Monday, January 24, 2011

welcome to the new year 1.0

Dear Readers,

And to that there are a lot more than I thought there were, as seeing the stat page, has listed a lot of people I hadn't had a clue that would be looking here, plus a few that I knew would be looking, plus I don't know what is up.

Time is slowed down in the winter, or is it speeded up so that you can't find your keys, your wallet, your whatever it is that just went missing the second you started to need it. I happened upon an online ad for an old online game that I used to play and forgot about a lot of things after that. I would name it, but if I do, someone is likely to go there and play it and well they might get lost too, or forget where they last saw their real world friends or something such as thus.

For those that are reading for the BioWebScape sections, bummer of winter months, the peas produced one single pea pod that I ate off the vine, the others that were produced died in a hard freeze. The water barrels have not been touched, the pipes didn't bust yet, though, if it got really cold for a longer period I'd take the pipe fittings off the one set. The rest of the plants are still there, onions, the Swiss Chard, the Rocket, the herbs. We plan on trimming and or chopping down several trees out back and one in front has to be gotten soon as there is serious rot inside. But other land changes aren't in the works yet. I want to get my hands into the seed catalogs that have come in the mail, but first want to pursue some of the local fair first, but if I don't start soon, it'll be to late again, so readers, don't make my mistakes. Laughs a bit, somewhere in there I can't seem to take my own advice.

For new readers who came here because of my talking to them on that game I mentioned, or because you got here else wise, greetings and pink elephants are real, just hiding under your keyboard, or in your closet. Or both, so be warned, strange things happen when you ask me a question, look me in my eye and try to startle me, or meet me on the street. Even I don't know what I might say or do, I leave that open for the time it doesn't take the electrons to fire between the points of thought and actions, some things seem to happen faster than humanly possible, or at least possible in the world we live in. Because they just do, being a Christian I figure I can guess where they come from so fast, those things that we can't explain, but some of you aren't Christians. That is okay, I love you anyway, as would Christ. As to my writing a book or publishing something or other things of that nature, check these pages, or ask me.

Again for those that are newer here, or 1-501-551-1961 get to me, they might or might not me the fastest way to talk to me, face to face is best, but you'll have to wave a hanky in my face, or faint or something, my attention might be elsewhere, talking to some otherwise invisible creature in the room with us, or playing pool, or on that game, or whatever I am doing that you can't seem to get my attention from. If I am sleeping, what are you doing in my bedroom in the first place, oh yeah, you might live here, you might have gotten an invite, or you might be checking to see if I am alive still, hey what's going on out there, I haven't a clue. Though I like people to knock first.

I got the Get Fuzzy books I asked for, plus 33 other things that I did not expect, and 14 that I wish I could give back and 3 that fell from the sky. Laughs.

New friends have been exposed to my rapid fire wit, or lack of it, I can't tell what they think at times, I never hear back from them, or something like that, I'll go around with a collection plate soon, and ask for responses that way. Not to worry I won't spend it all on me, I might give my pet camel a few oats with it too.

Okay honestly I have had ten new story lines and maybe a dozen short stories rolling around in my head and even talked about them to people, but at this time I can't remember a one of them, or the ones I do remember, will stay the fluff of verbal stuff for a while longer. My mind gets a bit filled at times and I parse out the bits that I can to put into here, but a lot of it stays in my head for future work or sits in it's little box of chocolates and nibbles at them.

Sooner or later they will run out of chocolate and have to come out and play with the rest of us, so if you were looking for some story I told you about, the above contact ways are there for you to remind me I said I would say something about the guy sitting on your shoulder feeding the dragons chex mix.

But so that you don't feel slighted, I'll part with a tale of well, a tale, I don't even know what it will be till I start thinking about writing it in the next few seconds,...


There once was a man named, umm, hhhm, he can't think of his name right now, the Bus just got here. Off he goes, down this road, to where again? He gets up, asks the bus driver, Baker street, not the one in the Doyle books. Odd the man thinks, What is on Baker street?

He sits back down and a cell phone rings.

In his pocket there is a ringing cell phone, he fumbles with it, almost not knowing what it is, but the big loud noise stops when he flips it open.

"Greetings, your new YOU has started. This note is to tell you the pleasures of what you will be open to, and dangers you might face in the coming lifetime. But before we get into that, Your name is..." Before the caller's voice could continue the phone went silent.


A very short first chapter of a short story/novel about what me and a friend were talking about last night about cloning and my supposed title of the story, got this out of my head with my own opening lines of the bus ride and not knowing what to write about. Creative thought sometimes just goes with the flow of the times you are in, or the random springs of water out of your ears.

Cheers and may you experience the Peace of Christ.