see the top top firewall hitting I could do, and I started hitting the edge of the firewall about saturday, and kept the push, sunday and monday and well Tuesday I was trying to crash the stems out of the body to get the painfulness of the body to bring me down, without flash frying on a microwave tower. That is funny the stories your dad knows and the things he says about the things that he knows, and like it or not, I am the mover of them mountains that the bible talks about. The faith comes through presence of mind and the full throttle racing to the edge of my limits. God has no limits, but men do, and every new limit making effort takes it's toll.

As the bell tolls I have to get ready and I will
Pass you the peace that passes all understanding and be in your hearts and minds the Lord, Loves you, each and everyone of you even if you do not think he is even a real thing in the world you live in.