Saturday, February 18, 2017

Poem for her 59

Dear Readers,

The Porch

The porch in this poem is not the Cabin's Porch
This one is off to the side of the Cabin
In a clearing but close by
Walked to by the people that want to walk to it
Any given time it has some things always there
Several custom made seating spaces, places
Large fire pit with a roofed space for logs near by it
There are features that the builders wanted it to have
We added them
We are the builders, we took the time
Moved the stones, and blocks and bricks and things
We planned it out
We discussed it like we discussed everything
Even this afternoon in the several places we were
We talked about Home
We talked about Games
We talked about the Future
We talk and walk through things together
Today you are reading about a Porch
She already knows about it
Even the burnt marshmallow on the end of the stick
But they are good a bit crisp
Or melting into hot cocoa stirred by us
Shared by us

Happy Birthday Babe,



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