Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Poem for her 33

Dear Readers,

The trip is going wonderful, though it's cold, seeing as it's winter and that it's in the northern hemisphere that is kinda expected, but it could be a bit warmer, like about 75, a nice winter time temperature, okay that isn't happening either. Okay so where was I? Ah yes poems, short little things that she likes to read and some of you folks might too.

That day in August

It was one of those days
We'd taken two cars to get somewhere
We arrived at slightly different times
It was a parking lot
Like lots of other parking lots
Full of lines
But this one was almost empty
Her there in the car
Me in our bigger vehicle
Hair blowing in the wind
Hers and mine
My hair is longer than hers
She stands there with that look she has
Well you'd know the look
It says a lot of things
But that day it said
Kiss me
So I did

Happy Birthday Babe,



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