Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Dex-Hex Movie maker, and other news...

Dear Readers,

Yes I know I am leaving you hanging into yet another story that got longer than a single post and I am going to well, just have to leave you hanging there a while longer, until something else happens like the space aliens giving back my first draft they borrowed, yes they said they were borrowing it, and yet they just recently Told Ziggy that they wanted him and us to move off their Planet. Soooo.... there might be some legal battles before we get back to my Safe Safe storyline, but it is not forgotten in some dust bin, or file cabinet in my head, though there are many things up there that you might find interesting or even scary and frightful, if you were to go nosing about without your guide book tour guide to Charles' brain's nooks and crannies, but I digress. See it all in news flash cinema, super 8 film over the light bulb so hot if the film stopped the film melted, I was going to go all digital till they told me that putting chips in my head was a bad idea that it could lead to mind control and all that other stuff. So I have stuck with the old method of just letting it flow out at it's own rate of speed which at times is at near 120 words of type written code called computer text ( can't do this on an old typewriter, there are several in the house, and I did learn on one of them ) per minute, but other times it slows to the crawl of traffic on a totally grid locked 4 lane highway out of the biggest city on the planet just before the asteroid is about to hit. Which should cause a lot of thinking about panic and chaos, but seems to be just about the thought that most of you might feel if you drive in really big cities and have to get home faster than the flow is going. But yet again I seem to have digressed off the topic at hand. Looks back up at the notes nailed to my computer monitor with a 16 penny nail gun. Um, why are there sparks up that way and why can't I see all this screen, never mind, on with the story.

I have had too many things to do and all the time in any given day to do them, yet I never got them done because something else held me back, wasted my time, or otherwise pulled me this way and that and I had to get my sailing boat back to shore before the hurricane hit me and we played with several fish species while ......... Okay who changed my notes? Um,, Looks up there, oh never mind this must be why people don't like to talk to me a lot when I am in this state of mind, they can't seem to get a word in edge wise and I am not getting on with the story they thought they were going to get from what I asked them about and they replied and I said, let me explain myself, and thus where we are now is where they have picked up their handy folding chairs and have left the room. Hey wait a Minute I can sum it up in a few less words Honest.

To the whispers and louder comments of Yeah Right Charles......

Side tracked, so the Safe Safe story will be finished sooner than later, though later is the end of time and sooner won't be today.


I have a new short story for your eyes to look at, imagined while thinking about a real life tall tale I used to tell to people in the verbal story telling places I used to hang out at, pool halls, bars, street corners, side walks, parks, living rooms and other places I met people that would listen for a short time to a short story or poem or thought puzzle, but I had to get it over and done with because they would roll their eyes, tap their watches or just plain faint from boredom or waiting too long for the ending. So I did learn to tell stories in under 4 hours or less... Okay I have told tales in under 4 minutes or 40 seconds depending, but you know how it is, you are looking for a cool thing to say and have to invent one on the spot, but later you can think and think about it and it can get long winded like here. Which reminds me I was howling the other day when my parents were not in the house and I was wondering if I knew how long I could do it. 10 seconds was the best I could do sitting down, and out of shape. I used to be able to walk and howl at the same time, getting up to 8 steps in a steady walking pace which for me is about 2.5 miles per hour. So maybe I do need to practice more walking and getting back in shape.

Howling is good for the lungs, afterwards I felt loads better, plus it takes a lot of energy out of you, if you howl, breath, howl, breath, howl, breath and keep that up till you feel faint or someone calls the police or the cats wake up and start glaring at you. But no police and no cats, I just stopped and thought about things a little less grumpy like from then on.

So here goes the newest version of the latest big thing in computer programing and film tech and if you want one of these in your house too, please send 5 billion dollars to this guy I know that lives about three blocks over and 26.346 years into the future his name is Tomthanalanedel. (that is Tom than alan edel ) don't ask me why his name is that way, it could take me weeks of explaining and several hours of getting time travel slime off my hands.


Tom was sitting in his office. He had just opened up shop and wanted to make a good impression on the young writers and directors that he was sure would come into his office. So he had all the latest and greatest things in his office.

A nice comfortable chair behind a nice wide desk, then a nice new fanggled looking computer, but it hid some secrets, yet to be revealed. There was one other thing on the desk, a 50 page per minute high speed printer, that took data plug-in chip downloads.

The rest of the Office was filled with Nothing. Oh, well there was the client chair, an old rickety looking kitchen chair from a thrift store.

The walls were totally blank white, the floor a soft tan flat color, and no pattern at all, and the 4 windows looking out into the city hung no currents or shades or for that matter they really never got any sunlight as they were north facing.

He was expecting a client in about 3 minutes, so he wanted to make sure everything was set up, in the right order.

5,000 sheets of paper in the printer, had been loaded yesterday, and he did have some things in the supply cabinet in his desk, but they were to stay hidden until later.

There was a knock on the door.

He told the Man to come in.

Shock at the starkly blank office was the first reaction seen on the young man's face and then a bit of a nervous stutter.

"Are you Tom, the Dex-Hex programmer"?

"Yes. Please come in and have a seat. I know this can be a bit odd for a first timer like yourself."

The young man fingered the chain around his neck, holding a small data chip in it's case. Then sat down and folded his hands, in his lap and blinked a few times, turned his head and realized there really was not anything to look at in the room, yet again.

"I informed you that you needed to write as much of your movie vision into your script, and the reason why is that the Program can only handle text based information. I know that seems hard for you to think about, but the Program is of an odd styling. Now, a few instructions before we start.

On the front panel of the printer is the data chip port, you will insert your data chip, the keypad next to it will ask for you unlock code, and then will down load the data, when the green light on top lights up. All you have to do is hit print. Then after printing, you can read through the pages to make sure they all printed and everything is in order. Then we will go to step two."

The young man got up and did as Tom had instructed. In about 3 minutes the green light lit and the printer started spewing out pages rather fast.

Almost 700 pages later the young man had a hefty stack of paper in front of him. And sat and sorted through it for a long time, but Tom sat there patiently with a slight smile on his face.

Finally the young man, sighed deeply and looked up and said.

" Yeah, it is all here, I don't understand why it had to be all in text, drawings would have really helped me see things better."

" Don't worry, it will be okay." Tom said. Then he pushed back from the desk a little ways and opened a door and pulled out a 10 gallon sized shredder and it's canister. He moved it around the front of his desk and placed it beside the young man, facing him.

"Place your script face down, and feed each sheet face down into this shredder until you have gone from last page to first page and then we will go to the next step."

"Shred my script! Are you serious?"

"Yes the Program is very good at seeing things trust me."

The young man sighed, but did as he was told, page after page, shredded, it felt like total defeat. All his dreams of his movie vision gone in almost as fast as they were going to be realized finally.

When he was done his face was ashen and he was sweating a bit. But he couldn't say anything.

Tom got up and pulled the canister out and the paper looked like fine snow flakes, not even strips, but dusty snow flakes.

"The next step is to dissolve this paper in a solution I have. To it's final form before the Program takes it."

Tom poured the confetti into a funnel into a beaker that he had pulled out of his desk. The beaker had a clear liquid in it. With each bit of paper flake to hit the liquid it dissolved as if it was just snow in hot water. In less time than it took to talk about it, it was done.

Tom took the beaker and stirred it with a glass rod, and the water was clear, not one bit of paper was left.

"This next part is So Cool. You just have to see it to believe it."

Tom Opened a panel on the side of his monitor screen, and pulled out a weighted tube. He then lowered it into the beaker, then tipped the beaker up on a soft wedge, so that the tube was at the very bottom of the beaker to get all the liquid out.

"This part I want you to move your chair over here to watch." Tom motioned for the young man to sit right beside him.

On the screen was a flashing cursor square in green, and a \ line. At that space he typed.

\ fill-in-blank-where-needed-but-colors-dex-hex-do-not-spoil

Then he hit return and the screen went blank and black, but soon bits of white started to show up. Then more and the black and white mixed and flashed and reminded them both of the old movie clips of old TVs off station and just gathering signal noise.

Then over a few minutes time they heard a dry sucking noise and the beaker was empty. Then patterns on the screen started getting more organized and then brief flashes of color appeared and then flashes of what looked like whole pictures, then the screen suddenly went pitch black again and the prompt showed up.

Where Tom typed.


Then a movie started to play, it lasted for about 65 minutes, The room filled with sights and sounds and you could almost feel the room fill with smells of things in the movie.

When the movie was over the young man was crying, and Laughing and hugging Tom.

"How much do I owe you, Tom?"

Tom looked at the young man and held out a piece of paper with some writing on it.

The young man looked ashen again.

Tom was smiling.

(( here is the twisted part of the story....... I have not filled in the ending yet, and I could just make you tell me what the card said. But I am going to make you think about it for a bit before you get to know what I would write.

What would you give for your dreams to come true, you get to write them out in full details all the words in the world at your disposal to tell someone what you want to see, in this case a movie script, but in a possible alteration, the next 30 years of your life. What would you give for that prefect movie script? or Life time?))

The card, read.

God Loves you, it is free of charge.


Not exactly the way I envisioned this idea 6 hours ago, but good enough, and with enough nothing more, to thin it down to a short story, not a novel off great wordy expressions.

Well off to elsewhere and elsewhen maybe I will get to those over the top movies I keep dreaming up, or else have to hunt down another Tom like guy, or Joe, or frank or other names spill over the edges of my desk.

The Peace of the Lord be with you all.